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    ®|c journal.
Walter & Deiniaier. Proprietors.;
B. O. DBINISOER. Associate Editor.
Hillhcim. Thursday Jail. 4
C— wm-Z *
Per Annum.
Volume Firty One.
Tins number liegius the fi.'ty lirst
voln ae of \he JOURNAL, according
to the heat information we have on
tht subject. Fifty years ago l):r
O.'ifrr Bcrickter Vas started at AH- ,
ronsburg, ly Adutn and
published by him for fifteen or six-!
trt-eu years. Toe publishers that ,
succix-drd Mr. Geutz 1 were. J hn j
Fiakel. Ludxig K uts, Fred Kurtz,!
Thomas J. Kiate.*, John 11. Miller,!
Fiiil. I>. SUiver and Geo. W. F-'Ote. |
The Iferichter was published as a
.German | taper exclusively for many
years. Under Mr. Kurtz, his too
a urn, Ge< rga and Fred introduced.
English, first a column, then n ore, j
until it Pacini® half and half. This '
system has its advantages, as well
as its disadvantages, which however
we wilbjiot now en urn rata. No
change In this respect is contem
plate I at the present tirna. It would
to impracticable to do so. We are
in no way responsible fortius change,
and will continu® to publish the
JoCUKAT. half English and half
German, jut! as we get it. Ia many
if not in must fa mi ies, where it pays >
it* weekly visits, tiie older members j
read the German part and the young
folks Uie English.
Ilegarding our prospects c v\ill ]
say that we tei I encouraged. When |
we toot oJrg3 of the I>\ •• in
May hist, we did so with a tu'l de
termination to succeed. Klowing
that •he r e were many olstacles and
. diOloulties i:i the way. we made up t
oc" mind not to iie discouraged by \
anything short of alisolute impos-i-J
bilities. The field of labor was new
to us -everyibing to be learned, and
.yet it affords ns no small degree of
satisfaction to look at the results
already achieve d. We have increas
ed our ciiculalion very materially
no* to 3a y largely, and our advertis
ing and jobbing business is all that
could 1-J expected, as limes are
With the continued pitrouage of the
public, wo expect to improve the
- Joi'KXAL to the utmost of our
ineaua ami ability.
The Prospect.
The political atm rspherc U b. ight
rr.liuf. The conviction in settling i
itself in the. public uiiod t'.iat Ttiden
v* elected and that no amount of
fraud or false count Lig must lie per
mitted to cheat tiie twople out of i
their rightful choice. The report of
th® congressional committee will
show up the Louisiana conspirators j
in their true light. An organized
system of ft and will lie revealt-d on
■the pad. of Kellogg and company
that will araazi th® wholj country.!
In Florida the Supreme Court has
ordered are count of tiie vote, and
the B ard, unlike that of Sjuth Car
olina, dare not resist its madate. !
"Just now it the appearance as if t
the whole bottom of the Grant, j
Chandler, Cameron conspiracy would j
give way, and Tilden inaugurated
President by in.ivcrß.il consent.
Courage, friends.
The Democratic State Com
mittee held a meeting at llarrisburg,
on tiie 22 id of List month to give ex
pression to the views of the party on
the present political crisis. The
meeting was well attended, the pro
ceedings cabn and dignifiscL Gov.
BigW read an able and exhaustive
report on tiie Louisiana case, which
must convince every candid mind
ttiat Tilden fAirly carried tliat state,
and tiiat the unfamous Returning
B ard deserves tiie condemnation of
all fair minded people. The address
voted to the people of Pennsylvania
breathes the true spirit of patriotism
and loyalty to the" Constitution and
the laws. We ask our readers to
give it a candid and deliberate peril-
To the People f Pennnylvant t: j
We address you in that spirit of >a-!
triotisui which is coinraon to all the
citizens of this Common wealth.
political condition of our country is
fraught with impending peril. The
expression by the people of their in
tention to support those constitu- i
tioual means which will settle the I
issue made on the question of the
Presidency may prevent what other
wise all will deplore. Whatever;
violates either the letter or the spir
it of the Constitution tends to weak
en.and may destroy, our government.!
There is not a question or a measure
relating to the pejice and happiness (
of the whole people exciting contro-'
versy aud pretending discord for
which the Constitution fails to pro
The election of President and
Vice President of the United States
is a high and solemn duty of the !
people of the several States. To at
tempt to evade obedience to the po
pular will by any effort to distort
the meaning of the Constitution or
the interpretation of law to seek to
set up barriers against the face of
this declared will is subststuting re
volutionary exjHidients lor the con
stitutional methods.
Tne Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States nave
by the Constitu,ion the tole and ex
clusive power to settle all questions
which relate to the validity of the
electoral votes of the several States.
In one event the Constitution gi\*-s
the House of ltepresei tatives the
power to elect a President.
We therefore earnestly invoke from
you every effort cognizihlo hy law in
the execution and Blip)tort *' l(i
constitutional nietlmds by which is
to he determine*! who are the lawful
ly elected President and Vico Presi
dent of the United States.
We invite those who feel the pre
sent danger to aid in all lawful j
means wnieh may induce the Sena
tors and ltepreseutalives of the
States ami people in Congress as
sembled to obey the plain intent and
meaning of the Constitution aiul I
laws, and not in d. times thereof at
tempt to place in the liigh otti ses ot
th government in MI whose title is
tainted with fraud. As free citizens 1
of this Common wealth we suggest l
that you conshlr these measures ;
w.iieo such a contingency may in- .
vite or coimnaiid.
We believe a large number of om
cltijc MIS who are too patriotic to be j
hound hy the designs of the man-j
agcrs of the present aduvnistration
of the general governiii ait are piv- i
pared ojienly to condemn the oisjm
sitioa tuey manifest to plunge the ,
country into a sea of dangers,
lather than return to the people the i
trust committed to tin an for a s;eei- j
lied period of a President! d term.
Il the people Will with courage? (
and calmness, in tail faitn i.i t ten i
s as tae source of all po
ll.ival pinver. ill tke thesa de.d.ira- I
ti*us, t.ien tlieir servants may listen 1
and OK v.
lkdibvitig that these opinions are j
eiiHi'taiuol by all Inmost and patri* |
o! ic cittz M .s, we declare that SunuM j
J. T.ldeu and T nm is A. ileudricks
were, on tue scveutu day of Novem
lier last, elected President and \ ice j
Pre ideiit of the Cuibsl States.J
Self-gratnlation tins no tliis
our soieiim statement of tiie fact
u.Min wnieh we intend to rest our
future conduct. -
And secondly, that we call upon
the ineuiliers of totn 11 eisas of Con
gress to adopt such lawtul means as
may lead to the olhcial declaration
of tne fact that Mr. Tilden and Mr.
Ileudricks have la-en elected, and
we urge them to resist with all their
power the piojnsal to settle the as
certainment of a fact already ac
complished, bv a reference of it to
any other tribunal than that already
appointed to decide it by tlie Cou
stitution of the United states.
Prepare for the tax collector.
Fresh oysters at Bollinger's.
John 11. Musser is recovering
Hon. L. A. Mackey has our
thanks for public documents.
Five weddings in one day. Who
says times are hard ?
Our neighbor, Wm. S. Ilaiter,
is contined to a bed of sickness.
Reading has a population of
40.1U9 ; Mlllheira has a few less.
There are six Molly in
the Pottsville prison sentenced to be
J. C. ILtrper," *E,u.. of Bj.le
fonle, smiled iu upon us for a few
moments, yesterday.
Win. F. Smith was in town on
Saturday for the lirst time after a
protracted ilhies3 by typhoid fever.
We are still willing to tako a
limited quantity of wood on sub
scription. Bring it along—a half
cord pays for a year, a cord for two
There is a revival in progress in
the Evangelical G.iurc'i at place,
tireor six ijenueuts presenting them
selves at the altar of prayer every ev
ening. Rev. M. J- Carotliors, P. iv.
is on dot j*.
M u. JACOB SUULTJI, near lte
bersburg, killed four hogs that
weighed loSi pounds, an average to
I each Img .f 42JV pounds. We sup
pose Jacob don't complain of liaid
times, at least lie should not.
LARGS IIOG. Mr. Jacob Kcrs
tetter killed a hog the other week,
weighing odd pouues. Tuis is the
largest porker we heard of this sea
son, and tiie returns are about all in.
Go head, Jake, trap the whole class
at once.
And now we are very much fa
voied as far as inaaic is concerned.
The Milliieiiu Gornet Baud has its
headquarter right under us. To bo
a little more specific, tlie Baud occu
pies the lirst floor ol Musser's Build
ing and the JOURNAL oilioe the sec
The report ot tne,
for a road from the toll gate at Aa
rousburg, to intersect tiie road from
MillheiO) to Unburn Station, was
set aside for iuiformalitv. The Aa
ronsburgers don't propose to light it
out on that line. They will take a
new departure.
On Sunday the sheriff of Clearfield
county arrested two men, John C*nd
and Frank Gray, in our valley. The
sheriff caugh l Gray at Spring Mills
and Cool at Daniel E. Cental's at
l'enn's Creek. They are charged
with having fired a lumber yard in
Clearfield Co., and robbing the ex
press otlice at Tyrone, and are re
puted as bold and desperate crimi
< ♦><
Joints Mns-les, stiff and
painful with rheumatism and gout,
are promptly relieved by Gienn'a
Sulphur Soap. Local diseases ot
the skiu and defects of the complex
ion are also remedied by this stan
dard article. Depot Crittenton's
No. 1 Sixth Avenue, New York.
Hill's Hair & Whisker Dye, black or
Lrown, 50 eta.
Ruhl, near Rebersburg, has an orch
ard of less than six acres, the pro
ducts whereof were. 8(H) bushels of
fine winter apples, 00 barrels of ci
der, and enough apples gone to
waste to have made 1" or 20
barrels more. Mr. Ruhl has some
of the llnest apples in this section,
and it makes our month water for
some of them as we wiite this.
Among the admirable propre
ties of Glenn's Sulphur Smp it that
of cleansing the head of dandruff and
preventing Its suiweque nt accumula
tion, by opening the pores of the
scalp and thus Re-ping it healthfully
moist. Depot Celt teuton's No. 7
Sixth Avenue, N. V. Hill's llair &
Whisker D>e, black or brown, 50
cents. 4 w.
< ■" ■ "
Yesterday was uncommonly
lively in M lllieim* We commenced
counting sleighs and sleds in the
morning tnit wore soon coiupellsl to
quit as the j>b wis to pr&lijha*.
Wlyi •very body "and tlie lest of j
m itiklud" was in town, on busiioss
or pleasure. Who dire say that
Miiltteiin is nt a big pi mu or that
it has not a tirst class paper ? Let
the wretch step up and try, our
I).*vil will knock liiui out of sight in
less than no time •
Cil n IST it AS came and passed
pleasantly, but rather qoietlv, in
Millheitu. Tiiere were no festivals,
no parties nor public d on mstrnttoos
of any kind, and yet on- people ctj
joyed themselves very well in aqui*t
s >cial wav. The town was full of
people Irom the surrounding coun
try, and we are happy to record the
almost entiie absence of drunken
ness and rowdyism. Home eiijny->
mauls are slowly growing into favoi.
The beautiful—we are almost dis
posed to say pious custom of prepar
ing the historical ChristnwQ IVce for
the little folks, is becoming" more
general every vear. This is a good
indication. The family circle is, af
ter all. the real place for enjoyment,
and parents should strive to make
it the happiest pi ice on earth for
their children .and themselves.
On Tuesday constable Carey
and Mr. A. A. Frank had quite a
chase in arresting .% certain Win. 11.
Kiusel, a young man of about 18
yeais, living with his parents some
where in the "Loop." They trucked
young Ktusei from Potter's Ilank to
his father's, about two uiiles. En
tering the house they demanded to
know whether William was there,
but were told by his mother that he
had not been home for several weeks.
At this momeut however the young
man mede his exit from the house
and was off. Aland Dan followed,
chasing Bill over fences and through
snow driits. He made a detour and
entered the hou.->e again, where lie
was found secreted iu t'.ie chimney.
Kiuscl's sins are getting goods
from several of our merchants on
forged orders. He now has leisure
in Fort Muusoa to reflect and re
THE HAIL ROAD, ah yes ! the
rail road— and when is it couung '( \
THere's the lub. The question re
verberates along Prims Creek, j
sti ik-s tiie rocky cliffs of Beaver
Mountain and Paddy's Mountain j
and the echo answers ; "When ?"
What's the matter, anyhowTt Tne
bonds are paid, or secured to be
paid ; the rails are stacked at Lau
relton by the hundred tons ; ties
are plenty and labor abundant! and
cheap, and— Presi fenf Milltr ts out of
the way. N iv, what's to hinder a
sjieedy completion of the load ?
When slvili tle oft-disappointed
liope of the peon In of Peons Valley
be realiz \t '{ When will those in au
thority—at whoso mercy we are—
say "Enough, we are coming !"
We had hoped and were encour
aged to s.iy so t'r .u tuany sour
ces—official and otherwise—that
trams woald run to Coburn .Sia
tioii by the holidays, or soon utter,
and now it is said that September
next may not bring the trains to
Pciins Valley. There must tie bung
ling souiewitere, it c.n uot be other
wise ; and if we just knew to a cer
tainty where the fault rests, we
would go for soiacb hly heavily—so
we would.
Well, there is some consolation in
the reflection that teamsters should
have something to do these hard
times and that horses should not be
entirely idle. Patience, friends,
some of us may yet live, by the will
of Providence, to see a locomotive
in Pen us Valley.
On the 28th ultimo, at the Ev
Parsonage, Mtllheiin. by lie*/. J. M.
Price, Mr Hubert F. Von ad a ami
Miss Sue E. Mutz, both of Wood
At the same time and place, by
the same, Mr. Phllio Frank of Re
nersburg and Miss Ka e ilaaght, of
On the same day, at the house
of A. O Demi rigor, by the same.
Mr. Thomas O. Keen, of Penn twp.
and Miss Lucinda Scholl of Miles.
On the 28th ultimo, at Centre
Hall, by Rev. M. Sloat, Mr. Harri
sou Sipe of York county, and Miss.
Anna Zetile of Centre Co.
On the 28th ultimo, at Centre
llall, by Rev. W. E. Fisher, Mr.
J; mjs Stall of Earleytown and Miss
Yary A. Stove" of the same place.
On t!io 29th, ultimo, in Potter
township, Surah Catherine, daughter
of Samuel lloyer, aged 28 veins and
29 th.ya.
Ttov. (;. W. Rouse will preach
in the M. K. Church, MiUhuiin, uext
Sunday evening.
Lodjo and Saoiaty Direotor".
Millheitn Cornnt lktnd will
mept. on the Hist floor of the Journal
oiilee I mild in? on Monday and
Tlttusday evening.
Providence Gran at* No. 217 P. of
il„ nieetH in Alexander'* Idoek on
the 2nd Saturday .f each month t
ti j I*. M. and on Lite fourth Saturday
ot eauli mouth at 1) P. M.
The Irving Literal.v Society meets
in ihe Town llail, every Friday ev
The Millheini 11. vt L. Asaoci.trtcn
meets in Town Hall, on the evening
of tltesecond Monday,of each iqonth
Millhenn Council, No. 3itf, O.
y. A, M. meets on Ist nud 3rd
unl iyfl of eacli month, at 7 o'cloU,
p. M., in their Lodge Itooins, Will's
MailJiu g.
1 have Utit enj iyut| go id hC.ilth fIMKNTtI
years pas', yei have not atiuwej it to inter
fere wif.'i in.v 1 iKr. Frerv one tMbmchei t*
the lab II lug class knows Hie i.icon veulenco
ol being obdged to l.itsir whet) the body,
litui debidty alino..t refuses t*> issrlorm Its
daily task. I nevei was a ticliever in do*i ig
wit a medbdncs: but litvkiu: heard the VS'.K
TINK *;• -ki'ii of s nigiilv. was deteraiioed
tr> it. and shall nevr regret that determl
llMU in. As at ut" (whieh every o-ie need*
at s m.e Uiuc) it snroa-Ms anything 1 ever
he*, d of. II invigorates tie >.hiiie *y*U:iii;
J' is a great denser and put i ler >f Hie b'.ood.
There are many of my acquaintances who
hase taken tl, alio all unite in praise of its
satisfactory edect.
i;s|*-.-la!ly among t're aged class of people,
it imparts in tiieiu the one tiling most need
ful in old age— nights of calm, sweet repose,
llterebv strengthening the miml a* well as
the Nwlv. Hue aged l:uiy. who hs been suf
fei log tiirougii life from Scrof-il*. and was
ligcimie Wind fro II Its effect*, having tiled
many remedies with no favorable rosu't,
w i in !Toed by ft leupa to try t'i V ROETINE.
After taking a lew iuittles, site obtained nj'i'f that she expressed a wish
for iter sight, lA:' she might be able to look
upon the man who sent her u>'U a blaasing.
Yours respectfulir,
O. P. H. HOUGH. Poil.-eOfficer, btation 6,
Ikwton. M;vss„ May V, 1871.
ST. PxiTL, Aug., 22. 1864.
11. K. STKvr?i. hM}:
I Kir—l i>hoiul be wanting In gratitude.
If I failed to acknowledge what the VEOK
TINE il.tnc fur me. I was aI lacked
eleven months since with Bronchi! is. which
settled Into Consumption. 1 bad night
sweats and fever OUIIIH; was distressed Tor
breath ami frequently soil blood; was all
ont.iN itvd, very weak, a id so low that my
friends thought my case hopeless.
1 was advised to make a trial of the VROB
TIN®, whl -h, under the providence of God,
he* cured ae. i e mi\ d#ss tle use of
your■medicine to others* as he has to ine,
and that, ids divine grac J mxy attend you,
is the heartfelt oraverof vtmr admiring. hum
bit 4 servant. HaNJAMIN FETTISGI IX.
P. B. dine is but one among the many
cures your medicine has allected in this
place. It. T.
sorm BOSTON, Feb. 9,1871.
DrttrMr-i have iward from very manv
sources of the great succes of NEOBTINB In
cases of Serofua. Rheumatism. Kidiu-v
Complaint, Catarrh, and other jliscases of
kindred nature. I m ike no hesitation tu
saying that I know VEOETINK to be the
most reliable remedy for Catarrh and Gen
eral Debility.
My wile iias been troubled with Catarrh
for many years, and at times very badly.
She lias thoroughly tried every u':osed
remedy that we could hear- of and with all
th:s she has for several years been gr.ulu.ih
1v gr iwiit)* worse, and the discharge from
the ut.i-1 was excessive and very o&easiv*.
She was lit tuis condition when she coin
fncti ;ed TTAKE VKUHTIXK: I Coiiht see that
uh.r was inuirovlng n.i the second bottle, she
continued hiking Ue V'E< KTINK until SHE
had U K-d from twelve to tittecu bottle.*, 1
am now happy in i iformiug you and the pub
lie (if you eu >os'* to make it pontic) thatsho
is en*ireiy cure I. and VKSEfIUE accqju
pl shed the care ..Iter nothing else wouli.
ticuei l leel Jastldcd in siving that VEGS
TINK is t)M m si rcUabto remedy, UN
woabl advise all su.fering liuma iity to try
It, tor J liedeve it to be agon i, h, voge
tabic i.icdt.-tu and i shall nm hssii.ite to
reoo men I it.
l am.&c., respectfully, !_ ('. CARDEIts
stoic til Broadway.
VEGKTINK arts directly :iiHn the cause*
f theiu complaints. It Invigorates and
.strengthens urn whole system, ae.s Ui*. the
secretive orga is, allays fnltamatl n,MIIM
and cures ulceration, cures constipation, and
regulator the Dowels.
Has Entirely Curod M?.
BOSTON, October, IS7I,
lie tr sir— .My daughter after having a se
von Attack ol Whooping e mail. w .s left in a
f>?ale sta.e f health. Being advised ly a
ft lend, sue tried tha VEdririNH, and after
uungaiew was fully retlurM to
i I a ivb"eu a great suTorur from It'ieu
m itLs.u. I hive taken seversil liott.cs o; tic
V eailiflN K for tnis li lt, a id am hap
py to viy it. Ii i* entirely c-.i ed til I have
rec Jiiini 'ude t th* Vehliil'lS.. to others
wi II sue same g >I rftsud . It is a great
c. en user and purl ler of tuc iI< • I; it is pleas
ant to UiXu; and I can cheerfully recom
mend it.
J AXIEd MORHK, ;VM Atiior.s Street.
Vd^stia^isS>lib/All 0.-ugrrists
. and Dealers Every when*.
a- r VNOY C tUDS 11 styles wi h na.ue 18
- > sts. Fist p.UD, J. a. ilusrca, NASU.
it-ns, Co , N. V.
L>r. •. W. UI£.4.W*N'M
an: prtyered expressly to curs BlT'k lled
--.iciu*, NerT iuv lleud;vclie, livspvplie Ilend
u;h', Neuralgia, SerToususss. Sleeplessness.
and will cure any case. IVlce V) cents, pos
free. Sold by all druggists in country
sioi 's. OlVtcc, l'ti North Lutaw Mieet,
Baltimore, w<i—KKFitusNcit: G. J. LEsrFK,
Ca^.iei\Howard Band, Hailiuiorv, >ld.
5000ASFV sr'Bg'iv'si
Written by hlstathur. A complete account
ofthism r Mr*ter<nis \ -rlon and Ex
citing .Tca.m. Worn Fae Simile la;iiers all
litusirations. Outsells all otlior ii mks. One
agent to.ik ,'K) orders in one day. i'erius li>- Also Agents wantedo.i our Magniil
cent Family Biolcs. vVitu invaluable lilus
trated Ai is and Superb Itui lings. JOHN K.
rorTBU * Co.. Pubiislicrs, I'.iiladeipiiia.
D it. D. 11. MING LB,
Offers his professional services te the put
11c. Answers calls at all Lours
Billheia, PewTii
Tenders his services to the public.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Charges
supersedes all outers in price and duraldlity.
to any address for 45.—A business as
sistant wanted inthUand adjaeentcouutles.
Circulars free. 0. D. KAW SON & CO., 921
Arcb St., PLUa.
Kr\ r\nf\ SCBSCUIBBIU for 1877. I
01/AJI/W Everybody is Reulug )
--ly Illustrated, ably edited K.unllv Magazine
at only ti %ye or. Specimens fSct*. HUKXT
TRHMRT TO otnns. JOLLM M. I'O RTKU& 00..
Tubs., Philadelphia
H. 8. & A P. LAOEY, Atto noyr
529 Seventh Street, Wanhinijton, D. C.
We procure patent* in nit oo untrte*. No
CROUNBY ran* IN APVANCK. No charge. IN
* lliojpalciit is granted. NU (NH for mak
ing preliminary examinations. No addi
tional fee* for obtalniuu and conducting a
rehearing. Special ATTENTION given to I titer
ference CASES Itefore the I'atent Office, Ex
len-D Ml* IWFOREl'(ingress, litfrniK'itnent Suits
in different STALES, and Munition appertain-
Inu TO Inventions or Patents. KKNI> STAMP
ItiilcU AIMM Courts & Department.
Claims prosecuted In Hie Supreme Court
f the Culled States, Com t of Claims, Court
of Cum mis*!, .intra of AlabaiuaCLUuis, Sontli
ei u Claims Commission, and all classes of
wat cuum* before the Executive Depart*
A rreari F Pay aad Homily.
YiFruKK*. aoi.iMKut, and ttaiLO.ta of the
late war, or their heirs, are ii many case MI tiiay from the Government, of
1 wftlcli tln-y have tin atniwljd *<•. Wrbefull his
tiiry of service, and state amount of pay and
bounty received, enclose stamp, and a lull
reply, alter examination, will be given you
without charge.
All orriitiw, BOLDIAAS and <UIIX>IT*
wounded, ruptured, or iii)uri.d in HIE late
WAR however slightly, are entitled to, and
can obtain a TTENSION.
Fiillea KUIM Urneral Laud oilier
CputesM latad Chutes, Private Land
Claims. Alining, preemption, and Homestead
Coses, PROSW triad before the General Laud
'►CLAR and L>epartmeut of the Interior,
laind Warrant*.
We pay aab for Bou'ttv Land Warrants,
and WC LUVLVC correspondence with all par
ties having any for sale, ami give lull and
exp.lcic iustructhms w ire re ASSIGNMENT* are
IN perfect.
AV> etuiduct our BUSINESS in seperate Bu
reaus. h iving therein the cleric IL assistance
of aoie and exoerieaoed lawyers, and give
our closest pe.-snual su.ii.vlslou to every
Important patter prepared in e it'll ease.
I romp lent attention thu< secured to ail busi
ness eutrusted u*. Address.
U.m.+ A r. LICET, Attorney*.
w A.HIIING r ON, D. c.
Any person desiring informal ion AS to the
■btiidl.ig and respotisinl.lly of the member*
of the Arm will, uu request. be furnished
with a satisfactory refeieuoe in his vicinity
or Congress! N II district.
• •
The Centennial Election Is over and it Is fixed beyond doubt that
tanmel J. i'llden is elected President of tae United States, but the
Great Excitement at lite store of J. KINfeXIIVTH ill MILL
-11EIM still continues. He has just returned troiii tuo host*
ern cities with a largo and well selected"*slock of
Boo<v and whi-hcan not be surpassed in
Point of Guattty and Cheapness ly any store in
the countv. hs 4 'sf" *• J2 50 to
r~r\ nr. KlXEXfll'ril has been
a practical shoemaker for the last
r ; fc yearn and in therefore more
i'T" j competent toinake aseieetiou
f - j than oilier retailers who
. ! have not had the bue- L.J
! fit of hlsexperienee.
Jr. J Anypersou who !
doubts this ; ,
T~!! "ii." 4
0 _ d
. ALSO. !
1 | H-*
{ r ' ! If you nre in wantjof pure DRUGS, MEDICINES,
where you will be accommodated in these several lines
of jjoods at the lowest cash prices. * j
' saiaKYO sXox '
• ~ ■ -rKTKRRrIN'S MAGAZINE has the best original stories of any of the lady's books, the
best Colored. Fashion Plates, the best the In st Steel Engravings, Ac., &. every
rauilly ou rlit to t ike IL ./(v/rei tin iiumu Man my in the icjrld. it will con
tain, next year, In lis twelve numbers-
It will also give Five oiuiiiNAL COPTRTUIIT NOVELETTES, by Mrs. Ann s. Steplnms
! cr. Also, nearly a hundrtti shorter slorict, .VLL oat JINXL, by the best authors of Aiuei ea.
art ahead of all others. These plates are ougravedon steel, TWICE TUB usraL slg*
- •• -
TF.ltno (Alwsjs In AUvnnce) 82.30 A TEAR.
2 Copies for gift) / With a copy of the premium picture (27 x 2f) "CORNWAM.TS'S Ft'
J " •' 4W > RSNDER,*' a jfve dMar ctigrzrinp, to the person gating up th
S Club.
4 Copies for *>.*'• I With an extra copy of the ?.laga/iue for 1877, as a premium, to the !
a " '• B.VO' y person getting ui- the Biub.
A Conies for / Wltn both an extra copy of the Magazine for I*<?7. and ti-.c pre
-7 •' " ii... > mium picture, njiee UXlar engrscina, to the person getting up the
9 u M 13..>) S Car
Address, post paid,
IN Chestnut M., I'hllndelpbfa, F# 4
SORD| eelmess MI gratis, if wutten for.
Ezra E rii m bin*.
{Succefssor to J. O. DEININGER,)
Would most respectfully inform the citizens of Centre eountv, that h*
ItaiconsU.itly on hand nil kinds of 1- URNITUUE, made ot the list i
teriul and in the most approved styles.
nil all tther articles in his line constantly on hand. Trices cheap tosni
♦lie times. The wants of vountr married counlcs especially suited. < 'nine
nd see. SHOPS. MAIN STREET CBXTKK ll a i.l. PA. 21xlv.
H v .
Corner IMlam JSgnd C3-rove Streets,
A full stook ot Druijs Ac Ohomicals ooiißtantly on hand. Alt she
(vdinir alent Ms* loin es-*sinte, Oils and Gats, at lowest prices
1877. NEW YORK. 1877
The different editor* of TUB Br* during
the next year wi I be the sain* a* during the
vear that has Just passed. The dnllyedlflou
will on week day* be a sheet of four pages,
and on Sunday* a sheet of eight Pages, 01 .'Hi
broad columns; while the weekly edition
will le a sheet of eight pages of the name di
mension* and character mat are already fa
lullllar to our friend*.
TUB SI N v\ ill COIII Inue to bo the si tenuous
advocate of reform and retrenchment, and
of the substitution or statesmanship, wis
dom. and Integrity for hollow pretence, lin - I
beclUty, and irauo In Hie administration of
puhllc alTalrs. It wllleoutcud for the gov
cruiueut of the people by the people and for
the pcojilr, as opposed to government by
fraud* in the ballot-box and In thecoiUitltUf
of votes, enforced by military violence. It
will endeavor Pi supply Its readers—a body
now uui far from it million of Mills-with j
the most careful, complete, ani trustworthy
accounts of cut rent events, and will employ
for this purpose a numerous and carefully
selected stall of mentor* and correspon
dents. Its relents from Washington, espec
t tilv, will be full, accurate,and fearless;anil
I. w li ibni'itli-st cjiotliiuc to deserve and u
Joy the hatred of those who thrive by plun
dering tim Treasury or by usiirpltig what
Hie law da*s not gl.e them, while it w ill en
deavor to merit the confidence of the public
ly defending the tight* of Hie iwo pie against
the encroachment* of unjust tfled power.
The price of Hie daily NUN will be bS cent*
A month or #d.Mr a ye N, post paid, or with
the ihinday edition *7.7t> a year.
The SPNUAY edition alone eight jiages,
$1 l?a year po*i paid.
The WTKM.T SON, eiclit page* of M col
umus. will Is* furnished during 1877 at the
rate of at a year, p st paid.
TUB WbKKi.r can le enjoyed by Individ
ual subscriber* without the neeessitv of
loading u i club*. Ai the same time, it any
of our friends choose to aid In extending our
circulation, we shall la* grateful lotheiu. ami
every such p r*on who send* its ten or more
*u'*e"'liber* front one place will be entitled
to one copy of Hie paper for himself without
charge. At one dollar a year, postage paid,
th ex|H'iises of paper and pi luting arc bare
ly repaid ; and considering the of sheet
and the quality of its contents we are confi
dent the people will consider TUB WI'FKI.T
Kn* the cue I pest neu*p.i|>or published In
the world, and we trust also one of Lie very
best. , „
Address, THE SUN, NEW York City, N. Y.
Came to the premise* of the
iVAara&l subscriber on or about the
•Pri* 23 of Oft. last two stray
■r T i HI heifer*— me of a d irk red
color with a little while at
the tip of the till; tlie- other Is also dark red
with a little white at the belly and back.
Each about av ir and a half old. Ihe own
er i* requested to prove property, pay costs
and take tbem away or they wl.l be sold as
the law direct*. . „ ..
J. ft. Kur.AMJK.
Miles township, Dec. 11. 1870.
baa for MIO Cbo celeb™ud
)nlirhe<l hjr CJUDLIt A BROTHER,' V( TW, Tirr?. ■
are r.nrrjitahd br
*nything of the kind out,
Hurdied* of them are sold arrr
nlly bv Ministers of the flospeland other*,
tte were so highly pleased with the fan fir* rtvt
OS. that we ordered a large let at n<rr • r rd IT ADEENPRGE.
meats with tl • rid lift' r <Ol tie nrl tof rxHrrive f ale in Trnr,.
Gregg. P tter. ITaires and Mils* townships. iff fretfully it rite JfJn
ister* and yjuug couj>l sto cenie ai d tee. For sale sil gjy or ley the done*
Any hook wanted can te had a!
Stationery, Books, Toys.
This ohl and well known rtablit>li-j
merit is the regulardepository of the
American Sunday Scliool Union and
American Tract society and will sell
exactly at their
He would say to those who favor
him with their patronage, that lie
will sell at such pi ices and upon such
terms as to make it an object for all
persons, teachers and Sunday Schools
to purchase at his store.
not on hand when inquired for will
be obtained on short notice, as an
order is sent every Saturday.
Brockernoff Row.
~ r nua crmr'ERST~
Adopted bv all the queens of fashion- Send ,
fur circular. R. IVINS, No. 2903 North Fifth 1
St., Philadelphia. I'a.
Cabinet Maker
AH kinds of Furniture on hand or
promptly made to order. Coffins a
speciality, laiwest cash pric s. Sat
isfaction g-aranteed. 43X3M1.
8200,0001N GOLD!
Workfor the Times!
Published for :ti years, bus a National char
acter and influence, wtih natrons in every
State and Ten it.try in llie Union, and of ail
shades and politics. It* new department.
In the Smtt i and Far W>*f. will beiuvaiubl*
to ail looktug out for New PLACES OF J.ESI
Frvry Patron qf the TYo.e* is presented,
freesf chaice, with an Illustrated tear.
Book of valuable inforniatiou, lor lk. .", alcne
worth the pi ice of ilie p:i|u-r.
Kiiterpi ising men wanted everywhere, to
solicit suhsci loots. and secure our (>od ai d
other Valuable Premiums. A sample copy (
of our lhustiated List of I'remt-1
mns to IK- given to Agnus, and other docu
ments, will I e sect fiee on application to t
152 U' Third St.. C>nc(nuat(. O,
V 1! J > FK'T PwWtlt
I /Txl2>l SAWS. LATHI S. ETC.,
"(1 difTerent machines
ra to the wants
fck Pa of mechanics and :iina
I VM tears. MEN, BI TS and
I WL' '.-AIF LADIES are making fiom
\ ■■■* in m *lO per da\ using
Ihctn. The old sole thrown aside when
t hose arc know n. Say where you read this,
and send for 48 pas" catalogue 1-I<EE. W
F. & J. BARNES, Eockford, Winnebago Co.. j
Illinois. 45xly.
Late Immense Discoveries bv NTANLFY'
and others ate just added to the only com
Life and Lnbcrs •" Livingstone.
"his veteran explorer -anks among the
most heroic ti -tires of the century, and this
hook Is one of llie most attract he, fascinat
ing. richly illustrated and instruct iv vol
tunes cicr Issued* BHup th? only euiti t* And
authentic life, the uilllloiis are eager for it.
and wide-* wane agents are wanbHl ouioklv.
An proof and terms address HI RBARD
BROS., Publishers. 733 Sansom St., Phila. lift
I would respectfully cull your at
tention to the celebrated
Keystone Ean lYaeChains.
These chains have been thoroughly
tested by farmers and teamsters in
this lieighnoihood, and are pro
nounced bv all who have used them
as far superior to KHV other chains j
made. Having secured the sole agen-i
cv for Centre county for the sale of
these chains, I am prepared to fur
nish on short notice anything in the
line of CHAINS, from the heaviest
stump machine chain down to the
smallest chin chain, all hand mode,
of the refined iron, and war
ranted for one year.
Call on or address
A. O. Deininger.
• Millheim, Dec. 14. 1876.
■ '*W i {ll vj :
733 Siisju St, PHILADELPHIA,
Who an oxtr autheiixed aims, nl wUt
vceetre ADVERTISER cat* mX #aar
J. F. (bamtm,
POST OflicK Buildirg, Millheim.Fa.
Keeps a full line of Clothing Hos
iery, and Gents' Furnish)! g Gocda
always on hand* rr.d sills at the wfe
lowest living prices for ca ah. 17 ly
li sells faster than any other book, tlwo
Agent sold *4 copies iu one day. Thin is the ____
only authentic and complete" history patv
lisbed. Send for our extra terms to Ageute.
THE che\rf>T AN pjn EST PLACI
• ill
ilo Clinton or Ontrr~ceunt!ea la |t — 1 —
J". IKI L _A. IE- 7 S,
where a large and nleesfotk for Fprieg ard
Rummer has just ariivsd. Cesnureetbeai
4My. PA.
- ■>*
Awarded flic lliffcrsi iirdil at Ti< BE a
i F. CO.
59f Lrcadtrey, J\ <u? I \rk.
(Opp. Metropolitan Hotel.)
YZnnafactKrera, tncparttrs A Z>
lern Ist
Enirarais. Chrcmcs and Frsmcj.
Nit.kl (fctopf 8 & Vli MS,
Albums, riictoprarit,
Aadkiuditd goods- Cctebritlcs, Actieuaa,
Wc are Headquarter* for everythinß in tha
way of
' Each style beir.c the beet cf its class In Hn
1 market.
l '
Catalogue of Lanterrs and Slides, with ill
( recticns for using, sent on application.
Au> enterprising can make bMT
with a Magic Lamei n.
•a-Visitors to the Centennial Expos!! la a
a iii do wisely to defer purchasing g ods ia
our line until thev cine to . ur sto. e in New
York, where they will find greater variety
and more moderate orices, and can aeiecl
mofe at tlieir leisure. But we have a con
cession to sell some styles of our got dstuthia
building of the Department of Pub ie t'oro
fort, and those not coming to New York art
invit d to call on our representation thera
A full stock of Views ol the ExpMi.
lion Buildings and thrir contents.
< out this ad. for refrrecee"W*
IV 4\TF,IA Wa * i:i RIY onorgati*
it .1;11£D ( men and wemea
- Business that will Par
from >4 to B8 per day, ean be pursued la
tour own neight o. lu od. and is strictiy hon
orable. FarticulHrs free, or samples worth
revet al dollat s U at w ill enable you to go to
work at once, will be sent on receipt of tfty
Address _ _ LATHAM * CO.,
f Fox a.l*A 419 YFaahlnceee ft.. Beetea, tfaiM.