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Home and Around.
after Sept. 16th, passenger trains will arriveand
depart asfollows:
Mail Train leaves Mt. Dallas at 1 00 p. m.. ar
rives at Huntingdon at 4 20 p.m.; leaves Hunt
ingdon at 8.40 a.m., and arrives at Mt. Dallas at
11.62 a. m.
Acaom'n Train leaves Saxton at 8.20 a. m .
and arrives at Huntingdon, at 1010 a. m.; leaves
Huntingdon at 5.55 p. in., and arrives at Saxton
at 7.41 p. m.
Spell-bound—our school children.
Sour-kraut making is now briskly
carried on.
The sweet, hazy Indian summer was
of short duration.
Cumberland boasts of a new steam
fire engine.
Money is behaving very badly. It
is tight every day.
A great many of our exchanges fa
vor the restoration of Spring elections.
Londonderry school district has
built a number of neat houses this
The new Methodist church, in Johns
town, said to be the finest in the State,
was dedicated last Sunday week.
Our waters are dotted with fish bas
kets, the law to the contrary notwith
Hagerstown Almanacs for 1870, En
glish and German, for sale at the In
quirer Book Store.
The turkey we didn't get last Thanks
giving hasn't gobbled yet in our hear
ing. Whither has the bird flown ?
There are 290,000 threshing ma
chines in the United States, to say
nothing of the "school marina" and
the "old folks at home."
Girls are to wear low-necked dresses,
and dandy male swells low-necked
shirts, this winter. Undertakers are
j uhilant at a prospect of business.
In our marriage notices, last week,
the name of Daniel A. Bortz, of Cum
berland Valley, was misprinted.
We owe an apology to our young
friend for this awkward blunder.
Dr. W. JR. Findlay, of Altoona, has
been appointed District. Deputy Grand
Master of the Masonic lodges of this
district, in place of Mayor Potts, re
THANKSGIVING. —The usual union
service of Thanksgiving will be held
in the Presbyterian church, on Thurs
day morning, 18th inst. Sermon by
Rev. J. Q. McAtee.
Boutwell's financial policy is. work
ing well. So say his political friends.
But the people can't see it exactly in
the great scarcity of money, and gen
eral depression of business. 'Rah for
Street crossings are made to walk on.
Some good folks imagine otherwise,
and stop their teams and horses right
on the cross walk, to the great annoy
ance and inconvenience of pedestri
ans. Horses should be stopped 011 one
Now that the long winter evenings
are approaching, our young people
throughout the country should organ
ize debating clubs and literary socie
ties. If properly conducted they will
improve the mind, and be a source of
interest and amusement.
'BLVOW. —On Sunday last, snow fell to
the depth of several feet—we mean ve
ry small feet, of course—and winter
in stern reality, seemed to he upon us.
While nature without looked bleak
and dreary, human nature within
doors hugged closely the warm stove,
the best companion 'Oll a wintry day.
The good days promised us by Grant's
election, have really come in the shape
of great financial depression, dull mar
kets,poor employment for labor and the
hardest times generally that have been
felt since the great crash of 1857. Peo
ple of Bedford county, how do you
like it ?
Eastern capitalists have been here,
for some weeks past, looking after our
valuable ore and other mineral lands.
A great many have been purchased by
them, which looks as though they
meant business. With proper rail
road facilities, the mineral wealth of
Bedford county would be opened up
to an astonishingextent.
Directors of the Poor, at their regular
meeting, on Wednesday last, re-ap
pointed the following persons for the
ensuing year:—Steward, Samuel De
fibaugh; Physcian, Dr. F. C. Reamer;
Miller. Joseph E. Wills. Maj. A. J.
Sansom was appointed (.'lerk rice W.
<\ Schaffer, Esq., resigned.
Maj. Dibert has sold out the lease,
furniture, Ac., of the Washington Ho
tel, to Air. George Murray, of New
York, who has already taken charge
<if that house. The Major kept an ex
cellent hotel, and, no doubt, his suc
eessor, who has a large experience in
hotel keeping, will keep up the repu
tation of the Washington.
Those of our delinquents who will
be present at court, next week, will do !
well to remember that we must have
money. The yellow slip on the GA
ZETTE tells plainly to what date the
subscription has been paid. Those
who are in arrears can thus easily see
how much is due us, and come prepar
ed to help us along. If we could get
along without money we would not
make this appeal to our subscribers.
We trust that those who owe us will
see it in that light.
whoso imagination outruns the facts
in the case, thus tells what he would
do if he was a local editor:
If I wan lokle editor,
Wouldn't I have a time ?
1 wouldn't prii't a cussed word
For lessen $1 a line.
I'd git my grub A likcr fre,
A tickets to the shows,
I wouldn't pay for buggy higher,
A wouldn't I ware good cloxe ?
LET HER Go.—The young lady who
rises early, rolls up her sleeves and
walks into the kitchen to get break
fast, or assist in so doing, and after
wards, with cheerfullness and sunny
smiles, puts the house in order with
out the assistance of mother, is worth
a thousand parlor beauties, who, for
want of exercise, complain of ennui
and lougne in luxurious ease. The for
mer will make a good wife and render
home a paradise; the latter is a useless
piece of furniture, and will, to the an
noyance of the household, go whi
ning to the grave. Let her go.
TUMOR REMOVED.— OU the 28th ult.,
Dr. Watson, assisted by Dr. Anderson,
both of this place, performed a surgi
cal operation on a young man from
Somerset county, named Oldham, by
removing a fibrous tumor from the
neck, in close proximity to the exter
nal carotid artery. Numerous blood
vessels ran into the tumor and a branch
of the carotid artery nourished and en
hanced its rapid growth. Being thus
closely situated to the vital organs, the
undertaking was a very delicate one
and thoroughly tested the skill of the
surgeon. The operation was perform
ed in about 20 minutes and Mr. Old
ham is now doing well.
STRUCK On,.—A Bedford, County Oil
Company in Lack.— A telegram was
received by one of our citizens, on last
Saturday, stating that a flowing well
of 50 barrels had been struck, near
Parker's Landing, on the property of
the Stump Islands Oil Company, or
ganized in this place, in 1864. Anoth
er well is down and will be tested this
week. The indications are that this
one, too, wit! be a good well. This is
quite comfortable news to the stock
holders of the Company. While
speaking of this matter, we cannot re
frain from saying that to the Presi
dent, William Hartley, Esq., this suc
cess must be mainly attributed. Mr.
Hartley always mantained that the ter
ritory owned by this company was as
good as any found in the oil regions, and
was untiring in his efforts to have the
same properly tested. A few more
such strikes will make the stock a pay
ing institution.
MAN KILLED.—A very sad occur
rence took place at Huntingdon one
day last week, resulting in the death
of a young man named Miles Ilainp
son, from a blow received from anoth
er young man named Howard Crewitt.
A difficulty existed between them for
some time, and on the evening of the
fatal occurrence, Crewitt called at the
store where Hampson was clerking,
and the quarrel was renewed. After
some words, the two agreed to go out
and settle the matter. In a short time
they returned, Hampson having re
ceived a severe cut on the head with—
as he alleged—an instrument in the
hands of Crewitt. His wound was
dressed, and no inconvenience was ex
perienced until a few days after when
inflammation of the brain took place
terminating in his death. Upon ex
amination, it was found that the skull
had been broken. Crewitt was held
in $5,000 hail to answer at Court.
LAND VALLEY.—Mr. William Karns,
who has been prospecting for ore, for
some time, in Cumberland valley, from
the western part of Bedford South
ward, informs us that he has found the
vein, which has long been known as
cropping out at Boydstown, to be 4
feet thick on the lands of William
Dunkle2 miles South of town. A
shaft sunk 7 feet deep shows 4 feet of
the very best fossil ore and unusually
clean and pure, there being no sand or
other admixture. One niiio further
sou 111 the vein crops out 8 feet in thick
ness. At Strominger's, five miles South
of town and three and a half miles
from the Bedford Spings the vein is
about 8 feet thick, with a perpendicu
lar breast of 300 feet by actual meas
urement. From this point to the nar
rows below Bedford, on the line of the
Bedford and Hopewell railroad, as pro
jected, a distance of 5 or 0 miles, there
is a gradual slope that will admit of
carrying the ore down without the
aid of engines. The advantages for
the erection of furnaces and manufact
ure of iron at this point wii] be unsur
passed. The attention of capitalists
should be called to it at once. A better
day is dawning for Bedford county
than she has ever known if the people
will only seize the golden moment of
opportunity. The completion of the
railroad from Mt. Dallas to this point
is absolutely necessary, at the earliest
possible moment,— lnq.
did Christmas number. This favorite
periodical for ladies improves with ev
ery issue. Its reliable fashions, its nu
merous full-sizCd patterns, its admira
ble illustrations, and great variety of
useful and interesting reading matter,
render it by far the most desirable
magazine of the day, and in fact indis
pensable to the ladies living away from
the metropolitan centers. It is also
the cheapest magazine at $3 per an
num, with a handsome premium,
which, for a limited time, may, we
see, be a large and magnificently en
graved copy of Li Hie M. Spencer's
"Fourth of July Pic-Nic"—a picture
worth tiiree times the cost of the mag
azine. Published at 838 Broadway,
New York.
This sprightly juvenile is constantly
improving. Anew and most interest
ing feature eonsistsof a beautiful ehro
mo series of Audubon's American
birds, each separate pictureof which is
fit to frame, and together would form
a charming set for a child's room.
"Our Paris doll," accompanied by a
letter to the little ones, by Mine. Dem
urest, is another great feature, not to
speak of the special Christmas attrac
tions and novelties, and a new story
by the author of ".jack and Rosy."
Altogether the December number
ought to be good for ten thousand ad
ditional subscribers to Young America.
$1.50 with a beautiful premium. Pub
lication office, 858 Broadway, V,
. •
No Intelligent citizenshould be with
out hia county paper
COME UP. —We desire to impress
upon the minds of those indebted on
our books that we are in great need of
i the small sums belonging to us that
are now being carried around in the
pockets of other people. We dislike
i dunning, and if those who are indebt
ed to us would only come forward
and pay what they owe, there would
be no occasion for us calling upon our
debtors or being called on by our cred
One Sunday afternoon a lad, so lazy
in his motions that he did not get to
the church door till the congregation
! were coming out, said to the first man
i he met. "What! is it done?" "No,"
said the man, "it is all said, but 1
think it will be a long time before it
will be done."
List ol Grand Jurors drawn for No
vember Term, 3rd Monday, loth day,
A. D. 1801):
TtuituH? Gilchrist, Foreman, Joseph Mullin,
Isaiah Morris, Andrew Rouser,
Jeremiah Clark, Peter Stockman,
James B. Farquhar, Martin Bortz,
Jacob Barton, Sami. F. Shoup,
Abraham Corl, John Griffith of Jos.
John Wolford, Calvin Tobias,
Abraham Morgart, Levi Fluck,
Solomon Suter, Solomon W ilkinson,
George Knisely, Henry Boor,
I Josiah Whetstone, B. F Williams,
! HezekiuU Logue, Robert Montgomery,
List of Pet it Jurors drawn for same
! Term:
George Barefoot, James Medara,
j George W. Points, Amos Berkheimer,
C. C. Garlick. lliram Rohm,
[ David Brumbaugh, Eli Ilolsinger,
Thorn as G. Walker, Hugh Kinton,
William Simpson, John \V. Walter,
! George W . Steel, John Lnflerty,
! Michael C. A/illler. John Shoemaker,
| Daniel R. Snyder, 11.11. Fisher,
Daniel Barley, R H. Barley,
Jacob S. Brown, Matthew Pearson,
George Smith, Levi Carpenter,
Daniel Stayer, George W. Vickroy,
Ohristain Miller, John S. lmler,
Archibald Blair, Matthias Smith,
William F. Foulti, it. B. Armstrong,
Jonathan Cable, Philip Holler,
John C Mi'ler, U. 11. Dasher,
Philip Smith, John P. Williams.
Drawn and certified, at Bedford, the
Stii day of Sept., A. I>., 1569.
J. G. Fisher, WM. KIRK,
Clerk. Jury Corns.
Corrected every week.
F LO Ult.—'The quotations are-
Northwest superfine, 85.U0Gt5.50
Northwest extra,
Northwest extra family, 0.25(2,7.00
Penna. and West'n sup., 0.00( 7.00
Pcnna. and West'n extra, 5.75(0(6.00
Penna. and West'n family, 7.00@7.50
Penna. ami West'n fancy,
Rye flour, 6.1.'>( (!.25
GRAIN. —We quote—
Pennsylvania red, per bus., $1.45@1.58
California, "
White, " 1.6001.60
Kye " 0.00(ir1.25
Corn, for yel., " 0.88(7/0.98
Oats, " <ssßc
SEEDS. —We quote
Cloverseed, per bus., at SO-20(57.00
Timothy, " 3.35(aj3.50
Flaxseed, 2.47(5.2.50
NICODEMUS—REED—On the 9tb inst., by
the Rev. H Heckerman, William A. Nieode
mus to Julia F., daughter of Jacob Reed, Esq.,
all of this place. Our young friends will please
accept our heartiest wishes for their welfare and
ill ANTED.—An experienced girl
Yr for general housework. One from Bed
ford county preferred. Good wages and expenses
to the citv will be paid Address
REV. B 11. HUNT,
novllw.T. cor. 41st A Myrtle, Philadelphia.
STRAY NOTICE. —Came to the
_j premises of the undersigned, in Union tp .
Bedford county, on or about the middle of Octo
ber. 2 head of cattle, one a pale red Heifer with
both ears split and boms: the other a deep red
l Mooley steer with the left ear off and a hole in
! the right ear. The owner is requested to come
i forward, prove property, pay charger and take
I them away ; otherwise they will be dealt with ac
j cording to law. GEO. W. CORL.
I not 11 w3*
171 STRAY NOTICE.—GHaae to the
A, j premises of the undersigned, in Curn
' berland Valley tp,. about the middle of June
j last, two head of stray cattle, one a dark
j red throe-year old Heifer, the right ear cropped
j with a slit in it, the other a light red one year old
Heifer, same mark as t'pe former. The owner is
requested to come forward, prove pioperty. pay
charges and take them away, otherwise they will
be dealt with according to law
THROAT Require™ immediate attention,
, , as neglect often results In an In
( BROWN'S ) curable Lung Disease
| TROCHES. 1 will most invariably give instant
\ Catarrh, Consnmptivo and Throat Di senses,
they have a soothing effect.
to clear and strengthen the voice.
I Owing to the good reputation and popularity of
the Troches, many worthless and cheap imitations
are offered, which are good for nothing. Be sure
to OBTAIN the true
cry where. novll'69m6,
jESTATE —The undersigned, Executorof the
last will, Ac., of John Miller, late of Cumberland
Valley Township, dee d., will by virtue of the
power given him by the said Will, se'l at public
sale, on the premises in said Township, ON SAT
URDAY, the 4th day of DECEMBER, at
10 o'clock, a. in., of said day, all the Real Estate
of said deceased, situate in said township, con
sisting of a TRACT OF LAND containing 67
acres, more or less, part improved, with an or-j
chard and never failing spring of watgt thereon:*
—adjoining lands of Lorenzo D. Cessna, Ilenry 1
Miller, Henry Miller, Jr's heirs, Adam Zembower, j
ThomasGrowden and JaeobMiller, Jr. This tract ;
would make a snug farm and is in a pleasant ■
Terms, — One third cash, and balance in twoe
qual annual payments to be secured by honds
and mortgage, or judgments.
norllwl. JAS. CESSNA, Ex'r.
I was cured of Deafness and Catarrh
by a simple remedy and will send the receipt
tree MRS. M. C. LEGGETT, Hobokes, N. J.
nov 11 wt
P. T. BA It N UM.
It embraces Forty Yeurs KooolleoUons of his Bu
sy Life, as a Merchant, Manager, Banker, Leo
turer, and Showman. No book published so ae
ccptibie to all classes. Every one wants it. A
gents average from 60 to 100 subscribers a week.
We offer extra induoements. Illustrated Cata
logue and Terms to agents sent tree. J. B.
BURIT, A CO , Pub's. Hartford Conn, [uovllwd
_ We will send a handsome prospectus of our
New Illustrated Fumily Bible, to uny Book agent,
free of charge. Address NATIONAL PUBLISH
ING CO., Philadelphia, Pa. novllw4.
GINIA LAND.—We will send to any ad
dress a Pamphlet of One Hundred pages, giving
description" of 600 Farms, with other valuable in
formation. Will sell 75,000 acres of land from $1
to $2 60 per acre P. MC'JR4CKEN & BRO,
Send postage stamp. Box 153 Fredericksburg, Va.
novli W-I
I By sending 35 cents, with age, height, color j
of eyes and hair, you will receive, by return majl, A
OOTAET picture of your future husband or wife,
with NAME and date of marriage. Address W.
FOX, P. 0. Drawer, NO 24, Fultonville, N. Y. ,
#cu? gwrrtiscments.
5) 15 <5 55
are now prepared to furnish all classes with eojj
giant employment at home, tlie whole of the time
or for the spare moments. Business new, light
and profitable. Persons of either sex easily earn
from 50c. to $5 per evening, and a propor
tional sutn by devoting their whole time to the busi
ness. Boys "and girls earn nearly as much as men.
That all who see this notice may send their ad
dress, and test the business, we make this un
parallaicd offer . To such as are not well satis
fied, we will send $1 to pay for the trouble of
writing. Full particulars, a valuable sample,
which will do to commence Work on, and a cony
of The peovie'* Literary Companion —one of the
largest and best family newspapers published—all
sent free by mail. Reader, if you want perma
nent, profitable work, address E. C. ALLEN A
CO., Augusta Maine. oct2Bw4.
|( )( ) 1N (iOL1) I>Al,) T() AN
M A R K T W A 1 N ' S
" The Innocents Abroad,"
With all its humor, and all its richness, is ready
for agents. The whole of the country is
praising it, and every person who has read it is
known by his cheerful looks One agent at Ro
chester took 74 orders in one day We have
reports like this constantly We pay the largest
commissions and extra premiums as above.
Send to us for our explanatory circulars, and
sample which is sent free, and judge for yourself.
BLISS A CO.. Newark, New Jersey, oct2Bw4.
To Canvass for Mrs. Ellett's new Book, just
published in beautiful stylo, and sold at a low
Now selling in immense numbers in all sections
of our land.' It is fresh, lively, and sparkling;
snlendidly illustrated with elegant Steel Por
traits Zi very lady will want a copy ; gentlemen
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be without it Agents, particularly ladies, can
do better with this book than with any other
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To good energetic men or women, in addition to
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plete information and terms. Address HART
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oct2Bw4 _
This most exciting and interesting book, by a
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wish to canvass for it should apply immediately
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tory desired, experience, Ac. Agents wanted ev
erywhere for this and other first class books and
engravings, by CRITTENDEN & M. KINNEY.
1308 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
I .FEMALE COLLEGE, Bordenlown,
4 jg. J.—Beard and tuition S2OB pr. year.
For catalogues address Rev. JOHN U. BRAKE
LEY, A M„ Pres't.
board.tuel, washing, with common English branch
es for term of thirteen weeks, beginning Dec. 9th.
Students admitted at any time proportionally.
Superb brick buildings; fifteen teachers; stu
dents can pursue a course, either College-pre
paratory, Commercial, Scientific or Musical, or
may select their own studies out of fifty classes.
The best sustained boarding Seminary for ladies
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will accompany students from Brandreth Hotel,
New York. See catalogue. Address REV JOS.
KING, D. D., Fort Edward, Now Y'ork.
j THE BEST aid r a RGpctf Weekly Newspa
per. with |ho circulation in the
Protestant Episcopal Church Sent FREE for
one month far examination, and till Jan. 1, 1870,
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Conn. oct2Bw4.
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Good Betond Hand Cylinders for .Bale.
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only practical Family Knitting Machine ever in
vented Price $25. Will knit 20,000 stitches per
CHINE CO., Boston, Mass , or St. Louis, Mo.
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: A T E It S '
With Iron Frame, Overstrung Brass and
Agraffe Bridge.
Melodeons and Cabinet Organs.
T!.ebc"t manufactured. Warranted for 6 years.
Pianos, Melodeons and Organs -Price- greatly
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Jll Fulton St , New York
Bew >re of Established 18J5.
I) usi N I .SS CILYNCE.—Wanted, a
) man in each town and city to manufacture
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500 per cent, profit. Send your address upon
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a GENTS! READ T 111 s ;
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Ah eh. _
U| t (NTS ON 110 US E PA I NT
XL ING. By J. W. MASURY. C'U. 48
40e Free by mail ou receipt of prioe. MASURY
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I any colored hair or beard to a permanent
llbtck or Brown. One Comb sont by mail for sl.
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Us j 140 llow I made it in six months.
Secret aud sample mailed free. A. J. Fttl
lam, iV. Y. sopt36w3.
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tpOUv v Agents. Address J. AUEARN,
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-n't Agents. Samples fre \ 11. B. SHAW,
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SWEET QUININE —it equals (bitter) Qui
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1_ the Treatment of Chronic and Sexual Disea
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Xcgal ilotirfS.
By virtue of sundry writs of Fieri facias and
I Vcn'd Exponas to me directed, there will he ex
' nosed to public sale, at the court bouse, iu the
| Borough of Bedford, ca Saturday the 13th day
i of November, A. D., 1869, at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
the lollowing proporly, to wit.
No 1. Adjoining Valentine Fiekes, deceased,
on the North. Conrad Imler and William Cook
on the East, John George on the South, Joseph
Cook und Thomas Cook on the West, containing
190 acres more or less.
No. 2. Adjoining Edward Shoennerger on the
South, Henry Bo'iuet on the West, Peter Shoen
herger and William Cook on the North and Wil
liam George on the East, containing 310 acres
more or less.
No. 3. Adjoining John Berkhimer on the
South, Jacob Fisher, now others on the West,
John George on the North, John Coapeis im
provements on the East, containing 270 acres
more or less.
No. 4. Adjoining lands of John Fetter on the
East, lands of Henry Johnson on the South, Ed
win Shoenberger and William Geerge on the
West, and John Cessna on the North, containing
400 acres more or less.
No. 5. Adjoining the Summit of Gunnings
Mountain on the East, James Watt on the South,
William Berkhimer and others on the West, and
William George on the North, containing 289
acres more or less.
No. 6. Adjoining lands of John Ake on the
North West, Con rod Clay comb on the North East
and John Bousiron the South West, containing
80 acres and 90 perches, more or less.
No. 7. Adjoining lands of Adam Shaffer on the
East, James Johnson on the South, I>r. Shoen-
Iterger's Heirs on the West, Jacob Eckhart on the
North, containing 259 acres more or less.
No. 8. Adjoing land? of Edward Evans ou the
West, Mary Dyce on the North, Prysels heirs on
the East, Charles Williams on the South, contain
ing 250 acres more or less.
No. 9. Adjoining lands of Conrod Imler on the
West, I-d ward Evaus and James Johnson on the
North, and lands of Samuel Barclay's heirs on the
South, containing 181) acres more or less.
No. 10 Adjoining lands of the defendant on
the South East and West, and John Shea on the
North, containing 173 acres more or less.
No. 11. Adjoing lands of Charles Petit and the
last described laud on the South and East, lands
of John Shea on the North, lands of George
Craughaui on the West, containg 173 acres more
No. 12. Adjoining lands of John Shea, John
Little on the South and West, Edward Evans on
the North, and Charles Williams on the EaH, con
taining 121 aer 'S more or less.
No. 13. Adjoining lands of John Boyer and
Dr. Shoenberger heirs' on the North and West,
Edward {Trans on the South, containing 88 acres
more or less.
No. 11. Adjoining lands of John Boyer on the
South East, Joseph Ake on the South West and
Dr. Shoenberger heirs' on the South East, con
taining 124 acres more or less.
No. 15. Adjoining lands of Defendants on the
South West, the Blair county line on the North
East, Joseph Eckhart on the South, containing
100 acres more or less.
No. 10. Adjoining lanas of Matlhew Pottor on
the South West, Emanuel Bolinger ou the North
West, Jacob Burket's heirs on the East, and oth
er lands of defendants on the South East, contain
ing 100 acres more or less.
No. '7. Adjoining lands of Dr. Shoenberger in
right of James McCormick on the North and Ja
ob Burkets heirs on the South containing 74 acres
more or less.
No. 18. Adjoining other iands of Defendant
on the South, Margaret Bowman on the North
West, and the Blair County line on the East, con
taining 150 acres more or less.
No. 19. Adjoining the Blair County line on the
North, Margaret Bowman on the South East, and
Dr. Shoenberger's in right of John Swagert on
the South, containing 117 acres more or less im
No. 20. Adjoining other lands of the defendant
. on the North East Jacob Burket's improvement
on the South East, Leonard Swagert on the South
West, Philip and George Swagert on the North
West, containing 407J aeres more or less.
No. 21. Adjoining other land of defendant on
the East, Peter Stifiier on the South East, John
Linn on the South West, John Still and Philip
Swagert on the North West, containing 4Hi
acre? more or less.
No. 22. Adjoining other lands of defendant on
the North East, Peter Stifiier on the South West,
by Henry Louts and others on the South, and
Hugh Porter, and William Long on the North
West, containing 420 acres more or less.
No. 23. In the name of Win. Laughan adjoin
ing land 3 of Michael Shaffer, John George and
others, containing 50 acres with a two and a half
story log dwelling house and stable thereon erect
ed, 20 acres of which are cleared and under fence,
being the sumo land DUW in the occupancy of I,
L. Fiekea.
No. 24. Adjoining lands of .Jacob Beard on the
Soutlr, Henry Louts on the West, John Linn on
the North West, and Frederick Stifiier on the
North East, being a part of the Frederick Stiffier's
tract 200 acres, 00 acres cleared and under fence,
with a story and a half log dwelling house and
log stable thereon erected.
No. 25. Adjoining Simon Claar and Emanuel
Bollinger on the North. Matthew Potter and
James Sterling on the South, Frederick Stifiier
and Adam Bowman on the West, Frederick and
i others on the North, containing 252 acres, ten of
j which are cleared and under fence, with a story
! and a bglf log house and log stable thereon ereet
! ed.
No. 2(1. Adjoining James Sterling on the West,
' W. Kennedy on the South, George Laib and Dr.
i Smith on the East, other lands of defendant on
the North, 390J aeies, with one and a half story
log house and log stable .thereon erected.
No. 27. Adjoining William Long on the East,
M. Taylor on the North by residue of same tract
uow held by John Wysong on the West, and
land of Peter Cassidy on the South, containing
141 acros with a one story lug house thereon
No. 38. Adjoining other lands of defendant on
the South East, and South West, Hugh Barclay's
on the North, P. Ritchey on the North East 4lSj
No. 29. Adjoining 11. Barclay now P. Ritchey
on the North West, other lands af defendant on
the North East, lands of L. Swagert now defen
ant on the South West, containing 420 acres.
No. 30. Adjoining land of defendant on the
South West. Blair County line on the North and
South East, by L. and J. Swagert, containing 138
No. 31. Adjoining lands of J. Martin and Grif
fith Evans on the West, and Blair County line on
the North East, J. Swagorf on the South, contain
ing 125 acres.
No. 32. Adjoining Hugh Barclay now P. Ritch
ey on the North, Abraham Wbitener on the East,
John Maitin on the South and West, containing
35C acres.
No. 33. Adjoining lands of Hugh Porter on the
East, William Peirson on the West, Alex. Scott
aud Griffith Evans on the North containing 439
No. 34. Adjoining lands of Hugh Porter on the
South, Jercii)iah Jackson on the West, John Tay
lor on the North, and Joljn Martin on the East,
containing 440 acres.
No. 35. Adjoining lands of William Peirson on
the East, aud on the South by the part sold to
Joseph Ake, containing 314 acres.
No. 36. Adjoining William Hunt on the North
and East, and Jeremiah Jack son an the South,
Robert Evans gnd Israel janes on the West, con
taining 140 aere3.
No. 37. Adjoining land of Ehcnexer Branbunc
on the South, John Messer on the West, Daniel
Rees and John Human on the North, and John
Taylor on the East, containing 4.10 acre*.
No. 3S, Adjoining lands of Wilson Ilunt and
John Taylor op the South, Alex. Seott on the
East, George Swift on the North, and John Thom
as on the West, containing 439j acres.
No. 39. Adjoining the Blair County line on the
North, Daniel Kecs on the South, and Hugh Rob
erts on the West, containing 432 acres part in
Blair County.
No. 40. Adjoining lands of Wilson Runt on
the West, Daniel Rees on the North, A' 6-- Scott
on the east, and William Riersojj on the South,
containing 4SB acres.
No. 41. Adjoining lands of John Taylor and
Daniel Rocs on the West, the Blair County line
on the North, Philip Stein on the East, Griffith
Evans on the South, Alex, SoQtt an the West,
and the Blair County lino 03 the North, contain
ing 300 acres, seised and taken in execution as
the property of George T. McCormick.
ALSO, all the defendant's interest in and to one
tract of land, containing 235 acres more or less,
100 acres cleared antj under fence with two and a
half story frame house, log bank barn thereon
erected, with an apple orchard thereon adjoining,
lauds ot John Carp, Casper Strnupp, Joseph Dull,
John Moisten, Situate in Juniutr Township Bed
ford comity, and taken in execution as the prop
erty of John Q. Holler.
ALSO, a tract of land situate in Southampton
tap., Bedford C<>., adjoining lands af I'etcr
Clingcrqjas, Anthony Smith, John Robeson aud
others containing one hundred and fifteen acres
and one hundred and sixteen perches more or less
Composed of two tracts, one of whioh was sur
veyed ou a warrant dated, February 17, 1801,
granted to William Nyoaw and the other tract of
laud conveyed to Joseph Clingerraxn by Michael
Miller and wjfo by deed., dated October 3a, 18(12,
being thereon erected a guod story and a half log
huuse and about fifty oases cleared and under
fence, and taken in execution as the property of
Anthony Clingennan and Joseph Ctingerinan,
ALSO, all that certain tract of land situate in
Southampton twp„ Bedford Cm, containing lIG
acres, and 1:15 perches, adjoining lands of John
Johnson on the South, John Frail and Kllon Row
land on the West, David Hougiro and Moses
James on the North, and Susan Tewell ou the
Fast, with about 45 acres cleared and under fence,
baring thereon erected a log house one story and
a half high, and a log stable with a thrashing
j sotirfs.
floor attached, with some Apple, Cherry and
I'each trees upon it. Seised and taken in et.ecu
-1 Hon as the property of the defendant Ilezt kiah
i Tewel!.
ALSO, one lot of ground, fronting on John
j ?L, ISO feet, and also fronting on Thomas St., 70
: feet, adjoining lots of George Berkstresser and
| widow ltadebeaugh, having thereOD erected a two
j ftory log house, plank (table, situate iu Bedford
j Borough, and taken in execution as the property
! of Win. Nycum.
ALSO, all the defendant's interest in and to the
following Real Estate to wit: One tract of land
containing 70 acres more or less all cleared aud
tinder fence, with a two story frame house, frame
ham and Saw Mill thereon erected, with a small
apple orchard thereon, adjoining lands of John
1 Wertz, William Wertz, also, one traet of land
1 containing 400 acres more or less, about 60 acres
| cleared and under fence, with a two story frame
j house, log stable thereon erected, with a young
apple orchard thereon, adjoining lauds of Jona
j than Ostcr. Robert Dertmore. Jacob Dmining,
1 James Deremore, and James Drenning situate in
Cumberland Valley twp., and taken iu execution
as the property of Jacob Wertz.
ALSO, ail the defendants interest in and
to a tract of land, containing 78 acres more
or less, with about 8 acres cleared and under
fence with one and a half story log house,
log stable thereon erected, adjoining lands of
Joseph Hemming on the South, J. R. Dur
borrow Esq., on the East, Jerry Shea on the
West, Cttdwaluder Evan's heirs on the North,
situate in Cumberland Valley twp., Bedford
Co., and taken in execution as the property
ot Edward Wbans.
ALSO, ail the defendant's interest in and to
one lot of ground fronting on east Pittst,. 40
teet, and running back to an alley '24o teet, with
a one story log house thereon erected, adjoin
ing lots of Mrs. Catharine Charleston and
Frederick Crawford, situate in Bedford Bor
ough, seized and taken in execution as the
property of Elizabeth Thompson.
ALSO, all the defendant's interest iu and
to a tract of land containing 4'J acres, more
or less, about 25 acres cleared and under
fence, with a two story log house and log
stable thereon erected, adjoining lands of
James Hockenberry, Henry Bridenthal, Sam
uel lakes and John Todd, situate in Napier
twp., Bedford county, seized and taken in
execution as the property of Valentin*: Dull.
Sheriff"s office Oct. 16th. 22oet
Bedford county, s&-At au
Orphans' Court, held at Bedford, in and for
—-- the county of Bedford, on the 6th day of
{ SEAL J September, A.D. 1889, before the Judges
—of the said Court, on motion of John
P. Reed. Esquire, the Court grant a Rule on the
heirs and legal representative* of John Corley,
Jr., late of J uniata township, Bedford county,
deceased, to wit. Mary Corley, widow; Rebeoca,
intermarried with Jesee GDdler, residing in Juni
ata township, county of Be* ord ; Joseph Corley,
residing in California ; Michael Corley ; Albert
Corley and Elizabeth Corley, residing in Juniata
township, aforesaid : Amanda, intermarried with
Jacob Walker, residing in Somerset county. Penn.;
George Corley and Annie Corley, minors, resi
ding in Juniata township, aforesaid, to be and ap
pear at an Orphans' Court to be held at Bedford,
in and for the County of Bedford, on the 15th day
of November, next, to accept or refuse to take the
Real Estate of said deeeased, at the valuation
which has been valued and appraised in pursu
| ance of a writ of Partition or Valuation issued
j out of our said Court and to the said Sheriff of
said County directed, or show cause why the same
' should not be sold. In testimony whereof, I have
1 hereunto set my hand and the seal of said Court,
j at Bedford, the flth day of September, AD, 1869.
Attest: 0. E. SHANNON, Clerk.
I ROBERT STKCKMAS, Sheriff oct2lw4.
Orphans' Court, held at Bedford, in and for
- the county of Bedford, on the 6th day of
( SEAL J September, A. D , 1869, before the Judg
—-es of the said Court: On motion of John
P. Reed, Esq., the Court grant a Rule on the
Heirs and Legal Representatives of Robert
Glossen, late of Londonderry township, dee'd, to
wit: Lucinda, wife of William Madden, residing
in the State of lowa ; Minerva, wife of George
Defibaugh, residing in the State of Illinois; Ju
| lian, wife of George Kihener residing in the State
of Indiana ; George Glossen, residing in Allegany
County, Maryland. Harriet Lance, a grand daugh
ter and danghter of Louisa wife of Daniel Lance,
both dec d, said Harriet a minor above fourteen
years of age, residing in Cumberland, Maryland,
and Margaret, wife of William Myers, dee'd, re
siding in Londonderry township. Bedford county,
to he and appear at an Orphans' Court, to be held
at Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on
the 15th day ofNoverahor, next. to accept ui ic
fuse to take the Roal Estate of said deuyased at
tbo valuation which has been valued and apprais
ed, in pursuance of a writ of Partition or Valua
tion issued out of our said Court and to the said
Sheriff of said County directed or show oause why
the same should not be sold. In testimony where
of I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of
said Court, at Bedford) the tjth day of September,
A. D , 1669.
Attest; O.E.SHANNON.
ROBERT STECKM AX, Sheriff. Clerk.
the Coroner, the Justices of the Peace, ami
Constables in the different Tuienslups in the
County of Bedford, Greeting: KNOW VK, that
in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under
the hand and seal of the Hon. ALEXANDER
KING. President of the several Courtsof Common
Pleas, in the Kith District, ounwsting of the coun
ties of Franklin, Fuiton, Bedford and Somerset,
and by virtue afhisoffice of the Court of Oyer aml
Terminer aud General Jail Delivery for the trial of
capital and other offenders therein, and the Gen
eral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Pence; and
the same Court in the same County of Bedford.
You and each of yon, are hereby required to he
and appear in your proper persons with your Re
cords, Recognizances, Examinations, and other
Remembranoes, before the Judges aforesaid, at
Bedfhrd, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and
General Jajl Delivery and General Quarter Ses
sions of the poaoe therein to be holden for the coun
ty of Bedford, aforesaid, on the. 3d Monday of
November, (being the \bth day.) 1869, at It) o'e/orf,
in the forenoon of that day, there and then to do
those things to which your several offices appertain
Given under my hand and seal the 2t?t day of
October, in the year of our Lord, 1869.
Bedford, Oot.. 16,1869. j w4
sons interested, are here-by notified that the
following accountants have filed their accounts in
the Register's Office of Bedford county, and that
the same will be presented to the Orphans' Cuurt,
in and for said county, on Tuesday, the )6tb day
of Nov., next, at the Court House, iu Bedford,
lor confirmation :
The administration acoount of John P. Reed,
Atlra'r C. t. a of the estate of James Taylor, lato
of the State of lowa, deceased.
Theaooountol Lewis Putt, Esq., Adm'r of all
and singular the goods and chattels, rights aud
credits which were of Joseph Crisman, Merchant,
late of the township of Liberty, county of Bedford,
Pa., dee'd.
The account of Samuel L- Russell, Trustee to
sell the real estate of Dootor William Watson,
dee'd, and administrator with the will annexed of
Eliaa Watson, dee'd.
The account of Samuel L Russell, adm'r with
the will annexed of Eliza Watson, late of Bedford
tp. dee'd,
The administration account of William Graoey.
adm'r of Martin T- Foor, late of East Providence
tp., deed
The aocount of John S. Sproat and John T.
Gephart, Ex'rso) the last will and testament of
Maj. Joseph Sellars, late of Bedford township.
dec d.
The account of John Stayer, guardian of Jacob
B. Miller, one of the children of Daniel T Miller,
late of South Wood berry tp., Bedford oounty,
The aooount of G H. Spang, guardian of Henry
Zimmors, minor child of feamuei Zi miners, late of
Bedford tp , Bedford county. Pa., dee'd.
The first administration account of Jacob L.
Albright and Josiah Miller, Sx'rs of the last will,
Ac , of Philip Deyore, lato of Londonderry tp.,
The account of David F. Steele and Thomas
Steele, Executors of the lad will, Ac., of George
F. Steele, Esq , lato of Liberty tp , deo'd, who
was guardian of William Rufus Bntrekin, minor
child of Alfred Entrekin, dee'd.
Certified October 17, 1869,
oct2!w4. a E. SHANNON, Kg'r.
I IST OF CAUSES put down for
J trial at November Term, 1869, (15th day.)
Jacob S. Brumbaugh vs Thomas k. Sleek*
Sophia W. Mullin vs Geo. Mullin's Kx'rs
Henry D. Mock vs William Hammers
Thomas Growdcn vs Archibald Blairet al.
W. B. Huffinan vs George W. Gump
Mary Ann King vs Thos. P. Studebaker.
Certified, October 14th. 1889.
Oct2lw4. O. E. SHANNON, Prothy__
j DECEA SED.— Letters Testamentary hav
ing been granted by the Register of Bedford coun
ty to the undcrsigued Executors of the last Will
and Testament of Levan Weimer, late ot Monroe
township. deoeased Ail persons indebted to said
estate are hereby notified to make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims will present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
0et19,1869. Executors
T AR. GEO. C. DOUGLAS will give
I f prompt attention to all professional business
submitted to his oare. Especial attention given
to Obstetrios, Diseases of Women, and all Chionio
OFFlCE:—Opposite Inquirer building. Resi
dence at Maj. Washabaugb's. Office hours from
Iff to 11 A. M , and 4tosP. M. augl9,'69tf.