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fiar*4ay Marnier Ipri! 14. KT6.
The Inquirer of la-: week announces
the adoption of the Fifteenth Amend
ment, wi'h the statement that the
DcKHxrats tia %e practically abandoned
their opposition to that hiiqalioos
mcu.-ure and are now paying court to
the n-/gr". It declares that theDramc
racy '"are on the track of the colored
voters with aii their hollow arguments
an I vi j fcej machinations in the hope
of them into the support of
their tickets."'
We are gratified to know that the
Inquirer has plucked up courage to in
form its readers that the Fifteenth A
nwndooent he-- become "a part of the
Constitution,''and thai the citizenship :•
of the colored man iia.- been officially
pr claimed." The disbelieving Radi
cals of Bedford county w ill hardly con
flnnetodisputea fact acknowledged by
t : oir own organ. They will now be j
compelled to confer.- that their party
hare ft/reel NEGRO SUFFRAGE up
'>-t *ht country without giving the people
on opportunity to rote u/ton the question,
and that they have been deliberately
and audaciously cheated by their lead- (
'-- alio pledged themselves in { b' jr
I hi: form, in the press and from the!
stump, that the question of suffrage
*hoyld remain under the control of the ;
people of the States.
Bat the Inquirer d./es not speak by
the book when it states that the Dem
ocrats are courting the negro vote. Its
object in making this false assertion is
quite transparent. It thinks to make
Democrats as odious and contemptible
in the sight of di cent white men as
I hose of its own party who have en
franchised the black man in order to !
obtain his vo e. The Democratic par
ty presents its principles before the •
whole world, autl those who accept
th'-m it will in no wise east out. But
it dues not run after any particular
cla -s of [ (r-ons, much less does it pro
pose to proselyte Airiea, for that would
be poaching on the manor of the Radi
cal-. The African vote, of course, 6c
long* to the so-called Republican par
ty. The leaders of that oiganizatiou
have bougtit it and paid for it, and it j
is, therefore, their property. The
slaveholder's claim to the service of;
the black man was canceled by the
war, but the right of the Radical poli
tician to his vote has just accrued. -
The Negro is henceforward to he a po
litical slave, the bond man of the unscru
pulous demagogues who have purchas
ed him with a fraud and who mean to j
perpetuate their ownership by false
hood. The servitude from which he
has been emancipated, was that of the
body ; the service which the Radical j
politicians claim from him, enslaves
his soul. The Democrats do not choose
to meddle with the projaerty of their ,
opponents. They say to the "colored j
voters," Servants, obey your masters!
But. the Democratic apjx-al is to the
White Men who have hitherto acted
with the Radica's. Their leaders have i
deceived and betrayed them. They !
owe no longer any fealty loa party whose !
controlling spirits make light of thc-ir !
pledges to the people and who esteem
themselves no better than negroes.—
They cannot be faithful to their own
promises, made a hundred times over
to their friends and neighbors, if they
follow the false guides of their party
in this African experiment. Their
place, in future, is with the party
which would preserve the ballot from i
degradation and which aims to restore
to the States and the people the right .
of self-government bas?ly surrendered
by the Fifteenth Amendment. No
matter as to names. "What's in ai
name? A rose by any other name j
would smell as -weet." All who are a- ;
greed that THE PEOPLE must recov
er their lost rights, can and should act i
together, without regard to former j>o '
litieal affiliations. White Republi- i
cane, what answer?
IF any "colored voter" should cast j
his ballot for the Democratic cundi- j
dates it w ill riot be because Democrats j
have purchased him by supporting the !
Fifteenth Amendment fraud, but for
the reason that the Democratic party
irisisis that the working-man shall not
pay an exorbitant tax in the shape
of a high tariff <>n the iron and
-teel of which his plough, his axe,
his hoe, hi- hummer aid his working |
tools generally are made, on the -all
which seasons his food, on the cottons
and woollens clothe his body, and j
on the fuel which keep* his family j
from freezing in winter.
OOF RAGE, friends of the Right! AJ
party strong enough to win a victory!
in the Yankee State of Connecticut, in ;
spite of the power of the Federal Ad
ministration, is destined yet to rule
tliis country. There is life in the old
land yet!
Connecticut, the Find of steady hab
its. pronounces for the Democracy and
against the humbug administration of
Firctßespoi® lo Grant's Message.
ruF.ST AL. so AJur..M*i:xr.
Thfj Preflaio in Eiivor of a WfalM
Connecticut answers the grandilo
quent electioneering proclamation of
President Grant announcing the so
called adoption of the Fifteenth A
mendment, with a splendid democrat
ic victory. lion. Jaaies E. English is
elected Governor by upwards of eight
hundred majority, iind the entire dem
ocratic istate ticket is carried by about
the -ame vote. Not withstanding the
fact that the oid ro ten-borough sys
tem by which a tow n of two hundred
inhabitants elects as many representa
tives as a city of fifty thousand, stiff
obtains in Connecticut, the legi-iature
Is close. with the chances in favor of a
democratic majority in the Senate.—
The republican journals apologetically
attribute this defeat of their party to
a stress of weather. The storm, they
say, prevented their voters from go
ing to the election. Of course tiie dem
ocrats did not mind tne storm. Hav
ing an abiding faith in the ju-lice of
theircaUse, they turned out, voted and
triumphed, in -qiteof wind and weath
er. But, we apprehend that the Ull
propitious elements winch scatter
ed and destroyed the radical
party in Connecticut, were not of
the air, but a premonitory wind from
the political sky, the precursor of the
coming storm w iiieh w iff sweep out
of existence sham republicanism and
a I its attendant humbugs. It will
not do to make the robin snow which
f II in Connecticut on the 4th inst., an
excuse for this d feat. The usurpa
tion of the jx-eple's rights by the mis
erable oligarchy which rules at Wash
ington, the destruction of the Consti
tution, the degradation of the elective
franchise, the surr.nder of the Federal
Administration to the Money Howes,
the continuance of an oppressive ario
odious -y-tctn of taxation, these are
the very natural causes of the politi
cal storm before which the republican
party must inevitably succumb. The
result in Connecticut is hut the first
faint muttering of the approaching
thunder. Wait a little longer and the
f irked lightnings will flash from theze
u thand the deep diapason of the great
revolution w ill btioiii through the air
from one end of the continent to the
We caff the attention of the Demo
ocnttsof the several election district
of thecfiunty, lo the notice published
by the County Committee, in another
column, appoiutirig an election for del
egates to a County Convention called
for the purpose of revising the rules
governing the party. It is hoped that
every district will send a delegate. No
j matter to what conclusion theC'onven
tion may come in reference to the so
ca!b-d "Crawford County System,"
at present in vogue, it is absolutely
; necessary that something should be
j done to prevent a recurrence of the
' scenes of the last nominating can
-1 vass. It is, therefore, important
' that the wisest and most prudent
men be selected as delegates, men
who have at heart the good of
the party, and who do not represent
merely their own selfish interests or
the schemes of office-seeking politi
cians. Let us have a council of clear
heads and honest hearts, let us have
j deliberate and careful action, and !t
us have justice done to the Democrats
jof each and every district. We make
no doubt that a plan will be adopttd
by the Convention which will lie sat
isfactory to all concerned.
| Congress, asks the Boston Journal , a
j republican journal, hear the demand
I coming up from all parts of the coun
: try for a reduction of taxation and
' a removal of the burdens which
' are prostrating business? The bu-i
--; uess men of the country, without dis
tinction of trade or polities, demand it.
They have carried tiie burden willing-
I ly while it was necessary, and would
do it again if the exigencies of tiie gov
ernment demanded it. N~ sane man
ran believe that the wants of the coun
try justify such an enormous taxation
a- is now imposed. Tiie New York
i Sun, in noticing .SenatorSherman's de
; sign to continue the income tax at a re
| duced rate, says:
"The people w ill object to this, hi -
j cause it is a violation of the public
, faith. When the income tax was o-
I rigii tally levied amid the e.xtremest
I pressure of the war, Congress solemnly
pledged the faith of the government
that it should cense with 1870. That !
: is as binding a promise as that on the j
| face of the government lx d-. It is a j
1 contract with the people, and cannot '
be repudiated witiiout dishonor."
■ ■ 1
THE SO called Republican party is
getting rather mixed, at least in color, i
Who would l>e a member of mongrel
A JEWELL la an Ethiop's ear—the j
Radical camlidate for Governor in
C muecticut pendant from the Fifteenth
j Amendment.
—wp— 1 • a ■ *-•■■ -ri 1 .'.JJII i. .-i-t- I,—i ~-J-X.
asrtiforti 3^3*
GOVERNOR GEARY has signed a
"bill" which never passed either
branch of the legislature. It is a biff in
reference to the city of Philadelphia.—
The Governor, on discovering the
fraud, immediately sent a message to
the legislature asking that the error
should be corrected- But that immac
ulate b dy rtfused to take any action
in regard to the matter.
W tre esters cod Uitck
Brcura Toiers aad bay,
Minnie, miagle, miopia.
T->a itat mingle may '
Which is uot Shakeapearen, but is
the burden of the song of the Mongrel
Party at present.
THE Harri-burg Tetegruph '■ Radical)
denounces the late legislature in un
nieasur'-il terms. It declares that the
"Republican" jartj- cannot carry such
a kntd ami win in the next political
8; NATOK YATES l u-< been quite ill.
His friends told him a!I along that the
kind of whisky he was drinking so
lavishly would ultimately make him
; SPiiAGL'h's FARM, otherwise known
as the State of Rhode Isiantl, lias elec
ted the Radical ticket a- usual.
ROOSTING LOWEK— the Black Man's
Party since the Connecticut election.
THE question now is—Are you White j
or Mongrel'.'
Official iMMtlenee tit.
It is stated ttsat a biff has Ufeu pre
pared for presentation to Congress, a
mongst tite provisions of which is the
"That the President and Cabinet i
ministers shall rtside at the seat of;
Government, and not leave tlie same
for more than two weeks at a time
without the consent of Congress ; that
the departments shall be kept open
froui ba. ui. tili 3p. in., and during
alt this time sliali be accessible to the ;
[jeopte in person or by attorney, who
shall be entitled to courteous treat
ment, and to have their statements
considered; aud that a complaint-book
shall be kept in a conspicous position j
near the door of the apart merit, w itere- i
in any j>erson aggrieved may enter any
matter o! complaint." .
Any one who has hud occasion to \
transact business witli almost any of
tlie departments at Washington,
knows that tlie insoieuce of the heads
of the departments, as well as that of
the subordinates has been almost un
bearable. These officials, both gnat
and small, assume an air of arrogance I
tliat is as disgusting as it is inexvusa- !
ble. Nothing short of being on the
"right side," or having in possession j
indorsements aud recommendations
that d-ie uol be d.sregarded, secures a
citizen anyiniiig like proper respect
at the hands of tirese servants (?; of
the public. It is to be hoped that the
bill referred to w iff become a law, and
that these a .Usts, which have been so
ffagrant as lo be absolutely intolerable, '
be refo: med.
There is another feature of the bill
wliich is to Ije commended. It is that
which requires the President and his
, Cabiuel ministers to obtain leave of
Congress when they desire to absent
themselves irom tneir posLs of duty
for a longer period than two weeks.
Last summer the Government wue lit
erally a traveling establishment. The '
President was here; tlie Vice Presi
dent in California; the Secretary ol
the State there; tlie Secretary of the i
Treasury anywhere but in Washing-'
ton ; the Secretary of the Navy yacht- j
ing it in Guveruuieut vessels, aud the !
balance of tiie heads of departments ;
scattered generally over tiie land. To j
I such an extent was this roaming spir- ;
it c-arried by tiie d.gnitanes tbat at
one time not single Cabinet officer was
j to lie found within a hundred miles of i
the Capital. Tiie ne w>papersof the coun
try, without disliuction of parly, pro
tested against these extraordinary pro ;
ceedings ; but it was like pouring wa
; ter upon a duck's back. The prote-t
--were unheeded, and the Government
wandered where it listed. — Herald.
tcirUffnptive of thr Mf/ttrris* wd Mtser
teS.lke Verms*, I :res, t>)i'eird"is. nod Crime'
of 'he C'ty of Paris.—liy Jame' D. Mr-
Cahe jr. national Publishing Co.. Phila
The eagerness u ith w ich all Amer
icans wlu> can sj>are the time and
means, rush off to Paris every year,
has become ulmost a national charac
teristic. Indeed, this is not to le
wondered at, forall places in the world,
Paris offers the greatest attractions to
the lover of pleasure, and w hat people
love p'easure so well as our own eoun
i trynien? This most interesting of cit
ies displays to the novice its enchant
ments in two aspects so widely diff'cr
! ent, that the author shows u-. Paris in
two different phases—"By Sunlight" j
and "By Gaslight." The quantity of 1
i -eriousand veritable history present
ed by this work, a* connected with tiie
| various objects of interest in Paris, is !
irnm j nse. That >f the Palaces and j
other public buildings is exhaustive
and complete. The reader is madeuc- !
quainted with all the proud triumphal '
monuments of the past and present
eras. He is led through the grand- ;
est galleries of art, and the history and
descriptions of the leading objects >f
sculpture and painting, are laid before j
hint. He is introduce d into the family
of the Emperor, and carrieil througli
ev*ry phase of Parisian sia-ial life.— |
' Re -"s led u|i to the garrets of the piet-
I ty Grlsettes, ami listen- t<> the stories ;
of their loves; an i Is in tfjeac iqtidaiit '
in the secret intrigues of the ladies of
rank. He vi-its the Queens of the ;
i Demimonde in their gorgeous hnu-s-s,
and tsHints thsir lovers t>y their jewels, j
; IfeluxuriatesinthedelicaciesofFrench <
| cooking and Parisian drinks, and;
Htnnkea his Cigarette at niglu ~;i the!
; glitU't ing Boulevard. He has the cur
tain drawn liack and is sin wn the dark j
mysteries, the rogueries, vilianies, !
[ and the frightful crimes of the \Jity.
He is amused, instructed, startled,
thrillel, horrified by turns, and when
he j-ys the book aside, finds it hard to j
U'lieve that lie has not actually seen
Pa' is for himself, and participated, in
; pc. son, in the scenes of which he has j
rra a reading. The Ixiok is illustrateil
wi h ISO splendid engravings, made
in Paris, by the best artists of France,
under the personal sii|iervlinu of tlie
■ author. It is sold only by subscrip
' tion.
In the United States Senate, yester
day, the joint re-o!atiuo directitig in
quiry into the loss of the Oneida by
the collision with the Bombay was
pa->ed. A debate sprang up on a reso
lution of Mr. Cameron to prepare
some appropriate testimonial to the
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts regi
ments which marched through Balti
more in 1-Gi to the defense of the cap
ital. Several Senators advanced the
claims of regiments from their respec
tive States for similar testimonials,
and in the debate Mr. Conk ling re
minded Mr. Cameron of the services of j
the New York troops jn saving Penn
sylvania. Mr. Cameion replied spite
f illy that "the less Mr. Conk ling said
on the subject the better it would be
for his own sake." The subject was
referred to the Military Committee.—
The Senate took up the Georgia bill, j
j and listened t<> speeches from Mr. Sum- |
ner and Mr. Carpenter. The House of
Representative* devoted nearly all the
j session to the paragraph of the Tariff
bill on sugar. The paragraph on liq
ours was also nearly finished.
In the United Slates Senate, yester- !
day, the morning hour was consumed
with the consideration of the Deficien
cy Appropriation bill. Among the i
terns of the bill which were acepted, ;
were those for the sea wall and reve
nue dock at the New Y< rk Battery, i
SIOO,<HR>; and for the New York Post
office and Custom-house, SBOO,OOO, in- i
stead of the SkUXW agreed upon by
tlie Hou-e. The bill us amended was
finally passxl. Mr. Sherman attemp
ted to get u,> the Income Tax bill, but
tailed. In consequence of the funeral
ol General Thomas and the absence of
many Senators, the Georgia bill was
postponed uinil Tuesday next,and the
Senate adjourned. In the House of
Representatives there was a lively
i time over a personal explanation made i
by Fernando Wood, in which he man
aged to introduce a series of damaging
charges against the Fecksuiffiuri Gener
al, (j. O. Howard. In substance, be j
charged that Howard, as Chief of
tlie Freed men's Bureau, swindled the
government out of a large amount of
money arid discharged the duties of j
his office with negligence and extrava- '
| ganee. Mr. Wood's accusations produ- I
ced w rath and consternation among the i
Radicals anil a sharp passage between j
him and Ben Butler, but the House
I was obliged to consent to a motion to
refer the matter to the Committee on
Education and Labor for investigation. ;
1 here is at la-t some ho|e that the !
truecharacter of Genera! Howard will
be exposed. Tlie House went into i
I Committee ou the Tariff, and the para- I
graph on cigars was considered.
WASHINGTON, April 8, 1870.
In tlie United .Stales Senate, yester- j
day, one of the huge railroad and laud
jobs csinie up, and was debated by the j
new Senator from lowa, Mr. Howell, I
and Mr. Stew art, of Nevada. The form
er took strong grounds against this and j
similar swindles, and warned bis Had- •
1 ii-al companions of thi rising wrath of
the people. Mr, Sherman's joint reso- ,
lution declaratory of the meaning of 1
the law relating to the income tax w as
discussed and finally parsed. In the
House of Representatives, Ben Butler
attempted to introduce a joint resolu
tion to annex San Domingo, but •
Mr. Brooks, of New York, ob
jeeted. The resolution provides for
annexation, and appropriates $1,362,-
77U in coin to pay off the debt of the 1
black republic. It will come up again '
j on Monday, under the rule, but will j
' undoubtedly be defeated. The ilou.-e
f in Committee of the Whole consider
-1 ed the cigar and cotton parapruphs of !
the Tariff bill. The latter wasstrick- ,
en out, leavi g the duty on cigars the ;
; same as under the existing law.
After a short session yesterday the j
1 United States Senate adjourned out of |
respect to the memory of General ;
Thomas. Nothing of importance was j
; trnnsaeted, but during a discussion of \
the Indian tre-aties Mr. Drake allowed i
himself to get furiously angry with his
brother radical, Mr. Sumner, and to I
spurn the base insinuations of that ;
great man. There was no fight. The j
House was engaged in Committee on '
the Tariff bill, and went through cot-|
tons aud wools. Only eight of the fif
ty pages of the bill have yet been dis- j
; posed of, and pig-iron has not yet !>een
I reached.
Eirpcl* of llp Fnmlne In Jrruißlrm.
A letter has been received in London
from the Angeiican Bishop of Jerusa
lem, which corroborates the statement
made on this painful subject by Sir ,
Moses Monti fiore. The Bishop in his
letter says: A smalt donkey's load of!
water costs fid. to '.lie poor Jew, whose j
family income is Is. Id. per week.
Many Moslems and nominal Chris- I
tians are in the same position. What
is most dreadful to contemplate is the
fact that the springs near Jerusalem
are drying up. Hut there is another
more terrible calamity still. The lo-
I rusts are spreao over the mountains of
! .Tuilah and Samaria, in the valley of j
Jordan and in the plain of Sharon and
Galiiee, having come to lay their eggs,
which will lie hatched before the bar- j
vest ; and as the Arabs say that each i
j couple lays two hundred eggs, count- !
less millions will appear, eating every
green thing, poi oiling the ground, and
{ thu- preventing grass grow ing for tlie
I cattle.
A daily hath for the whole body is
HQt too much. Health may not übso- |
lutely require this, but there are few I
persons who would not tie benefitted |
I y complete washing of the-kin, from
i hea i to foot, at least once every day.
: The feet neea wasmug.... iuucn as the j
! head, as perspiration upon them Is I
very abundant. Feet that are cased in !
wool and leather are not excepted from
this necessity of cleansing. Digestion ;
is freer when water is applied alaive j
the organs of digestion ; and the wash- j
j ing of the che-t helps one to hreathe
| more freely. Bathing makes the limbs
supple, and it opens the muscles to
breathe from, if such an unscientific
i statetnen* may bepermitte l . All will
j agree that in the second month of sum
mer a daily bath is a luxury not to be
omitted, but in winter it is hardly less
i neces-ary, and the recreation which
follows makes it a luxury even in the
t most inclement stamen.
The new- from Spain is important.
The insurrection at Barcet una has not
been suppressed, its the government,
would have the world bt eve. The
rioters have congregated & hort dis
tance from the city, and again
thrown up barricades. The Uaptain-
General finds the enemy so lornuaa
ble that he has telegraphed the gov
ernme.U for more troo|s, and accord
• iugly General Prim has despatched
General Baldrick to the scene to take
command of the national troops. The
discontent is apparent also at Seville.
OnWednesdty men from the neigh
boring villages entered the city with
Hying banners and shouts of "Viva
republiea" anil "Down with the con
scription." The government telegram
says that they weie disarmed and ar
rested. The people surrounded the
! prisoners and seemed dis|osed to res
cue them, but no further disturbances
It is said that the women jurors of
Wyoming during the long Howie mur
der trial were taken with their male
companions to a hotel every night,
and there placed in sepai ate but adjoin
ing apartments to pass the night. And
j here, every morning, during the trial,
upon arising from their b ds, t' ese la
dies kneeled together, and asked wis
dom of God to enable them to proper
ly and wisely discharge their new du
ties. The men, meantime, weredrink
ing whisky and playing bluff.
The Providence Herald says, a min
; i-ter in Athol, Ma--., a few- days since,
married a young man Iroin Orange to
a little girl of twelve, at the command
of (he child's mother, who aeeompatil
ed them. The clergyman was very
unwilling to perform the ceremony,
but the mother insisted upon it, saying
that the husband should have no con
trol over his child wife until she was
seventeen, and that all the preiiniina
i ry legal proceedings had been complied
I with.
An organization of juvenile robbers
has been broken up at AlUona, Hen
ry county, 111. They had their r gular
I passwords, Ac., and had accumulated
; quite a stock of plunder. Their leader
; was thirteen years old. and was an in
satiable reader of dime novels.
! The Holy Communion of the Lord's
Supper will lie administered in the
Reformed church, in this place, on
Easter Sunday. There will be service
on Good Friday morning, and prepar
atory service to the Communion and
Confirmation on Saturday morning.
Another new State. The Territorial
Committee of the House of Represen
tative-deeided yesteroay to report an
| enabling act to allow New Mexico to
frame a State government and apply
; for admission into the Union,
j President and Mrs. Grant will visit
Stetson's at Long Branch, next sum
j nier. The new race course will be in
j operation at thai time to afford the
President amusement.
A New York gentleman has ordered
! from a European manufactory a set of
lace curtains upon which are to be
! worked the portraits and monograms
of himself and family.
A committee of the Massachusetts
; Legislature is making an inquiry into
the expediency of providing that per
sons shall not give by will in ore than
half their properly.
A salute of lUO guns was fired in
. Brooklyn, Wednesday evening, by or
der of the Democratic General Com
mittee, in honor of the Connecticut e
Two hundred lodges of Sioux have
camped near the (Jneyenae Agency.—
i'ney want arms and ammunition, and
say Uiey intend lo driveuii tlie miners
i iro:u me Wind river couuiry.
The Russiuu Government has resol
ved iu establish an asirououiical and
invieoriogical observatory or Mount
j Ararat.
In Massachusetts the people are to
: Voieun a proposed amendment to the
j M.aie Constitution to striae out the
i word "mate."
Tue aloca Exchange vault in New
; I'ors contains every nignt secure les
j vaiueu at over two huuureti uiiniuus
! ul duaars.
It is reported that the priesthood are
; tue piiucipai opponents ul Hie annex
ation ol tsati Uomiugo Lo tlie UuiteU
; duties,
Tne importation ot grain Irons the
Baltic Provluces of Russia has been o
gieal as luUepress lUe breadstuifs mar
ket in JLououo and Liverpool.
Tlie late blondes ufa New York thea
! ire now appear witu nair dyed Umck
| aud laces uruuZed lo an olive Huge.
ine Eiignsli National Lite-boat Iu-
I sUiuh.sU is Uuiiig a great Work- Las.,
j year tne boats saved 871 lives aud 88
j Vessels,
One uau subsist uii bananas at Sierra
; Leone lur turee cents a day. Bioaieu
aristocrats pay eignt ceuis a day tor
Lugiisli billiard players are making
radical changes in tue lasuious ui ttie.r
1 tubies ami tne size oi lueir bails.
ino Tobacco crop in Unio last year
j Was Lne largest ever raised 1M me
; diato,
iu Council Bluffs the girls want to
I join lne a company. 11 tney ate
not admitted Uiey are going lo start
; oue lor tiieuisei ves.
iWo Georgia darkeys injudiciously i
taiupeieu wnil a steam boner Ute olh
ity day. I bey were picked up iu the
j next townstiip.
ihe President keepadaik ou the Bail
j Dounugo ques ion, He refuses to say
• liow uiucn he tias given ou account oi
the purchase.
The Emperor and Empress of Rus
sia will soon go oil a tour through the
; Crimea and Caucastau Provinces.
It is reported iu Brussels that the
Belgians nave declined to send artictes
to lite lair at London in 1871.
Only 2lu French soldiers now sur
vive Waterloo.
The Empress Carlotta is sinking
rapidiy, and her life is despaired of.
David Crockett's last surviving sou
Robert, lives in Hood county, Texas. I
srw-(f>noflf, &r.
NEW OOODS just Jtet-eivod at J,
M. Shoemaker's
.ifjmmoti Crystal Front Onr Prtrt Ftorr.
NEW OOODS just Received at J.
M SboemaLer's
Mammoth Cryrttl Front One Prjct Store.
NEW GOODS just Received at J.
M. Shoemaker's
Mammoth Crystal Front One Pnet Store.
NEW GOODS just Received at J
M. Shoemaker's
Mammoth Crystal Front One Price Sto-e
NEW GOODS just Received at J
M Shoemaker's
Mammoth Crystal Front One Price Sure
BUY your Dry Goods, Groceries
Clothing. Hats, Boots >and Shoe*, ijocwnsware
Fisb, Notion*, Leather, Tobacco, Ac it J M
Mammoth Cryetal Front One Price Storr
BUY your Dry Good", Groceries
Clothing, Hats. Boots and Shoes Qneeasware
Leather. Pish. Notion*, Tobacco, Ac., at J 34
Mammoth Crystal Front One Price Store.
BUY vour Dry Goods, Groceries
Clothing, Hats. Boots* and Shoes. Qacensware
Notion* Leather.Tobacco, Pish, Ac., at J M
Mammoth Crystal Front One Pnet Store
BUY your Dry Goods, Groceries
Clothing Hats, Boot* and Shoes, Queensware
Xjtione. Leather, Tobacco, Fisb. Ac., at J. M
Mammoth. Crystal Front One Pnet Store.
BUY your Dry Goods, Groceries
Clothing, Hats Boots and Shoes Queensware
Notions. Leather, Tobacco, Fisb, Ae., at J M
Mammoth Crystal Pront One Price Sfcr*.
NEW PEATURE ' J M Shoemaker has ad
ded a large and weit selected stock ot all kinds of
carpet*, at prices truly astonishing. Call and
On and alter the first day of April, next, goods
will be *old for Cash, Produce or Mote o&'.y, at
the very lowest Dricns. Call and examiie my
stock and prices and you will be cotrvinced that
I am determined to gire customers good bargsins.
Hedford, Pa , Mar. 31, 1879.
BUCK LEAD excellsali other LEAD.
Ist. For its unrivalled whiteness.
21. For its unequalled durability,
3d. For its unsurpassed Covering Property
Lastly forits economy
tylt COSTS LEBS top* int with BUCK LEAD,
han any other White Lead extant The same
weight covers MORE SURFACE, i* more DURA
BLE, and makes WHITER WORK.
BUCK ZINC excel Is all other ZINCS.
Ist. Forits unequalled durability
21. For it* unrivalled whiteness,
3d. F'or it* uasurpaased Covering Property.
Lastly, for its Great Economy,
most DURABLE White Paint in the world,
Try it aod be convinced
Satisfaction GuaranUed by the Manufacturers.
Prepared expresOv for Painting
ble. Cheap. Uniform, and
Beautiful shades.
Sample card* seat by Mail if desired.
Dealer*' Oraers will be promptly executed by
the menufacturers
N. W Cor , Tenth and Market
jan2o'7oyl Streets, Philadelphi*.
iron, nails, oil*, paint* and a full assortment ot
building material. A great variety ol shovels,
forks, hoes, spades, rukea. chain* mill, cross cut
and circular anwsand mandrel*, barn door hang
ers and hinge*, all siies rope*. Ac.. Ae-
ORADLES. Scythes. Snaths, Ac.
Spring*, axle*, rim* bub*, (pokes, (hafts, poles,
Wagon boxes and a full stock of wagon ware at
reduced prices
riety .including good at.d willow-ware.mats,brush
es, wash machines and wringers, family scales
and a thousand other useful articles
good* to a oe*h level and having added largely
to our stook since the decline in prices, we offer
bargains tor ready pay and warrant all goods as
represented 8 8. METZGER.
mar3l,'7t)y 1.
' MACHINES.—The most perfect ma
chine yet invented Will wide* and narrow,
tm a heel, or point tbe toe. It will knit plain
or ribbed. It will knit stockings, drawer*, shirts,
boo is, oomforters, mittens, Ac., Ac. R it cheap,
s pie and durable. It set! up its own work,
h but one needle, %pd tequireu no adjusting
v . ..ever. It will do the same work that tbe
Luib maohlne will do,and costs less than half &s
much, and has not the tenth part of thk machine
ry 10 get out of o-ier Circulars and samples
m.Viled freeoo applilatlon. Agents wanted. All
maobines guaranteed. STRAW A MORTON.
Geu'l Aran's No 20, Sixth 8t , Pittsburg Pa
nov2s'69y 1
To agents to sell the celebrated WILSO.V
Sawixo MACHINES. Tbe best machine in the
world. Stitch aliie on both nde*. One
Machine Without Money For further particu
lars, address 25 N 9th St., Philad'a, Pa
LAW. BtDfoRO, P* Ali business intrust
ed to him will be attended to with great care. Up
on notioe will appear for parties in suits before
Justices of tbe Peace in any part of the cooatjr.
Offioa with J. W Dickerson, Esq ,on Julias*
St. next door north of Mengel House.
mer-I'TOH - .
*lasratfd £ands.
1 Lands and "Soma Lots is Bedford ec, £
Agreeably to th* provision* of an An of A
: iy, duteuoa[*• <-f sut.tto
-or taxes sad fat other purpose* fc
'-'March, 115, and the i-j.pietr etu it* ' "
March, 1831, tbe Treasurer ot the Coot tJ ~f
f-fd hereby give* pot ee lo all perra*
'herein, wm aalesa the County. sclk.>l, boorr r
beiiilang poor and r- ad tajee due on toe '
lowing trwcts of Buttitj laudf, ti'sau it, K*-
ford county. are paid beforetbe day of sale •
•bote, or nub parts of eae* iraet u will n. , 'J
f> tb com chargeable thereon, win U
soli at tbe C'-art Hurt, j 6 the BoroaxD of B*
ford, '--a toe eecooJ Monday of done net' 13'k
day.). for tbe arrearage! of tairt oe„. aao ' -, L '
COM* accrued ibereoo , and tojd bale will be c -
tinned from day to day until all are disposed }
Apr 4tb, 1879 HUGH MOORE, Treat"
439 M. ISTJ j.t James Patten sll .#
44© do It* do do do 10 20
174 do lW do do do 342
67 do 37 do do do i f,-
74 d< > Francis Mowing 6V 47
M do Jacob M-yer. 6 3d
3Vd do 12? do J ante* Kaxor o
.84 do Mm. T Daugl.eny 4 -6
SKI do Jobli ii Kstoedy " ; To
402 do 14b do Wiiiuiß Buna 166
39 do Lewis T Vt'aUon 24 4M
3<2 do barn's s lotto* 26 '2
427 du Mmy Mo .ornery 2o _y
21/5 dw Newiun/ Parana 11 12 24
433 Jo Msrgarv .Montgomery 2 .tj
421 do 3vtio
2s* do Kpb. Foster A Win p jvebeli 5 7rs
14 do J aloe* 1 igard 64
405 do U inch Hauler 2 42
30 do Aiidaraon 6 60
J do Aaroic Ltaiii 32
265 do James Figaid 1 00
110 do Jam** Fallen 5 6$
363 do 128 da J. Pauon AH. Kaaton 41 ,4
21 do 216 do J Pauoa A W Poster 5 t>o
6 do H'. A Evani A Griffith 72
30 do Bunt g A B. T R K. Co 3y
3d do Jobs Htnish 2 61
16 do Pettr Kepler *6
27 do A lea. King A Co. 24 6a
145 do John M'e-C'aale* 16
165 do JaiaeaPation 4 3;
i 64 do John Dcveraaux 84 ]y
431 do John iierr 3
101 l do Mtebaei ctpe 30
74 do Wvod A Purr:autre 30
102 do iiaae Baruett 8- )*
50 do P. i. Phelps 32 t*s
256 do Jauteg Bamniou 417 5o
36 do J. Kvabt 1* |*i
175 do Cbristiaß Barseu 116 s*,
46 do \4 a. Cyphers 11 16
33s do J. Cbtvicgtoo 22 -A
50 do King A Co. 153 7 >
52 do Jim Pntton 2 67
100 do Wm I'aitoo 70 :6
2 lota S. A- Curistmxß 12 06
436 do Eli S3 betli l>iehl 84
211 do V) do Sauitiel JUiebi si
346' do Jacob U'yUcd 56
467 do Joba Swan 14
476 do Wm. Swan 70
3*3 do Robert swan of
4tAI do Jehn seott 62
446 do Robert itcott 6s
6V6 do ramael Williams 1 12
66 do Joseph A Etnaee! Diebl 42
427 do Arihar Brown 64
230 do Jam** Swing ] AS
56 do Jstnee lleydes <j
411} do l*nuT UiLkle 2 46
346 do John linmaQ 2 10
42 do 56 do Barclay A Lyon 40
206 do Jobs Curiey 66
156 do James Howard 44
404 do Kir-bard M .an £3
420 do Jhn Cheney S£
464 do Jvsepfa Moan 1 6t>
4i61 do Samuel Muah 2 .4
424 do 35 do Alexander Moan 12 15
266$ do Jcbn Mcllney 56
16.' do Tunolby Moan
266 do 54 do Israei M<-an 6
166 do 56 do Zacbariab Moas 66
222 do Eiixabrth Piper 62
212 do 20 do John Boyd 1 32
214 do 65 do V m L'avis 5 36
216 do 66 do ioabeila l>avls 46
220$ do Win Piper 42
23* do John itardin
221 do Ignatin? Hardin 42
4H4 do 125 sin James Wilson 42
425 do George F Alberti 56
402 do Tfcf'Hsw Tyk-r 1 06
402 do 57 do Stephen Moan f 06
?4< j do Peter Shaw
212 on R- bert Shaw f,j
9 do Poorbaugh's heirs '2
402 do Franeis Johnston 1 74
143 do Wm Lane if
365 do Daniel Montgomery SK
-324 do Alexander lobnson 75
36S do George Htaish Stt
256 do William Foster 70
75 do Robert Montgomery 14
160 do Mary Elinor 12
3*5 do Daniel 'ireen 80
226 do James Shaw 60
464 do Sarah 3%"rigbt 3o
35fl do Sam'i At Barclay So
£OO do do do 30
200 do Kern's heirs 30
47 do Lettle's heirs 4 6S
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I. 0$ do Stephen Kerr 1 3S
SB do George Thompson 43
4i 3 do A iexander Moiitgomere 06
102 do Joht: MeSlney 4 78
132 do liav id Piper 9 17
200 do Maria Albert! 4 7'S
107 do Bartlehaogh 240
52 do Thomas A John King 10 61
1 lot Henry Stonerook 12
1)0 Mrs. Lawrence 1 04
l)o Daniel burner 1 18
Do J. Simpson Africa 5 92
107 acre* George F. Alberti 3 85
I lot Ephraim Smeitier 1 25
Do Samuel Tingling 1 42
479 acres James Langhead 9 57
2534 du Frederick Coliibarger 36
£46 do Jacob Martin 2 4S
100 do George Darison 30
as do 53 do Joshua Hi&oa Id
402 do 46 do Tlezekiah Logan 60
401 do 40 do Jatnoa Carlo (0
400 do Isaac Carlo 66
40 do Thomas Cavio 60
30 do P Clingermaß 20
400 do William Cavin 80
17 do .1 os Spark's Heir't OS
I<'9 do Dan'l A Joseph Ritefaey 40
166 do J >hn li Page % 75
166 do George Richline 7 88
84 do Lea is Wright 8 60
15 do Joseph McDaniel . 20
420 do Edward Gleu 48
11)0 do Dan'l Ritcbey of Adam 16
(29 do John C.ivin 46
4204 do Edward
39*4 do John Linn 60
395 do Jams- Ma.v 60
62 do Henrr K..nts 1 25
221 do William Sill 1 60
16 do Joseph W Tad® 08
262 do Chavles Dennett 2 S5
113 do Daniel Bennett 2 85
96 do Abraham Bennett 1 99
130 do Ephrain Br. truing 23 36
3"! do Oe rge Breathed 44
439 do Paul Ward 50
357 do Patrick Ward 1 #0
351 do Joseph Ward 1 00
353 do Joint ban Ward t AO
3434 do Jesse Reed 52
35'> do George Cessna ACe 712
800 do John Cessna 13 40
4110 do John J Cessna 8 90
4t4 do Isaac Hunter IS 06
125 do Hugh James 9 92
Btr do Lee's Heir's 3 52
292 dc< Lenox Pcrrin " 67
5Q d Amos Willison 2 I'.
179 do John Wenrick, 15 91
4u04 do Peter Oounct 9 49
4004 do John Da ton 5 67
406 do Hugh Doyta 8 60
406 do James Dufciap 6 6(1
412 do Ph .lip Gordon 16 09
60 do Brumbaugh ACo 3 16
438 do John Taylor T8
53 do Hannah Montgomery 96
356 do Wm Montgomery 1< 61
54 do Char's Typher's Heirs 1 06
40 do • "
150 do Robert Montgomery .CI
n dt. Jacob Furr.ey 69
if> do Ben tier's Heir's 5 63
>0 do Archibald Mcl'addeu 17 53
135 do Peter Shoenberger 1 So
210 do John B..yd. 34
213 do William Dart. St
75 do I r "l Moans 3.
140 do Zacbary Meaaa 40
50 do Timothy Moans 1 5*
222 do Elisabeth Piper o4
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