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O ' t- -w
filler & Bciniii£cv. Propriolors
B. O. Dfet KING nit, Associate Editor
■illhcim.Tliursda) ,Sep.l3.
Terms —$1.50 Per Annum.
x . . .. - ...
Democratic State Ticket.
FOR SRRRKMK Jrrfl^ft,*
or llEPronn CorNTY.
Democratic Delegate Elaettou.
The Democratic voters of Centre boun
ty will meet at the regular places of hold
ing the geucral election for such district, i
TEMBER, lOT, to elect delegates to the '
Democratic Comity Convention. The >
eleccion will open at 2 o'clock p. m. and I
cloee at 6 oVlock p. 111.
The delegates chosen at the above time
•will meet in the Court House at Bellefante
TEMBER, at 2 o'clock p„m.. to nominate
one candidate for District Attorney and
transact such other business teas maybe
regularly brought before it. The number
of delegates to which each district is en
titled under tho present apporportion
ment, Is us follows
jjw. W.i itaMa •' 44 2
Bcllcfonte ;h. W. 2;Howard 44 ** 1
)N. w. 2, Huston " 44 1 I
Miles burg borough j'Uberty " " I •
VnioiAlk 44 • l Murtmi
f MRes. '*■ *' .5j
VMHpMwinr" 44 Sl'att.m f I
Boggs township 2 Venn 44 4 * *5
Benner 44 * 4 3 Potter 44 44 6
Burnside , 44 44 1 Rush 4 - •• S
College wf * J i fiiiow SiKH |i> 4 ,v , 2
t'urtiu 44 44 1 Spring ~ 4 " 4
Ferguson 44 41 flMyhT 41 " 1
flregg 44 * 4 Union 44 14 l
Raines • 44 4 Walker , 44 44 4
Halfmoon 44 44 1 Worth 44 44 i
The delegate election taB t*ise to he
conducted strictly in accordance with the
rules oTthe party horetoftyro. csaept ;vs to
the time of opening and closing, which is
as aboVe stated. . , t s
CAiuoim cnrocßATicr
•tt r j 1., t t i r.,* //•
Carry the news to Rutherfo? d.
Advices from tte GoMen State
sho tbe Democrats have been
victorious and secutc d ft mypi ity in
the Legislature of forty eiflt on
joint balk t. This seeort t a Dk-. 10-
SWiitor in place of 8r
--geAuLaud will uudce the Sem.te HTT
close for the Tteiut;)f
cans. Their majority wlil •
hang on a slejicfer tfu eiid
body. This is a goorlbegTrtifitig but
our progress will improve Ibrtrdi d.
■■■■ ■■■'■ ■ ■ ■ 'j;
If Ruddy Ilayes wouljjsave him-
Oelf from the* utter contempt into
which he is falling, Je had better
stop speech-making u-liich he seems
to follow as u business, and devote
himself to the duties of the cilice he
holds by tlwappointment of Wells,
Anderson. and Aliunde Jo*. It ipoy
nffowl milch pleasure to the Green
Mountain boys-to have a live Presi
dent, such as he is, among 1 them; it
•" may flatter the vanity and egotism
of His Fraudulency, the whilom
* EuekHeGovoriioroLno record,, hut
it is absolutelyn unseating to tiie
country at large to see its Chief.Mag
istrate go about from village to vil
lage ejfpouiidntfyTiiannnierou "poli
te gaping crowds.
Tw.o things Mr. Ilayes should
constantly remember, namely that
nature has denied him greatness and
that the people of the United States
refused to elect hira President.
If Mr. Hayes is the good, common
sense, ;■ practical man his friends
. claim him to be let remain at his
post and attend to the duties of his
office and the interests of a suffer
ing country. Action, not idle words,
is what the people want. Or if he
must harp en policies, let luni adopt
honesty as the best policy,by resign
ing the office which in the opinion
of a large majority of the American
voters he is idtogetlier unfit to hold.
m Senator Coupling is reported by a
Hfcica.correspondent Of - tie Siln to
■ i entertain the nettled conviction that'
Tiluen was elected "President as fair-'
lyas ary man was ever elected:]
that tfce pretense tliat Hares carried J
eitlief 'Florida or Louisiana is a
humbug; and, also, that the civil!
service policy of this fraudulent oc
cupant of the White House is as
much of a fraud as the decision of I
the Electoral Commission. Not-'
withstanding all this the Senator
thinks Ilayes'title is good because,
if based on fraud in Louisiana and
Florida, those frauds were sustain
ed by law. He thinks, too, that
Ohio will repudiate Hayes by 30,000
majority; that Pennsylvania will do
the same by 20,000, and that New
: rr • -York wilLLoJiojv with a much larger
majority. On the whole we think
the New York Senators fieadis very
nearly level.— Leicisburg Journal.
And we think nothing of the kind.
If Conkling really thinks
"tliaf Tllden was trlected President
as fairly as any man was ever elect
ed" why did he not say so in his
place in the Senate, at the proper
time.when a nation anxiously waited
for him to speak. Hhe miu any de
sire to save his country from the
burning disgrace of having a man
in its chief executive chair ivho was
so emphatically defeated;, as was
Ruddy Ilayes, he had the opportuni
ty, above all others to prevent the
black fraud from being consumma
ted, but he dodged the great qqes
tion and hid himself into a sideroom,
just when the eyes of the whole peo
ple were turned to him in the fond
hope that he would esponse the
cause—not of Tilden —but of justice
and truth.
Some men have greatness thrust
upon them, but ward it off by their
own cowardly conduct... This was
exactly what Senator Conkling did
and it matters very little now what
lite "settled convictions" are. The
settled convictions of the people are
that Senator Conkling ijj not a
but slightly above the low level of
Morton, Chandler and Camcron.
\V% have enough of Senator Conk
5 i—
Anderson, of Louisiana Returning
Board fame, has at last received the
reward tor UiS dirty work, in count
ing in the Hayes electors of Louisi
The other day ho "was appointed
directly by the President himself,
Special Deputy Collector of the nort
of New Orleans, notwithstanding
the fact that he is under indictment
for forgery and perjury in Uoctering
the election returns of the state so
as tp give Louisiana to Hayes.
This appointment to tho most dis
graceful yet made by our fraudulent
President and it clearly vt
i tlo adniinistmtion lias an object in
: quieting the voices of these Louisi
[ una criminals, who lately have be
; come so clamorous and threatening,
by giving thtm good fat offices.
"Even the Phitidelphiu Time , which
had so many kind words for Hayes
and his bantling civil service reform,
and tried so hard to win the confi
dence of the people for the Fraudu
lcnt President, gives vent to its dis
nr.pomtment m the following sarcas
tic style:
CDil gevvioc reform rabst hove looked up
ulili a serene milo of wit isfiuflkm the oth
frly WIMU UutiU'ulug lloiin! Anderson
jvoiivrd i uoiUOiM<lA Us Special Deputy
Collector of tlmqmvtof New Orleans. The
nppoTtittAeri'fwbs made illreetly by tho
President, who hasbM* traveling around
tio muel) lately thatlib lists probable not
hoard thnt tn
oieiiuoui, and may >jet intolho ponitouil
ary beiore be has- fairly entered upon his
Untie* as Special Deputy Collector. As
the public dow not iMacndly understand
what a Special Deputy k * e are kindly af
forded the explanation ihat in this ease
the Sperlal Deputy hacbeen appointed "to
give hhn the opportunity to provrdo
places in Wie.New Orleans Custom House
for the men wbomnnutaetured the fraud
ulent affidavits on which the Vernon
parish and other returns went thrown
out." There Is a natural belief that it"
these nu>u can thus be provided Sir when
the trials of Wells and Anderson come on
They will not tell the truth, and will not
therefore he dangerous. The most enre-
Jcss reader can see that this has not boon
ylone to hclnkmt fin Indicted anrmmlrls
Wf Louisiana —the President would not do
Hp oh a thing as that; it is simply a pow
erful movi meat in behalf of civil service
reform, and it won't answer for the or
ifana to eiitidroit.
otherwise called the Republican
State Convention, met at Harrjsburg
on the sth inst. The form of ap
pointing officers, committees, adopt
ing n phitfornr ing iq£
candidates, was of omifro all gone
through with. matters of form,
hut the' whole business was previous
ly act up hp.U dispcsej.l of by the
Cameron-H-ac.key Ring, who con
trol the Republican pcutv of Penn
sylvania ;>s despotically ns the old
fashioned village school master con
troiedhissc!tool. 11"whs simply a
ratified lon meeting of what the ring
had agreed upon.'
Judgc.Jatyies p. Kterrrtt, <*f Alle
ghany county, was "noHfcir.ftted for
*uj*eeme Jwkre, W.. Jtf. Unit, of
Qoimlv.for Mate
urer, and >T. Jt.''"M. "P-smore, of
SelrojHJM, for Audi tor Geqetirl. It
Was well known only a few weeks
since that Gen. Howard .1. 1 feeder
had a large majority of delegates hi
his'favoy for Auditor General, ami
his nomination on ilrst seem
ed assured; hut for some reason he
dpi soil the (.teiieron Ring,
which of course sotlod his fate, and
the gallant General had fo'go under.
IVr>bn:d!y, rmkasifle of their con
nections with t!iC corfnpt rmg, the
ticket is a good one. Judge Sier
rett is certainly a man of ability and
strict integrity;*but an iliyse "gfcerl
ing c'pislith;® judge Tni infer y is n.t
a whit Ivhlnd him. Of air. Pass
more we know but little, while it is
claimed for Mr. Hart that he has
experience in the State Treasury,
having Titled the responsible position
of cashier since 1871. However
the kind of "experience" a man
would acquire m our State Treasury"
as it has been conducted for the la at
ten years is not such as would it
commend a marf verrslwngly to the
honest voters of PthiriSVlvfinia.
Whether the Old Keystone will
ratify the Besec&nnH niftile by Don
Cameron, who watf liithself so re
cently foisted yijon the state agaiusD
the strongest protests of his own
party, remains to bee seen. We
think she will not.
priors all flourish as thev never did
before* Labor fs ftMmdant, living
cheap and good, tliat no
has any excuse for being idle or
for not growing rich. And the Dem
ocratic party seeks power only to
subvert this happv stale of thing*.
It sbal! not lie, and so the Iloneat
Hilly sounds the alarm when hp"
4 Ii is our business to see that this
demoralised and corrupt partv is
again defeated." (Just so—and if
you can not command a majority of
TOtcstodoifc, Wells and Anderson
or the admirably 4* to V rulo will
help you out. And now the Honest
Billy 11. Armstrong concludes In a
noble and patriotic appeal to the
faithful in the following sublime
•'Let ail minor and personal con
siderations be last in our united ef
forts for the public good."
(Here we have noble sentiments,
sound doctrines and a large amount
of good, practical advice crowded in
to the smallest possible space.
Truly, a great man Is the Hon.
Wm. 11. Armstrong. He is stamp
ed and labeled ''A IS o. 1," and laid
away on a shelf , for future great oc
casions. It would be a pity indeed
if the powers of his great mind were
spent upon the common, every day
affairs of life.
"Honest Billy Armstrong," as he
much delights in being called;' is
certainly a great man, and if the
world does not generally know the
tact, it is certainly the world's-fault'
and not that of Honest Billy.
Great men must haye great mis
sions and can only be truly great on
great occasions. Daniel Webster,
for instance, was simply nobody un
der ordinary circumstances, but
when his country and her cherished
institution were threatened or im
periled, the Lion was roused and
bore down with terrible and crush
ing effect upon all who dared to
stand in his way. Just so Honest
Billy Armstrong. He is nothing, if
not great, and it is really apitty that
lie so seldom finds a proper sphere
for the exercise of his mighty pow
ers,; Recently, however, the gods
i willed that he should no longer re
main in comparative obscurity, and
lie is made President of the Harris
burg Cameron Ratification meeting.
Here, then, Honest Billy found a
great work to perform and nobly did
toe come up to the emergency. That
great. and sinful mass of humanity,
the Democratic Party, comprising u
Jufjre maturity of the people of the
United States, must ho re-generated
—else the whole country will go to
tl, c ; and how can so great
and glorious a work he accomplished
unless they he shown their manifold
sins in plain, unvarnished language?
Hill undertakes the job, big as it
seems, and the effect is magical—
sublime. He starts out in the calm
consideration of grave questions in
a spirit of candor and fairness," lv
tolling the wicked Democrats, who
were not even present; that "they
have for some base purposes. In
plain violation of the truth of histo
ry . attempted to arouse a spirit of
insubordination, by knowingly and
falsely asserting that the President
of the United States holds his ollice
by fraud." (Colliding.)
"They have sought by every means
known to practical ilemngogea to
unite the South against the North,
whereby the interests of both have
been injured and reconciliation
and peace jwstponecl for ''years."
(Say about sixteen years of Radical-
Carpet-bug-Bayonet misrule in tho
They have withheld the necessary
appropriation from the army and
navy and are the direct cause of tho
present Tndian war inducing the
Custer massacre. (The innocent
Indian Agent, and tho Post Traders
are entirely blameless; but the brave
Howard will soon settle the trencle
erdus Redskins.
"They have left the courts without
funds,** (and the lawyers without ,
pniet icc.")
"We charge them with disloyalty
in war; with insubordination in
ponce, with systcinhiic corruption of
the ballot, and (to cap the climnx)
\v|th total unfitness to admiiiistur
the governinent in either tho nation
al or State administration." (If
tlmt is not an effective settler for all
times to come we would like to know
what is. The jieople of the United
States will see to it that a set of men
so hopelessly corrupt will never
again get the government into their
wicked hands. The present prospor
ousVareor*oT the country should not
he elmckal iiß.the least. The evi
dences of wealth,.as the result ot
honest and (Tonotnicnl ghvernnient
for tlu) last ten years, surround us
on qvery iuuul. Capital and labor
go "hand in tiahd in the developement
of Q4lr lt sonrcef. Our
manufacturing and iiulustrial enter-
Croquet is all the game here.
Major Fishers Hardware Store is
The select school, npdat-the tu
torship of Pr<f. I>. M,"Wolf, is
progressing finely. •
Some of our young students are
on a strike—one aav* he will learn
farming, tvhilethe others fight for
the mill. Roys, don't tight. (Jo
[jitjacfuble and learn your trades
right. |
"Mrs. 'Fisher, an ollJady resident
of Penn trail, wottM f"l under oWi- |
gations to those who are in the habit :
of frightening her, for quitting the
nuisance. The fee t is aim im,
longcrw iiling to t' lhratctlie imposi
tion, and offers al6 ward'of 33D for
I any oifecaught upon her premises at
i impronrr hours, fur the* jnij pose of
j committing depredations fipnh her'
property, or for other njrachievoius
Take warning, offenders,
if yon nave no respect for >ld age.
you.have some for the law if
its clutches. "Love your
neighbor us your self." and stop
your-cbwardly woik agaiiisi an old
lady. ? Somkuodv.
"'rr lU>JNi>s I:i;rcT-
We took it into" our head
last week that a hjjral Pilper should!
fic ii fair Index to The Imfttrres* r>f
the Rli.ce wI ere it is published and
with that idea on view consulted
with our business men and mechan
ics. The result may tx- seen on our
outside page in the form of twenty
five business carjs. ~ §qme Of our
merchants could not kefc it as we do '
and-with such we have no dispute.
mm sodm to think that a few dol
laSlnvdsted in priutqis ink isjpon
ey thrown away, or at best only help
ing the printers along. IVe have no
such charitable view of the matter
at all —our experience is entirely dif
ferent and have no reason to regret
any money spent in advertising.
Millheim "certainly has the ele-
a business town and if our
]>eople manifest the properonUTrpriJw
and iniUistiy our town will have a
tpnofperous ftitnre. We aliould al
ways be found on out posts ready to
serve whoever will give us their pat
ronage. Our merchants and me
chanics should be satisfied with
saitill profits as these are not the
tunes to nmkeV monoy fast,—and
then—milst say it > vve.should give
tUo sulijeet of sidewalks our earnest
;uid practicfll attention. us
mOve ou ward.
OF tracmirs
FOR 1877.
Liberty—Eagleville, Saturday, Sept.
Howard & Curt in,—Howard, Xlon
dav, Wejit. 17.
If nston —Jtilian Furnace, Tuesday,
Sept. 18.
Unionville & Union—Unionville,
Wednesday, Septenilier 19.
M'lesburg & Bo^gs—Milesburg, ITi
dav, Sept. 21.
Miles— Rfcbqiiburg, Monday, Sei>t
21. -
Haines—Aaronsburg, Tuesday, Sept.
25. . .
Ptnn —Millheim, Wednesday, Sept.
Gregg—Penn Hall, Thursday, Sept.
Potters—Centre Hall, Friday, Sept.
Harris—Poalaburg, Tuesday, Oct. 2.
College —Cement, Wednesiuiv, Oct.
Ferguson—Pine Grove Mills, Thurs
day. Oct. 4.
IlaUmoon Stormstown, Friday,
Oot. 5.
Pittton —Waddle's School House,
Saturday, Oct. 0.
Benner—Knox's School House, Mon
day, Oct. 8.
.Spring—Valentines' School House,
Tuesday, Oct. 9.
jy alker—liublersburg, "Wednesday,
| Oct. 10.
M arioa Jackson Ville, Th wrsday<
Oct. 11.
9 A. M.
Seme of the directors should' be
present in time to rriake out a list
of applicants to be examined.
Aug, 25, 1877. County Bvpt.
Clinton county court commenced
last Monday and they count on keep
ing it up throe weeks.
Some 15000 people attended Brig
ham Young's funeral on the 'lid.
That bouts Ureorge Fowler's wed
ding by one half.
A Sunday School sermon will lxv
delivered in the Evangelical Church
on Sunday afternoon, Ivy Rev. C. F
Deinuiger. Parents and children
are cordially invited to attend,
Tho papers of Union untl Ccntfe
county, morn especially the Jieporter,
don't like the "two year" proviso in
the appropriation bill of tho Harvest
Home Committee. Tlrey think it
looks -so remail.
Money atill continues to bring
fabulous prices at the meetings of
the Building & Loan Association.
s7}—-38} per ct. premium for per
manent loan was paid on Monday
We'had abundant and seasonable
rauis for the latter half of last week.
It had liecame to dry for ploWiug
and many of our farmers have not
completed sowing.
Henry Bollincrer has ficrd up the
building at the east end of his house,
and converted the first floor into a
neat little store room. What's go
ing into it, Henry, oysters Y
Hon. Win. J. Foorman,of Flori
da fame, has made a contract with
John Iteighard and JOIIII Wise to
have fifty acres of laiul cleared on
Jwttany" mountain, north of Lo
State Fair at Eric, September 24tli,
25th, 20th, 27th and 28th. Centre
County Fair at Bellefonte, October
3rd, 4th and sth. Union County
Fair at Lew is burg, Oc toiler* 3rd, 4th
and sth.
Greenbacks must be ns plenty as
*,\ at t r'along tiro Westj liraueb. Eve
ry town Is organising a Grcenhaek
club. If you iuuv. a,,surplus over
t here please send a frw Imskets full
Dia way for 'genegl distribution.
Don'tbo selfish.
The TFufc/imrm th'nks there will
l>e more real suffering in Bellefonte
during the coming winter than ever
before and advises the early forma
tion of aid societies and relief cJului —
a very proper and seasonable Sugges
IT. K. 1.(1*8 WIS hifT'GH liiU ..Jifst
one to pay hlTSchool l;ix UiU -Aitir
ami K. I>. Ki;n* the gecotid—rhiih*
as last year. Tt to refreshing in
these degenerate timos ta eee young
tnenpa.t their debts promptly. i.el
otiiers follow thy good ejcttmplev
Gpjilhh t & Zinsser tinvo- just put
np a Faiilvink'd >H'ale at the old
Massor Mill, in pretmration to apo'al
and r;tin trade. While other scales
mav Ihj good for might we know.
Fairbanks is sure to give equal and
exact justice to nib
Mr. Tuten of tlio Tirpublico.* t
tejlHed Totft l last week on business,
lie has a very giWKI opinion 't t4iq
Uoiirt fdudiye Urvia) but says the
lawyers made much effort to braw-
Leui tlie Cy'irt into extenuatory
i riine.'' lie- is glad to know howev
er tlmf tlie lawyeis engaged in suoll
unt '.ghteous jnaefieesare ])< mocrat*.
Ihit then, How itbout Mr. Ftuvl /
-♦♦♦♦ to "
Faraihs. Milliieiui Council,
Xo. 1>t9,0. U. A. M., mm Wash
ington Cain p. Xo. 202, I*. S. of A.,
will have a Grand Joint l'aradp at
ItebiTsburjr. on Saturday, Sept. lot 1 ,
next, at 2 o'clock, P. M. Au address
suited to the occ.ision will be deliv
ertfl. One or several hands will t>e
present. The public is cordially In
vited to attend.
J. NEWMAN', Jr., the KingCloth
iet of Bellefonte, seems to be de
tcTmituxl to be ahead of all Conapo
, tetion in his line of business, lie
has just returued from t lie city with
the tnrgest stock of clothing ever
Jtfought to Centre couutyv Over
coats as low as $3; suits, $4 and
I upward. Hats, To cents: Underwear,
I 23 cents, and all oilier goods in pro
portion. Don't fail to give New
man a call when you go to JUelle
Gcntre county row has 24 repre
sentatives in the Western Penitenti
ary at Pittsburg— of which number
7 were sent there by our last court.
Tnis would give an average of near
ly one to each township,
but while many townships have more
Hum their share, others are not re
presented at all. Is not this "taxa
tion without representation *
' . ■
Are you going to tlio Sea Side, or
arc you .there already? In either
case procure some of Gi.ktn's Sul
phur Soap, if you would increase
the luxury of the, bath, render your
skin white aiul healthy, and fhniove
freckles or sun burn. Sold by all
Hill's hair fc "Whisker Dye, black oi
brown, 50 cts. . 4w.
Tin: BKATTT PIANO, and Bent
ty\s Golden Tongue Organs maim
factured by Daniel P. Beaity, Wasli-
J. IT,, S. A., ft re liglily
endorsed by all who lmve tested
them, an to the style of ease? tlfila
bility, and sweetness of tone. They
are said to excel any oilier instru
ment m perfect construction. See
bis advertisement iu another ook
umii. 4\v.
We do not know whether it is ac
cident or design, but very milch re
gret that the fairs of Union and Oen
tre counties occur on exactly the
same days, it will make it ti task
for many of our people to decide at
which one to go. Convenience cheap
fares and perhaps inclination, all
point Lew is burg ward, wlrile patri
otism, duty, and a wish to encour
age home industry strongly urge us
"On to Beliefonte."
In his account of a picnie recent
ly held in Sugar Valley, the Tvlers
vill correal ton deut of the Clinton
Democrat speaks of "Prof. Jasper
Weaver, of Aaronsburg" as being
present. We are pretty generally
acquainted in Aaronsburg but never
saw or beard of Prof. Jasper Weaver
there. If our neighboring town lias
the good luck of having a real, live
"Professof" among them; the JOUR
NAL will be happy to note the fact,
although that would put tliem in ad
vance oi Millheim. No Professors
here—at least no literary professors.
ROAD MATTERS. —Review on the
new road from Millheim to Coburn,
Friday, Sept.,2 Ist. Samuel Brug
gor, 1). Z. Kline und S. F. Forster,
Review on project road from
Aaronsburg to Swarf*, Saw Mill—
time not givon—Thos. P. McElroy,
John Shanl™ and A. P. Hogter
man, all of Potter Township, view
On the Srl lnt., near MaUNonburg,
Mk'lmci FleiUcr, aj;ed 72 years, II months
mut 7 days.
Mr. Khslier sufTemi for •01110 Mix yearn
Imm 9 nervous utreetion ami for the last
five months he was completely en nil! zed,
l>elnp unuhle to iuovo u&iuulv iliub. Jle
bore his seTtne ntfeeilonH with true clirtat
-lai patience ami died In the frill fnltli lof a
It leaned hniuoilallty. He was much be
loved ns u acluhbor und cltl/.im, and lilh
loss Is deeply iVlt by the eonuiiiinlty nf
large. t.
On the 3rd Inst.. In Gregg townnhlp, Ml
ehael W„ son of Samuel ami Mary A. Iten
nlnger, aged li yearn, 7 mouths ami 7 days.
On the 7th last., at the Kvunprel'eal par
sonage, by Rev. V. K. Uelniujfer, Mr.
Charles Ovenlorf. of Indiana county ami
Miss Klelnfelter, of Madlsonlmrg,
Centre Co.
Prone Id ng in the Evangelical Church,
next Sunduy afternoon, by Kov. c. K.
Preaching In the M. K. Church, next
Sunday evening, by llev. W. Bouse.
Lodge and Society Directory.
The Millheim Cornet Band will meet In
the Town llall on Monday und Thursday
i evenings. ,
I'rovldcnop (• range ,\o. 217 P. of 11..
meats in Alexander';) Work on tlie 2nd Sa
turday of each 1410 nth at 0£ r. M. and 011
Saturday of each mouth at 7 y. p. m.
The Irving I.tfernry Institute meets in
the Tow 11 J 1011, on the last Friday evening
Of each month, until otherwise ordered.
Tim Millheim 15. A I„ Axsoelatfon meets
In the Town Hall, on the evening of the
second Monday of each month.
Milllaiin Council No. 30S. O t\ A. M.
meets every Saturday nt s o'clock, t. m., in
their Council Room. Wilt's Kutlding. I)e
--gr-e Meetings will be !*!<• on Tuesday on
or before the full moon of each month.
C. 11. HELD, .sec. H. F. MILLFCN, C.
Arrival snd Cloving of Malls.
Molls arrive at the Mlllhehu Post Ofltee as
follows J
Daily from all points east via Lewisburc,
at 9 r. M.
I>a!lv from all points west via BeKcfonte
at 6 p. \i
Every Tuestlav, Thursday ami Saturday,
Iron north and east, via la>ck Haven at
4 P. M.
Every Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday
from north and west via Howard, at
h p. M.
Malts d> se for c;ist and west, at 6 x. M.
for Lock Haven ami Howard, every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday ut fi A. M.
LC. tt N. < St All. BOAD.
Extension or Tunusr. to SPRING MILLS.
Oj* atiit after Manshift. Atrrntt 13JA, IS7T,,
train* tat this road icill rtin daily, (except
Stintlayt) at foUo%Coi
.1 l j ST.ITJOXS. 4 0
P. M. A.M. A. M. 1 i. .If. .t. M. If.
•LlO r.2.; 7.'k.lf'j;iPoe/n, nr. ft.At nr. '.oo 'or. ti.uu
or. 0.2" ItoV) 7Ar,L< flt'-urit. a:jr S.V) A45
lea. 7.M /•'.• (froand, k.44 C'J
10.11 7-1 llte/U. ~ t.V, .VJO
lO.'il 7.A'. VicLthunt,
10 :.T 7.45 MijfliTtbfLrg, Kl9 A.qO
10,- Vi' nr. *.wMiUm<>ni. s.IA 4. W
ILHH J.aurrlton, 4..i0
f Unburn. 2.4-*
ar. 1.40f Spriryt Mill*. 2.10
P. M. j>. M. 1 A. M j A. M. 1 .1. ,1/. IT
.V/i*. 1 (• 2 con aerf of .1 fan taw! on wUh
Eric Mall west on (he I'htairlpiJii A Arts
Hail Road.
Xos. a A 4 \cith Parijtc Express cast.
A on. * .0 0 Kith mst'Linc west,
An dm nihil* Kill run i*twHi lAWi.dmry
ami MonUndon, to conivy passenger* to
and from Xlagara Express w*st and Day
Express east. on Vie Philadelphia A and
Eric Rail Road.
The regular Rail Road Tic left Kill he
honored between these two points.
On and after Sunday, May 131A, 1577, the
Train* an the Philadelphia and Erie Rail
Road Division will run as follows:
Erie Mail leaves New York. 8.25 p. tn.
" 44 " I'hUadelphtt | 11.55 p. m.
44 " " Rallimore p. m.
44 " •• liarrisbury 4.25 a.m.
" " " Sunhury 62>ia.m.
" M " Montandon 6.57 a. tn.
" " •' Willi am sport R. 35 a. in.
" •• 14 J jack Ileum 9. ht a. m.
44 44 arr.atErie 7.55 p.m.
Niagara Ex. leaves Philadelphia 7.20 a. in.
• 4 44 44 Itarrishury 10.50 a. tn,
44 4 * 44 Sunbury 12.40 p. tn.
44 44 44 Montandon 1.05 p. m.
44 44 arr. at U'iUiainsport 2.20 p. in.
44 44 44 Is>ck Hutvn 3.25 tit
44 44 44 Kane. 9.20tn.
Fiut lAne lea ret Xcic York 8.25 rt. m.
wQ 44 " Philadelphia Tl.Rod.fti.
44 44 * 4 Tt'dtlmnre "• 14.35 a. m.
• 4 44 44 Jl'irrisbitrp 3.20 p.m.
44 44 44 Sunburn 5.40 p. tn.
44 44 44 Mmtarulon a.v> p. tn.
44 44 4 * Williams}>ort 7.30 p. m.
44 44 arr. at Tsick Haven 8.40 p. in.
Pacific Ex. leaves Lock Haven 6.30 p. m.
Wdndimptft ff.,Vn. tVI.
44 44 44 Montandon, 9.08 a. tn.
44 44 44 Sunfniry 9.35 a.m.
44 44 arr. at Itartisbury 11.55 a.m. 4
44 44 " Jtaitimore 0.10 p. pi.
• 4 44 44 Philadelphia 3.45 p. ut.
44 4 * " 4 yew York 6.45 />. m.
Dap Ex. leaves Kane A.oo c. tn.
44 44 IsirkjPirrn 11.24 a; tn,
44 44 44 WiUiamspoct 12.40 a. m.
44 i 44 44 Montandon 1.47 p. m.
44 J 44 44 Hutibury ■? 2.13y. in.
44 44 arr. at Hadrishunt 4.10 p.m.
44 44 44 Philadelphia 7.20 p. tn.
44 44 44 XetO York 10.15 p. in.
44 44 Jhdtlmarc. 7..T p. tit.
44 44 44 Washington 9.07p, tn.
Eric Mail leaves Erie 11. up a. in.
44 •• 44 /sick Ifare n ... 9.45 p.m.
44 44 44 * Wittfatuspbrt 11.05 p. tn.
44 44 44 Montandon 12.18 p. m.
44 44 44 Sunhury 12.4">d 4 m.
44 44 arr. at Jmrrisburg 2.45 a.'tn.
44 44 44 Baltimore 7.45 a. tn.
14 44 44 Philadelphia 7.00 a.m.
n ix 44 Hew York I<W!5 a. m.
Hist Line, leaves Wtltlatnsport 12.35 a. in.
44 44 44 Banbury 2.00 a. in.
44 44 arr. at Harrishury 4.00 a. m.
44 44 44 JBgltiinpre 7.45 a. tn.
44 *' 44 Philadelphia 7.35 a. in.
44 44 44 Hew York 10.26 a. in.
Erie Mail West. Xiagara Ex.. ll'cuf, Lock
Haven Accom. West ami Day Express East
make close connection at Xorthvmbarland
with L. A IJ. 11. R- trains for WiUccsbarrc
and Scronton. ,
Erie Mall East ami W<s.d connect at Erie
with trains on L. S. A M. H. It. R , at Cb ry
with O. C. A A. V. R. R. at Emporium with
It. X. Y. AP. It- Itand at Driftwood with
A. V.R.R.
Parlor Oars will runbetween Philadelphia
and Williamsi>ort on Niagara Express IPesf
Pacific Express East and Day Express East.
Sleeping Cars on all niyht trains.
WM. A. BALI) WIN. Gtn'l Sup't.
1823. SEND POR 1878.
New York Observer,
The Best Religious and Secular Family News
paper. $3.15 a Year, post-paid.
Established 1823.
AS- 37 Park How, New York. *£>
BAMPLU copies free.
Dealers in Hardware,
Va J. Brockcrh off Bow,
' ,
— ■ ~
Complete line of Hardware of nil Kinds at the
The Celebrated Barley Sheaf Coat Stove & Anchor Heater.
JtQMATXt: GOLD. so extensively worn iu Pari*. wan first (Uncovered In IRTO, by the
celebrated ITciich chemist, Moijs. D. He L-tlugr, who manufactured If info jewelry, and
lor five years sold It to the lending Jeweler* of Pari* lor SOLID QQJUf), In l*7A wjien liU
secret ec;uiie known, teu of the manufacturing jewelei * established a Mis*k homtmiv,
With aranilMl of*UUAKVJuOfnr the purpose of manufacturing D<> W.-t 1 y Est( JE Wlil r
11Y AXI) JIM TCUES With til.* immense cuuital. uiul l)i aid of Improved machinery
they we enabled to produce all flu* latest pattern* of Jewelry at less than otic-tenth of thm
Id Gold, and of a quality and color which makes it Impossible even for expert* to detect A
from the genuine. .
H> hare secured the e/rlutire ayeney of the I nlted State rtn'l Canada. L>t the sale of
all good* inanufactured fmm this metal, and in order to intnsluee them in the most speedv
maimer, have, put up assorted sample lots as jdveii befttw, which we will sell at on?-tenV
• the retail value until January l*f, I*7. liead the list.
One Gent's Watch Chain retail price hi 00
• tiiopair Eucraved Sleeve Buttons re. pr. 75
Due stone Set Scarf Fin ** " '5
One *et (S) Sptral Sldrt Studs, " " 75
Oue Improved shape dollar Button,** " * r >o
One heavy plain Wedding lling. 1 25
Total *SUP
I'or fn rents we will send above six articles
Si.oo LOT.
One patr'sieeve Bullous, stone setting.
One set (11) Spiral Shirt studs.
One heavy hand Engagement King.
One set (2) Engraved Bracelets.
Oiie J tidies' laoicOuard or Nivk Chain.
One Engraved Mluiatur Locknt for the above.
<me Cent's Heavy Wwteh Chain.
One Lake George Diamond Mud.
$2.00 LOT.
One. Lad'esTVeek Chain and Charm.
One Ij\dies' Heavy (timid Cliaiu for Wgtdl.
One set Pin and fair Rings, Ai"*tliyt.
One extra tine Miniature Locket.
One Catneo Seal King.
One very heavy Wedding or Enga cement ring
One Gent's heavy Watch Chabi with Charm.
One pair Pearl Inlaid Sleeve Buttons.
One laike George Cluster Pin.
Oue pair (2) heavy hand Bracelet*.
The retail prlee of the articles In each sample lot amount* to exactly ten Uine* (he
price we ask for the toti for example our tl.yo lot retail* for *to.on; our *5 SO tot for tO.W.
To anv one sending us on order for the above lot* by express to the amount of *ls (10.
we wW send FREE one soHd Uoiualue Gold Hitn! lug-Case M ateii, Gents or ladle* Mae,
warranted to keep perfect time and look equally as well a i fJW BoM watcli. By malt
postpaid, fl.Vfifi. Thist* our bust orrsu to AGkXTS, and Is wrttrh a trial, as tlio watch
alone will sell or trade readilv for from t to Gebts* or Ladies' Hatch alone. ft. yr ft*,
with a Heavy Gent * Gold Pattern Vert Chain and Charm, or Ladies' Opera Chain with
*' U Jtf:'lfEMiEll:—This offer only holds good piitll .lan. Ist, I*7B. Alter that" IjmFWe
shall sell only to .Jobber* and Wholesale dealers, and any one wishing our good* mili tlicn
have to pay full recall prlei. * . . , ~ ...
Rotnaihe GoM li the best, and. In fart, the only imitation of genuine gM ma.le, btlr.g
the same In weight, color and finish, and all our voo.l* are made in the kwest gold patterns.
Will guarantee satisfaction In every Instance, or refund money.
Set id money by P. 0., Money Order, or IteyDtered letter, AT Otrp RISK. .Vo
rrooits tint C. <). />• unlet* at least ♦S.OU aecoutpanltt the order. Address plainly.
W. F. EYA\S 0., Sole Agt's for U. S., and Canada,
93 * 97 Month Clark Hrect, Chicago, 111.
Wc are authorized to annotmee J. M.
KirwHUNE, E*q.,of !teUefout,a*a candidate
or Histrlct Attorney. Subject to the 4ert
ioit of the Democratic county cutventiou,
Wc are authorized to announce D. F
Fortnzy. Esq.. of Bcllefonti. a* a candb
•late for Distrtct Attorney. Subject to the
decision of the Democratic county con
veil Hon.
Lxccutorsof tbc la*t will fwla
mcnt of n<irtfe Gr&mljr, of MlUhelm.
(li-cahhcml, will offer at pnhuc Hate oh the
premises. Mllllirtnt. on SalMXfUty.SroUun-
Ler SWJt. 1877. at one o'clock, P. M. the fol
lowing valuable r?al estate!
Turret CanTAiK Lots, situate in MiltliHrn
aforesaid, bounded north by allot* and Klk
Creek, east bv Klk Caret!,. south by Janda
of John 11. Mhaser and others, and west
bv Water street.—contain in* altogether
ninety two nerrhes neat pleasure. There
on ts erected alaiyo two nnd a half stoiy
plank dwelling house, good torn, shop,
nnd all other neoeawary outbuilding*. A
tine variety of choice fruit trees on the
premises. A thrifty ftrch&nl of apple
trees lb good bearing condition iu uie
rear of bum. , -
Also, at the sume time, n Certain piece
of land situate one luilf mile west of Mill
hoiiu aforesaid, bounded on the north t>r
Turnpike. On tin* east by lamia of Jacob
Noes' estate, ou the south by lands of Ad
am Slorr. and on the weal lty n lane—con
taining Ave wires aud atx jn-rchos neat
measure. The same in In a good state of
cmtivatlati. . ,
Turins will be made known on day or
sale, by __
. Executor*.
July 3S—fit.
Bellct'onte Market.
White Wheat; per husliel new...... $ 1 20
Ked Wheat, rcr bushel new No. 1... 1 20
Uye,jer bushel new................. f •
Corn ears, per bushel .>o
Corn, shelled, per bu'hcl
Oats, per bushel, new..,
Ka rle V. per bushel .jO
Buckwheat. iw busncl...... -X>
Cloveroeed, per bushel
Potatoes, per bushel UCW
Pima, por-ao7.Hu. v h
Lard, per pound
Bacon—Shoulders . W
hides JO
Hams.... 14
SugarCurod Hams 15
Tallow, per pound '
Butter, por pound 20
Hac*, per pound
Ground Plaster ]>er ton 10,00
JfimiobiirK Market.
Bntt°r *
ORts 35
Barley „
Tymothy Hay.... 13
cievef Hay....... ••••• •• 1- J[
Hams.'.'. 1*.14
Sic'es |
Lard W
Cloverwed v.. goo
Flaxseed .. , - 140
Mlllhetm Market.
Wheat. 120
Corn 50
Kye f*>
Oats W
Barley , 50
Butter 20
Hams 15
Sides 10
Veal -. R
Kgfcs 12
Putatoes i 2.5
Lord 9
Tallow . 7
Soap . 7
]>ricd Apples 4
Dried Peaches...
Dried Cherries... 5
*5.00 LOT.
One Ladles' OpetHt Chain. j
One Ladies Neck Chain and Cross.
One licauttfiil IxK'kel. (engPaved).
One pair Hand Bracelet*.
One tieui s TwUi Link Vest Chain & Charm.
One patr Ourx Sleeve Itultous. '
One set (3) ony* Bldrt Studs*.
One new Improved vYdtar Bnttom
One extra cnt Cameo Real lilng.
one Arizona ikilitalre Stud.
one set Amethvat nc Topaz I'lu & Lar Drops
One Ltfdirs' Ciieiniso Button.
<>UC Plain King. irtflii>ea 1 K. * , '
One Igidie*' Opera Chain, with stlde ami
tassel, (retail price kVOn)
One (lent'a liiavv Wateii CUahu with Curb
charm, (reUill price, HW)
One Ladies' heavy lop* Seek Chaia.
otuselegaiU Chased Miniature I.oeket for ab.
one set CameoMediUitm n® and Kar lrojm.
One pair (21 heavy Chavd Band Bracelets.
One (Teiit'sVbiltaffc Olamndd Ktwl. F •• .
One < lent *ClusUtr Oianuutd I'iu.. .
One pair Ametnyw or Onyx SleevV Hnftous.
One set (3) Si uds to match the altove.
One elegautlicavi- set Cameo Seal King. J
One Masshe Rand <T UV ddlnß lllng.
One new/ 'patcut" Collar BuUuu.
One Lulfes'Chemise Rntton.
> One Amethyst Or Topaz lUug. (e*t ra finish.)
\n. 0. Brockrx&OfT Row,
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Drugs, &c.
C** ,% |m>; • '" P * fr> •' - 4 '1
s tm**4-C""£' :: T* i 4 - " *-• ft.,
- - O
* ' w. ."2 O T .* r- '.? .
A Pull Stock of Goods of Superior Quality always on Hand.
CHAMOIS SKINS for lO cents and upwards. CARftIAGB
SPONGES, IS cents and upwards. A eharo of the public patron
age respectfully solicited.
ORTI'EU AXT, C ARDS No two alike, j
name *O6. l'ost |*ald. ilusted &
Co., NasHiio, N. ¥* 32-4w
■ " -1 —- " - ■ ■"* \'*f r"
Young Men. and Ladies, aud caCi W
from SA.I to 80 pet month. 4iend.p
situations gunrauteed. Small salary while
lenrniu*. Address, with stamp,
These brands of Sweet Blug are ackuowl
cdgml by all. to be the Fluent Chewing-
TubnctsM In tlm market. Fut up in ail
shapes and sizes, iu mahogany and bradk
wrappers. BoM by thbtrade generally, bend
for sample to the manufacturers.
C. A. J ACKSON ft CO., Petersburg. Va.
fit.o. F. WaHdi.b, General Agent,
3J-4 Nus. 3 iiucl 5 South Vi an>r 55treet, Phr.
AfiEYTS WANTED. IV., A PeficilSketeh-
D T ATQ P 1 y ,e tiKKAT riot.s.,
•K| I \l I 2| , AnTllnstrftted HMo>
Road and other Rtots. vrftn a History of Com
munlsm and Trade bntons. By t,hc popular
author llou. J. y. Head ley. All classes want
this book, depicting the reign of terror In
ten Staves. The best selling book for Agents.
Now ready. V>© pages, 53 llhwtmtions >2.
bend 50 cents for ou;Ut and territorry. K. 11.
TREAT, rub., 305 Broadway, N. Y. 34-1 w
* Those wishing Relief and Cure for Ku|)-
ture should consult Or. J. A. SHERMAN,
258 Broadway, New York, Kr send for his
new took, with Photographic llkeuessess of
bad case# before ami after care. Beware of
cheats who pretend to furnish Dr. Shermau's
One of these fellows, a germ i n clerk, now
caning himself Dr. W.G. Crcmplen, is indiet
ed on coin plaint of Dr. 8. and awaits D ial
Xc-y Xorg*ry, awl embezzlement.- 31-lw
* ~ AMI Wster-VUd
ft A vcardet! Cmtib %
The most practical,
pie, and effective. I .
perior advantage u( l-,.
care is universally ;
know'.edprd. AcUlri--
.. ® MM of Wfb au>.<
Machinery, Mount itoie.r, N, J. ti <:
manifjncturinp rly!i k*.
mm HA\TEi) i
—rOit Tut—
M'Rpfni Mutual Life to, ti.
flie olde;t mutual in the country, Chant
MAH 'll NAV MJ 1 1>". O i cinl /;<••• f
I;n Mouth JYmrtii Striet, I'LUmklphla.
—, — t
Daniel F. Beatt; "r>
Cattios.—The reputation have p;
AXdihe celebrity of mv OrjMirs, have p.' •
ed some unprincipled parlies and
toeepp iny cireuinrK, and misrepresent a-
nfumst this the public ; •'
hereby cautioned. All my Or pans liea. i. ,
frade-inak, Golden Toltnwc, and all mv - J2
noa haw tc won! FX • O uuderni f
and also have my nanict^Y£?l* ! 3taod h I-*
■ience, DANIKJ. F. ItKATTTTwiiirtitiiiim, n
J., witbmrt which iioue is peuuiuu.
Add res,
Washington, X. J., U. S. .
set spiral studs, collar i r
vAklwriia. aafl set U' Fiui-dan di'.
pin. jlVjiDtfw nrliciMiaeht, poM-paH, f
ro C'Tf* have fetai retailed for #ft. 1M?;\
'^i' l i&r c ' t iU Jiunt lte wild. Solid Mjf! -t?
Gold "Watches, Mo each. forsjwealative par
panes, pti mat's, qu;d in appearance • ,
a, IcjulKottuifin pold. "flit tf
houcfty, fair dealing and liberality is v.
tnjitaled hv any Advertiser In this eft**.'*—
Y. i)n}i nook, Dec io, is:a „
F. RTOCXMAV "7 llOShsT. New V.,i
Vital Weak aw* <y IVproadyn, a weak <
hau ted fcelltt?. no etiercy <n t.m
result of Mental' vto-w.)i K, IpdisipeUo.i <•>-
E*. or some drain upon the sysiehv I?
aiwaynetuod by
HTiiiiiroy's Bopiatiic M No,
1 It tones up and invigorates th<V nvstftan,
dispels Uiy ido-au and iinpar *
strength and enerpv —stops the drain and
feJiwopaUw the entire man. Been iwd
twenty years d'ith perfect sneee*.* iv tbom
ejeybli or J*J per package of five rV> <
; and #1) via! of powder. S<nt by mail tn
r-Ksejpt ot price. Address IlitmphrtPe s
[ Homwpathie Me, Heine Company. A<£i Broad
w;iy, ,\ei|f York. 51x1.1 ly. .
JDIIcKCTpRi IffTi. Tlie secmd
vM*nwje4,! this valuable and iii<listH-MHin,
vrork-hiia jaet been lasuod by the PnblD.
er. Messrs. Waircr Ifeairh * Co.. of y ?*•„ k
I Itoc, York, So pains or enetiw
Imis Wn spared In lite pro, i net km of the
volume, to nutke it complete on "
wliable. In typoeruihicttl appeuTanrei?H
liinßfng. et-i-tainly It fc< it llae specimen
bookuuikiux. 11 contains ovet one *-
v&Tptfam more matter than the im t yeav*.-
rcdutnc.-which has added huwjv to tS:>
cost or tlie nnvditefion of the woA. and
compel Id |he Fuhltehem to home, hereafter
eulv tlie full cloth boo rid edit km ct Ots
imniiT per onpy. nj>on the recolpt of which
RUiii the.v. will forward the work to any u<'
lit rlie t iiUed states or Canada, br
malt, pillage prepaid.
' " * " " " " ' """ " ■*
George Fehl,
Ail kinds of Wagons made ttf
Order. .. '' 'J f i
I 1: . i _
W V\'c will give energetic!
.I.IILW, mvu and women
Business that will Pay
from to per day, Can be pursued fit
yrtur own neighborhood, and la strictly hon
orable. Particulars free, or sampler, worth
several dollars that w ill enable von to go to
work at onee, will be scut ou receipt of lifty
ft Addrets LATHAM ft C(b,
Rnjc 2.14. 41D Washington Sr.. Boston. Mas?
QAflPftfttVQ' T he "uly combination ofthe
OflltiUllli Ujirtie Jamaica Ginger with
dtofre. A roniat lesa ud French
i •. ; Brandy. fct a delicious, harm
dons. :usd strengthening s:.
TA M AlilA *Utute for all kinds of si in iin
JlliilfliUli ftants. It promptly relieves
k*' Dyspepsia, i oppression after
.l a'.infr. and evfrv aperies <f
rtUTn*T IndlgestitMi, corrects nil dls,
iriftiriiH tiuasuiceSof the start nek ami
i UU,ULU ' Bowels, and cures cramps,-
„ . t'liilis. Fevers, and Malarnw
3t-l Ask for Sun fords GI SGML
KJutixwnedy fo lOl'tiUN, an al
ilhttJWt's of two THBUAT, LfNti,
CHftSTahq NKffBlttXK.
Rlfc Gscat chance to make uiu
kßS If you can't-pet cold
JisßaJtV:: n tsan , net greenback,,
. • , need a person in everv
town to take sulwcripliuhs fjr the ksrges: j
cheapest and bust Illustrated fatnilv publica
tion in the World. Any one can become v
successful agent. The most elegant works
of art given free to sulNcribwx. The price,
jis so kiw that almost every body subscribe*.
Olio agent reports making over" *ir*i in a
week. A lady agent reports taking over Htf
Stibficrlbers in ten days. All who engage
luttke money Mst. You oau devote all your
time to the or only your spare time.
\oit need no, lie away from bo me over iti-rhL
You can do it ns-wqU ** othors.. Full parii.
culars, directions apd terms free.' Kfeckutand
cecpem-ive Outfit free, Ifydu want pmllta'jrt
vvurri spud us your address at onee. It cost*
nothing to try the bnsmettv No one who en
gages fails to make great pay. Address ' The
People's Journal," I'ortland, Maine. 31-iy
Grand Square and Uprig-ht.
Washington, New Jersey. U. S. A.-
■SHM no K£tt. The Tip Tau rarkagn Is tho Urpr.t
"■"Sf* K Sri And lKvAliaBt. REAO Aku
id K MSySEE- IB snoot* Note Caper, 1R
Cn 5} Jt fiivM.m.-*, JVncfl, Pom-hil<ter, (Ink!-
83 r* a eu lvn. Set of Eiogant flow Siuuo
Sleeve r.uttnn*, ficntV IjiKu Ooorje IHamond lln. Am,-
Uivet Stone BlnclnlaW with eohl. Amethyst Stoue Scurf
tin. ■'hi platorfVetliHn* King, Set Kmc bud Eai Brope,
muIWV Flowered an<l silveretl Unt Pin. LudlPii' Fancy Set
Pin tin it Drape, I iold Coll arHoMon, tienls' GolU-plat-
Bil Watch Chain ami Set r>f 4l||BSfc BBBk
Studs. mjf w HJL
fMtirt Lot stntpcst-paulfor SO BQ
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BRIDE) Clinton Plaoo* New York.*
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