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Home and Around.
mo 'atiou Train leaves Saxton at 7.35 a. ni and
arrives at Huntingdon, at 9.30 a.m.; leave? Hunt
ingdon at 4.40 p m.. and arrives at Saxton at
6.38 p. m.-
Mail Train leaves lit. Dallas at 1.00 p. in., ar
rives at Huntingdon at 1 17 p. in.; leaves Hunt
ingdon at 7.50 a. in., and arrives at Mt. Dallas a
11.05 a. m.
COURT.—This is Court- week, we are
told, hut there are hut few people in
town to attest the fact. The weather
is very tine and fanners are. taking ad
vantage of it, to attend to their work.
This is sensible. Let the Court and the
lawyers do their business, themselves.
Bread is better than law.—Judge D.
W. Howe, the additional law judge for
this district, arrived here on Monday
NEW DRESS. —Our neighbors of the
Fulton Donor-rat, have brought out
their sheet in a brand new dress. The
Democrat is an excellent little paper
and deserves the united support of the
gallant Democracy of little Fulton.
REMOVAL.— L. Doflbaugh has re
moved his Gunsmith shop to the build
ing in the rear of Hartley's Hardware
store, near the bridge on the llolli
daysburg road.
THIS WAY !—Hartley and Metzgar
.invite the attention of the public to
their advertisements in another col
umn. Children's Wagons, Genuine
Greeneastle Grain Cradles, and other
nice things are to be had at their store.
applicant for the benefit of the bank
rupt act, after the Ist of June next,
must show that he lias property suffi
cient to pay 50 cents on the dollar, or
has obtained a release from enough of
his creditors to pay 50 cents on the
dollar to the remainder.
Dr. 11. L. Baugher, President of Penn
sylvania College, at Gettysburg, died at
that place, on the 11th ult. Dr. Baugh
er was an eminent scholar and divine,
and his loss will be severely felt by the
institution over "which he presided
with such marked ability and useful
FULTON COUNTY.—We learn from the
Fulton Democrat, of last week, that Ex-
Sheriff David Fore, of that county,
died on the 18th inst., after a brief ill
ness. We knew Mr. Fore well, and it
grieves us to record the death of so
good and true a man. May he rest in
new Italian belles were baptized oy t lie
Pope, a short time ago—thousands of
American belles are self baptized eve
ry day, with PIIALONS "FLOII DE
MAYO," the new perfume for the
handkerchief. Sold by all the drug
"How ill white hairs become a fool
and jester," said Henry IV. How ill,
indeed,theybecoineanyone. 'Barrett's
Vegetable Hair Restorative,'occasion
ally applied, will keep the hair fresh
and glossy in old age as in youth. To
this valuable article was awarded the
only prize medal over all competitors.
Tri-States Union.
A WRITER in Jitaek wood's Magazine
gives the following excellent advice to
talkers : "No one who wishes that con
versation should be pleasant to his
neighbors as well as himself, should
speak more than two or three sentences
at once. However much we may have
to say, it will be held the more agreea
bly said for giving others the opportu
nity of assenting, illustrating; qualify
ing, or even contradicting. The ball
needs to be returned by the opposite
player to make a lively game."
CURE FOR CROUP.— Dr. Trevitt, edi
tor of the Columbus (Ohio) Crisis, and
an experienced physician, publishes
the following:
Croup. —As this is the season of the
year in Which this infantile disease is
most prevalent, we publish the follow
ing recipe from the Paris Medical Ga
zette: "Mix one tea-spoonful of sul
phur in a glass of water, aud give a tea
spoonful of the mixture every hour.
The disease is cured in two days, the
only symptom remaining being a
cough arising from the loose pieces of
false membrane in the trachea."
devil is responsible for the following,
which may be of interest to emigrants
who are journeying thither; he says
thej-itate is bounded by hugging and
kissing on one side, and cradles and
babies on the other. Its chief produc
tions are population, broomsticks and
staying out late at night. It was dis
covered by Adam and Eve, while try
ing to find a passage out of Paradise,
the climate is sultry until you cross
the equinoctial time of housekeeping,
when squally weather sets in with such
power as to keep all hands as cool as
cucumbers. For the principal roads
leading to this interesting State, con
sult the first pair of bright eyes you
run against.
No loss can be more fatal to beauty,
especially in the female sex, than the
loss of the hair; glossy, luxuriant hair
is one of the most powerful of all per
sonal charms. When baldness or even
a deficiency of hair exists, we naturally
look for a dry and wrinkled skin, a fa
ded complexion; when not actually
seen, we see them in imagination.
Why, then, not cultivate your hair?
Encourage it and strengthen it; or if
your hair is grey or white, the natural
color can be restored by a few appli
cations of Mrs. S. A ALLEN'S impro
ved (new style) llair restorer or Dress
ing, {in one bottle.) Price one Dollar.
Every Druggist sells it.
The following amendment to the law
relating to fishing in the Susquehan
na river and its tributaries, were re-j
cently passed through both houses of
the Legislature, and have been appro-;
ved by the Governor;
A supplement to the act relating to the i
passage of fish in the Susquehanna'
river and certain of its tributaries.
Bo it enacted, d-c., That the fifth section
of the act to which thi-> is a supple- |
inent, be and the same is hereby amen
ded so as to read : Section fifth. It shall
not be lawful for any person or persons |
to build, extend, or place any fish bas
ket, fish trap or other device, perma
nent or temporary, in the nature of a
fish basket, or fish trap, across or at
any place in the Susquehanna river, or
other streams designated or embraced
in this act, neither shall it be lawful to
fish with any seine or other system of
entrapping in numbers, within two
hundred yards of any sluice, or other j
device, erected for the passage of fish
as described in this act, or upon or about
any dam or sluice that shall have been
erected for the passage offish as descri
bed in this act, or upon or about any
dam in or upon which such sluice shall j
have been erected, or to draw any seine
or net in any of the said rivers or
streams within one-half mile below any i
of said sluices, or to use any device or
means to frighten the fish or spawns, or
fry, or otherwise to prevent their free
passage up or down the said streams,
or passage ways, at any distance what
ever from said dams, and any person
offending against the provision of this
section, their aiders or abettors, shall
be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on
conviction thereof shall be fined in any
sum not less than one hundred nor
more than one thousand dollars, and he
imprisoned, at the discretion of the
court, for a period of not more than
twelve months, one-half of the fine a-!
hove mentioned to be paid to the in
former, or complainant; information
may be laid as in any other case of mis
demeanor by any citizen before any jus
tice of the peace in t lie district in which 1
the offence shall be committed; and it
shall be the duty of all constables, in
their townships, wards, or districts, to
keep special watch and make return of
any violation of this law to each an 1 eve
ry court of quarter sessions in the coun
ty, or counties, in and for which they
may be constables, as in the case
of other misdemeanors, coming within
the line of the duty of said constable as
guardians of the peace and of which'
they are bound to take notice and make '
SEC. 2. The office of commissioner
designated in the act to which this is a
supplement, is hereby further contin
ued under theappointment of the Gov
ernor and as provided lor in said act,
but shall cease and determine on the .
31st day of December, I*o3, the duties
of said commissioner in addition to,
and in connection with those now spec-1
ified by law, shall be to use bis best en-'
deavors in general furtherance of the !
objects of these acts, and if any concur- j
rent legislation be necessary in conjunc
tion with the State of Maryland, to
ascertain and report such proposed leg
islation to the Governor, who will sub
mit the same, with his recommenda
tions favorable or otherwise without
delay to the legislature of this common
wealth, and theduties of the said Com
missioner shall be furtiier extended so
as to include the consideration of and
reporting to the Governor such action
as may be necessary and practicable in
view of the planting and propagation
of edible tish in such of the rivers and
streams ot this commonwealth as may
be fitted for the same.
Speaker of the House of Representa
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved the ninth day of April,
one thousand eight hundred and six>y
eight. JNO. W. GEARY.
A NEW GAME RAW.—The Legisla
ture of this State has passed a very
stringent law for the preservation of
game and insectivorous birds. The bill
provides that it shall not be lawful for
any person within the Commonwealth
to shoot, kill, or in any way trap or de
stroy any blue bird, swallow, martin, or
other insectivorous bird at any season of
the year; that no deer, fawn or elk
shall be hunted or killed between the
first of December and the first of Sep
tember in any year; that no wild tur
key, pheasant or rabbit shall be hunt
ed or killed between the first of Janu
ary and the first of September in any
year ; that no partridge or quail shall
be taken or killed between the 20th of
December and 20th of October; no
woodcock or snipe shall be killed be
tween the first of March and the first of
j September; that no wild turkey, pheas
ant, partridge, quail, woodcock or snipe
1 shall be trapped or taken by means of
j traps, snares, nets, springs, or other
I means of taking such birds other than
by shooting, at any time whatever,
nor shall any trap, net or snare he
made, erected, or set either wholly or
i iii part, for the purpose of such trap
ping or taking ; that no eggs of any
kind of birds.above enumerated and
! hereby declared to be game, or any
insectivorous birds shall be taken or
destroyed at any time.
i sant spring weather we are now en
joying, will set the sap to ciieulating,
i and prepare the chestnut and willow
i for whistles. The boys will soon be at
i it, and we shall have the shrill sound
piercing our ears from every direction.
Wo love to think of those things with
which we beguiled many an hour in
happy childhood sport. Holmes, in the
I Atlantic Almanac, says: "Who does
not love to make a willow whistle, or
to see one made? Can you not recall
your first lesson in the art—the cutting
of the flexible bough, the choosing a
smooth part, pa sing the knife around
i , above and below, pounding it judi
' ciously, wringing it earnestly, and teel
; ing the hollow cylinder of bark at last
slipping on the sappy, ivory white,
fragrant wood ? The little plaything
j grew, with growth of art and civiliza
tion, to be the great organ which thun
ders at I lariem or in Boston. Respect
the wiliow whistle."
THE NUKSERY. —We have received
this excellent little monthly for May.
If you would make your younger
children happy, and do them good, let
them have a monthly visit from The
A ursery. It will be better than all the
playthings and picture-books that you
could buy for live times the money.
*1.50 a year in advance. Address John
L. Shorey, 13 Washington st., lioston,
has often been said that history repeats
itself, and that one may find a parallel
for any condition of the state or the na
tion by consulting the records of histo
ry. The same may be said of the fash
ions. They are constantly repeating
themselves. Our grandmothers can
tell of a time in their youth when the
fashion of wearing the hair was almost
precisely similar to that of the present
day. Hoops were worn hundreds of
years ago, while the high heels to be
found on the shoes of nine out often of
the. women of the present day are not
a novelty by any means. We remember j
the time when tight pantaloons were j
a!! the rage—the tighter the better.—
The latest indications from England
dress coats are going out, and that blue
concerning the fashions are that the
black coats with brass buttons, the same
as those in whichour fathers and grand
fathers courted our mothers and grand- .
mothers, are corning into fashion.—
Hunt up your blue coats with brass j
buttons—they are again the agony.
GUARD.— The contents of the present
issue of The Old Guard are of especial
interestl. "The Nature of the Rump
Revolution," by the Editor. 2. "As
torre Manfredi" (continued). The two
chapters, X. and XL, C'tesar Borgia
and his Evil Genius, and The Abduc
tion, are full of power. 3. "Dead Un
der the Roses" —Chapters XI. and
XII., "When the Heavens Look
Troubled Thus, Earth Can't be Long at
Peace." 4. "Thine Eyes" (poetry);
"The Ivy and the Oak" (poetry); "Ep
igram' (poetry); 'Those Eyes' < poetry);
5. "Types of Mankind" (by Dr. Van
Evrie)-TheEsquimaux. <>. "Subßosa,"
a Maiden's Love Story. 7. Moral and
Intellectual Characteristics of Savage
Races." .S. "Horrible Persecution in
the South." H. "Pendleton's Plan."
10. "Is tlie Democratic Party United?"
11. "History of the Tenure of Office
Bill." 12. "Our Book Table," shoe
ing a very choice selection of dishes;
and the "Editor's Table," which is well
.sustained, completes one of the most
readable numbers of The Ohl Guard
yet issued. Single copies, 25 cents ; $3
per year. Van Evrie, Horton & Co.,
publisher. , Xo. 102 Nassau street, New
This publication improves with every
Number. It contains double the a
mount of reading matter which it did
at first, and has a succession of the bril
liant colored pictures and toy novel
ties which have done so much to estab
lish its reputation. It is a bright, clear
and instructive little Monthly. We
recommend it to all who wish to sup
ply their families with a good juvenile
periodical. Subscription price, $1.50,
with a premium knife or microscope,
etc. Publication office, 473 Broadway.
READ the Regulator's advertisement,
in another column.
-■ •
Brv cheap Clothing, hats, furnishing
goods, Ac., at Berkstressers.
placed our books and accounts in the
hands of John P. Reed, Esq., of thsi
place, for collection. All accounts for
subscription for the year ending Au
gust 1, 18(58, remaining unpaid, are in
cluded in the bills which Mr. Reed is
authorized to collect. We have been
compelled to resort to this course in or
der to obtain a settlement of our ac
counts. We have too much to do to
attend to making out bills, and we
are tired of dunning. >ney we must
have, as we have many debts to pay,
and we desire to act honestly with our
creditors. Therefore, we ask all to
pay ilr. Reed, who can, and those who
cannot, we ask to call and settle. If
there is any thing in their accounts by
which they consider themselves ag
grieved, let them call on us, and we
will make all right that is not right.
Friends, let us have the old scores wip
ed out, and begin anew.
—Fenianisin is spreading in New
Zealand, where of late the heavy gales
have been very destructive of human
life and of property.
—Yellow fever continues to 'spread
at Callao—the deaths averaging thirty
—One year's residence in the domin
ion of Canada is to be made sufficient
for naturalization papers.
—A bonded warehouse and distil
lery have been burned in Cincinnati.
Corrected every week.
Phii.adel.phia, April 29
FLOUR. —The quotationsare—
Northwest superfine, $7.<)()( 7.50
Northwest extra, 8.(X)( 9.0(1
Northwest extrsi' family;' fo.oofe li.7"">
Penna. and West'n sup., 7.50("8.30
Penna. and West'n extra, 8.50(9.50
Penna. and West'n family, 11.00(<', 12.50
Penna. and West'n fancy, 13.00(rt 15.00
Rye flour, 8.50(3 9.00
(i RAIN. —We quote—
Pennsylvania red, per bus., $2,800' 2.8.)
Southern "
California, "
Itye, 44 0.00(7:1.90
Corn, for vel., 44 1.20(^1.23
Oats, ' 44 (g,9oe
PROVISIONS. —We quote—
Mess Pork, per bbl.,
Bacon Hants, per lb., lS(V£l9c
Salt Shoulders, 44 IOwOOJc
Prime Lard, 4 * 13c
SEEDS. —We quote
Cloverseed, per bus., at $7.50@8.00
Timothy, 44 2.50(c 2.00
Flaxseed, 44 2.45(^2.50
SUCKLER—BARN HART—Oa the 19th of
April, by the Rev. H. Heckerinan. Joseph H
Stickler to Miss Elizabeth Barnhart, both of Bod
ford township.
DIBEKT—CROYLE—On the 21st of April, by the
same. Jonathan Dibert to Miss Mary Jane Crovle,
all of Bedford township
REIGIIARD—On the 20th of April, Cyras, old
est son of Abraham and Caroline Reighard, of
Bedford tuwuship, aged 12 years, 3 months and 5
days. The deceased was a pious and intelligent
youth. He possessed much natural goodness of
heart, to which he added the precepts ot the Bi
ble and the love of everything pertaining to Christ
and the church. A few moments before he expir
ed, he took a most affectionate leave of his parents
and others around him. saying he was. now going
to meet God, and exhorted bis brothers to be good
boys and meet him in Heat en He was beloved
by alt who knew bim, and his death rauoh regret- |
gcic gUrcrtiscments.
Wagons, Carts and Wheel-barrows, Baskets:
of all kinds. Rope and Twine of all sizos, Old Ham
mered Shovel Molds, Gate Hinges. Bed Irons, and
many things new ami useful at the Hardware i
Store of HARTLEY A METZGER. mavltl_
only Agents in Bedford eo. for the Original
Genuine Green Castle Gram Cradles. Persons
needing cradles should call soon at Hartley A
Metzgcr's, as the supply of 'genuine Green Cas
tles'' is limited.
If ET EVERYBODY, wanting any
j thing in the Hardware line, call at HART
LEY A METZGER'S. They have the largest
stock of goods ever seen in a country store, and
as they buy all for cash .arid many things direct
from the manufacturer's, they can and do sell at
city prices
Notice is hereby given that letters of admin
istration have been granted to the undersigned, by
the Register of Bedford county, upon the estate of
G. R. Barndollar, late of Middle Woodbury tp.,
Bedlord county, dee'd.
All persons indebted to said estate are request
ed to make immediate payment, and those having
claims can present them, duly authenticated for
settlement. D. L. KEAGY, adtu'r.
has re-opened the Furniture and Cabinet business
in that part of town, and is prepared to furnish
cheap rates. Cull and examine his work before
purchasing elsewhere. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Special attention paid to the manufacture and
furnishing of coffins. Terms reasonable,
may I in 3
pursuance of an Act of Assembly, to Pro
vide for the collection of State, County! Poor and
Military Taxes in the county of Bedford, approved
the 13th day of April, 1863, 'he undersigned will
attend at tho times and places below named, be
tween the hours of 9 o'clock, a. in., and 4 o'clock,
p. m., for the purpose of receiving such Taxes, for
the year 1868 :
Monday, June I—Harrison township, at the house
of Joseph Cessna.
Tuesday. June 2—Juniata township, Buena Vista
Wednesday, June 3—Napier township, at New
Thursday, Juno 4—Napier township, and Schells
burg Bor., in Sehellsburg.
Friday, June s—East Providence township, at
D. A. T. Black's store.
Saturday, June 6—West Providence township, in
Bloody Run.
Tuesday, Juno 9 —Snake Spring township, at the
house of Joseph Alortimore.
Wednesday, June 10—Union township, at the
house of John Reighard.
Thursday, June ll—Union township, at Mowry's
Friday, Juno 12—St. Clair township, in Pleasant
Saturday, June 13—St Clair tp. and St. Clairs
ville Bor., in St. Clairsville.
Monday. Juno 15—Londonderry township, at
Wednesday, June 17—Cumb. Valley township, at
Thursday, June IS—Colerain township and Rains
burg Bor., in Itainsburg.
Friday, June 19—Bedford township, in Grand
Jury Room, Bedford.
Saturday, June 20 —Bedlord township, in Grand
Jury Room, Bedford.
Monday, June 22—Souihampton township, atWm.
Adams' mill.
Tuesday, June 23—Monroe township, at Clearville.
Wednesday. Juue 21—Bloody Run Boiough,
Bloody Run.
Thursday, June 25—Middle Woodbury township,
in Woodbury.
Friday. June 26—Middle Woodbury township, in
Saturday, Juno 27th—South Woodbury township,
at J. B. Notle's mill.
Monday, June 29—Sexton Borough, in Saxton.
.Tuesday, June 30 —Liberty township, in Stonets
Wednesday, July I—Broad1 —Broad top township, and
Coaldale Bor , in Coaldale.
Thursday, July 2—Hopewell township, at Win.
A. Grove' 9.
Friday, July 3—Bedford Borough, in Grand Jury
"All persons in said county who shall, on or be
fore the 23th day of July, aforesaid, pay to the
said Treasurer the amount of his or her taxes,
shall be entitled to a deduction of 5 per centum
A schedule of all unpaid taxes on the 20th day
of August next, will be made out and delivered
to a Jusiice of the Peace for collection.
maylw4 I. MENGEL, Treasurer.
takes pleasure in informing his friends that he
hat taken The Old Store all to himself, and in
tends as formerly, keeping nothing but the best
goods at
Remember always to call at So 2 ASIIERSOS'S
Row, where you will always find H. F. IRVINE
prepared to sell as cheap as the cheapest.
Ererybody in search of Boots.
Shoes and Gaiters, should
eall at Irvine's Regulator
Everybody in search of Glass
ware, should call at Ir
vine's Regulator.
Everybody in search of
Queensware, should call at
Irvine's Regulator.
Everybody in want of Spices
of any kind, should not
fail to call at Irvine's Reg
Everybody in search of Su
gar, Tea or Coffee, should
not fail to call at Irvine's
Men loving good Tobacco,
shbuld call at Irvine's
Regulator, as he keeps the
Everybody wanting good
Neck-ties. Collars, Ac.,
should call at once at Ir
and Business men generally will advance
their own interests by advertising in the columns
seu- 2Uvrr?i,smcttts.
Of your own selection, free of cost, for a few days'
service in any town or village. Particulars and a
gift sent free, by addressing with stamp. N. 11.
CLOU OMAN A CO . 40 llan..verSt . Boslon, Mass.
(•old and Silver Watches', Sewing Machines,
Silk Dress Paterns. Carpetings, Domestic
Goods. Ac,
giving full particulars, or ten checks sent for One
Dollar, describing ten different articles which
we will sell tor
Splendid inducements offered to Agents sending
us Clubs. Address, LABOXTE A BABBITT,
No. 83 Sudbury Street, Boston, Mass.
JJ World are wanted as Agents for our O.VE
DOILAR SALE. A Watch, a cut of Cotton, a Dress,
a Carpet, and thousonds of other articles, forSl.OO
each. Send 25 cents for 2 checks and circulars
giving full information. Liberal inducements to
Agents. Circulars sent free.
221 Washington Street, Boston. Mass
I We are agents for over ONE HUNDRED For
eign and Domestic Manufacturers, and are pre
pared to furnish the whole country with Dry and
Fancy Goodv, St Us, Shawls. Jewelry, Silver
Ware, Furniture, Pianos, Sewing Machines.
Ac., Ac., at the uniform price of
Send your clubs of 10 and upwards, for descrip
tive checks, showing what article can be obtained
for One Dollar, with 10 cents for each check.
Presents worth from $3 to SIOO sent free of
charge to agents sending clubs.
Agents Wanted in every Town. CI'SHMAN A
CO., 10 Arch Street, Boston, Mass.
a beautiful article tor the assistance of ladies in
hand sewing, not only protecting the finger from
the ugly prick of the needle, but. being provided
with a rib, the stitches are made with EXACT
REGULARITY, and increased rapidity. It also
keeps the point of the needle in perfect esndi ion.
For all kinds of embroidering and crocheting it is
The GUIDE is elegantly silver-plated, and will
sell at sight to every lady. Sont to any address,
by mail, on receipt of 25 cents, or solid silver,
fur 75 cents.
Agents wanted in every town. Terms and sam
ple for 25 cents. Liberal discount to the trade.
Address NILES MAXUF'G CO., 55 Water St..
Boston, Muss.
ami selling every description of Dry And Fancy
Goods, Plated Ware, Jewelry, Watches, Sewing
Machines, Ac., for the uniform price of ONE
We would impress upon our patrons that our
Stock is not composed of second-hand Goods or
Pawn Brokers' unredeemed Stock, but Goods care
fully selected direct from American and European
Manufactories, the greater portion of which are
which fact enables us to offer our customers better
Goods for the money than those who profess to be
"Manufacturers' Agents," or than CAN BB OB
Ibe unparalleled increase of our business, ami
the endorsement of prominent business men and
the press in general, is a convincing proof that
we have adopted the fairest and most popular
system ever placed before the public We are
the first who have attempted to make a "Revolu
tion in Trade." by enabling the public to procure
goods in small quantities at manufacturers' prices,
thus saving the consumer three large profits made
in passing through the hands of the Commission
Merchants, the Wholesaler, and Retailor.
Send Clubs of ten or more, with 10 cts. for each
descriptive check, and the getter up of the club
will receive a present worth $1 to S3OO, according
to number sent.
We have also made arrangements with the
of Boston, so that we can furr.ish our oustomcrs
li 'ilk other Goods and a fuli line of Teas at pre
cisely the same terms to Agents as though deal
ing directly with the company, thus giving an
opportunity of selecting from the various grades
any quality ttiey may desire. We also pay agents
the sume commissions as allowed by the Company.
Blank form of order, with price-list and ••The.
Tea. Cup," sent to any address. PARKER A CO.,
Nos" 64 & Gfl Federal St., Boston.
And will present to any person sending us a elub
iu Our Great
Watch, Piece of Sheeting. Silk Dress Pattern. Ac ,
Our inducements during the past few years have
been large.
Our friends will readily notice our Presents for 30
and 60 Clubs are now more than equal in value
to Clubs of 60 and 100 respectively of other
Any person ordering either of the Clubs men
tioned below, can have t heir selections of premi
ums enumerated, corresponding to the size of the
For a club of 30, ($3.) —One of the following ar
ticles, viz: Delaine dress patern ; fancy colored
bed spread; 100 view Turkey morocco album; 20
yards sheeting; striped cashmere delaine dress
pattern ; honey comb quilt; all wool fancy cash
mere pants and vest pattern ; gent's hair guard
chain gold trimmings; silver plated chased butter
dish; silver plated 0 bottle revolving castor, on
feet; set superior steeled bladed knives and
forks ; worsted promenade shawl ; ladies' long
gold plated chain ; ladies' gold double ring; gents'
heavy chased solid gold ring; solid black walnut
work box or writing desk : extra quality balmoral
skirt; set jewelry .sleeve buttons to-match ; vio
lin and bow ; gent's, cardigan jacket; splendid
ebony D flute, ivory trimmings; superior Turkey
morrocco shopping bag ladies' high cut balmoral
For a club of 60 (sß)..—One of the following arti
cles, viz : Black oreolured alpacca dress pattern ;
poplin dress pattern ; one piece of bleached or
brown sheeting; engraved, silver-plated, G bottle
revolving e stor; 3 1-2 yards superior cashmere
for pants and vest pattern; extra heavy h. ney
comb qui! t; two lancy colored bedspreads; pair
gent's calf boots; 4 yds. farmers' good wool froek
iug; fancy cashmere plaid dress pattern; best
quality balmoral skirt; rosewood brass alarm
clock ; ladies' all wool cloak pattern : silver plated
o.ike or card basket; fur muff or cape; ladies'
fashionable wool double shawl, splendid clasped
family Bible, 9x12 record page and engravings; 3
yds. double width water proof cloaking; set ivory
handle knives, with silver-plated forks; set silver
forks ; one set lace curtains.
For a olub of 100 ($lO) —One of tiro following
articles, viz. 4 yds. double width cloaking or
coating ; 2 large, fine, bleached linen table cov
ers, with 1 doz. large sized dinner napkins to
match; twenty-five yards splendid hemp carpet
ing, stood colors ; extra quantity black or alpacca
dress patterns; extra quality poplin dress pat
terns; one large piece superior quality extra width
sheeting ; pair gents' calf boots best quality ; sil
ver hunting-cased patent lever watch ; one dozen
ivory handled steel bladed knives and forks ; sil
ver-plated engraved six bottle revolving castor,
with cut glass bottles ; splendid violin, box and
bow, complete ; single barrel shot-gun ; Bacon's
six-barrel rtvolver, pair superior white wool
blankets ; nice fur muff and cape; silver-plated
engraved icc pitcher, with salver; seven and one
half yards ail wool fancy cassiinere, for suit ; one
dozen Rogers' best silver-plated forks ; common
sense sewing and embroidering machine ; two
heavy houey comb quilts; splendid family Bible,
rocord and photograph page.
For larger Clubs the value increases iu the
same ratio.
Catalogue of Goods and Sample sent to any ad
dress free. Send money by registered letter.
Address all orders to
15 Federal St., Boston. Mass.
P. 0. Box C.
Wholesale De ilera iu Dry and Fancy Goods Cut
lery, Plated Ware, Albums, Leather Goods, Ac.
OYES! O YES! OYes! —The un
dersigned having taken out auctioneer li
cense holds himself in readiness to cry sales and
auctions on the shortest notice. Give him a call.
Address him at Ray's Hill, Bedford county. Pa.
oct2-'.m WrLLI AM GKACEY
ifjal ilotirf.
j Lands and Town Lots in Bedford county.—
Agreeably to the provisions of nn Act of Assembly,
directing the mode of selling unseated lands for
taxes aud for other purposos, passed the 13th of
March, 1815. and the supplements thereto passed
the 13th of March, 1817. and the 25th of March,
1831, the Treasurer of the county of Bedford, here
by gives notice to all persons concerned therein,
that unless the county, state, school, bounty and
road taxes due on the following tracts of unseated
lands, situate in Bedford county, are paid be
fore the day of sale the whole, or such parts of
each tract as will pay the taxes, and tho costs
chargeable thereon, will be sold at the Court House,
in the borough of Bedford, on the second Monday
of June, next, (Bth day.) for the arrearages of
taxes due, and the cost accrued thereon ; and said
sale will be continued from day to day until all are
disposed of. (apr3) I. MENUEL, Treas.
55 acres, Wm. A. Gray 1 UK
440 do 33 porches, James Patten 6 80
440 do 130 do do do " 14 20
175 do 131 do do do 7 10
58 do 44 do do do 283
63 do Jacob Meyers 788
30 do Lewis T. Watson 12 45
372 do .Samuel L. Tobias 28 84
205 do Newliu A Marshall 66 40
289 do Eph. Foster & W P Schell 7 23
14 do * James Figard 80
396 ,do 129 do James Razor 210
405 do Ulrieh Dannor 343
5 do Aaron Evans 46
60 do Wm. Ft nrd 22 75
3 do Anderson Lewis <fc Evans I 25
110 do 150 do James Patton 570
393 do 197 do James Putton 553
77 do Win. Anderson's heirs 38 39
30 do Hunting'n &BTRB Co 1 17
250 do do do 5S 89
135 do John MuCandles 18 38
50 do Rev P E Phelps 29 65
120 do Philips <t Ru-sell 77 62
119 do James Patton 6 25
165 do do do 890
100 do Naomi Fisher 31 20
135 do Jno W Whitney 110 39
50 do do do 40 75
30 do do do 24 45
164 do Jno Devereux part Jno. Belt 16 20
70 do 145 do Wm. M Hall A James
Figart undivided half 13
150 do Jas Entrican Dunlap tract 20 59
3 do Andrew Kyhock 48
427 do Arthur Broyrn 96
50 do Philip Diehl 36
4121 do Daniel tiinklin 9 04
349 do John Tinman 7 71
453 do Josi ph Gardner 1 70
42 do 56 do Barclay .% Lyon9 60
75 do Andrew I'. Aliller 1 48
200 do John Corly 90
150 do James Howard 66
101 i do Michael Sipe 45
404 do Richard Moaus 1 10
420 do John Cheney 1 10
404 do Joseph Moanes 1 25
4091 do Samuel Moans 2 80
424 do 35 do Alexander Moans 290
192 do Tint 'thy Moans 1 15
200 do 54 do Israel Moans 1 08
196 do 50 do Zachariah Moans 83
222 do Elizabeth Piper 1 15
212 do 20 do John Boyd 53
216 do 601 do Isabella Davis 58
2201 do William Piper 53
238 do 2 do John Hardine 63
221 do Ignatius Hardine 53
434 do 125 do James Wilson 53
425 do George F. Alberti 71'
213 do Joseph Lancaster 45
402 do 57 do Stephen Moans 125
240 do Peter Shaw 75
260 do Wm Nicholas 63
25 do Miliigan A Benedict 20
9 do Puiterbaugh's heirs 15
402 do Francis Johnson 1 43
143 do Win Lane 45
365 do Daniel Montgomery 1 13
324 do Alex Johnson 98
368 do Deo. Hinish 1 09
286 do Win F'oster 88
75 do Robert Montgomery 23
400 do Isaac Cavan 2 04
400 do Margaret Cavan 1 80
30 do Nicolas Knoufi 9
464 do Peter Bush 1 02
250 do Jacob Bush 78
200 do Catharine Bush 96
| 100 do Mary Elinior 18
400} do Christian Meyers Jr 90
395 do Daniel Gr-en 90
220 do James Shaw 93
j 3981 do Wm Kinz 45
[ 149 do George Wolford 14 76
| 400 do Philip Amerine 1 26
464 do Edward Allen I 25
380 do Abraham Amerine 1 20
4471 do Matthew Shaw 1 25
254 do Henry Amorine 83
426J do Wm. Shaw 1 25
339 do George Amorine 1 08
271 do Frederick Amorine 88
76 (lo Philip Smith 50
436 do Jacob Smith 1 38
433 do John Smith 1 38
433 do George Smith 1 38
4001 do James Dick 1 25
231 do Andrew Dick 76
4001 do George MeCall 1 24
4001 do Joseph McCall '1 25
200 do Marry Gordon 285
• 200 do James Gordon 2 98
I 100 do Thomas Jones 5 50
! 150} do Stephen Kerr * 1 03
165 do Edward Langley 3 58
200 do Jacob Miller 1 38
200 do Elizabeth Miller 1 38
260 do Mary Piper I 38
200 do Amelia Piper 1 38
400 do Edward Stone 6 50
132 do John Tomm 5 50
403 do Alex Montgomery 99
200 do John Kerr 9 03
200 do John Razor 1 38
200 do Francis Moans 12 35
j 200 do Milligcn A Benedict 1 28
! 5 do George Thompson 6
| 1 lot Luke Feeuey 43
| 8 lots Gen. Wm H Irvine 85
| 102 do John McElnaly 65
i 132 do Dav.d Piper 83
' 200 do Maria Alberti 1 25
• 107 do IJartlehaugh 65
'32 do Thomas A John King 25
40 do AB. Cruett 100
| 1 Lot Henry Stonerook 15
do Daniel tstoner 15
do D .niel Rear 15
I do Samuel Yingling 168
do Jacob Biddle 15
do Ephriam Smeltzer 15
do M Stone 15
do J Troutman 16
do Samuel Cartnac 20
do Daniel Bear 1 32
do Mrs. Lawrence 20
do Ann Scott 2 69
!25 do Joseph McDaniel 43
' 246 do Jacob Martin 3 10
440 do George Breathead 3 30
i 1219 do KJI fate's Heirs 3$
| 900 do do do' 34
900- do do do - -34
! 2241 do" ' do do W Carvin 22
462 do 46 do Keztah Lgan 96-
403 do ' Charles Evans 90
462 do 62 do Charles Logan 90
460 do 75 r do John Cavan - -90
(01 ilo 40 ' do James Cavan 90
400 do Isaac Cavan 99
394 do 38 do Francis Logan 90
210 do George Deweese 671
30 do P Clingeiman or S Williams 30
100 do Jacob Ritehey 27
400 do Wm Cavan I 20
400 do Win Long 1 35
431 do John Crosby 1 23
106 do Peter Morgart 1 56
420 d Edward Glen 1 44
4201 do Edward Gibbous 1 44
411 do Wm Heivoly * 90
62 do Henry Koontz 75
438 do Richard Reed • 132
439 do "Paul Ward 63
557 do Patrick Ward 1 25
351 do Joseph Ward 1 25
353 do Jonathan Ward , 125
439 do 141 do James Reed Jr. ' 99
3431 do Jesse Reed 78
362 do 19 do C Loyer AG H Spang 1 11
400 do John Swaggart 752
400 do Leonard Swaggart 7 52
266 do Alexander Gardner 5 84
116 do Dr Wm Smith 2 36
43 do Samuel Burket 100
116 do John Shea 188
50 do Frederick Snyder 100
274 do Joremiuh Jackson 6 48
130 do Jacob Swaggart 3 38
440 do Wm Pearson 9 10
380 do Ebenezer Branham 9 10
120 do Conrad Imler 2 44
100 do George Lain 2 02
100 do Jacob Burket 2 02
150 do Peter Shoenborger 3 12
123 do John Still 8 35
200 do Michael Shiiner 2 18
50 do Couples Brush Mt 63
433 do Hugh Porter 1 27
339 do Griffiith Evans 8 63
4031 do Philip Stine 3 35
439 do John Martin 9 10
330 do Wilsou Hunt 9 10
3->3l do Alex So°tt 9 10
127 do I)r P Shoenberger 7 58
124 do do do 9 77
20 do do do 50
90 do do do
part of Geo Lejb 3 38
Jfpl #otir*o.
150 do Win Laogbam 5 72
80 do Bowser Brush Mt 369
40 do Foter Shimer Brush Mt 86
135 do P Shoenbergor (Itidgo) 2 76
19 do Wm Fluke 9
19 do Fluke's Heirs IS
222 do Elizabeth Piper -13
97 do Robert Shaw • 124
216 do 6o do Isabella Davis 13
64 do 106 <lo John S Hetrick 21
300 do Jacob Lingenfellcr to
180 do Daniel Montgomery 8 62
22 do Kensinger's Heirs 125
26 do Frederick Nicodemus 125
14 do Charles Typor's Heirs 125
40 do Stonerook part of Watt track 165
150 do Robert Montgomery 5 46
13 do Jacob Furrey 75
46 do Beuner's Heirs 260
united States For the Western District
At Bedford April 13, 1863
The undersigned hereby gtves notice of his ap
pointment as assignee of Isaac F Urove, of Bed
ford, in the County of Bedford, and State of Penn
sylvania. within said Disiriet, who has been ad
judged a bankrupt upon his own petition by the
said District Court.
J. K BOWLES, Assignee.
To the Creditors of said Bankrupt.
united States For the Western District of
At Bedford, April 13, 18ti3.
The undersigned hereby gives notieo ot his ap
pointment as assignee of Frederick Benedict, of
Bedford, in the County of Bedford, a: d State of
Pennsylvania, within said District, who has been
adjudged a bankrupt upon his own petition by tbo
said District Court.
M. A. POINTS. Asig: eo.
To the Creditors of said Bankrupt.
United States For the Western District of
At Bedford. April 13,1565.
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his ap
pointment as assignee of Dauiel Metzger, of—
township, in the Connty of Bedford, and State of
Pennsylvania, within said District, who has beijii
adjudged a Bankrupt, upon his own petition., by
tho said District Court.
M. A. POINTS. Assignee.
To tho Creditors of said Bankrupt.
j Notice is hereby given that letters testamen
tary to the estate of iliram Davis, late ol'St. Clair
township, dee'd, have been granted to the under
signed, by the Register of Bedford county.
All persons having claims against said estate
are requested to present them, properly authenti
cated, for settlement, and those indebted to tho
estate to make immediate payment.
]TxECUTORB' X> T 1(7 E
_j Notice is hereby given that letters testamen
tary to the estate of Joseph Snyder, late of South
ampton Township, deceased, have been granted to
the undersigned, by the Register of Bedford coun
All perjons indebted to said estate are hereby
notified to make immediate payment and those
having claims against the estate will present them,
properly authenticated for settlement.
inar27w6 NATHAN RoBISOX,
Executor of the Inst will, Ac., of Jos. H. Snyder.
signed will open a Summer Session in the "l"-
nlon School" House, commencing Monday, May
18th, to continue eight weeks. Those who are de
sirous of becoming teachers, can receivo instruc
tion in the Theory of Teaching, with any other
branches they desire to pursue. All grades of
scholars will bo admitted.
apr24tf JORDAN.
REAL ESTATE.—If not disposed of at pri
vato sale, the subscriber will sell at public sale,
on MONDAY, the llth day of MAY, 1863. at 11
o'clock, A M., in front of the store of llumbird A
Long, in the ciiy of Cumberland. All that TRACT
OF LAND called ' MOHEUAN/J lying near the
mouth of the South Branch of tho Potomac, in Al
legany county, about twenty miles from Cumber
laud and one-half mile from South Branch Depot,
B. AO. Railroad, known as a portion of the "Har
ness Estate." It contains about 700 ACRES, 116
of which are first-class BOTTOM LAND ; the re
mainder is covered wiih Pino and Oak Timber.
Terms Cash. Title indisputable.
P. 0. Address— S. D TAS LOR.
South Branch, West Vs.
Bedford "Gazette," publish to anit. of §5 and
send bill to this offioe.— Afteganian. apr24w3
ED ! —lt will only cost you your time in using it,
if it does you no good. Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment, as an External Remedy in oases of Chronic
Rheumatism, Chapped Hands, Mosquito Bites,
Cuts, Stiffness of the Joints, and Contraction of
the Muscles, Headache, Bruises, Pains in the
Limbs, Back anil Chest, Sores, Toothache, Stings
of Insects and Sprains, its wonderful curative
powers are miraculous.
Taken Internally in eases of Sick Headache,
Colic, Bowel Complaints, Cholera, Dysentery,
Vomiting and Dyspcp ia, its soothing and pene
trating qualities are felt as soon as taken.
If the reader or his friends have any eomplaiut
named in this advertisement, try the Venetian
Liniment. Remember, if you do not find relief
you can have your money refunded.
Ask for I)r. Tobias Venetian Liniment, and
take no other. It is pleasant to take and clean
to use, and eradicates the disease from the sys
tem so that it does not return, ns is the case after
; using the many Liniments. Pain Killers, and Oils.
now flooding the country, that only stop the pain
| while the article is being used, and then return.
Price 50 cents per bottle. Sold by 411 the Drug
rists. Depot, 56 Cortlandt Street, N. Y.
mar 27 ml
A GOLDEN DAY has dawned for all
who desire to resume in age one of the most glori
ous gifts of youth—tho magnificent black or brown
tinge which renders the hair an irresistible ele
ment of personal attraction.
Instantaneous JJeauty . .
I springs from the Application]of but one hair dye
jin the #.6rld. That chemical elixir cdhtaitffr Jlie
; vital principle and the coloring matter with which
i nature nourishes the most beautiful of fhc silken
] fabrics wherewith she adorns the ,
*7lead's of Her Fivori tt<.
! Need it be said that this wonder of civilization is
the most genial, harmless, wholesome, andcertaiu
preparation of its kind in the whole universe.
Manufactured by J. CRISTADORO, 63 Maiden
Lane, New \ T urk. Sold by all Druggists. Applied
by all Hair Dfossers. mar27ml
INFORMATlON.—lnformation FCUAI'-
anteed to produce a luxuriant growth of hair up
on a bald head or beardless faec, also a recipe P.r
the removal of Pimples, Blotches, Eruptions, etc.,
on the skin, leaving the same soil, clear, and beau
tiful, can be obtained without charge by address
ing THOS. F. CHAPMAN, Chemist, 323 Broadg
way, New York. sepl3oiS
OF MERCY. —Howard Association Reports, for
YOUNG MEN, on the crime of solitude , and tho
errors, abuses and diseases which destroy the
manly powers, and oreate impediments to mar
riage, with sure means of relief. Sent in sealed
letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr. J.
SKILLOX HOUGHTON Howard Association,
Philadelphia, Pa, jun7,'67yl.
BLINDNESS, Deafness ancl Catarrh,
treated with the utmost success, by Dr. J. ISAACS,
Occulist and Aurist, (formerly of Leyden, Hol
land,) No. 805 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Testi
monials from the most reliable sources in the city
and country can be seen at his office. The Medi
cal faculty are invited to accompany, their pa
tients, as he has no secrets in bis practice. Artifi
cial Eyes inserted without pain. No charge made
for examination. (may3,'67yl
ORDERS from a distance for any
kind of JOB PRINTING promptly attended
ford, Pa.
F. ASTER.—The undersigned would
respectfully inform the public, that he is
prepared to supply both ROCK and GROUND
PLASTER. Warehouse, Bloody Run Statiou.