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She TfiUcnl
r r , 's^ - -s ■ K*."
TTIFIRVUI Augmt 3, I* >&.
t > Wr,!'!T.
kU PACKER, of Carbon County,
Ju4* *<if '!• t H'-prtmr, Con*'
C, I, PERSHING, of Cambria Co,
.f. *, TiK KMIHOV. nff-Ufoi't f>.
In ilfiKap of Jfiti'irl Can 'cw ■
| % urttffjfiTir,
H, C. S( jfl fyi EK. Of lUrtffY'i CO.
{Suirjtrt ie it'mionej Pu'firt t'wt/c**" ;
JO//.V 111. Ll.>, OJ lift,l-.:. ujh.
M lhl.lMt KLYS Lit, '/ ./<*. lf
mtiJi if none, nf //.
C„ 71. li' ' • '
<n >imt i ir.tnn, of fr><r, ....
Port' fhr- rtr,
tit I 1/ h. JIM V/.. <■/ It'lljortl Ot.
*>ll L V Mot, run, of lltfl/orit lj>.
,1. li. 11l J IS, ' i H'UtU H'UKU rrr,./ tji.
It % I.f.Y TS TO! !t UK.'t TT
ItMil, Tbttik mid .1< ( !
Oar appen! i to th* th. otindid and
th* iodefwsn'lsn* Wc nrk oijly the fc-nl
utidurrhiH/t the i*sßr briars thfid. and thn(, nc-
Sar-'wling thett lby rcfiwt up.n tb<-ir -..."j
In 0-> prcici#*!* stiS 'hen dihrg: what they bc
lier t k* h#t auty when they "
their Saiiot' fn ■ rJer that ths f. fo
♦ot"'l opttß a' flic cb-ction may h f iiily
an-1 roily prtrenteS e> Ibr patlic th Bet ham
0 Mv.itf. wit! he- farcfthtd far ft,' q> -■
the fijtowing law rrt'
Oae Copy. '■ ix
Three eoplft ' 211
Pi re copies,,.. • • • • • ' 1 J
Toa<: >pi' ! 'l*l
Twenty eopiM.'.j. •' ,)u
In ail car ■ the en- - annst Be<sija>iy |k ''[• l'-r.
Wo reaper.liuliy atk the active nieu ol rur j i'y
U. get uj, etuba l'.r the eiuii|>aign a: evary p'.'O
..Hi *j IU the rounty. In tt '>th< r any can the go i
can e be mure effectively -'•ipjortfl than by tho
circulation * f Democratic new l j.aji it. Jl ought
to be m eay matter <■ rnisn n eiiib of twenty ,t
any j.wt ~f,re, A,t4re Sfe.ridts 4
He.lf-.r4 Pa.
v r r r; r- f r r " F
< .LAITY'S I'LiriUßH.,
Ketn/rrd. That we wholly approve the prim
pie-: ami policy of the iidioii i-tiation ot (ieneral
<irant, no twe heartily endor-e every entimeril
contained ir. hi.* irwngural •ddre-a .'lt,
iy du h'.l f'lj lutlj u oil fpjj'Ot e 11" t ti" .li"' -
mint to the Crust it "On. oj thr I 1 1 ■-' 1
pinpotrfl fry (.'ovi*r,tt /it/ito/i 1 * ' I i'l/if, ,ii h
Alt" "-hut ut. —Hath "tl Pt'tl/crnt "i
I'liilndrlltititt. .htm 21, 1 - v " E ' tl If
<fiiitit of July 2.
"■> a -S .•- - h - •> s s
J M -1 □ U ' . .* li *
When Congo - passed tlic XVth A
ivientlmcnt, ffov. (learv tlid not wait
a -Inglo day to examine the in* a tire,
but In hot haste trau.-miitt *1 it to : iie
legislature, with a message recommi n
ling *to use hb own language) "its
prompt ratification."
There are many pcr-on- callin c them
selves "Republicans" who declare they
will not support for re-election tho.-e
members of the legislature, who vote*!
for the ratification of the Amendment.
In this county hundreds have an
nounced their opposition to Mr. I. ng
♦'iieek* r, on this account. But Mr. l>.
a mi the rest of the Radicals in the leg
islature only enrrfod out the recom
mendation of Gov. Geary, in voting
for the ratification of the Amendment.
It follows, therefore, that those "Re
publicans" who cannot support
eneckcr, l>ec;n;®e of bis vol" f r the
XVth Amendment,cannot c •n-.istent
ly support Geary. The defeat of Eong
euecker and the election of Geary,
would he like hanging the acce-sorv to
a murder while rewarding the princi
pal. These two candidates are iu t!e
same Uat and should be sunk together,
only that Geary is tho pilot ann Eong
eiucker only a willing pas®* ogee,'and
a larger stone should be tied around
the neck ol the former than that which
is to produce the political death of the
Resides, the Radical State Conven
tion adopted a rcsoiutiou < pre-sly en
dorsing the X Vth Amendment. Geary
accepted the nomination on tills plat
form, au*l every vote; given for him
will lie claimed by tiie advocate.-, *>f the
Amendment as approving its ratifica
tion. Tlion-aiuD" of "Republicans,"
throughout the Male, petitioned the
legislature, la.-t wiut r, to reject the
Amendment, or postp* ue action on it
until the people could be heard in t!io
election of a new legislature, but tiu*'.r
prayer was scoffed at and despised^—-
<h*ary iirsd rc-oomia* uded the. "promj,t
ratification" of the Amendment, and
the Radical kghdatuuv while turning
a dull and senseless ear to th* 4 petitions
of tin* people, slavishly and blindly
obeyed the dictaliou of the auUdc-S
Executive. If there be any honor, of
truth, or conisWriry among "Repul*!
can®," they cannot vote for tiie re-elec
tion of Geary.
HLXTIa KV o. n:
"Old Ren tuck"" held an election on
Monday, and t!ie result is a Democrat
ic victojy yy -aU,OQD , majuriiy! Let us
have i'eacol
TllE„ JUuttMtauiih..Statu iCoinmittco
me* ts at xVltooan, on Tue>day, August
i f P#it X V'thvtw ■ 4n'ut, fh** princi
pal plank In d<*> not
enlarge, but contra*'in, popular right-.
VluUfT the <a it now i
, i, ibd ito> ii 'HUH iliHti the itsalai* of
; VY-Mangion, Hamilton, Frank#* and
M>Y ->U, (7n <ij th fit "J' enjoy
the privilege of de* Ming w ho -hall and
who 4 no*. if" voforv. Tit'? f if
-5 teehtfi Amendment projKv-'*to /,ke
' frohi thethts ptititeyt and to <*-
for on Uongi* the [. )' •: K ju.j all
laws - fry to < Hf ii'it- the theft.
Thf# i i>ut a verification of theadage
j that "power 1 always Mealing from
the many to the few.** When the peo
ple give up the right to control and
regulate the electiv*? frarichi-e for
tliffi! "-! v*s, they yit '": the only -af -
1 guard of republican ir-litutfon , Im
perial; m '}■ at the Ik Otn of th Fif
; t■< nth Amendment.
1, is admitted by the i lade a2 jotir
| naia that the legisialtiftt* of the la-t
three yearn have if en tin- most oor
' rupt that over a TTJ il< <I at ifarri -
hyrg. The reason for this is to IJC found
in the fact that there wu uo cheek uj-
OIJ them in the Ev cuti ve. Gea-y w; •
h irid-in-giove aral 'h> • k-hy-jowl with
j the "ro*e'er-*' and "pircher®" of t! • -
: legislative department. He belong
Ito the "ring© ' Uiat iufot tin capital,
i antl hi-i dgualure gnu.-'.-. * very little
! lull that iKtys ; "divid*". I" to the <■
1 legislative broker-, I- -ue'i a mart to
j be continued at the head .of our state
government tioee yea; - long* r? L'. t
honest and well meaning men, of both
1 Jail * leu, an-V. -r.
' Tim following we eliy from the
Frederick Ttrpuhll''<sii, edited by (,'oi.
ti. .X. li.o'-K, formerly of liii- (••• ci
ty, and a radical of tie- -'.rail* -! -< r.
Mr. Black is evidently disgusted with
; the radical journals of hi- native* Ante
in their elf'trts to ay am thing a
gainstA-a. Pa-k* Especially do w -
comua ad if- perusal to the "high
toned" editor of the Inquirer:
We do i at agree with the large
number of Republican journals which
unite' in c -ag A i Pacer, the
, Deihocr: jic i andidate for Governor ot
Perinsylvatua, "anti-d luvfori," "old
fogy," Ae. Any man who can, -'>! 1 y
through hi - own exertions, make a for
tune of twenty million* of dollars, is
pretty sure to be a clear-headed, wide
awake man. Wendniire energy an<l
pluck, anl do not like to -ceil decried
>imj!y be'- e e the jr *or is not a
I TWK liedforx! fnqnirrr, during the
• \v r, liorrov.ed from ' ora" follow it uii
cal "-!ang-u hanger," the epithet "Coj -
peril*-ad,' - \fhich it -ajttietimi s alibrt
viale-> into "Cop.," and which it con
siders so exceedingly smart that not a
1 -ingle i-.-'jc uj); ear- without ic ing lib
ca! papers have long siace grown tired
of tiiis infamous term, and not caring
to be -e<l with blackguard-*, have
'abandoned it-' ttso altogethipr. Cut to
' tl. ■ Inquire;' it 1 ■ ! - in the -e ad of
fact-,logic ami principle. If ti; it word
wi re to be expunged from lai;vo
cabul.ny, his !•. . i would bo tieutrai
in pf litkw, and, [lerlmp.-, in religion.
MMMi :
Demra'rats, examine the list- c*f vo
ter- put up by the registry,.and -re that
your names aud tiiose of your Demo
cratic neighbors are on them. Go to
T the Asse.-sor in person and K C that he
pul- your name on his Iht in your
presence, if he le a Radical, it will
be well for you to take a witue.-s along.
Tiie revision of tiie regi.-trc.tion com
meuced on Monday it; P,
A'.t'i IRA 1.1 X ATI OS I'trilU.
Democrat:' of the several districts
should see to it that all persons entitled
to naturalization obtain their papers at
next September court. Persons who
; servsl in the army one year and were
honorably discharged are entitled to
paper.-. Tw o witnesses are always ue
cc.-sary in cases ofapp|ication for last
papers. Time of residence and good
character must he proved.
TIIK D'Cl :dy Run Press advises its
party to "tie low" until within a few
. days of Uie election, aud to spring aj>-
jon us like the tiger from hi- lair, it is"
i opposed to masfl meetings anil a long
campaign; it wants the contest to be
"short, sharp and decisive." The
ReniocivF will have something to say
to liii-- They will be on the looit-out
for tliQ Radical animal no matter iiow
I iwv. it may. lie.
DEMOCRAT* will romernber that
{ their jio'.itical opponents are otily i>
t waiting opportunity to -trike. Re
on your guard. Yoil can expect no fa
vors from rhc c:. my. A. i ordingly as
you act'iy ar.d iiuuoi'ably in the
, caiiiisiign, sli csUcim-d by
i your party friends in tiie future. 'JVie
: J)r at j cracy ho a: dt '< rmiiiul that ercry
utun i.a iheir !u l:el t mtust Mid n/ttUt £*< c
leisUu. Dm every Democrat -o act that
he may shave in our triumph.
W\i. Mi l. lu.h.ii, iis-p, of Huston,
has tjcen appointed Cfuirnmu of tho
Ideflioeratic Hfate Comir.itteo, r/er "W*.
A. G.dbraftli, d* clim !. Col. Mutehb r
is a'mau of ability aud will organize
tii- D 'tnoemcy for victory.
Gold, quicksilver and coal oii are u
mong the discoveries in Wyuuiing
Wt) r JSvTJforls i&mvttt>
: -rrs: ■ ■
hi ti M; 4* uoritwi M MOV.
M L rx< ti r.K % NI MO*. 1 1TRI *
f.. rr.iciiiMi.
The following is the letter of Judge
I'.v ! r aitvpllng the Iv iiic-raHriwrni-'
j 'fMIA'OT fffi Mini nwim TH
. "■ Hon. (\ if lUo-h-ti ./•, Isu-'t*
<. t'c.fl'hj a,,ti Jf /e Monfttfh'm, pjfjXi*
Committee: —-OI;M EX': —At the
hi t convenF-nt ootuent I reply
to jmor ootnmuhhartion informing me
of tuy nominatioa by the Dewocratic
-tale Convention of the 3 >lh iu-'ant,
for the of Governor of R rmsyi
vaiiia. i desire to make due acknou !-
Igue iit for thin iiigh evidcie eof cs
teetn and friend-hip of rrtf felfow-citi
zert-. and te say that I accept the nom
iu ition tendered uie, having at th<;
ilciPdJon of my friend®, though with
unfeigned reluctance, lieen inducisl to
fK'rniit the u-e of my name for the
' nomination. My acceptance becomes
a m itter of course, if not duty, but 1
announce it with a deep -ense of the re
* pom.-bilfty; —nfied. >fy reliance in
s<*i pting the fo-itiotiof camlidatoand
, ;<gri*:ing to \, rforin the executive
rvicr- for the people, i- not alone up
oii my own i trcngtn orgrxxi iubHitiori-,
t but merely upon popular indulgenc*-
.*! g* . > -■■ipporl, and upon that
wiperiutcadiog Providence which can
th labors of public men. if i
b<- by <]• Vot'- oftil' |lf*o
- in tin* gubernatorial chair, f -hall
c idi avor to iius ; the '.xpcctatioos of
my friend and ail who h tve at heart
I true in tw-: of our great Comrnon-
Wf dlh. To this end i Miail labor to
- cure tho-c obj.-cts in which we fcoj a
( .'tjrimon Intercut and concern, among
which arrr the preservation of the state
(Tedit, the reduction of the expense* of
tl. StaN-government to tie-ir lowest
pr :clic. i {Kiiftt, thereby lessening the
bunien- and taxation of the ptsiple; the
..■•ourageLO* ritof a iiis-ral system of
iinprov roent for intercourse and
n ie, in oruer thai production may he
.•.(:;■■■ i, lc ; x>r more amply rewarded
and general prosperity -ecurr®!. the
just ex.saition of the law*© involving a
cautious and sparing use of power in
the purdon of orleiifiers, so tlial good
, itsi -hall F- kept among the people
and crime be uppres-rad; promotion
of the c t'ucation of our youth by a
ge; era! system of orgaui/. -d schools
and by -p< :al Institutions ofltoirning,
i> that knowle Ige and virtue shall IK.*-
come more and more solid foundations
of our fr* e political -vstem; and last
ly, the r< stonition of purity and char
; t* rto oar government by the putting
f,a. or preventing of-:> -i d and cor
rupt legislation and of all improper
u - or management of public funds.
To thegeneral objwrts, however,
i jld - add; d a careful attention by
the gov rnment to tiie interests of la
bor. Ifaviug vrnicl my bread by tie
i. ! or of my hands during the many,
a ;d i may add, the happiest years of
my ii; -, and owning whatever i pos
c--, under tiie providence of God, to
patient and honest toil, i CJin pever be
unmindful of the inter', .ts of those
with whom my entire life ha- been a—
-ociatcd. Inasmuch as my pursuits
and training have not qualified ni" for
: - h-tnakmg, or for solicitation of
v t* , it will not be expected that I
-11 :1 understand the* performance
of ac'iv duties in theeanvsiss about to
gin. But my life, conduct and char
acter ar ijefore my feilow-citiwns for
t:' ir amiaation, and they will af
.l -m bdter means of judging of
my fituessas a candidate for popular
support than anything i could now
- .v. 1 am, g* ntlemen, very re-peet
iravw. Ira, ASA PACKER.
The following i- Judge Pershing's !
letter of acceptance:
I'ifrr.AOELi'HiA, July 22. To Hon.
< ' (li !■ ii. if- trig ('. ('•>.- fitly
uud it. E. Monayhnn, Esq*., ('onnuittn :
-G ex :—Your note of t he 21st
in-', has b< en receive*l. informing me
of my nomination as democraticcandi- '
' te for Judge of the supreme Court
by the State Convention. Thisdi-tin
vdshe i honor i.s mo;e valued as it
in ■. n conferred without solicitation.
I accept the nomination, and should
thf action of the Con %' ntion IK- ratified
by :!••• pt".*ple, I shall end' avor to dis- i
charge the responsible duties of the po
iti'-n with impartiaiitv and fidelity.
B ot >P.d Srßixr. -. -A writer from
D dford Springs to th Morning Patri
o" talks in the following-train of mat
er-and things a* they appear on the
route to and about our watering place.
I arrived here on Saturday night la-t
af'.er a pleasant ride over the Pennsyl
vania Central and Huntingdon and
Broad Top railroads, supplemented by
ah althfut trot in one of Barclay &
tsiiot matter's ea=y and cosy coaches
fro.n Mt Dallas to this place. It wa
one of the plea&intest of quiet aft*, r
noons, on which I po--ed up the syl
van valley af the Juniata, that seem
ed to be asleep in the embrace of the
rugged mountains. It was Saturday,
and even the gentle noise of rural iu
dtr-try were hushed. The eniptv
wain, with wheels well "scorched,"
SUKKI in the ©tubble on the hill-side,
whilst here and there a -hock of wheat,
leaning towards a gradual fail, dotted
the surface of tiie harvest field grow
ing green again in the swift growth of
springing clover. "The hills seemed
farther and the streams sang low," the
scene recalling to the mind Buchanan
Read's pretty thought,
'The ru*"jt yer inhaled :he dreamy air.
Like some tanned reaper in his hour of ease,
When all the fields are lying brown and bare."
As we thundc-red along on the 11. A
B. T. B. It., there was just light e
nough to enable one to obtain a thrill
ing view of the trestle work below Sax
ton, and twilight fell gently upon u*
a* w -at down to a delicious supper of
ham and eggs and coffee at the "Wa
vrly Hon-*'," Sax ton, after which
the trip was speedily resumed. A few
.minutes' rides brought us" to Riddles
burg, where is located the newly erect
ed and v. ry extensive furnace of the
lveiubie Coal aud Iron Company, it
\vy quite dark when we aruved at
tins point, but the scene presented by
the long row of coke ovens in fnll
blast, illuminating stream and hill-side,
was truly aubiime. It seemed as if tiie
geuiu.-> Broad Top looked forth from the
Ricl<TT>'shurg gorge, with many fi. ry
gleaming eyes, and, though silent ti
the sphynx, prophesied in its muteness
the future wealth and glory of tin: re
gion. But 1 forget that lam trying to
write a letter, having been betrayed by
The ls*vaties of the -eenery along the
rout*', into a poor attempt to sketch a
landscape. Ib'venom a tios inoutun.*.—
And this last remark reminds me t!>at
Ave are at Bedford Springs, for here we
ever "return to our mutton," which is
always fresh and tender.
The number of visitors at Bedford
this season is quite as large us at form
er ones, but I do not find so many dis
tinguished personages here as at other
times. The L. U 1)'-and the N. P's
(noted politicians) do not ab )*} as
formerly. The Springs are under the
superintendence of j. J. Anderson,
Esq., one of the proprietory with Col.
A. tb Alien as manager ami Major A.
J. .Sausom as clerk. The guests are
comfortably lodged, the tables are well
supplied, and the grounds were never
in better condition.
New York is compelled to follow
the example of Philadelphia, by getting
her Board of Health to clean tho
Anna E. idekison favors the Chin
ese. j
Jt i~ reiwirted that a number of rafts
men. who hud tak'-n on th
tfWTM-f l>odK|Uf, ht Il tiiijif/itt. on the
Mi • -ippi, atiiojstHed U> uutkf free
n-; of the cabin, an 1, on ta-iiijjejux-D-<i,
WfloJ a riot, in which the parweti #
and craw puticipated, rosuitinif ' the
killing of eight persons.
'I if ;• -ly deveiopfiinent of rsti!-
wavH in i ndia, to ftr*iiitat the /-xfw/r
--tation of cotton, is engaging the active
aIU-ttUori of the British Cot to i .Supply
A vK/rriation. The uy-k of raw materi
al from America i-i imaffident to keep
th< osilL ,tf I.tncannhire fully engtm
B. V. Butler has written a letter on
the political -ituatioti in Virginia, in
.. .i< it iji- . iX y* that (Jongrw h the on
ly power that can r'-ufove the necessi
ty of the Diking of the teatosth by the
Bi'ifll) of tho Legislature.
i fe- I. iiidoO 'J'unfJS deeilin it iflJ|yi--i
--iblo Dj keep the Chinese out of this
country, u veil a- impolitic, and con
sider- theui a -afo element of aminUike
in colonisation.
A man committed uicid/- in Eng
land a day or two a;jo by throwing
himself under a rail rot td train. On his
P<-r >n Wii- found a nutniser of -securi
li r roblxM from the N'ew York Ocean
Bank sonic time ago.
fiie Cuban insurgents have lately
burned and otherwise destroyed much
in the vicinity of Trinidad.
They attacked Puerto Principe in
large force a few days ago, but
were rejul- -d witu considerable loss.
Gathering of blackberries, the pres
ent watson -hould not be neglecto<l by
our "ountry friends. There is money
in the b i-inr -. as when tlrifsl they
ooiitinand an excellent price. It: their
wild slate they can be had for gather
A little girl, named Katie Pitt, has r< -
'-ive i a premium in Piatt county, Mo.,
for committing to memory 13,007 ver
s"-of th' Bible. At tttssjunt- she
was still alive.
A -ix months' calf of the famous
, I>utclH- brt-'sJ was recently sold at Ge
u ;va, N. Y., forio.oiXl. A. J. A.'exan
der, of K *ntucky, was the reckless pur
1 he principal gamblers at Monaco are
Russians and Americans. Among the
latter are several females, who may
, IjC scan morning and evening at the
rough et nolr tables.
A f/w that died recently at Waterloo,
Canada, was dissected, and three suck
ers, one two feet long, and two small
ones -ix inches each, were found in
her stoma' h.
A lady in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, ;
has made 7 p vests within the past
twenty five years, by hand-work a
There is a lady in Button, New York,
who was marrie/J at twelve years of
age, who i- the mother of sixteen ehi!- '
dron, weight 210 pounds, and is "fair,
fat and forty."
Hon. I*uac Toucey, ex-Secrelary of
the Navy, who has been ill for some
time, died on the 30th in -t., at his resi
dence, in-llartford, Conn.
A Cincinnati man who recently vis
ited Maine wrote home that it was no
crest it to the people that they were
temperate as a class, since their water
wa- so good and whisky so poor.
A Frenchman has purehaeed live
thousand acres of swamp in Teunesee
and propose- raising frogs for the
Memphis market.
Chicago men have made contracts
for the regular delivery in that city
of fresh grapes from California by the
Pacific llailroad.
C m- ripaon i- said to be immensely
popular among the loyal Cubans, es
pecially those who have managed to
keep out of the field heretofore.
Napoleon 111., according to a Paris
report, will issue a general amnesty
for political offenders on the loth of
A party of Carlists Feroscon, at Spain,
was defeated Monday. The Govern
ment has received offers of assistance
in putting down the insurrection from
various quarters in Spain. Among
the offers is one from Espartero.
A brakeinan named A. Patterson,
living in South Bethlehem, was killed
on the North Penn. railroad, on the
night of the 13th inst., a short distance
from Qnakertown.
Judge Mercur, of Towanda, was on
Tuesday morning victimized to the
tune of four hundred dollars on the
Pen usy 1 vania rai I road, by pick -pockets.
Josit Bi CLINGS says ' "Givethedev
il his due, reads well enough in a prov
erb; but rai friend, what will become
uv me and you if this arrangement is
carried out ?"
A minister at a camp meeting said :
"If a lady with the blue hat, red hair
and cross eves, don't stop talking she
will be pointed out to the congrega
The Indians continue to commit
murder and outrages in Arizona.
Three soldiers, forming a mail escort,
are among th"ir recent victims.
Several guilty New York broker-are
to be sentenced on the 10th of next
A New York paper thinks the "girl
of the period" is the "American Girl,"
because she is rather "fast."
Tin.' Spanish garrison at Lis Tunas,
(Jitha, is suffering for want of provis
The failure of the crops in Norway
anil Sweden is sending many emi
grants to America.
Some of the coal companies in Lu
zerne and Carbon counties propose em
ploying Chinamen as miners.
There is said to be a man in Lancas
ter, Pa., named Joseph Herr, who has
not had half an hour's continuous sleep
for nearly four years,
A negro is under arrest in Nashville,
Tent)., charged with having uin*
There is a fault In Ihi* Atlantic cable
of 1866, be lieved to be about a hundred
and thirty mile" from Valencia.
; Bch en ck '# Polmuoic Syrup,
Seawall To*k ltd Mr. irake Pill*, anil (re Om-
Mtspiitm, Um t*i I> rpcj *i* jf la
k w.'stdtng u> Tbjr are *ll tbr*
le be Uaej. at tbe Mac slum;. Xbev
rie®*el. rrix tie liver *n4 pat it u, work ibvm
b appetite be**®/;* prk . tfa i<*A digeru act
IBikMeapd Mood . the patient begir-. to grow ia
flesh ; the diaeaaed otucr ripen ■ in the lottcx,
*ti bap*nit outgrow# the likck wud gjj,
well Tfci* i* the out 7 way to ear* eoMampiitiß
To tbe#* three atediein** Dr J H Sefceaek, of
Philadelphia. over bu unrivalled eaeeew in the
' treatment of pal/nonary eoßtoecrnioti Tbe Pol
u:'tLic -jnrp ripen* the morbid matter in Use
tang*. nature throw* it off by a& ea*y ezpeetora
ti. for when tbe pblegtc or matter ia ripe a
alight eoazb will throw st off, and tbe patient ha*
rest atsl the iengt begin to heal.
To do tai, tbe Seaweed Toste and Mandrake
Phl in oat be freely uaed to clean** tbe •tntaaek
and liver. m that tbe i'almonie tyrap and tbe
ta<ni will oiake good Wood
Sebenek * Mandrake Pill* met upon tbe lirer,
removing allobtnieUoa*, relax the duct* of tbe
gall- bladder, the bile start* freely, and tbe lirer
•t* aoon relieved ; tbe ftoola will anew what tbe
Pill? can do : nothing be* erer been invented ei
! tept calomel (a deadly poison whieb U rery dan
gemtu to cuw unless with great care , that wilt
no; -ck the gall-bladder and start* the secretion*
■if tbe lirer like Skbeaek's Mandrake Pile*.
Liver Complaint i* one of tbe moat prominent
: < of Consamptios
rkbenck's Seaweed Tonic is a gentle ttimalant
end alterative. and the Alkali in tbe Seaweed,
which tbi* preparation is made of. awiru tbe
.utociacb to throw oat tbe gastric jutee to dissolve
-be f'/od with tbe Pulmonic Syrup, and it i* made
into g>. 1 bio,i without fermentation or wourmg
in the rtouacb.
Tbe great reas-.-n why physician* do not care
consumption i*. they try to do too much ; tbey
give me iieine to *top tbe eoagb. to stop ehillr, to
stop night sweats, hectic fever, and by so doing
tbey derange tbe whole digestive power*, locking
up tbe eecrs'loa*, and eventually tbe patient
sink: and diet
l>r Seiieoek in hi* treatment, does not try to
-t/ip a o ugh. night sweats cbiii*. or lever Re
move tbe cause and tbey will ail rtop of tieir
own accord No one cab be cured of Coascmp
ti-,0- Liver Complaint, Ityspepeia, CataaTb, Cac
ker. d erated Throat, unlets the lirer sod (torn
aeb are made healthy
If -i person has Consumption, of course tbe lung- i
in some way are diseased, either tubercles mo
sce- .e*, bronchial irritation. pleura adhesion or
tbe lungs are a in*** of icftamtaatior. and fast de- ;
eaying In ach eases wnat must be dote It |
i- not only the lungs that are wasting, but it is
the whole body. The stomach at>4 liver have lost ■
their power to make blood out of food. Now tbe
only chance it to take Scheack * tbree medicines,
which will bring up a tone to tbe etoiuacb, the
patient wtil begin to want food, it wii! digest easi
ly an i insk . good blood : then tbe patient begin*
to gain in flesh, and at soon as the body begins to |
grow, tbe lung* commence to heal up. and the pa- !
tieat gets fiesby ani well. This is the only way j
to cure consumption.
When there is no lung disease, and only Liver 1
Complaint and Liyspepria, Scbcntk i Seaweed .
Touie and Mandraxe Piils are sufficient without
tbe Pulmonic eyrup lake tbe Mandrake Pills
freely in ail billious .ompiaints. as tbey are per
fectly harmless
fir Scbenek, who has enjoyed uninterrupted
health for many year* past and now weighs 225
pounds, was wasted away to a mere skeleton, in
the very last stage of Pulmonary Consumption,
bis physicians bating pronounced bis case hope
less and abandoned birn to hi fete lie was cured
by tbe aforesaid medicine*, and since his recovery
many thousands similarly agisted have u*ed Dr
Seheack s preparations with tho same remarkable
success Full directions accompanying each,
alike ionot absolutely necessary to peraonaliy see
Dr Sebenck, unless the patient* wi-b their longs
examined and for this purpose be is professional- !
ly at bis Principal Office. Philadelphia every j
lsy. where ail let ers for advice must be ad
dr*-*ed. He is also professionally at No. 32 Bond
Street. New York, every other Tuesday, and at |
No. do Hanover Street, Boston, every other
Wednesday. He gives aivi -e free, bat for a thor
ough examination with hi* Respi rxneter tbe price
i- i'j Office hours at each city from 9 A M to 3
Price - f the Pulmonic Syrup and Seaweed Ton
ic each $1 50 per bottle, or $7 50 a balf-doien.
.Mandrake Pill* 25 cents a box. For sale by ail
<1 ruggi *ts
inayisyl 15 N. 6th St., Philada , Pa
1. PRICES greatly reduce.] for cash. New 7
Octave Pianos of first-class makers for 1275 and
upward. Now Cabinet Organs for $45 and up
ward. Second band Instrument* from $4) to j
$175 Monthly installments received, and in- '
struments for rent. W'arerooms, No. 4s! Broad
Mon—Women—and Children !
Men—Women—and Children !
' Ceding to Scalds and Burns "
"Soothing to all painfu! wouDds. Ae. ? '
-Healing to all Sores, '.'leers, Ac"
Is the most extraordinary salve ever known. Its |
fiower of S-othing and Healing for all Cuts, Burns, j
Bruises. Sores. Ulcers, Chapped Hands and Skin.
for Sore Nipples, for Piles, Ac., Ac—is without a
parallel. One person says of it, 'I would not be
without a Box in my House, if it cost $5 W), or I
bad to travel all the way to New York."
| A*. F. Evening Xewi, Sep/. 5.j
All Druggists in Bedford sell it.
I ' That Cough will Kill you,"
Try "Costar's" Cough Remedy.
-Colds and Hoarseness lead to death,"
Try "Costar's" Cough Remedy.
-For Croups—Whooping Coughs, Ac.,"
Try "Costar's" Cough Remedy.
•'Costar says it is the boat in the wide world—
and if he says so—its True—its True —Us True;
and we sav Try it—Try it—Try it." | Morning
Paper. A'isf 2d |
lAll Druggists in BEDFORD sell it.
Bitter-Sweet and Orange Blossoms
- AT One Bottle. sl.oo—Three for $2.90.
"Costar's'" Rat, Roach. Ac., Exterminators.
•Costar's ' Bed Bug Exterminators.
"Costar's" (OSLY PORE Inseet Powder.
"Only Infallible Remedies known "
"IS years established in New York."
"2.(H)0 Boxes and Flasks manufactured daily."
"t I ! Beware ! 'of spurious imitations."
"All Druggists is BEDFORD sell them "
"CO-STAR," 10 Crosby St., N. Y.,
Or, JOHN F. HENRY, (Successor to)
DEM AS BARNES A CO., 21 Park Row, N. Y.
Sol 1 in BEDFORD by If Hier KKRMAX A Sox.
TARRH treated with the utmost success by J.
ISAACS, M D. t and professor of Dtita tea of the
Ef* and Ear in the Medical College of Penn
sylvania 12 years experience, (lormerly of
Leyden, Holland), No. SOii Arch Street Phils.
Testimonials can be seen at his office. The medi
cal tacuity are invited to aceompany their pa
tients, as he has no secrets in his practice. Arti
ficial eyes inserted without pain. No charge for
examination Julya.'fiSjl
for Young Men on the interesting relation of
Bridegroom to Bride, in the institution of Mar
riage,—a Guide to matrimonial ielicity, and true
happiness. Sent by mail in sealed letter envel
pes free of ehargo. Address, HOWARD ASSO
CIATION, Box P , Philadelphia, Pa. *
Special Not it*.
Men's, Youth's, Boys' and UffH&ntv.n'
Ota A*.*JKTMIST IT ow (alt end complete we
kir every desirable kind ud tiw
IfutMKM m wiWi< fna tfce saric-m
fair* all tie liferent stjle of cat, adapted to
si! uwteas. ieelading tb medium aci subdued
preferred by many. a? vet! a* tie latest sad
m>rt fashionable *yle.
Ot s LARGE STtecx enable* uf to keep at all timet
a fall acaortztiotii ao that all eaa be fitted at
ob est without delay.
Or* FPHCHAMS ttvirt **T* ICADE FOB cava,
AND having purchased largely of late, sinee
the DECLINE id woolens. our CUSTOMERS share id
the ADVANTAGE we hare that seeared-
OCK SALE* ELSG ro* Can* ESCirsrvELT we
hare NO had DEBTS to provide for. and are OUT
obliged to TAX toe paying customer to make
ap LOWER through those who do not pay
Or* READY -MADE FTIUIIN are superior to any
other .Stock 'A Ready-Made goods in Phila
delphia. any one eaa he at well fitted from
them F by GARMENTS made to order anywhere,
they are AT well made, and equal in every
respect, and MUCH cheaper Being manufac
•old cheaper than when made up singly : hat
for the accommodation of those who prefer we
bare also a
a choice selected stock of Piece Goods, A
priaing all styles and qualities Foreign and
Bmedie, which will be made up to measure
by competent and experienced Cutter- and
WORKMEN in a style equal TO the best.
SPECIAL -Vonci —Style, fit. and make of oar gar
ments surpassed by none. equalled by few.
All prices guaranteed lower than the lowest
elsewhere, and fall satisfaction guaranteed
every purchaser, or the sale canceled and
money refunded.
Half iriy between. < BENNETT A Co.,
Piftk and Tow K* HALL,
Sixth Streets, J 518 MAP.APT SR..
To Co-v-i'MiTiviu-.—The Advertis
ler. havini' been restored to health in a few weekf.
by a very simple remedy, after having suffered
' several years with a severe lung affection, and that
! dread disease. Consumption, is anxious to make
known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the
prescription used free oi charge, with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which
they will find a sure cure for Consumption. Asth
ma. Br.aehitis etc The object of the advertiser
in sending the Prescription is to benefit the af
flicted. and spread information which be conceives
; to be invaluable; and he hopes every sufferer aril!
j try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and
may prove a Messing
Parties wishing the prescription, will please ad
Williamsburg, Kings County. New York.
tc ayldfl
Error-- of Youth. —A gentleman
who suffered for years from Nervous Debility,
Premature be: ay. and all the effects of youthful
indiscretion- will, for the sake of suffering human
ity. send free to all who need it- the receipt and
directions for making the simple remedy by which
he was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by the
. advertiser's experience, can do so by addressing,
i in perfect confidence. JOHN E. OGDEN.
No. 42 Cedar street. New York.
Words of Wisdom for Young men,
j On the Holing Passion in Youth and Early Man
! hood, with SELF HELP for the erring and unfor,
i tucate Sent in sealed letter envelopes free of
charge. Address. HOWARD ASSOCIATION,
Box P., Pbila.. Pa. may2S,'69yl
—The undersigned offers for sale the follow
' ing valuable bodies of land :
containing IfiO acres each, situated on the Illinois
Central Railroad, in Champaign county. State of
Illinois, 8 miles from the city of Urbana. and one
mile from Rentual Station on said Railroad rrlwo
of the tracts adjoin, and one of them has a never
failing pond of water upon it The city of Urbana
contains about 4.000 inhabitants. Champaign
the greatest wheat growing county in Illinois.
Also —One-fourth of a tract of land, situated
in Broad Top township. Bedford county, contain
ing about 45 acres, with all the coal veins of Broad
Top running through it.
Also— Toree Lott in the town of Coalmont.
Huntingdon county
Jan 26, fifi-tf P C. REAMER
REAL ESTATE —By virtue of an order of
; the Orphan's Court of Bedford county, and author-
I ity in the last Will and Testament of Daniel Buz
, sard, late of West Providence tp . Bedford county,
deceased. contained, the undersigned. Executor
of the said last will and testament, and Trustee
for the Real Estate of said deceased, will expose
to sale by Public V endue. d:i Saturday. the 21if
day of August, \ D.. Ic6t>. upon the premises,
all the following described Farm and trsctof land,
situate in said tp.. to wit : all that certain tract of
j land, adjoining lands of Philip Snyder on the
East. Mountain Survey onthe West. John Bunard
on the North and John Mench and others on the
South, containing 192 Acres, more or less, about
fit) acres cleared and under fence and the
balance is well eovered with choice timber. The
improvements consists of a Good two story Log
Dwelling House. Log Barn and other out Build
. ings. There is a never tailing Spring of excel
i lent water near the Dwelling House and there is
! also an Orchard of choice fruit upon the premises.
This property is favorably located, in a pleasant
. neighborhood.convenient to Schools and Churches,
and is within three miles of the terminus of the
Bedford Kail Road, at Mt Dallas
Sale to begin at 1 o'clock. P. M., of said day.
when due attendance will be given and Term?
made known by
Executor and Trustee for the Sale of the Real
Estate of Daniel Buzzard, dee'd. (juUfiwi
_J ESTATE.—The undersigned, Executor cf
i the last will, Ac., cf John Miller, late of Cum
| berland Valley Township, dee d . will by virtue of
j the power given him by the said Will, soil at public
sale, on the premises in said Township, on 1 Votings,
day. the 2itk day oj August, inst. at 10 o'clock,
a. in., of said day, all the Real Estate of said de
ceased. situate in said township, consisting of a
: TRACT OF LAND containing fi7 acres, more or
less, part improved, with an orchard and never
I failing spring f water thereon ;—adjoining lands
j of Lorenzo D, Cessna, Henry Miller and Henry
i -Miller, Jr's heirs, Adam Zembower. Thomas
[ Growden and Jacob Miller, Jr. Tnis tract would
make a snug farm and is in a pleasant neighbor
j hood.
Terms,—Oae third cash, and balance in two
■ <>huj,l annual payments to be secured bv bonds
I and mortgage, or jugments. JAS. CESSNA.
Now is tub Time to Bev Cheap Real Estate
The subscriber will sell at private sale, on very
! very reasonable terms, and at reduced prices, the
; following described, very valuable real estate, viz
A TRACT OF LAND situated in Morrison's
j Cove, about one mile from Lafayettsville, and
four miles from Woodberry, in Middle Woodbcrry
twp., containing 102 acres, more or less, about 45
acres cleared and under fence, with one and a
half story log house, log barn, blacksmith shop
and other outbuildings, adjoining lands ef Jack
son Stuekey on the east, Christ. Kochendcrfer on
the north, John Kesgy on the west, and Ignatius
Brant s heirs on the south This can be made one
of the neatest and most pleasant little farms in the
Cove with very little expense. There is an abund
ance of water, plenty of fruit and splendid timber
upon it—all that is necessary to mak3 it desira
| ble.
■ two miles of Bedford, containing 22S acres, about
j 150 ycreg of which are cleared and in a high state
! of cultivation and the halanoe well timbered.
There are excellent new building erected thereon
J with a well of never failing water at the door,
j There are two orchards of choice fruit upon it. 75
acres of meadow, (River Bottom) can be cultiva
ted with trifling expense. The upland is in a
good state ot cultivation, well set with clover and
under good fence There is sufficient timber upon
it to pay for the farm several time* if thrown into
the Bedford market. Apply to
J- R. DL'RBOKROW, Attorney at Lew,
- Bedford, Pa.
PRINTERS' INK has made many a
business man rich We ask o to try it in
the Hilumae of tsi Uajwtb
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Bronchitis, Asthma, and Catarrh cured by
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MACHINE, in our advertising colu tuns, novtiyj