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    f| Mlhtim Journal.
THURSDAY, MAY 20., 11*80
Editors and Proprietors.
local Department.
-•■Lutlier B. Stover and wife left yes
terday for Illinois, and perhaps they
will take in Kansas on their trip.
—Just received at Snook's store the
finest lot of NEW OOODS in town.
Go, see and be convinced.
—The Lock Haven furniture factory
will soon be in operation. It is push
ed to completion as rapidly as possible.
Sundaj School Reward Cards Tick
ets, Ac. at John C. Miller A Co, Book
store, Bellefonte.
—II RADQUARTE&S for Books and
Stationary, at the Model Book Store of
John C. Miller A Co. Bellefonte, Pa.
— FINE lot of Spring and Summer
flats just received at Lewins, Philadel
phia Branch.
—LEWINS, Philadelphia Branch store
is the boss blace in the county for
good aud cheap clothing
New Books,
New Books,
New Books,
Just received at the Journal Book Store,
the full sett of school books noto in use.
JOHN C. MILI.KH A Co. of Belle
fonte, hive the finest assortment of
Wall Paper ever brought to Centre
County. 4*.
—WANTED. Two good stout girls
for kitchen work. Permanent situa
tion and good wages. Apply at once at
—Had heavy frosts here on Friday
and Saturday mornings which did con
siderabe harm to vegetation, especially
in gardens- Don't thiuk that fruit
suffered to any considerable extent.
"Buss" Stara runs the shanty ail
alone. Well, he is fully competent to
do it. He is good looking, obliging
and kind, and sells goods just as low.—
if not a trifie lower—than can be bought
at any other shanty in these diggings.
—A splendid private residence with
the good will of a medical practice for
sale. For particulars apply at this of
fice. tf.
all the school books recently adopted
by the school boards of Millheim Boro\
Penn, Haines, Miles and Gregg town
—Jonathan Ilarter, Elias and
Freeman J*se have opened an under
taking business in town. They aie
practical, reliable men "arc! promise to
serve their customers at reasonable
==-Cbarlie Sturgis says he can do lots
of work these cool mornings we have
li ad for the last week. Who doubts 1t?
We have seen lots ot just such fellows
who can work very much if they "only
woula'nt be too all-tired .
. —Chromos, Brackets, Wall Pockets,
Picture Frames, Toilet Setts, Fancy
China Ware ai.d Velvet Frames, all
in variety at John O. Miller
A Co, Bellefonte, Pa.
—Three weeks ago we bad the last
ram that was of any account and since
then it was remarkably warm and win
dy, ISO that vegetation is almost at a
stand-kill on account of the dryness.
LEWIS, at tberßranch Store wants
it distinctly understood, that he can
sell just as cheap, and probably a trifle
cheaper, than any other establishment
in a radius of fifty miles.
—Ready-made Clothing, f>Usters,
Shirts, and all kinds of Gent's Furnish
tng Goods can be had at Snook's store for
the most reasonable prices.
—H. M. Swartz and Geo. M.
Ilarter.Supervisors of Penn township,
will offer the old bridge near George
Moyer's at public sale next Saturday
afternoon. Here's your chance now,
if you are ambitious to own a bridge
all yourself.
—lf ytfu 'desire to mark the last test
ing place of a dear departed friend with
a tombstone, couch or monument, the
Millheim Marble Works is your place
to go to. You can buy as low here
as you can in Phiiadeldhia.
—The chief attraction in Millheim
just now is Snook's Corner, and do you
know why ? That's easy enough. It
is by reason of the immense stock of
new and cheap goods just unpacking.
"That's what's the matter with Molly I"
All persons are hereby cautioned not
to buy a note drawn by me in favor of
Thomas Harper, and held for collection
by Solomon Ettlinget. is I will not pay
the same unless compelled by law, hav
iug an offset against said note for al
most twice its amount.
Woodward, Pa., Apl. 23d, 1880.
—Millheim is again without an ex
press office for the present. It was
discontinued last week. We did not
learn the cause but suppose there was
not enough business to justify offices
both here and at Coburn.
—The grave yard at Musser's church
has recently been cleaned up and the
community out there expect to keep ft
in good, repair hereafter. Wish we
could say the same thing of ofir ceme
. tery and people. We vet hope that the
new trustees, Messrs. E. C. Campbell,
A. O. Deininger and H. M. Swartz,
Will soon dc something substantial in
the matter. Shall our recent resold
tions, good intentions, &c. again dis
solve in vapor ?
—The Centre county Pomona Grange
will meet al Centre Hall, on the 25th
—The Sunday School Convention
held at Unionville last week seems to
have been a success. There was a
much 'better attendance of ministers
and superintendents than at the Aar
onsburg convention last winter. Five
mfillisters and five sui>erintendents
were present. Questions of a
kirid relating to the management of
stfrtday schools were 'diScfiSSbd, and
it to'believed that tne cause received a
tfotable impetus.
llow FUNNY— to hear men lament
ing and whining for an overcoat'in
the middle of Mayl But that's the re
sult of a want of forethought. Had
these fellows but just gone to Lewiu's
Philadelphia Branch store, Bellefonte,
and secured the needful garmedt they
would not have needed to shiver and
freeze during the cold leather of last
•week: "A word to the wise is suffi
—Fur the best quality of Western Fish
go to Snook's store, where you can also get
the lest Barrel Salt at the lowest prices.
—ltev. C- F. Deininger, of New-
Berlin was here last wrek, pretending
to visit friends, attending to some little
business, Ac. but—o shocking to relate,
on Friday morning at a very eaily hour
he was J setf* to leave town with anoth
er man's xcife. Won't 41 Hen" get hop
ping mad when 1 © comes home and fini •
hearth and home deserted? Well, all
the good we expect to reap of the whole
business will at best be a few miserable
dollars for printing a "Caution!"
—E. Motz, Esq!, late of Woodward,
but at present at Jefferson, Chester
field county, South Carolina, was here
last week on a flying visit to his fam
ily. He found his little folks so com
fortable and well caiM for by "Mary"
that he stayed only a few days. We
had but a single glimpse of "Man"at
a distance, but feel fully satisbed from
his appearance that the gold mining
business down there must be booming.
But why don't somebody start a gold
mine "in these diggings?"
You can save ten ptr cent, by buytiig
at Stam's. Now "Don't you foiget it."
Hive you been at btam's to see the
new goods? If not you are entirely be
hiud time. Better go at "once —especia-
lly to see the beautiful lawns at 10
cents, and calicoes at € to 7 cents.
—Among the recent sherriff's sales
or Clinton county we find the'follow
Hotel property in Logansyille- of
John Kleckner, and Joseph Kleckner,
terre tenant, to Lock Hayen Building
and Loan Association for $1,300.
Lot and dwelling of John 11.
Fidler in Schracktown, Greene twp.,
to Millheim Building and Loan Asso
ciation, for s*so.
Lot and dwelling of John Smith,
Schracktown, Greene twp., to Millheim
Building and Loan Association, for
—Mr. F. P. Mnsser is adding a
nother building "to his house. It is
what might be classed under the gen-
"shanty" but the litffne
dont apply in this case. Guess it's a
summer house. A house to cook and
eat in, to bake, wash and iron in, to
to sit, talk and rest iu, to bbil apple -
butter and soap in, to butcher in and
to do a large variety of other useful or
ornamental work in "too numerous to
to mention." In short it Will be just
such a building as a well-to-do family
wants "to keefthe hou*e nice and clean,
and especially " to keep the flies out"
during summer. But if our description
is not satisfactory, go and see it your
—Among the immense spring stbck of
NEW GCODSjust received(tt Snook's
store in Millheim you tcill find the finest
lot of Gents' and Lwlies' Shoes, Hats,
Notions, Trunks and Valises, Cottonadcs
and Drcssgoods, all at a&onishinfj lore
—MOTHER STOVER, above Millheim,
has made up her mind to quit "house
keeping," and will therefore make sale
of her personal effects on Saturday the
29th inst. The heirs will also offer at
public sale at the same time and place,
the old homestead, cow Occupied by
Mrs. Stover. This is 6Ue 'Of the most
desirable properties Of its size in the
neighborhood. See bills.
—Our editor is off attending a Luth
eran conference at Miffiinburg, That
Is to say he started for that place. We
wouldn't be the least surprised though,
if upon his return he would relate how
the ruins Of Milton look, how business
is booming at HARRIS' STANDARD
STORE in Lewisburg, or how Christ is
getting along at New Berlin. That's
just the way he acts. When he says he
is going to a particular place one is
never sure that he goes only to that one
plafce. Guess he begins to think he has
business most anywhere in the world.
shipments over the Lewisburg & Ty
rone Rail Road have increased very
heavily fot the last few months and
are becoming really a big thing. About
25, to 30,000 feet are shipped from
Coburn Station daily. Fully three
fifths of this amount 1b oak car stuff,
the balance pine, nemlock and shingles.
3 cars loaded with o&k and 2 with
other lumber, is about the average
nnmber of cars sent daily from Coburn.
Large quantities are also sent from
ether points along the read-Spring
Mills and Fowler particularly, but we
have no means of knowing jnst bow
much. Viewing the matter simply
from a business point we can not but
rejoice, while on the other band it
makes us feel sort of sad that our
beautiful forests are so fastdiminishing.
"Woodman, spare that tree."
Just received at Stain's store the larg
est and beat selected stock of goods in
Penns Valley. Now don't you dare
to intimate that this is not true, but
come and see for yourself.
—Harvey Confer's new house on
Penn Street, was "raised" on Satur
day. Who next will raise a new hous,
shop, or factory ?
—GETTING too warm for you in that
heavy suit, eh? Well, bettor go at once
to the Philadelphia' Branch Store Bell
efonte, SamHiel Lewin agent, andgtt
yourself* suit suitable for the season.
You might travel many a day without
sndra good place tor clothing.
—The Harnsburg PATRIOT of the
l"9th instant gives an account of the'de
struction of C'oudersport, the C'dunty
seat of Potter county. Fa.,, by fiire.
This town contains about'l,soo inhab
itants and was burned down with the
exception of a few buildings. The fire
started yest&tfav Afternoon in an oil
warehouse, and made rapid headway as
the town is without a water supply or
fire apparatus, and nothing could be
done to check the fire. The loss is es
timated at #200,000, while, the insu
rance amounts only to 575,000. No
lives are reported lost.
—Snook's stgre at the comer of Main
and North streets in Millheim, laid in
the Targest stock of Prints, all fast
colors, from flk'ctiih upwarili, in this
Mr. George P. Ream, the new shoe
maker, is already very l and well
Ice cream at A. E. Miller's every
Saturday evening. Come along, gents,
and bring yohr ladies also.
F. Gray, foreman on the rail road
repairs, with his men were down in the
mountains every rii'gfct during the rag
ing of the fire, watching the bridges.
Such faithfulness deserves proper re
A. P. Lose, contractor arttl builder,
has just put up a very large barn bh the 1
Ross farm, a few milCs above here.
Abe is a clever felloW Uhil a tip-top
Manille, a little daughter of J. L.
Thomas, was left fall by a playmate
and had her collar bone broken.
Mrs. Kate Leitzell has received a new
supply of Hats, Ac. and the rush con
tinues unabated.
The gra£ crop is not yery promising, j
but grain has a fine appearance. • With
the favor of providence we will have a
fine yield.
"Wonder what takes our students to
Nittauy valley, every week or two?
Cousins over there, eh?
Bellefonte boasts a street sprinkler,
which early '£very morning cats the
the dust and renders that agent of dis
comfort harmless.
Even the public officers bave not ne
glected the all essential bdfcse cleaning.
And especially prothonotary Harper's
quarters have been cleansed, the docu
ments dusted, refiled and relabeled.
Cfcr social circles are rejoiced at the
retiirn of several of their number who
had strayed away during the winter.
Misses Kate Curtin, Lizzie Forster
and Clara Lyon are among those who
recently made their appearance.
Among the graduates at the Reform
ed Theological Seminary at Lancaster,
last Thursday was Mr. Frank Wetzel,
of this place. Mr. Wetzel is well
known in J'enns Valley, and has
preached at various times in klffiost all
the towns ih t*Ke Vaftpy. On Wednes
day he left for Decota, Stephenson Co.,
111., accompanied by bis better half.
The friendship and well wishes of many
attend them.
On bearing tfoe losses at the Milton 1
fire, posters were sent all over town,
calling a meeting of the citizens at 2
o'clock, Saturday afternoon, At the
appointed time, the meeting was called
to order. Chief Burgess Clement Dale
was called to the chair and G. L. Potter
acted as Secretary. A. O. Furst, Esq.,
and Mr. Daniel Rhoads, gave what
they knew of the extent of the fire,
which they recited to be attafcing.
Committees of three wete appointed
from each woid to solicit 'contributions
of'clothing and provisions or money.
Also a subscription list was opened and
liberally subscribed to. The whole
amount of all the donations in cleth
ing, food and cash was near a thous
and dollars. Thus by this timely res
ponse to an afflicted sister town, our
citizens erected a monument of their
generosity which will be never obliter
ated. They demonstrated to Gov.
Iloyt's saying, "That they who give
timely giVe double."
1. Beneath the slimmer sky,
How peacefully they lie
At rest from wars;
Oh. sacred hold the grave,
Of each devoted brave,
Who poured his blood to save
The Strips and Stars.
2. Their marches now ere o're,
They wield the sword no mdre
To smite our foes;
No sound Of hostile drum
To their low tents may come ;
Or break the silence dumb
Of their repose.
3. But grateful throngs bring
Each year their onerirtg
Of grief and love:
Bright garlands should be spread,
Anp tribute teardrops shed
For patriot heroes dead,
Their toilib above.
4 To thee; rth Lord, onr God.
Up ft dm this holy sod
Our voices rise;
Here freedom's cause maintain;
Kor which our brave were slain,
Forbid our making vain
, Their sacrifice.
such as people gamble with; we here
nothing at all to do with that kind
nor yet marriage or visiting cards, but
business cards is what we mean, and
of these you will find a number of new
ones on our first page. Head them,
they represent some ot our very test
mechanics and professional men. They
are willing to serve you well and cheap,
ly in their yarious trades—and more
than that, they are live, active men
who don't believf iu hiding their light
under a bushel. They belietc in adver
'FIRST DEOREF..— The trial bf George
>)iutth and Catharine Miller, for the
"murder of Audrew Miller near Jersey
Shore, was commenced in Williamsport
ou Wednesday afterttbdn of last week,
and Saturday night, about 10
the jury rendered a verdict against
both of guilty in'tlfa first begree. The
testimony in behalf of the prosecution'
was voluminous, but the counsel for
the defence did not bffer any evidence*;
remarking that the prisoners had, by
their confessions, placed themselves in
the power of the comibbiiWealth. Dur
ing the trial a brother of Smith's was
observed by a juryman to place some*
thing in the prisoner's vest pocket. A
subsequent search fqund on him a skel
eton key made of wire. Smith is closely
guarded. A motion for a new trial has
been made. — Clinton Democrat.
We have Just received PBTKRSON'S MAOA*
ZIKB for June, and do not hesitate to say that
it has more attraction* than all the other maga
zines fomblhed. -No magazine in America has
such fine steel engravings, and such good cut*.
The ladles at home tell us that"Peterson V'
fislilons are in better taste, 'ah'd ip'die 'Reliable
than any magazine published. "Peterson's"
illustrated articles are a new feature this j-qar,
which makes tr.e Magazine inure Attractive
than ever. A friend of ours, who was In Phil
adelphia last week, eaßed 'at fetcrm>n's office,
nnd tells us that they pack 5000 magazines every
kitern'oon to their subscribers. He speaksol
tlje grdat popularity of the book. Send to
CUAKLKA J. PPTAJMQP, 309 Cltesdlit Street.
Philadelphia, andget liisigreic club terms for
1880. ,
News Miscellany.
RUM'S WORK.— At Reedsville, near
Lewistown, a bar-room quarrel between
two drunken men resulted in the death
of one of the parties. M'Abater is the
name of the man murdered, and Pecht
the murderer. The circumstances are
as follows : On Tuesday May 4th, the
parties had a quarrel. Pecht knocked
M'Alister down, fracturing hie skull,
and by kicking him breaking three of
his ribs, which entered his right lung,
from the effects of which he died Mon
day, May 10th, at 8 o'clock, A. M.
The New Haven Register publishes
minute directious as to how to stuff an
elephant. This is something that eve- ;
ry prudent housewife should cut out
and put in her recipe book.
On the 16th init., by Re*. J. Toiniinson, Mr.
N.Corman and Miss A. E. ltrandt, both ot
Ceutre county.
On tlo l*tb tnst.. by Re*. J. F. DeLong Mr.
Frank Wetzel and Miss Ella Vearlck, both of
On tjie.ltfth, fhst., near Rebctsburjj, Sarah,
w'ife of Samuel (irumley, Esq., aged year*, '*
months and 3 days.
Funeral at 9 o'clock to-day.
{We expect to publish a more extended obitu
ary notice of decedeut next week. J
Corrected every Wednesday by Cephart
k Musser.
Wheat No. 1 l.lft
Wheat No. 1 I.W)
Corn ..'.,..Vv. 45
Rye ....V..Y..V...4 fo
Oats White 33
Oat*. Black. .30
Buck w heflft...... SO
Flour.: 6.00
Bran !t.Shorta,pei ton 20.00
Salt,per Brl *<.. 2.00
Plaster, ground.;. 10.00
Cement, per Bushel 45 to 50
Barley 50
Cloverseed 500
Butter 18
Mams 10
Hides 7
Veal .?
i Beel
Krks 16
•Lard 6
Soap 5
Dried Apples
Dried Peaches
Dried Cherries
Egg C0a1...... $5.60
StoVe " ...-. 5.75
Chwtntlt" 5.40
Pea * 3.80
new advertisements;
-Just received a Full Bprlng
Stock ot MI LIHAf OddbS consisting of
Bonnets. Round Hats,
French Flowers,
Feathers, Ribbon andall
kinds of Fancy GbodSj
Mri. Anna M. Wearer's.
Dress Matins a Spiciality!
She invites her maaV friends and cust
omers to call at her place of business on
X- (Mdst Oeiitrai Hdtel in the City,)
Lock Haven, t*a;,
Good Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers
' on first floor. . If
1880. ZBTTTHi HIYB! 18SO.
To my Friends in Penns and Brash Valleys!
' Store of Lock Haven.
iVHlilhis now Opening the Tlitrd stock for Ike Sprite of 1880,
, which is simply Immense in all Us Bepartmfehts.
30,030 Yards Bleached and Unbleached Muslims,
c 000 o c o o o o—-6—o o o
© O O Q O © © O O rO o-—o o ©
■>r•.*' , , , * • •
A large ttock of 10-4, 9-4, 6-4, 54 UTICA BLEACHED and UNBLEACHED SHEETINGS and PILLOW CASINGS,
3000 Yards Good ( allco, Fast Colors. Beaatlfel Styles, 0 Cents a Tard.
The largest Stock of TABLE LINENS over shown in this City at old prices. &00 TOWELB at 35 Cents, worth 4n
Cents. 35 dozen 3-4 Bleached all LINEN NAPKINS at $2.65, worth $3.40. ffe inch Twilled Heavy Toling, 18
1000 Yards of Summer Pantings,
Bought early in January, since which time they liaVe advanced 2C but will be sold at old prices ofajyear ago.
2,000 Yards All-Wool Bassimeres,
, . cia:EVT:OT7STJi , xiiTa-s l .
French Diagonals and Shirtings, 1,000 Yards Black all wool Cashmeres,
Cheaper than ever. 2000 yards Beautiful Spring Cashmeres tft'ls cents, worth 30. French Momie Cloths, Full Line of
French all wool Buntingslq Plain and Lace Goods. Silk Grenadines, French Organdie and linen Lawns, nioe patterns.
At 50, 55 and 60 cents a yard. The Largest, Handsomest, Cheapest lot! of Plain and Brocade, ISlfchC.ftnd CotoredJSilks
ever shown, * Large lot pf Ladies' Coats at Half Price. The handsomest stock of
In this section of the State. Large lot of Window Shading and Fixtures. 1,500 lbs. Gotten knd Wool Carpet Chain.
/^TlTlTrriiri P CJ of renns and Brush alle TS should avail themselve* ofWadvgntages we arejnow of
lil 1 Iwl na fering, by buying their goods early at the BEE HIVE. Thanking my Patrons for
liberal patronage in 1878, we hone by conttdthng to keep only first-class goods,
. with a full assoitraent of all the Novelties of the Season : By representing goods on
MERIT ONLY, and selling at LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES to merit even a much share of the patronage in 1880,
as we have decide! advantages over every competitor oo account of the immense quantities we buy. fGTSPECIAL IN
DUCEMENTS to Large Buyers and trade from a distance. BORDERS BY MAIL WILL RECEIVE PROMPT
The Great Bee Hive Disr Goods House,
J.J.EVERETT, Proprietor.
WAXTKD.—SO,OOO pounds of Wool in exchange or for cash at'tho Bee Hive Store.
; ( * * A * • \ . . •
f• • •
Allegheny Street, Opposite Reynold's Opera House.
' "Ilello. rielghbor! Will you be good enough to hold my horse a few
.minutes and Inform me wheie that cheap store is the people talk so
much about ?"
"Oh, yes, with pleasure. The Philadelphia Branch, you mean V
"Yes, that is the name. It sound* down the valleys and up the plains."
. ,"l)o you see away do wh that street yonder, where that great crowd of
people I* congregated r*
"Well, that 1* the place, it Is unnecessary for me to enumerate their
,goods; they have thetn. Only go ahead, you will not be disappointed,
either in qualify or price. You will And everything you want, ia their line,
and very accommodating men to wait on you, and show you goods,
whether you buy or not. Be particular la going through to make your
selections, as you might be detained in getting the second opportunity.
They will adhere strictly to their motto: "One Price" and no overcharge
to catch the customer, and all goods marked in plain figures. So you can
see for yourself. Go ahead, neighbor: you cannot be disappointed in buv
ing clothing there and such olher goods as they keep. So good-by neigh
bor, I must be jogging along."
"Say, hold on! I will not detain you long. As you bare been tlftre and -
priced theii goods, be kind enough to tell me their prices
"Oh, with pleasure; then you will wouder how they sell so cheap."
P. GfcPBABT D. A. ItJfcfote
Flour &
& Salt
Highest market price paid lor all kinds of
Delivered either at the BRICK MILL or at the
AlWAys on hand and sold at prices that defy
A share of the public patronage respectfully
solicited. -IJ
■PI IMI MA man may be found on
Newspaper Adrertialng Bureau (10 Spruce
Street), where adrer. ||Mllf UAHiI
Doors, Shut
e9 Sa6h, , Yellow Pine
Window 41 Flooring con-
F tame 9, r+J3 stantly kept
ahd Mould- 25 0 n hand,
inga, made to & With
order on q-M for past- fa
short notice _ *ord he solic
and in the P* f3 its a contjn
best ossible <• uence of the
manner ! . 9an\e
MBEBasnoM 111 ■■ ■ ■III II inn
kffll r I?X*M i P*3t%
Prices to Suit the Times.
Improved Stabling ahd cwrefdl Hostlers. Low
special rates to Jtfryujeit and Witnesses.
Cleanliness,- comfort unexcelled.
against the Producers, than whom none are
mpre worthy, or mort entitled to attention.
The Bush House having over three times the
fcapacit v of Other hotels, there is no eccasion
or disposition to place the guests In attlfc
rooms. This accounts for its growing Local
Trade. We do not trust your hoises to the
j care and profit of parties disconnected with
i the hotel. _
/. 11, MYERS,
, 51-8 tf. Proprietor.
Edwin J. Deshler. J. Jordan Deshler
Aaronsburg, pa.
Calls promptly answered day or night.
Fashionable Barber.
Two doom west of Millheim Htel,
Main Sttfeet, Millheim, Pa
First Class in all respects.
Just the place for the business
man, the farmer, the mechanic.
MfST Chtinibus to alt traini.
W< ft. fELLEB* Proprietor.