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    A nce-Refl Home.
THK Governor-General's sanctum in
the regal residence at Ottawa is a cheery
apartment lighted by two windows. A
narrow door close to the desk gives ac
cess to the private working-room and
atelier of the Princess Louise. Portraits
of the late Duchess of Argyll and the
splendid Duchess of Sutherland adorn
either side of the mi rror. On the man
telpiece were two photographs of the
Princess Louise, ons representing Her
Koval Highness in her wedding dross.
A wondrous piece of Gobelinc tapestry
hangs on the southern wall. His Ex
cellency's inkbottle is constructed from
the hoof of the charger that carried Lord
Clyde through the Crimean war. The
portraits of his Princess-wlte confront
the Laird of Lorne as he writes, and
between them stands a miniature of
Queen Victoria on ivory in a ruby-vel
vet open case. Inverary Castle holds
its own on the western wall, and the
India-ink drawing of the "Home Com
ing," done by Her Royal Highness, is
admirable in its every detail. There
are also paintings in oil from the brnsh
of the royal lady, displaying masterly
execution, Bonnie Scotland being espe
cially favored by the gifted artist. A
tabic in the centre of the room is dedi
cated to an immense morocco-bo urnd
volume, containing the various ad
dresses presented to His Excellency
upon assuming the reins of oftiee; while
a case of salmon-flies, flanked by boxes
of cartridges,tell their own tale of flood
and field. The drawing room Is a charm
mgly proportioned apartment, all dead
blues and dead grays. Here is a wealth
oi costly knick-knacks, an El Dorado of
bric-a-brac. The walls glow with oil
paintings and water-colors, the most
noticeable a life-size portrait of the
Princess Louise In her bridal robes;
"A Passage from Elaine," by Dore,
with Tennyson's words.Hn Do re's writ
ing, underneath; a half-lengtli of
Prince Albert, "Inverary Castle,"
" Glen Slnvra," " Windsor Castle,'
"Como," and "Venice." On entering
Her Royal Highness' boudoir the first
object that strikes the eye is the branch
of an apple tree in leai and fruit,trailed
against the panels of a white door. A
closer inspection reveals the "counter
feit presentment," for, in order to kill
the dead glaring white, the Princess
conceived the happy and aesthetic idea
of thus decorating the obnoxious portal.
This she has done with her own hand,
and the apples are ripe and rosy enough
to cause a seeoud fall. A large photo
graph of Her Majesty holds the place of
honor, the background being a superb
specimen of gobelinc. The escritoire
of the Princess, with its gorgeous blot
ter of red and the royal arms in gold,
is a prominent object; as is alsoa paint
ingof a brick wall covered with peaches,
finished by the Princess two days before
the fire at Inverary Castlo. Only think
of it! not a single plaque , but ?i con
servatory,one great tuft of ferns of the
most vivid green stands on the right
hand side of the fireplace and opposite
the blazing fire--it was twenty below
zero outside. Within hand-reacli of
caressing fauteuils, in dainty little
frames especially constructed, lay the
ieading English, French and German
newspapers of the latest date,while the
newest Fiencli novel and the last quar
terly occupied a gypsy table all to
themselves. A portrait of the late
Duchess of Kent is conspicuous, to
gether with the photographs (with
autographs appended) of the heir to the
throne and his beautiful and interesting
wife. Lord Lorne sets great store by
three engravings, representing Quebec
prior to its storming by Wolfe, picked
up by hira in St. James Street. The
frames, too, are remarkable from the
fact that they are constructed from the
timbers of a vessel sunk during the as
sault, and only recovered within the
last few months. Tiiere is an atmo
speere of supreme luxurious ease In the
bojdoir everything is in complete har
many, and wears the appearance of
being occupied. Evidences of the tes
thetic tastes of its royal mistress are
everywhere visible, from the dead-gold
panels and their blood-red flowers, to
the linnets and canaries warbling in
quaint and picturesque cages, from
choice and elegant literature in many
languages to the quantity of woman's
work lying on ottomans and lounges
and chairs that seem to invite one to
press them.
"That's the luncheon-gong,"merrily
exclaimed the Governor-General, add
ing, as we proceeded to the dining
room : "this is a hungry climate."
Portraits, after Winterhalter, of the
Queen and Prince Albert adorn the
walls of the dining-room at either end.
The buffets are of black walnut with
game subjects in relief; two specimens
of Van Goyen overhang sideboards
standing in recesses. Stuffed wild duck
shot by the Marquis hang on the centre
panels of the sideboards—very fine
birds, 100.
The Han-like Ape.
The life of Mafuka, who lived some
time at Dresden, Is among the most in of ape biographies, as the an
thropoid to the human mind. Know
ing how to unlock her cage with the
key, she stole and hid it for future use;
she took the carpenter's brad-awl and
bored holes with it through her own
table; when pouring drink from a jug
Into a cup, she would carefully stop
short of overfilling it. Her death had
an almost hum&n pathos; she threw
her arms around the neck of the direc
tor, kissed him, and then putting her
hand in his, lay down and died.
The Foundation "of Health
Without a substratum, a foundation oi
vigor, there can be no true health. The puny
and the weak have ail sorts of aches and
pains, not neoesaarily because they are posi
tively diseased, bat becausse the vital ma
chinery hitches and halts for want of the im
petus wh ch abundant vitality would give it
The blood enriching tonic, Ho better's Stomach
Bitters supplies deficient energy by enabling
the stomach to perform its digestive functions
ac'ively and uninterruptedly The result of
this is ths distribution of stores of vitality to
the remotest parts of the system, an increase
of muscular energy and the disappearance of
those nervous symptom* which acconpaoy
and proceed from debility. Irregularity of he
bowels, torpidity of the liver, rheumatic ail
ment and malarial fevers are prom nent
among the actual diseases eradicated by this
signally < fficac ous medicine.
a doubt green grass is the best general
food for stock during the season of the
year that it can be eaten when it grows.
No stock-raiser or dairyman, however,
should rely entirely on his pastures
for supplying food for his animals from
April to November. If he does lie will
not realize from them all the prottts it
is poosible to obtain. The soil is some
times too wet and at other times too
dry to afford either a large quantity or
a good quality of grass. But cattle
relish a change of food, even when the
feed of pastures is at its best, llorses,
cows and sheep will eat a few pounds
of old hay each day, even when the
grass in the pastures is "up to their
eyes." All dairymen, especially those
who are engaged in butter-making,
find It to their advantage to give cows a
ration of dry corn meal, bran, or shorts
during the entire time they are kept in
pasture. They find that it increases
ihe ilow of milk, and keeps up the con
dition of the cows. The increase 111
the amount of the butter made more
than compensates for the outlay for the
dry food. Grass is the cheapest as
well as the best food to rely 011 in
fattening cattle, but they will gain
much faster if they are allowed some
grain duriug the time they are feeding
on grass. They will also be in a better
condition to gain when they are taken
up for the purpose of stall-feeding.
The change from green grass to hay
and grain is too violent for the good of
the animals. They should become ac
customed to eating and digestion dry
food during the surtimer. The time is
past when good farmers endeavor to
see 011 how small amount of food they
can keep their animals. They now de
v'se means to encourage them toeat ail
the food they will. The greater the
variety the more food will stock con
MANURES. —We observe that a large
portion of our farmers (111 some places
nearly all) draw out in spring the win
ter accumulations of their cattle yards.
It is spread as well as can be easily
done with a manure fork and then
plowed under. Much of it remains in
unbroken lamps, and when covered
with soil coutiuues thus in a mass un
derground, where months are icquired
lor it to become even partially diffused
through the soil, and it is never thor
oughly incorporated till the ground is
plowed and harrowed for the next
year's crop. The importance, there
lore of fine pulverization and of thor
ough inter-mixture is obvious. On
stubble ground it should be lirst well
broken to pieces with a brush harrow,
and then more or less mixed with the
soil with a common harrow, before
plowing under. Manure treated in
this way will tell most distinctly on the
eoming crops. Our own observations
show mat the value of manure is at
least doubled by such treatment. On
grass land, this inter-mixture with he
soil cannot be effected but if the pul
verization with the brush harrow can
be done quite early, the spriug rains
will wash the soluble parts. If the
manure is allowed to lie in lumps on
the grass, a part of the plants will get
none, and a part will have more than
they need. Manure which has been
drawn out and spread iu winter 011
either grass or stubble, should be brok
en finely with brush harrow as early
as the ground will admit, before sub
sequent plowing and harrowing.
Farmer* anxiously inquire how they
can obtain more manure. If they can
double the efficacy and value of what
they have, they will secure what will
be equal to a double amount in quan
FARM ACCOUNTS. —When a farmer,
at the end of the year, settles his store
account, pays his smitli bill, with that
his teacher, doctor and preacher—
which tax is generally In the rear—and
if anything is left Irom the amount
realized by the sale of his produce, that
amount is called tho profit; but it it
falls short them he has made nothing.
That is not a correct estimation of re
sults, for the bills have 110 connection
with the cost of planting, except the
smith bills. A merchant doing busi
ness on a capital of SIO,OOO, wanting to
obtaiH the result of the 3 T ear's opera
tion, takes an inventory ol the unsold
stock; the amount of available ac
counts, with money on hand after pay
ing his store rent, his clerk hire, inter
est on borrowed money and other ex
penses incidental to his business, but
does not include the expenses of sup
porting his fatniiy, which might, if ex
travagant, absorb all the profits,
though it might be from 30 f o 40 per
cent, on the capital. There are a large
number of farmers whose real estate,
with all the working stock and farming
implements, cannot be valued at more
than $3,000, yet by their profits realized
have raised, clothed and educated from
five to ten children, and to do this the}-
must make a profit of 30 to 50 per cent,
on the capital.
Alpbabft of Proverbs.
A GRAIN of prudence is worth a pound
of craft.
Boasters are cousins to liars.
Confession of a fault makes half the
Denying a fault doubles it.
Envy shooteth at others and wound
etli herself.
Foolish fear doubles danger.
God reaches us good things b} f our
own hands.
He has hard work who has nothing
to do.
It costs more to revenge wrongs than
to bear them.
Knavery is the worst trade.
Learning makes a man fit company
for himself.
Modesty is a guard to virtue.
One hour to-day is worth two to
Proud leoks make foul work in fair
Quiet conscience gives q.uiet sleep.
Richest is he that wants least.
Small faults indulged are little
The boughs that bear most bang
Upright walking is sure walking.
Virtue and happiness are near kin.
Wise men make more opportunities
han they find.
You never lose by doing a good turn.
No more Bard Time*. "
If you will stop spending so much on
fine clothes, rich food and style, buy
good, healthy food, cheaper and better
clothing; get more real and substantial
things of life every way, and especially
stop the foolish habit of employing ex
pensive, quack doctors or using so much
of the vile humbug medicine that does
you only harm, but put your trust in
that simple, pure remedy, Hop Bitters;
that cures always at a trifling cost, and
ymw will see good times and have good
heal th.— Chronicle.
The best material for cleaning coat Col
lar-and grease spots of all kinds is
pure benzine. The article is sold at
the principal drug stores in cities.
That used by painters Is not pure
enough, and has a very unpleasant odor
which the pure article has not, and the
Utile which It has soon disappears. If
this cannot be obtained, strong alcohol
(ninety live per centum) wltl clean
collars very well. A mixture of equal
parts of strong alcohol and water of
ammonia Is also used. The trouble
with all these liquids is tliat not enough
is used; a small quant li> only softens
and spreads the grease spots; they
should bo applied In sufficient quantity
and repeated to not only dissolve the
foreign matter, but to wash It out. (2).
Two ounces of rock ammonia, 2 ounces
ot alcohol, one ounce each of spirits ot
camphor ami transparent so ip. Put all
together in a large bottle, cover with
one quart of soft water, ami when well
mixed and dissolved it is ready for use.
Spread the coat on a clean table, take
an old nail brush, or oue of the small
scrubbing brushes sold as toys, dip it
in the mixture ami scrub the dirty
parts thoroughly. Apply plenty ot
this; then take clean warm water and
go over tt again. Hang it out until
partly dry, ami press with a heavy iron
011 the wrong side.
ing a tumbler or 11 glass over r slip
when first set out, and keeping it over
alow (lays, it will almost surely take
root and thrive. If a handful of well
pulverized charcoal is put in Jlic earth
when you plant a geranium, it will
have 11 much richer growth and color.
I have kepi scarlet Japonicas I'resli a
very long time by putting their stems
in a saucer ol' white sand; il the flower
lias its under surface touching the sand,
it will keep bright a very long time.
By placing the steins of holly berries,
or aum'Si any kind ol scarlet berries, in
the sand a lew days, the berries will
retain their brilliancy then alter tor
months without being shrivelled. Au
tumn leaves laid in sand and carefully
covered over with a layer o; sand, lor
sometimes only four days, will preserve
their color perfectly and not have the
fl it, still' look of preserved leaves. The
scarlet dogwood and the yellow leaves
of the birch arc beautiful preserved in
this way. Lay them in with three or
four leaves on a stem, and they will
keep their graceful curves and waves
as il just gathered; and one, by a little
trouble, can have a more beautiful
group qf leaves to grace a winter bou
quet than oil or wax or varnish can
make them.
Guilty ol Wrong.
Some people have a fashion of con
fusing excellent remedies with the
largetnass of "patent medicines," and
In tills they are guilty of a wrong.
There are some advertised remedies
fully worth all that is asked of them,
and one at least we know of—Hop Bit
ters. The writer has had occasion to
use the Bitters in just such a climate
as wo have most of the year In Bay
City, and has always found them to be
first-class and reliable, doing all that
is claimed for tlieni .—Tribune,
WHEAT CAKES. —Three cups ol flour,
two cups Indian meal; white; dissolve
one small cake compressed yea-t in a
cup of water; pour into a jar, add flour
and meal; mix with lukewarm water
to a stifl' batter, set in a warm place to
rise over night; next morning add a
tablespoonful syrup, one tcaspuonful
salt, one teaspoonful soda; bake on a
hot griddle.
ANGEL PUDDINGS. —Two ounces ol
flour, two ounces of powdered sugar,
two ounces of butter melted in half a
pint of new milk, two eggs; mix well.
Bake the above in small patty pans un
til nicely browned, and send to table
on a dish covered with a serviette. A
little powdered sugar should be sifted
over each pudding, and slices of lemon
served with them. The eggs must be
well beaten before they are added to
the other Ingredients.
IT is a-serted that Misses Kellogg,
Abbott, Gates, and our other famous
songstresses manage to keep their voices
clear by the use of Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup. Price, 23 cents a bottle.
FISH CAKE*. —Take the remnants of
any cold fish, pull them to pieces, and
thoroughly mix them with a small
p'eee ot butter and some mashed pota
toes; season the whole with pepper and
salt to taste, and a little cayenne. Form
the mixture into cakes, and fry in but
ter till of a golden color. Serve garn
ished with tried parsley.
liver into thin slices, wash it, and let
it stand in salt and water for half
an hour, to draw out all the blood.
Season with salt and pepper, and broil,
basting frequently with buiter. Either
fried or broiled liver is more delicate It
after it is cut into slices for cooking,
it Is parbroiled in salt and water.
APPLE TRIFLE.— PeeI, core, and boil
till tender, a dozen tart apples, witn
the rind of a lemon grated; strain
through a sieve, add sugar to taste and
put into a deep fruit dish. Make a
custard of a pint of cream and the yolks
of two eggs with a little sugar. When
cold lay it over the apples with a spoon
and over pour the whole place whip
ped cream.
QUE-RIOUS that the Chinese men
should have such long hair. Ladies If
you would have your hair as long as the
Chinese and as beautiful as a Houri's,
use Carboline, the deodorized petro
leum hair renewer and dresser.
BT.AXC MANGE. —Wet one 0111120 of is
inglass In cold water, boil one quart of
milk with a stick of cinnamon in it.
drain the isinglass out of the water and
stir it into the milk; when dissolved
strain it through a flannel bag, sweet
en it and when cold pour it into molds.
"Jiroion's Bronchial Troches," like all
other reallj good things, are frequently
imitated, and purchasers should be
careful to obtain tlse genuine article
prepared by John Brown & Sons.
HAVANA BUTTER.— One and a half
oupfuls white sugar, whites of three
eggs, yolk of one; grated rind and juice
of a lemon and a half, or two small
ones. Cook over a *slow fire twenty
minutes, stirring all the while. Very
nice as tarts or to be eaten as preserves.
The Market Price ot Ituiter
Is increased 3 to 5 cents a pound by
using Gilt-E Ige Butter Maker in
churning, increase production 0 to 10
per cent. Reduces time of churning
one-half. Keeps butter from becom
ing "strong" or rancid. Gives a rich
golden color the year round. Sold by
druggists, grocers and general store
keepers. Send stamp for "Hints to
Butter-Makers." Address, Butter
Improvement Co , Buffalo, N. Y.
"AI>A." said the fat passenger,
thoughtfully, as the brahman called
nut the nil me of that station, "Ada;
what is her other name, biakeman V"
The brakeuiau for a moment held his
peace with a scornful air, and then
said, "Ohio, Rlr; Ada, Ohio."
And then the party climbed out very
"1 expect," said the sad passenger,
"he lias had that played on him a great
many times. I thought of saying it
myself, and then It seemed to me that
ithad a decided family resemblance to
the Morrow, Ohio, joke, and I shut it
"I like the name," ! F.t'd, "because
it is like Hob; it spells the same thing
both ways."
. "Then 1 suppose you think," said the
tnll, thin passenger, "that Adam —"
and he paused, with an air of pitiful
"Go on," 1 said, and "Oil, yes, go
on," shouted the others, encouraging
ly ; and the tall, tliiit passenger resum
"That Adam Ada mistake wlr n he
'ad 'cm add m to his name."
And then we all waited and went in
to the hotel.
ONCE upon u time the mule, without
having received m invitation, attended
t convention of animals that was called
lor the purpose of discussing the best
methods of family government. "What
do you know about all this?" asked the
president, tauntingly; "have you ever
raised any children ?" The mule wept.
"Ah, no," she said, "1 have never raised
anything tut full-grown men; but,
land of the pilgrim! you should see
how I raised thein—you should see me
raise a man that weighs as much as
David Davis." Upon a rising vote the
mule was immediately elected financial
secretary, with power to send for per
sons and papers.
KKCENTLV a well-known barrister
was concerned in a case where the
question involved was a to the mental
condition of the testatrix. The witness
under examination, herself an aired
lady, hail testified to finding her friend
falling, childish, and that when she
told her something she looked as
though she did not understand. Coun
sel, cross-examining, tried to get her
to describe this look, but she did not
succeed very well in doing so. At last,
getting a little impatient, he asked,
"Well, how did she look? Did she look
at you as 1 am looking at you now, for
instance?" The witness very demure
ly replied, "Well, yes,—kin.l of vacant
IMPUUK BLOOD. —In morbid condition
of the blood are many diseases; such as
salt rheum, ring-worm, bolls, carbun
cles, sores, ulcers ami pimples. In
this condition of the blood try the
VKGKTINK, and euro these affections.
Asa blood-purifier it lias no equal. Its
effects are wonderful.
OK the genuine politeness of the na
tive of Egypt we have never entertained
but one opinion. That view has been
strengthened after hearing of what took
place a few days ago at a village in the
Delta. One of our countrymen, well
known in Alexandria as the most suc
cessful of our athletes, was training for
the forthcoming athletic sports. Whilst
running at something like ltghtnin?
speed he came across a grey-bearded
Arab riding on a donkey in the opposite
direction. The A rah hastily dismounted
and begged the "Howaga," as he was
in such a huny, to avail himself of his
donkey for the rest of the journey.
WIIKN a man in a Vermont grocery
store was sitting upon the edge of the
counter, and his feet slipped and tie
raked the whole length of his back on
the counter's edge and sat square down
in a bushel basket of eggs which stood
right where he couldn't miss It. The
grocer was horrified, and exclaimed:
"Was it an accident?" and the victim
replied: "By erimus, sir, if you in
sinuate that I skun my back and got
myself into this mess on purpose, I'll
iam your head into the remains of thosi
TICK safest and most reliable remedy
for the usual diseases of the baby is
I)r. Bull's Baby Syrup. It contains
nothing injurious. Trice 2."> cent's a
AT Montreal, recently, a locomotive
crossed the river on the ice. We pre
fer quail on toast, but still, a locomo
tive on ice is food for reflection.
NOTHING could be more natural or
proper, when a defaulting clerk fails
to keep his accounts straight, tl an t)
send him to the house of corroeth 11.
"Now, Jack, if I were to give twelve
pears to Maude, ten to Edith, and three
to you what v ouU it be?" —Jack (aged
six): "It wouldn't be lair."
"WELL, you'll own that she has a
pretty foot, won't you?" "Yes, I'll
admit that. But it never m vde half as
much impression on me as the old
WHEN you say that a girl's hair is
black as coal, it is just as well to specify
that you do not mean n red-hot coal.
AH," said a deaf man, who had a
scolding wife, "man wants but little
hear, below."
CLOTHES last longer when washed
with Dobbins' Electric Soap, (made by
Cragin & Co., Tnlladelphia,) because
rubbing is needed. Clothes are worn
out more on the washboard than on the
pjrson. Try it,
A RET 1 it ED dramatic performer would
make a good tax collector, because he's
an ex-acting man.
AN ounce of ket-p-your-mouth-shut
is better than a pound of explantion
alter you have said it.
THE young lady who married her
father's coachman says she was driven
to it.
Is the man who beats his wife en
forcing the lick-er law?
OLD settlers—The DLS thrown
out of the coffee-pot.
Go as you please is a good gait, but
pay as you go is a better.
THE soft-shell crab considers his case
a hard one.
COURTSHIP is a draw game—marriage
a tie.
WHEN your IJver is out of order, use Dr.
Jayne'd Sanative Pills, and you will back
tills organ to a healthy condition, and ge. rid of
many distressing symptoms.
IT CANNOT be afforded, it would not
pay after so much labor and capital has
been expended to build up this medicine
to allow it to depreciate. You can take
Simmons' Liver Regulator with perfect
faith as it is made by no adventurers
who pick up the business by concocting
medicines, but by educated, practical
druggists, who have made the study of
medicine and its compounds a labor ot
a lifetime. The care, precision, neat
ness and perfection exhibited by the
very appearance ot Simmons' Liver
Regulator proves thac it is the best pre
pared medicine in the market, and J.
11. Z?ilin A Co. fully carry out their
motto: Puriaaitna ft Op(<mu (purest and
Wliwt Slut it we du with Our Daughters.
Give them a good school education ;
teach them te cook healthful food;
teach them to wash, to Iron, to mend
stockings, to sew ou buttons, to make
their own clothes and a well-fitting
shirt; teach them to b.ike; to know
that good cooking saves medicine.
Teach them that a dollar is worth one
hundred cents: that only those are sav
ing who spend less than they receive,
and that whatsoever more is spent teuds
to impoverish. Teach them that they
are much better dresse 1 in strong cot
ton garments than in silk if they ar
in debt. Teach them that one round
full face Is worth fifty beautiful con
sumptive ones. Teach them to
wear strong siioes. Teach them to
make good purchases, and to see to the
reckoning of their accounts. Teach
them that they spoil God's image when
they lace tightly. Teach, thein good
common sense, confidence, self-defence
and industry. Teach them to do gar
den work and enjoy nature. Teach
them, likewise, if they have money
enough, music, painting, and all aits,
remembering always that these tilings
are secondary. Teach tlieiu tiiat walk
ing is better than riding, and that wiid
tlowers are very beautiful to those that
observe iliem. Teacli them to despise
all make-believe, and that one should
say yes or no when one really means
it. Teach thein that happiness in mar
riage depends neither upon the station
nor the wealth of the husband, but up
on his character. If you have taught
your daughters all fills and made them
understand it fully, then let them,
when the time coin s, ma rr in perfect
confidence. They will be sure to find
heir way without further assistance.
For Thirty Tears.
I havo l>een af!lc'< d with k.dncy complaint
Tw.) packages of K d icy-Wort have done me
more kool dim all du* medicine and doctors 1
have had before. I bsl eve i is a sura cure.
Bo wri es an old lady from Oregon.
A Valuable Gilt Free.
A book on the Liver, its diseases and their
treatment sent free. Including treatises upon
Liver Complaints, Torpid Liver, Jaundice,
ltiliouHneiiM, Headache. Constipation, Dyspep
sia. Malaria, etc. Address Dr. Sanford 162
Broadway, New York city. N. Y.
A CARD.—To all who arc Buffering troni thcer
r<v ntxl Indiscretions of >ouih, ncrvou* w iknot,
>-at ly decay. ot manhood, etc. . 1 will t<n l a Ko
cipt- that wilt cure you. Frkk or Charok This
ar-.-tt remedy waadicov> red by amisslonmry in South
Imertca, Scud * self addres-ed pe i<> th • Her.
I OS K I'll T. ISM AN, Station D. New York City.
The Voltaic Hell Co., Marshall, Mich.
Will send their calebra ed Electro Voltaic
Bella to the afflicted upon SO daya's triaL
Speedy cures guarautevd. They mean what
tbev say. Write to them without delay.
Completely Cured Me
NEWPORT, Ky.. Feb. *6, 1577.
Dear Sir—l write to say that. sven bottles of
your Vk jktink have <x>mpi*tely cured me rrom
a very severe case of SCROFULA of miny years'
standing, after trying many medicines and doc
toring a great deal. 1 am now free from all
sores, ana ean work as well as ever, and think
the Vboetinr is a gxlsend, and no one ought to
do without it.
1 remain, respectfu ly yours.
Scrofula, Scrofulous Humor.
Etansvills, Ind., Dec. ST, 1577.
DR. n. R. Stkvbks:
I have suffered with Scrofula and Scrofula
llumnrt ever since I could remember, it has
been in our family for years before I was born.
1 inherited it- I have tried all kinds of medl-
Ine. After having used a great many other
patent after having paid many 1 trge
doctors' b lis, I heard from a neighbor that
Vbokwk* hid cured him. I had good faith, be
cause 1 saw it. and so I went to the Dudden
hause i Eagle Drug Store to purchase a bottle
of tue VEO.-.tink. I kept taking the vkubt.nk.
and, tn ractj became better and better. When
I had takei®3eve-Hl bottles, a I Scrofula Sorts
and marks were gooe; my health verv good. It
ts the best blood purlfl >r i ever tried. It will
cure Scrofula. It took the sores and humors off
my face ;It gave me a clear skin. Everybody
who has got Scrofula Humors should trv lt-
Watchmaker, Main street-
I know the above to be true,
Apothecary, 519 Main street-
Cured Her.
Bbllbtce, Kt.
Dear sir,— l must state that your Vegetine de
serves to be called a valuable blood purifier,
renovator and Invlgorator of the whole system.
My wire s iffered for a length ot time with a
Scr fuia Sort on the leg. she took several bottles
or Veget ne. The results were surprising: It
cured her while all the former remedies failed
to give sat sf ictlon.
Respectfully, T. F. TRICK.
I know the above to b *true.
Druggist and Apothecary, 139 Monmout h St.
Vegetine ia Sold bv All Druggists.
HIOHKST price paid. Send full description.
Address R. A. PKTTS, 118 N. THIRD Street,
Will buy the best CORN SHELTER in the
World* Address C. UOl)i>A Kl>, Alliance, Ohio.
QPfWII Q Tenth edition. The beet system In
DuUV 1 Li 0 the world. Kimy to acquire without a
teacher. Short-hand writers need
OTTCiDT U1 Mn not want for paying positions. Send
bnUul-DAIIU P.O. card for circular or order hook
direct or throtur • any Bookseller.
n..i.. et so 11. CAVti BULL A 00..
On I) si Park Row, New York.
StiuM's Great Catarrh Remeiy
Is tbs safest, most agreeable and effectual remedy in
the worid for tho cure of OATARRH. No matter
from what cause, or bow long etuuding. by flvlag
a fair and Impartial trial, yon will be convinced ef
this fact. This medicine is very pleasant andean
he taken by the most delicate stomach. For sale by
all Druggists, and by HOLLOW AY A CO , 603 Area
Btreet, Philadelphia.
Q/\ Superb Rosebnd, Phromo Cards, or 20 all
Flowered Motto, with name, 10 cte. Nassau
Card Co. , Nassau, N. Y.
Those answering an advertisement wll
confer a favor upon the advertiser and the
publisher by stating that they saw the adver
tisement la this Journal (naming th'e paper.)
|| M
fW That Acta at the Kama Time on
■The Liver, The Bowels and The Kidneysßj
I This combined action aires it wonderful U
power to cure-all diseases. W
CiWhy Are We Bick?H
WFTiecaus* we allow these great organs to Ac-n
WW come clogged or torpid, and poisonous Auf I
f \nors are therefore forced into the blooaLd
should be expelled naturally. ■
MBillonancM, Pllea, Conatlpatlon. Kidix >yfll
II Complalnta and Dlirasea, Weak- II
Fj neaaea and Nrrvona Disorder*.
mibg causing jr is action of these organs anriWW
their power to throw of disease. U
Why Suffer Bilious pains and arhcNf
M Why tormented with PI lea. Count i nation
11 Why frightened over diaordered Kidneys ill
IB Why endure nerrooa or alck headacheal 11
Why hara aieepleaa nights I
H Use KIDNEY WORT and rejoice In 11
V V health. It is a dry, vegetable compound an</M
MOb package will nakcili gUof Medicine. H
■I Get it of your Druggist, he will order MrM
for you. Price, SI.OO. Wj
M WELL:, IICZhMBOIf k CO., Proprietor*, M
| | (Will Mod txatpaid.) Ilarllnglon, Vt. If
Opera Glasses, Th'-mnietera, Eye Glasses,
Kpectaclea, Mlcroscop a, at finally Retiuud Prtus.
li. & J. BECK,
Manufacturing Optician*. Philadelphia. Bend 8
atampa for illustrated Catalogue of lit paget, and
mention thla paper.
rn - V"*® JP> <*ia aia tnsm U# awifinol. awl nWeer • pm Nl'a ommtk
a L J J i. a*. a.
V/ cwaw
iMtm a©o a. *u. AM in 11. i ss.
If you wish tn ace the picture of your
Tft TUC future husband or wife, together with
|U inC name and uate of marriage,give your
age, color of eyea and hair, and aeud
niininilC *•* ceuta money or 40 cents postage
CURIOUS, atampa. to W. Fof! Box #©
KultouTille, N. Y.
A PBCRT nccco OMAKM. Ms.oo.
untAl Ur TCD upward; PIAKOM fisn,
upward. Wnrranled 6 yean. Heroad
If tntl lindi-umenU at Rargaina. AUKITA
Wnnled. Illustrated CtTALIMKJt; Free.
IIOKAt i: WATEhh d CO.. HM Bioauway,
Kew York.
AO I. NTH WVNTKpfnr "Th P.iVe in Plctnrea."
containing am K (graving* hy Jn.iua Schnoir
Ton Caro|i"i<i. "llii* work is hivblv indorsed by
Prea.Ohdh nr i. Hid'am*Col 'ge; B shop I)o*ne
, Alba i; ker. |>r. P >a., St. I onia; lira, y 1. Patton,
John Peddl i, il. W. Th >mGeo. li. P.eke and
otbera, Chicago. Cold in tiumoer*.
Address Alt 11! Jit HOTT, Albany, N. T.
Jehntnn't Anodyne Liniment Will pMI
tJTeiy prevent this terrible diaeaaa. and will
poattlvety euro nine caw* In ten. Infromatlot
that will hart ninny lives nent free by mall
Dobt d' lay a moment. Prevent! >n la better
than cure. 8 Id everywhere.
I. M. JOHRIOT A CO Ranfar. la
a tha 01 i Billable tVincenir itad Lya for FAMILY
AP MAKING liirectlons accompany each eau
for iiiakitig Hard. *ofl and Toilet Moap quietly.
It ia lull weight .-o I sir ngtb.
JCZ-T tja auiied with upecUtclea. apply
oorreapond to
DA. Nr. uRAT. optician,
88 N. TWBLPIII eiri-et,
Philadelphia. Pa
An Unfits Vwwaarr iir(*aa ud Cbe!*t, www
traveling m tkisrountry,s*>th*t moat of thsHotse
and Cattle powders here are worthless trash. He
sayatoa< :-brid*n's Condition Powders are abso
lutely pure and immensely valuanle. Noth ng on
earth will make hens lay like Sheridan's Condition
Powders 1< as, one tsmeoun to on- pint Ot feed,
bold everywhere. or aent by mal l tor right letter
stomps. i. 8. JOHNSON k CO., Bangor, Ma.
Embracing full and authentic accennts of every
nation ot ancient and modern times. and including a
history of tb- rise and fall of tli Greek and K"tnan
Empires, the miodle ages, the rru-ade*. the feudal
■yetem. ths reformation, the discovery and ae ila
ment of the New World, etc.,etc.
It contains 678 fine his rical engravings. ard Is
tie raw c mplete llisr<<ry of the W rid eer pub
lished. 8 -rid for sp-ciraen p iges and extra t mis to
Agents. Address
NATIONAL rUBLISUING CO.. Philadelphia. Pa.
SnrpaucA all others In quantity and quality ot butter made. It secures matured and ripened cream.
which makes butter of the best texture, flavor, and of uucqualed keeping quality. It excludes flies, dust
and odors; Isconstantly at the correct temperature (58* to 60*); has room for the cream and butter,and
saves three-fourths the labor. It can be used with either Ice or water, and both summer and winter.
TnK FKROUWIN COJiCI'SSION CHURN lathe best. It combines aclentific principles with
the best labor saving devices. >.o floats or paddles. Bring* the bsitter In granular form, and secures tbe
largest yield. Itelor boring anv other Clinrn r Creamerj or any pans, or cans, send fot large illus
trated circular to THE FERCiTbOX MUG CO., Burlington, Vt, e Reliable Agents Wanted.
Ep This powder makes "Gill-Edge'* Butter the year round. Com.
nonsense and the Science of Chemistry applied to Butter
making. July, August and Winter Butter mads equal to ths
( ... best Jane prod act. Increases prod net 9 per cent. Improvss
i ..." . quality at least 20 per cent. Badness labor of ehuraing one
i half. Prevents Batter becoming rancid. Improves market
•4—l Bto 5 cents a pound. Gaaraateed free from all injariem
ingredients. Gives a ales Golden Color the year round, tt
BT rents' worth will prod nee SB.OO in increase of product and
SlfPsliS^--• Burket Can yon make a better Investment I Beware
fffll ■ * ot Imitations. Genuine sold only in boxes with trade*
j ScAvfIHHHfIHB m&rk of dairymaid, together with words " GILT-EDGE
I BITTER MAKER" printed on each package. Powder sold
$7 Grocers and General Store-keepers. Ask your dealer for
agtk' onr book " Hints to Butter-Makers," or send stamp to as
4/K§Hpp tor h- Small size, X lb., at 25 cents; Large size. 2*4 tba,
SE9Oi Great saving by buying the larger size,
f Address, BUTTER IMPROVEMENT CO- Prop'rs,
f TrvU—+ Buffalo, X. h.
meited in ANY OR AI*I of the Newspapers named in the O.raof
t;>ry for ONE TIME, or for ONE YEAR, in the beat
positions, which are carefully watched, at the
LOWEST PRICES, on application to
at either of their offtc6 in
For Advertisers without charge, for insertion in a CHOICE SELEO
TION of Newspapers, or for the BEST Newspapers in
ANY City, Town, County or Section.
Advertisements in tbe Best Positions, at Very Reasonable"Kates,
VOX Obestnut Street, FUUacta.
A Now Temperance Pong Book of low price, but
the very best Quality. By Geo. Q. Hngg and M. C.
Bervoas. with the valuable assistance of a number ot
our best song and music writers. A well printed and
beautiful little hook. Smd 12 rents (in stamps) for
specimen! Costs but iflQ per hundred, and 11 ceute
or single copy.
Contains twenty-four of the beet songs of thla fa
mous composer, any three of which are worth the
moderate price of this flue volume, which is SI.OO.
AH Sunday Schools that try It, taketoWlllT*
RoHKH ISO cts). No better Sunday School Song
Book ever made.
New England Conservatory
Method for the Pianoforte,
(fv 2S, complete. In S parts, each fl -50. )
Has been for years a etandard and favorite method
ami >■ constantly in use by the teachers of the Con
servatory, and by tUpusanda of othara.
Try LACKBL WREATH, (fl.), High School Singer •
Try THE MUSICAL RECORD. Weekly. (fl.lM
par year.'
Try GoSbfcL OF JOY, <M eta). Best ••Goapel"
Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston,
mi Chestnut Street. Philadelphia.
Q - 1
(A Sledlclnes hat at DrlakJ>*
An Tn Pttbxst AXD BEST Mkdtoax. Qouna.'
or Atx omn Bi rrxaa.
THEY oxrrun
AH Diseases of Che Stomach. Bovetajtiood, I/vw,
Kidneya, and Urinary Organs. Naavouanaaa. BAaop
ieaaneae and aapeclaily Femate Coaptauua.
wm be paid for a caae tbey wm not run or heip, or
for anything Import or lnjurlona found la fhtau
Aak your drugglat for Bop Bltun and try then
before you aleep. Toko no other.
Bop Cocoa Cun to the nr cetera, eof cut and bast.
Ask Children.
The Bar Pan for Stomach, Liver and ttdaeve k
ouperior to all othcra. AakDrugglata.
l. LO. la an absolute and trreatarlble onro for
Umiikcnraa, uac of opium, tobacco and narcotics.
gg<Mtjsa Bend for circular. BBttUI
lAllahesesoldhydreggisU. Hap lUttmklfc Ow tnrhssSsi,b. T.
Qtg. u>l—i JM* l . l ——isMMuswaHau