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    FRIDAY M0RU111GF,............TLAY 31. IS®7.
Circulate your County Paper.
The following named gentlemen have been ap
pointed our Agents to obtain subscriptions to the
GAZETTE. They are authorized to receipt for us:
Bloody Rit/i —Jeremiah Thompson.
Roy's Hill —D. A T. Black.
Monroe —Daniel Fletcher.
Co/eroti> —Geo. W. Deal, H. P. Diehl.
C. Valley —D. R. Anderson. A Zembower.
Londonderry —Jnmes C Devore.
Harrison —Geo. W. H>rn.
Juniata —John A. Cessna, Geo. Gardill.
Schr.l/sbutg —J E. Black.
Napier —John Sill, John W. Bowen.
Southampton—Vim. Adams, John Cavender,
Westley Bennett.
Union— M Wert*. W B Lambnght.
M Woodberry —W. M. Pearson, Daniel Barley.
■S. Woodberry —J.l. Noble, J. S. Brumbaugh.
Hopewell —W. A. Grove, J B. Fluke.
Broad Top— M. A. Hunter.
Liberty —Geo. Roades, D. Stoler.
Saxton —Charles Faxon.
St Clair —John W. Crisman, Samuel Beckley.
Snake Spring —Andrew Mortiinore, J. G. Hart
ley and M. S. Ritchey.
W. Providence —Geo. Baugbman, Homer Neice.
Though Horace Greely, in one of his
visionary freaks, may see great merit
in the indiscriminate pardon or release
of State prisoners, &c.—lnquirer.
Narrow-minded block-heads!— Ho
race Greely.
THE old song, "We'll hang Jell". Da
vis on a sour apple tree!" is emphatic
ally played out, Congress having chan
ged the penalty for treason from hang
ing to ten years' imprisonment. Con
gress must have feared that Jefferson
Davis would be tried and convicted,
that they hastened to modify the "pun
ishment for traitors."
Mrs. Surratt, Payne, Atzerott, &c.,
were, doubtless, justly punished for
murder, &c.—lnquirer.
Maj. Gen. Benj. F. Butler, L. L. D.,
said, upon the floor of Congress, that
Mrs. Surratt was an "innocent woman." .
Is it possible that there is a difference
of opinion, on that subject, among the
Radical brethren?
KEEP it before the people, that the
late Radical Legislature appropriated
for payment of itsmembersand attach
es, $115,000 more than that of 1864.
Just think of it! An increase of expen
diture for "running" the Legislature,
since 1864, of ONE HUNDRED AND
"That's the way the money goes, pop
goes the weasel!
WHY don't the Radical party bring
Jefferson Davis to trial? The District
Attorney for the district of Virginia,
and his assistant counsel, Mr. Evarts,
are both Radicals, Judge Underwood
is a crazy Radical and Judge Chase is
a prospective Radical candidate for the
Presidency. Now, why is'nt Davis
run through this Radical machine?
The Democrats want to see him tried
and are anxious toknow Judge Chase's
opinion as to what constitutes Treason
in this country.
HORACE GREEI.Y has been called to
account by the New York Union
League, for becoming security for Jef
ferson Davis. Horace has replied in a
lengthy epistle, in which he calls the
brethren of the league "narrow-minded
blockheads." The letter from the white
coated philosopher has created quite a
sensation, and the Union League have
backed down from their resolution to
expel him. We will give Horace's e
pistle to the "blockheads" in full, next
week. ___________
The Radical organization in Wash
ington city, consists of seven thousand
negroes and about two hundred whites.
The whole number of white voters reg
istered is aboutseven thousand. About
two thousand whites neglected to reg
ister. It is meet that under such cir
cumstances the Radicals should carry
the city. In fact, we hope they may
carry it, just to teach the sleepy conser
vatives a lesson.
The last Congress having failed to
make an appropriation for the addi
tional bounties to soldiers, the Depart
mental Washington has been compelled
to stop the payment of all claims for
such bounties. Such as have been paid
were paid out of the general Military
fund. This is a pretty state of affairs,
to be sure. We charged it upon the
Radical Congress last fall, that it had
failed to make any appropriation for
the payment of the additional boun
ties. This charge was denied most ve
hemently by the partizans of Congress,
but it appears that we were correct af
ter all. What is more, Congress took
good care to make an appropriation for
the three hundred dollars bounty to be
paid to each negro soldier. The pet
lambs of the Radicals must have their
fodder, whether the white boys in blue
get any appropriations or not. We
once had a Soldiers' Convention in this
county. There is more reason for the
assembling of such a body now than
there ever was before. The soldiers of
the country,if they would do themselves
justice, ought to rise up en masse and
denounce the double-dealing and trick
ery of the late Congress.
The Kingdom of Tennessee, now
ruled over by his Brimstone Majesty,
"Governor" Browulow, will hold an
election sonic of these days. Brown
low, is a candidate for re-election. He
and his delectable Legislature have
disfranchised two thirds of the white
men of the State, and, at the same
time, have given all the negroes the
right of suffrage. Old Brownlow is
more thoroughly despised and more
cordially hated by three fourths of the
white people of Tennessee than any
other man on the face of the globe.
Yet he has under his control the ma
chinery to impose his odious tyranny
upon those people as longashe pleases.
He has the negro mob to sustain him,
and a negro militia to overawe and
slay the few true and brave men who
dare to stand in the way of his accursed
ambition He threatens to disperse all
meetings held to oppose his re-election
andtoavrest all speakers who may
choose to mention his public career in
terms of disapprobation. For this pur
pose he dec'ares he will use his black
militia. And these janissaries that
are to crush out the last vestige of freed
om in Tennessee, are armed at the ex
pense of the United States, Congress
having directed 10,000 stand of arms
to be placed at the disposal of Brown
low for that purpose. Was ever coun
try cursed with such infernal knavery
as this, since the day when Nero Ad
dled over burning Rome? If all the
Aends in the hottest of incandescent
hells were molten into one gigantic
devil, and if such a demoniac mon
strosity were fed on vitriol and saltpe
tre for ten centuries, and then let loose
to invent a curse for this land, he could
be furnished a recipe for all he desired
to accomplish, by that incarnation of
all that is diabolical, Brownlow, of
Such is the "Macedonian cry" of the
Radical National Committee, in an
address recently issued to the "Repub
licans of the Union !" This address is
signed by Marcus L. Ward, N. J., S.
A. Burviance, Pa., W. Claflin, Mass.,
John B. Clark, N. H., Horace Greely,
N. Y., 11. H. Starkweather, Conn., N.
B. Smithers, Del., and 11. W. Hoffman,
Md. After discoursing upon the ne
cessity for organization, especially in
the South, it concludes as follows:
"Republicans! Our appeal is to you,
to carry on and sustain the work which
a few loyal and true men have so nobly
begun. * We cannot ask speakers, in ad
dition to giving their time and talents
for months to this labor, to defray their
own necessary expenses. We cannot ;
print and distribute documents of the
character required without a heavy
outlay. We have no means of reliance
except upon the generous spirit of that
great party which holds the claims of
humanity and freedom above all price.
The patronage of the Government,
brought into power by the statesman
ship, the courage and the loyalty of
that party, will not aid us in this good
work. We must, therefore, appeal
directly and personally to you. If you
are rich give generously. If poor, send
to us whatever you can afford. The
generous purpose and the noble aim
sanctify the humblest efforts. At all
events, act promptly, and let us feel
that the sympathy of the Republican
party is with us in our purpose of mak
ing this great land the home of true
Republican principles, where distinc
tions of race and color are unknown,
and where Liberty, Virtue and Intelli
gence, form the enduring basis of our
greatness and prosperity."
"Brethren, let us pray!" as Brick
Pomeroy says. Bro. Lutz will please
pass the hat around. The Union League
fund has "giu eout" and the Military
Despotism in the South is a heavy con
tract. Hand over your greenbacks.
Negro Suffrage has need of them.
Forney. I>. D..' Gobbles $200.000!
The following is printed in a late
number of the New York Express:
"It is stated on good authority that
the franchise of the Baltimore and Po
tomac Railroad Company has been sold
to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company for $-500,000. Of this amount
John W. torney received $200,000, a
Mr. Lloyd, from Widiarnsport, Pa.,
now a clerk in the Clerk's Office 11. of
R., $45,000, and other persons connected
with the so-called enterprise the bal
Wholesale robbery like this, accord
ing to the morals of these times, makes
the scoundrels who perpetrate it, gen
tlemen ! If some poor devil runs away
with a thousand or two, he is, forsooth,
a great criminal; but when the villain
of colossal proportions, pockets his
quarter of a million, he is only a gentle
man of quick parts! In regard to the
transaction above referred to, we adopt
the language of the Lancaster Ex
aminer, which, though a Radical pa
per, seems to have sufficient grit to
speak plainly. The Examiner says:
AW we have to say about this is, that
if true, the parties with Col. Forney at
their head, have perpetrated a base
fraud on the public. During the last
session of the Maryland legislature, the
persons owning the charter of the "Bal
timore and Potomac Railroad" resisted
what they called the effort of the mo
nopolists of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad to have their charter repealed
by the legislature, on the ground that
the Baltimore and Ohio company was
a huge monopoly, controlling the
only road leading to Washington, and
if they were not interfered with they
would build a rival road. The Mary
land legislature believed them and re
fused to repeal the charter. But the
legislature of Maryland had scarcely ad
journed, when these great champions
of the cause of the people, and anti-mo
nopolists, who had enlisted on their
side the entire press of the country for
a rival route to Washington, sell out to
the very monopoly they professed to be
contending with, for half a million of
dollars. The chief speculator pockets
his two hundred thousand dollars and
runs away to Europe.
This, we say, if true , is a base, con
temptible fraud, which might be all
right for stock-gamblers, railroad con
tractors and speculators, who follow
that sort of business to make fortunes;
but for a public man , the chief officer of
the United States Senate, a professed
statesman, a loud-mouthed champion
of the people and their rights and
privileges, to be the leader, the prin
cipal receiver of the "black-mail," is
nothing less than a disgraceful public
the well known History of Europe, and
a number of works on Criminal Law,
died a few days ago.
of JEFF. DAVIS for SIOO,OOO as taken
and acknowledged on the 13th inst.
contains the following names:
Horace Greeley, New York.
Augustus Schell, New York.
Aristides Welsh, Philadelphia.
David K. Jack man Phila.
R. 11. McFarland, Richmond.
R. Barton Haxall, Richmond.
Isaac Davenport, Richmond.
Abraham Warwick, Richmond.
Gustavus A. Myers, Richmond.
Wm. W. Crumb, Richmond.
James Lyons, Richmond.
John A. Meredith, Richmond.
Wm, H. Lyons, Richmond.
John Minor Botts, Virginia.
Thomas W. Doswell, Va.
Jas. Thomas, Jr., Richmond.
Horace F. Clark, New York.
A colored Baptist minister at Beaufort,
S. C., writing to the Christian Record,
among other things says:
"Someofour white ministerial friends
do more in the way of procuring farms
and keeping our poor race in ignorance
than anything else. They pretend,
when they are North, that they would
come down and do anything for our
race in the way of enlightening them ;
but instead of this, when they see the
cotton gag, they forget all about Cririst
and Him crucified, and the saving of
Of certain Northern merchants, he
"All they wish to do, is to teach what
President Lincoln has done, patthecol
ored man on the shoulder with the left
hand, whilo with the right baud they
catch hold of his pocketbook. And
when they have got the last cent from
him, their friendship suddenly ceases.
Then 'he is only a nigger."
—Ex-President Pierce is building
him a summer residence on Rye Beach.
—Black Repub. expenditures.—To
make a Poland South and buy a Siberia
—Governor English returns a taxable
income for 18660f548,000. With two ex
ceptions, it is the largest income re
turned in New Haven.
—Prominent Radicals are pressing
the nomination of Fred Douglass as
Chief of the Freedmen's Bureau.
—The Mayor and Chief of Police of
Mobile have been deposed by order of
Gen. Pope, and other officers appointed
in their places.
—Mr.Bonner assures the Springfield
Republican that Beecher's Norwood is
—Pio Nono gets fifty-eight thousand
dollars from the private contributions
of the Roman Catholics of Philadel
—Turkey being bankrupt, and hav
ing imposed taxes on every other imagi
nable thing, has at length resorted to
a tax on babies, because they are "ex
empt from military service."
—The so-called Republican party of
Xew Orleans has split into Radicals
and Unionists.
—Joel Lindsay, who whipped his
boy to death, has been released on bail
at Auburn, to stand a new trial.
—Owing to the late frosts the peach
orchards in Delaware, along the bay
shore, are not expected to yield more
than a quarter crop.
—Santa Anna, now an old man of
seventy years, has been spending the
winter on Staten Island. He is said to
be worth a little less than a million.
—A Baltimore lad got his head fast
between two iron railings upon a pair
of steps the other day, and the rails had
to be cut by a black smith before he
could be extricated.
—The Buffalo papers are excited over
the appearance on the street of a hus
band of ninety carrying his infant of
eight months, while his wife of seven
teen walks by his side.
SOME fifty colored people were ship
ped on Saturday from Fortress Monroe
to Boston, where employment has been
obtained for them by the agents of the
Freedmen's Bureau.
—Chief Justice Chase has granted a
writ of error in the case of Joseph Bru
in, whose estate was sold under a decree
of the United States Court at Alexan
dria during the war. The writ is ba
sed mainly ou the fact that the abso
lute estate was sold, which was beyond
the power of the Court, and the con
demnation was for treason, of which
the party could only be adjudged guilty
by a jury.
—At last accounts the Liberals were
bombading the city of Mexico with
50.000 troops. The Imperial garrison
numbers but 8,000. Orders had been
given to shoot the Emperor and his offi
cers, if captured.
—A secret negro military organiza
tion has been discovered at Fredericks
burg, Virginia, hostile to the United
States military. The "colored troops
fought bravely" and are all loyal.
—The Louisville Courier thinks that
when the full vote of Kentucky shall
be brought outin August, the Democra
tic majority will reach seventy thous
—A large meeting of freed men was
held in Hampton, Va., last week, and
confiscation, social equality, the priv
ilege of rooms at hotels, &c., insisted
upon. The negroes are fast paving the
way to their own destruction.
—lt is rumored in Europe that Eng
land designs to seize Cuba in the event
of any difficulty with Spain, and en
deavor to retain the Island as a base in
the Gulf of Mexico.
—The total number of male whites
and blacks in the StateofVirginia who
have attained the age of twenty-one
years is stated to be 197,690, the total
number of each class being—whites 124,
792; blacks 73,044.
—General Pope has issued an order
summarily deposing the Mayor and
the Chief of Police in Mobile and ap
pointing other persons in their places.
—General Sickles has issued an order
prohibiting the distillation of spirits
from grain in the Carolinas in conse
quence of the famine prevailing there.
—lt is said that Utulerwood has been
handsomely rewarded by the Radical
leaders for getting the Davis elephant
off their hands so handsomely, without
compromising Chase or any others of
the "loyal" immaculates.
—A SOUTHERN paper is of the o
pinion that Underwood's charge to the
grand jury of Richmond was written
by the "phosphorescent light of a pu
trid herring."
—LOCUSTS are so plenty in Algiers
that General Marmier has placed at the
disposal of the local authorities a detach
ment of soldiers to assist in their des
—The way the Radical despotism
scheme works is shown by the registra
tion of voters for Baton Rouge, Louisi
ana, where 1,100 negroes have been
registered and only 70 white men ac
cepted. Could such things be, if this
Government were a republic?
—The next monthly Treasury state
ment will show an increase of the pub
lic debt. It could not be otherwise
with five military despotisms in full
blast to keep up the falling fortunes of
the Radical party with nigger votes.
—The bankrupt act, which will go
into operation on the first of June,
sweeps off imprisonment for debt
throughout this country. It sets aside
all stay laws, and all preferences, vol
untary agreements, and secret attach
—A bear was shot recently in Charles
ton county, Ga., which weighed twen
ty-five hundred pounds. It yield
ed twenty-nine gallons of oil, and its
nails sold for $5 each.
—There are now thirteen cotton fac
tories in operation in Tennessee, worth
nearly a million of dollars, and em
ploying over nine hundred operatives.
—The richest member of the Connec
ticut Senate is an Irishman, whose
property is valued at $2,500,000, and
and whose daily income is SIOOO. He
made his money from an oil farm in
Pennsylvania, which lie purchased for
—The latest invention reported from
New England, so prolific in inventions,
is an "automaton hay-pitcher" for
loading hay upon the cart in the field,
the movement of the cart-wheels furn
ishing the motive power.
—Ex-Governor Havvley, of Connec
ticut, asks in the Hartford Courant:
44 Who knows but that a good many of
us may yet have to pay our respects to
an occupant of the White House, who
traces his descent down from some wild
and savage African chief!"
—Eggs with iron shells, it hasalready
been announced, have been laid by the
highly educated hens of Prussia. A
Berlin chemist, who caused his hens to
lay then*, did so by teaching the hens
to eat a preparation in which iron was
used, and by compelling them toabstain
from lime.
—The stringent liquor law in Massa
chusetts appears to be anything but a
success in Boston. The amount of
drunkenness is the same as ever, and
liquor can be obtained by some means
or another by every body who wants
it. The House of Representatives are
debating on the bill favoring licenses.
—The Washington correspondent of
the Herald, of Wednesday, says: The
time has come again when a President
of the United States may walk the streets
in safety. Yesterday President John
son took a walk out on Fourteenth
street wholly unattended—without
guard, policemen, or anything else, to
suggest the thought of possible danger.
—A little girl, aged seven years,
was chased the other day, near Mar
tinsburg, Illinois, by a lynx. The
screams of the child's mother fright
ened the animal and kept him at bay
until a neighbor, with some dogs, laid
him out, when he measured 5 feet 7 in
—We are told of a citizen of Bridg
port, Conn., who lately refused an in
crease of wages to one of his servant
girls, saying he considered the privile
ges she enjoyed of living in a Christian
family worth $o a month.
—The newspapers of New York com
plain that that State this year pays in
taxes twice the amount it cost to ad
minister the Government of the Uni
ted States for the eight years Thomas
Jefferson was President.
FLOUR.—The quotationsare—
Northwest superfine, $0.00(7/0.50
Northwest extra, 10.000 10.50
Northwest extra family, 13.00014.75
Penna. and West'n sup., 9.50010.50
Penna. and West'n extra, 10.50011.50
Penna. and West'n family, 13.00015.00
Penna. and West'n fancy,
Rye flour, 8.7509.00
GRAIN. —We quote—
Pennsylvania red, per bus., $3.1503.35
Southern "
California, " $3.40
White, "
Rye, " 0.00@1.70
Corn, for yel., (new) 44 $1.2301.24
Oats, 44 77078 c
POVISIONS.—We quote—
Mess Pork, per bbl., $23.50024.00
Bacon Hams, per lb., 15017 c
Salt Shoulders, 44 909) c
Prime Lard, 4 * 13c
SEEDS.—We quote
Cloverseed, per bus., at $12.00013.00
Timothy, 44 3.5003.60
Flaxseed, 44 3.0003.05
WHISKEY.—The trade is supplied
with the contraband article, at $101.50
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handkerchief and person, is unequaled.
The above articles for sale by all Druggists and
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T. W. WRIGHT fc CO.,
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and all diseases of the
whether existing in
from whatever cause originating and no matter of
Diseases of these organs require the use of a di
If no treatment is submitted to, Consumption or
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supported from these sources, and the
and that of Posterity, depends upon prompt use of
a reliable remedy.
Established upwards of 18 years, prepared by
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marß,' 67yl
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STORED by llelmbold's Extract Buchu.
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ished the scientific classes of the Old World, has
now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madame
Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of sec
ond sight, as to enable her to impart knowledge of
the greatest importance to the single or married of
either sex. While in a state of trance, she delin
eates the very features of the person you are to
marry, and by the aid of an instrument of intense
power, known as the Psychomotrope, guarantees
to produce a lifelike picture of the future husband
or wife of the applicant, together with the date of
marriage, position in life, leading traits of char
acter, Ac. This is no humbug, as thousands of
testimonials can assert. She will send when de
sired a certified certificate, or written guarantee,
that the picture is what it purports to be. By en
closing a small lock of hair, and stating place of
birth, age, disposition and complexion and enclo
sing fifty cents and stamped envelope addressed to
yourself, you will receive the picture and desired
information by return mail. All communication,
sacredly confidential. Address in confidence,
MADAME E. F. THORNTON, P. O. Box 223, Hudson,
N. Y. marl,'67yl
—Therefore the nervous and debilitated should
immediately use Helmbold's Extract Buchu.
To OWNERS OF HORSES. —Thousands!
of Horses die yearly from Colic. This need not
be. Dr. Tobias' Venetian Horse Liniment will
positively cure every case, if given when first
taken. The cost is only one dollar. Every owner
of a horse should have a bottle in his stable,
ready for use. It is warranted superior to any
thing else for the cure of Cuts, Wind Galls,
Swellings, Throat, Sprains, Bruises, Old
Sres, Ac This Liniment is no new remedy. It
has been used and approved of for 19 years by
the first horsemen in the country Given to an
over-driven horse, it acts like magic. Orders are
constantly received from the racing stables of Eng
land for it. The celebrated Hiram Woodruff, of
trotting fame, has used it for years, and says it is
far superior to any other he has tried. He kindly
permits me to refer to him. His address is East
New York, Long Island. Recollect, Dr. Tobias'
Venetian Horse Liniment is put up in pint bottles.
Take no other. Sold by the Druggists and Sad
dlers. Depot, 56 Cortland St., N. Y. [mayl7-7w
IMPROVED ROSE WASH cures secret and delicate
disorders in all their stages, at little expense,
little or no change in diet, no inconvenience and
no exposure. It is pleasant in taste and odor, im
mediate in its action, and free from all injurious
P I-..P01-TIN.
REMINGTON, the world-renowned Astrologist and
Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while in a clairvoy
ant state, delineates the very features of the per
son you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru
ment of intense power, known as the Psychomo
trope, guarantees to produce a perfect and life
like picture of the future husband or wife of the
applicant, with date of marriage, occupation, lead
ing traits of character, Ac. This is no imposition,
as testimonials without number can assert By
stating place of birth, age, disposition, color of
eyes and hair, and enclosing fifty cents, and stam
ped envelope addressed to yourself, you will re
ceive the picture by return mail, together with de
sired information.
LiP Address in confidence, MADAME GERTRUDE
REMINGTON, P. 0. Box 297, West Troy, N. Y.
UNSAFE REMEDIES for unpleasant and
dangerous diseasos. Use Helmbold s Extract Bu
chu and Improved Rose Wash.
GONE FOREVER!— JSo say the ladies
of their beauty, when the mirror shows them their
oaee jet or golden ringlets streaked with grey.
But never was there a more
Though the hair be as white as Time's own fore
lock, or worse still, as red as a fiery meteor—
it is invested in a moment with the most magnifi
cent black or brown by the agency of
a perfectly wholesome and purely vegetable pre
paration. Manufactured by J, CRISTADORO, 6
Astor House, New York. Sold by Ap
plied by all Hair Dressers. [inayl7-liu.
Alientown, Peun., April 4, 1865.
Messrs. T. ALLCOCK A Co.:
Dear Sirs My daughter used one of your
Porous Plasters. She had a very bad pain in her
aide, and it cured her in one week.
Yours truly, JOHN V. N. HUNTER.
Forty Thousand Druggists
who sell our Plasters, as to their high sterling
ALLCOCK A CO., Agency, Brandreth House, N.
Y. Sold by all Druggists. |mayl7-lm.
To CONSUMPTIVES.— The advertiser,
having been restored to health in a few weeks by
a very simple remedy, after having suffered for
several years with a severe lung affection, and tha
dread disease Consumption—-is anxious to make
known to his fellow sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the
prescription used (free of charge), with tbe direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which thev
will find a sure cure for Consumption, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Lung
Affections. The only object of the advertiser in
sending the Prescription is to benefit the afflicted,
and spread information which he conceives to be
invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will try his
Temedy, as it will cost them nothing, and may
prove a blessing. Parties wishing the prescription
IFREE, by return mail, will please address
mayl7,'67 ly. Williamsburg. Kings co., N. Y.
BLINDNESS, Deafness and Catarrh,
treated with tbe utmost success, by Dr. J. ISAACS,
Occulist and Aurist, (formerly of Leyden, Hol
land,) No. 519 Pine Street, Philadelphia. Testi
monials from the most reliable sources in the city
and country can be seen at his office. The Medi
cal faculty are invited to accompany, their pa
tients, as he has no secrets in bis practice. Artifi
cial Eyes inserted without pain. No charge made
fiir examination. jmay3, 67yl
.Scratch! Scratch I— WBEATON'S OINTMENT will
ilure Itch in 48 Hours.
Also cures Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Chilblains, and
all Eruptions of the Skin. Price 50 cents. For
(ale by all druggists By sending 60 cents to
Weeks A Potter, sole agents. 170 Washington street
Boston, it will be forwarded by mail, free of post
age, to any part of the United States.
gear gtdtTrtijSfmwtsi.
Prom the Great Kiver to the Great Ocean
Over Twenty Thousand Copies sold in one Month !
Life and Adventure on Prairies. Mountains,
and the Pacific Coast. With over 200
Descriptive and Photographic Views
of the Scenery Cities. Lands,
Mines, People and Curiosi
ties of the New States
and Territories.
T\) prospective emigrants and settlers in the "Far
West. ' this History of that vast and tertile region
will prove au invaluable assistance, supplying as it
does a want long felt of a full, authentic and reliable
guide to climate, soil, products, means of travel, Ac.
Send for Circulars and see our terms, and a full
description of the work. Address, NATIONAL
PUBLISHING CO., Philadelphia, Pa. [myl7.
J\_ Work, entitled "Glory of the Immortal
Life." for Ladies, Clergymen and others, it has no
equal to sell. For terms and territory, address
may 17. L. STEBBINS, Hartford, Conn.
BAKER'S " History of the Secret Service."
This work embraces an Authentic and Official ac
count of the hitherto suppressed facts and infor
mation obtained by General Baker, during his five
years service as Chief of the National Detective
Police. Now that the war is over, the Nation de
mands this inner History, and as a historian, the
Author subserves no partisan purposes, but writes
the plain unvarnished truth; sparing neither high
nor low, Loyal nor Rebel, Statesman nor Convict,
Civilian nor Government Official; judiciously jus
tifying his statements with vouchers from the
highest authority, imparting thereby a genuine
historic value to his startling disclosures.
Active, energetic Agents are clearing S2OO per
month, which we can prove to any doubting ap
plicant. Address, P. GARRETT A CO., 702 Chest
nut street, Philadelphia. [mayl7.
a first class monthly, containing 36 large
double column Pages. Ouly 50 cts. for 6 months.
Try it! Will save every farmer many dollars, as
wo offer a Horse and Cattle Doctor Free. Address
N. P. BOYER A CO., Gum Tree, Chester co., Pa.
RANGEMENT with a live man in every
county, who wishes to make money, and can give
good references. No capital required. Will sell
a business now paying $1,500 per month, and rely
on profits for my pay. Address,
inayl7. J. C. TILTON, Pittsburg, Pa.
at 65c. per quart in city markets. Weaver's
Patent Cherry Sioner will stone three bushels per
hour, and separates the seed from the fruit. Sent
by Express on receipt of $2.50.
Agents wanted every where to make $lO to S2O
a day. The trade supplied by
mayl7. Reading Hardware Works, Reading, Pa.
No. 606 South Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia.
Orders by mail promptly attended to. [may 17.
ever offered to the public. It cleans windows as
fast as you can wipe them with a cloth, without
slop, soap or water. It leaves the glass elear as
crystal, and free from streaks or flint. It also
cleans and polishes Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass and
Tin ware, better, and with less labor, than any
thing ever known. Agents are makings2s to SSO
per week. Every body wants it as soon as they
see it used. Send 25c. for sample and terms, or
call on the American Polish Company, 413 Chest
nut street, Philadelphia. [mayl7.
\\ per month, everywhere, male and female,
to introduce the Genuine Improved Common Sense
Family Sewing Machine. This machine will stitch,
hem, fell, tuck, quilt, bind, braid and embroider
in a most superior manner. Price only $lB. Fully
warranted for five years. We will pay SI,OOO for
any machine that will sew a stronger, more beau
tiful, or more elastic seam than ours. It makes
the "Elastic Lock Stitch." Every second stitch
can be cut, and still the cloth cannot be pulled
apart without tearing it. We pay agents from $75
to S2OO per month and expenses, or a commission
from which twice that amount can be made. Ad
dress, SECOMB A CO., Cleveland, 0.
CAUTION —Po not be imposed upon by other
parlies palming off worthless cast-iron machines,
under the same name or otherwise. Ours is the
° genuine and really practical cheap machine
manufactured. [mayl7.
AGENTS —WANTED. —s2so per
month the year round, or 900 per cent, profit
on commission. We guarantee the above salary
or commission to suitable agents at their own
homes, to introduce an article of indispensable
utility in every household. For particulars call
on, or address. G. W. Jackson A Co., 11 South St.,
Baltimore, Md. [may 17.
CIATARRH, Bronchitis, Scrofula of
I every phase, Liver and Kidney diseases-.
Win. R. Prince, Flushing, N. Y., for 60 years pro
prietor of the Linaen Nurseries, has discovered the
Remedial Plants which are Positive Cures for the
above and all Inherited and Chronic Diseases,
Dyspepsia. Asthma, Nervous Debility, Rheumat
ism, and all Female Maladies, and others result
ing from impurity of the blood, hitherto incura
ble. Explanatory circular, one stamp. Treatise
on all diseases, 20 cents. [may 17.
After an experience of 25 years with all the
different Machines, we offer this to Brickmakers
as combining everytb'.. g most desired by them.
We only ask a fair examination, and would prefer
to have those about to purchase come and see the
Machine at work, and compare it with any other
in the country. We make the ADAMS MACHINE
for making Front Brick, Hall's Patent Machine,
Clay Tempering Wheels, and everything complete
to start a Brick Yard. Also, Engines and Boilers,
Cane Mills, Portable Forges, and Machinery of all
mayl7. Peekskill, N. Y.
LY CURED by "Salvation Powders" or An
tidote for Intemperance. Administered if neces
sary without the knowledge of the person, in ale,
tea, Ac. Sent by mail upon receipt of price, $1
per box. Address Dr. JAMES L. CLARK, 488
Hudson St., New York. Cut this out. [may 17.
10 Park Row, New York,
We have facilities for the transaction of the
business of a General Advertising Agency, which
are not surpassed, and we think not equalled, by
any similar establishment in America.
Our special lists of "One Hundred Newspapers"
offer remarkable inducements to such as are desir
ous of advertising expensively. Send 10 cts. for a
copy of the ADVERTISER'S GAZETTE, giving lists
and full particulars.
The large amount of patronage controlled by us
enables us to promise our customers the most
favorable terms.
The " ADVERTISING GAZETTE," published by us,
contains much information of value to advertisers.
Price §1 per annum in advance.
may!7. (Formerly at Boston, Mass.)
ORDERS from a distance for any
kind of JOB PRINTING promptly attended
ford, Pa
OF JOB PRINTING neatly executed at low
latesatTHE BEDFORD GAZETTE office. Call and
reave your orders.
ed at short notice. Large Bills make large
sales. We know it to be so. TRY IT! It will
much more than pav the extra erpense of print
TERMS for every description of Job
PRINTING CASH*! for the reason that for
every article we use. we must pay cash; and the
cash system will enable us to do our work as low
as it can be done in the oities.