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local and Personal.
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The following Business Directory for the bor
:ugh of Bedford and other places in the county.
'whose advertisement* appear in the columns of
THE GAZETTE.) may be of service to our friends
ind patrons in the county, and is commended to
.heir attention;
Reed; J. W Tate; J"hn Palmer; E. F Kerr;
rmrhorr' ai >•* • T
Ke-2y A J H Filicr; Kimmell A Lingerifelter,
Bedford. Pa.
BANKERS —Reed A Sehell; Rup,p, Shannon A
Co.. Bedford. Pa.
Ilut'on ; H F. Irvine. Bedford, Pa.
Bedford, Pa.
qnhar; A B. Cramer; J. M Shoemaker; P. A.
Reed. D'-fibaugh A Fisher, Bedford. Pa.
DENTISTRY-C. N Hickok A J O. Minnich,
Jr. Bedford. Pa.
DRUGGIST —J. L. Lewis. Bedford, Pa.
Rea Mrs E V Mowry: Mrs. M R. Schafer A
Miss Kate Deal. Bedford. Pa.
GUNSMITHING—David Befibaugh, Bedford.
HARDWARE, Ac.—Wm. Hartley; Geo. Bly
myer A son. Bedford. Pa.
HOTELS Bedford Hotel. J J. Shoemaker;
Mengel House, I. Mengel; Union Hotel, V. Stock
man Bedf-rd, Pa. *
JEWELER—DanieI Border. Bedford, Pa
John Reiuiuni. Jeweler,
JOB PRINTERS—Meyers A Mengel. Bedford.
Pa—All kinds of Plain and Fancy Job Printing
neatly and promptly executed.
PUMPS—Wm. C. Siiively, Schellsburg. Pa.
PHYSICIANS—I)r. J. L Msrbourg. Bedford.
Pa.; Drs. W W. Jamison and P. H. Pennsyl. Bloody
Run. Pa.
PATENT MEDlClNES—Shriner's Cough Syrup
and Indian Vermifuge; Foutz's Mixture and Horse
and Cattle Powder; Wbeaton's Ointment: ileltn
bold's Extract of Bucbu: Dr. Tobias* Yenitian Lin
iment : Allcock's Porous Plasters ; Cbristadoro s
Hair Dve.
F C Reamer—private sale
T. 11. 4 N. J. Lyons, Private Sale.
Jacob Walter, Private.
C X Ilickok, private sale.
G. R. Barndollar and others, private sale.
Read the -'New Advertisements" in this
week's issue of THE GAZETTE.
isr For Administrator's. Exeontor's. Auditor's
notices, 4c.,see "Legal Notices."
t iC Read the advertisements under the head of
Notices, Ac.''
Rally for the White Man's government !
A Mass Meeting of the Democracy of
Bedford county and the friends of the
Union generally, will he held in the
Court House, on MONDAY EVENING
OK COURT WEEK, APRIL 3fith, for the
purpose of ratifying the nomination of
as the next Governor of Pennsylvania.
Union men, rally to the support of your
leader! "The Disunionists at the oth
er end of the line, Thaddeus Stevens,
of Pennsylvania, Mr. Sumner in the
Senate and Wendell Phillips" tin the
language of President Johnson must
be met and overthrown. Come, all
who ItelievQ that this Union consists of
Thirty-six States, all who would march
under a flag of Thirty-six Stars, all who
believe with the lamented Douglas,
that this is "a White Man's Govern
ment, established by White Men, for
White Men and their posterity forev
er." Come, all who would support
President Johnson in hi- noble efforts
to restore peace, law and liberty to this
di-tracted country: who are opposed to
Freedmen's Bureaus, Negro Suffrage,
Black and White Equality and the
other monstrosities of the Disunion
conspirators against the Government.
It is time to strike for the Right!—
Rally, men of Bedford county !
By order of the Dem. Co. Com,
Apr. 20. E. F. KERR, Ch'n.
On Saturday afternoon la-t. the third
match game between the Juniata and
Mineral Spring Base Ball Clubs, was
played on the grounds of the former.
The contest resulted in a victory for the
Mineral Spring. The playing was not
very (good, the rain in the forenoon
having soaked the field, making the
running difficult and saturating the ball
so that it would not fly. The Juniata
did pretty good fielding, but although
Usually superior in batting, suffered
s>me half dozen 'skunks,' almost whol
ly on foul balls caught by their adver
saries. The Mint-nil Spring did good
fi"!{Jingand batted tolerably well, which
H-t gave them success. The score stood,
Mineral Spring, 2fi; Juniata, S Umpire,
V. F. R. Jordan.
A GOOD MOVE.—The borough au
thorities have directed the cleansing of
alleys, stables, cellars, out houses, Ac.,
with a view to the sanitary interests of
the town. Let this order le strictly
enforced. Cholera is now raging on
Ward -hip at the New York Quaran
tine and it is quite probable that it will
'non break out in some of the Eastern
'■' ties. Cleanliness is the best preven
tive of this scourge, and as it is within
the reach of all, it should not be neg
COURT.—April term of Court, will
begiu on Monday next. A considera
ble attendance is anticipated. We are
always glad to see a good turn out at
f Jutt for several reasons. We like to ex
' binge views with our country friends
and receipt.' with those with whom we
bave.settlem -nts—provided the balance
i' in our favor. Natural, isn't it ?
embellishments for May are the fine
suggestive picture, ''The Return of the
Swallows;" a showy, picturesque and
t Lsteful fashion plate, comprising cos
tumes for riding and other lively, out
door amusements; the wood-out "Clo
verbohs," illustrating the story "How
Dr. Rounder beat his Boys;" and "The
Bird Lover," accompanied by a pleas
ing sketch. The patterns for dress are
unusually captivating. The stories are
as u<ual varied and excellent. Price
$2.50 a year; 2 copies $4.00; 8 copies (and
one grafi.*\ slti. Address Deacon A Pe
terson, 810 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
—A convention of the Scliool Directors
of this county, will be held in this place,
on Tuesday next, for the purpose of
electing a County Superintendent for
the next three years. The candidates
are Messrs. Henry W. Fisher, J. W.
Hughes, H. Heckernian and J.C. Long.
gotten up at the Bedford Hotel, on Sat
urday evening last, for the first nines \
of the Juniata and Mineral Spring Base
Ball Clubs, was an excellent affair.—
The cooks at the Bedford know a thing j
or two.
FISH MEETING.—A meeting of all i
oersons interested in the planting of •
Bass in the Juniata river, will be held j
in the Grand Jury Room, in the Court;
House, on Saturday evening next. All
concerned are requested to attend.
LECTURE.— A Temperance Lecture
will be delivered in the Presbyterian
Church, on next Wednesday evening,
(May '!,) by the Rev. R. F. Sample.
The public are respectfully invited to
Some questions are subjects of debate,
others are past all controversy. For
example, there is no room for argu
ment as to whether Phalon's "Night-
Blooming Cereus" is or is not the most
popular perfume in this country. The
sovereign people, as arbiters it) matters
of taste, have decided that question by
a unanimous affirmative. Sold every
All notice? under fhi? head must he pre-paid to
insure insertion The following are the rates :
P rot honorary, $5.00: Sheriff $3.00; Associate
Judge and Commissioner, S2 00 ; Poor Directnrltnd
Auditor. SI .00. Tickets will be printed at S4 00
per thousand, when not less than one thousand are
Flit: RIFF.
MR. EDITOR Please announce A J. SANSOM. '
of Bedford borough, as a candidate for Sheriff, sub
ject to the decision of the Democratic county con
EDITOR GAZETTE :—Please announce ISAAC D
EARNEST, of Bedford township, as a candidate
for Sheriff, subject to the decisiou of their mo-rat
ic county convention
MR. EDITOR Please announce WM KEYSER.
of Juniata township, as a candidate fur Sheriff,
subject to the decision of the Democratic county
MR. MEYERS :—Please announce D. L DEFI
BACGH. of Bedford township, as a candidate for
Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic
county convention
We are authorized to announce ROBERT STECK
MAN, of Bloody Run. as a eandid'ite tor the office
of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democrat
ic county convention.
MR. EMTOR :—Please announce THOMAS C.
REDJHARD, of Union tp., as a candidate f-r the
office of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Dem
ocratic County Convention.
EDITOII GAZETTE: You are authorized to an
nounce HUOH MOORE, of Bedford tp.. as a can
didate for Sheriff, subject to the decision of the
Democratic County Convention.
WE are authorized to announce GEO. \\ HORN,
of Harrison tp.. as a candidate tor Sheriff, subject to
thedecisionof (he Democratic County Convention
We are authorized 'o announce HEX Y FLUKE,
of Middle Woodberry township, as a candidate for
Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic
county convention.
MR" EDITOR Please announce GEO. STEEL,
of Hopewell township, as a candidate for sheriff,
subject to the nomination of the Demooratie coun
ty convention.
MR. EDITOR —Please announceF. D BEEGI.E,
of St. Clair tp., as a sui'able person for the office
of Associate Judge, subject to the notuina ion of
the Democratic County Convention
WE are authorized to announce GEO SMOL SE,
Jr., of Snake Spring tp., as a candidate for Asso
ciate Judge, subject to the decision of the Demo
cratic County Conventi n
We are authorized to announce JOSEPH SEL
LERS, of Bedford township, as a candidate for
Associate Judge, subject to thedecisionof the
Democratic county convention.
MR. EDITOR :—Please announce GEORGE W.
GUMP, ot Napier township, as a candidate for As
sociate Judge, subject to the decision of tbe Dem
ocratic county convention.
We are authorized to announce JOHN C.
BLACK, of Bloody Run, as a candidate for Associ
ate Judge, subject to the decision of the Democrat
ic county convention
MR. EDlTOß:—Please announce Joseph Souser,
of Napier township, as a candidate for Commis
sioner. subject to the decision of the Democratic
county convention.
We are authorized to announce John $ Brum
baugh. of S. Woodberry township, as a candidate
for Commissioner, subject to the decision of the
Democratic county convention
WE are authorized to announce HENRY' MO.SES,
of Bedford tp., as a candidate for the office of Poor
Director, subject to the nomination of the Demo
cratic County Convention.
MR EDITOR :—Announce the name of Isaac
Grazier, of Napier tow ship, as a candidate for the
offioe of Director of the Poor, subject to the deci
sion of the Democratic county convention.
YVe are authorized to announce Michael Diehl.
of Colerain township, as a candidate for Poor Di
rector, subject to a nomination lrom the Demo
cratic county convention.
who suffered for years from Nervous Debility. Pre
mature Decay, and all the effects of youthtul in
discretion. will, for tbe sake of suffering humani
ty, send free to all who need it. the recij>e and *i
rections for making the simple remedy by which
he was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by the
advertisers experience, c in do so bv addressing
No. 13 Chambers St , New Y'ork.
Jan. 5, 86—ly.
DITCH—STUCKEY—At the Friend's Cove Par
sonage. on the 11th inst., by the Rev. Wm M.
Deatrick, Mr. YY'illiam Ditch, ol the vicinity of
YVaynesboro'. Franklin county. Pa., and .Miss
Mary Amanda Stuckey, of Friend's Cove, this
KOONTZ—On the 10th inst., Mr Catharine
Koonlz, wile of Frederick Koontz. of Bedford town
ship. aged 25 years, 11 months and and 2 days.
CROYLE—On the 16th inst., John Croyle, of
Bedford township, aged 76 years. 10 months and
6 days.
This is a special invi'ation
to the reader to call or the
and examine our stock of
Hats and
Piece Goods,
Prices to suit the buyers.
it civ
Hartley & metzger Having
formed a partnership. on the Ist dnv of
.April. ISM. in 'he HARDWARE and FARM
MACHINERY TRADE, now invite the pub-
Ik - to examine their mammoth stock. whh-h they
will sell at low figures. for cash. (Hpr.27,'t>6.
IRON AND NAILS, at lowest eash
. price,, it HTUff A METZGEK'S
"pAINTS, fresh, durable and beauti
j ful; Pure Liberty White Lead ; Penn Treaty
White Lead; Mansion White Lead; China Glass;
Turpentine; Flaxseed Oil; Copal and Detnar Var
nish: Bru>hes of all kind*, for sale cheap, at
V.7T Sncds and Harvesting Implements in great
varietv, and at all rices, for sale at
O'L and the great rti-Cng-Wbeel Wringer,
now on exhibition at HARTLEY A METZGER S.
Call and see this invention before purchasing else
kr Spring Grain Drills. Improved Cider Mills,
Eureka Fodder and Straw Cutters, for sale at
TTOUSE KEEPKRS will find at
JL L Hartley A Metzger's Store a great variety of
household Hi rd ware Knives and Forks. Spoons of
elegant quality. Ladles, single or in sets. Shovels
and Tonga. Waiters. '1 ea Bells. Scissors. Meat Saws,
Carvers. Paring Knives. Brushes, Waffle Irons.
Griddles. Gridirons. Brass, Porcelain and Iron Ket
tles. Iron Po's. Tubs. Buckets. Baskets. Brooms.
Slaw Cutters, Ac., Ac Stove Polish. Rotleu Stone,
and a hundred little "knick knacks" that we can't
afford to enumerate. It would be caster to tell
what we don't keep than what we do.
( Safest anJ Purest, ami for these reasons
t!i< I 'Jrr .-pr\t Ih'irt f Jii in uiuy nlwuye ho
had at 11 ■ rtley 4 Mender's. You who have never
used any other than the '-common true/." try it,
compare it! and you will always go to Hartley's.
Coal Oil Lamps in brilliant profusion, and great
variety, verv cheap at Hartley's, also, Wick, Lamp
Tops. 4e. Coal Oil Lamps repaired.
tJt " DLES. Natural bent fingers will he re
ceived by Hartley A Metzger. who are exclu
sive agents for Bedford eounty. Order soon.
*>!'< K-KYE REAPERS and M< >\V
§ ) ERs. with all the new improvements, amoog
whi h is 'he wonderful Dropping invention. Also,
a few ■ Farmer Movers'' tor sale by Hartley 4
Metzger. Order <-oon as the supply is short for
this season.
J most improved pattern, track and all com
plete. cheaper and better than hinges, for sale at
DEMI-JOHNS, for Mineral Water,
TACKLE—Bods, Hooks,
Lines. 4c.. 4c. Shot Guns, Powder, Shot,
Caps. Ar at Hartley A Mother's.
til I and Fixtures, at Hartley <t Metzgers.
X best White-wash. Blacking and Scrub Brush
c- in town, at H irtley 4 Metzger'.-.
" 1 to get your money back.
h (PL! I>rK AX " WAN'
Ml TED.-Old Merchants say:
it is necessary to quit business in order to settle
up; that many people are so mean, after you have
credited them, that when you try to get your hon
est dues from them, they will "shy off,' ami spend
their money, or run up accounts, at other stores,
and you will lose their custom.
I don't want to quit hu-incss. I must have
money f have been indulgent. I want every
man and woman who owes me by book account or
note to pay me now. 1 dou't want them to act
mean and "shy off Stand up to thecounter like
men ' Pay if you can. If you can't pay, settle
so .tie way I will sue only those who don t want
to pay. and quit me because I dun them.
Let all concerned call at om-e to settle. Thank
ful to a generous public for their patronage. I
hope they will favor the new firm of Hartley 4
Metzger who will do right,
apr 27 j Respectfully, WM HARTLEY.
"V Notice i"* hereby given thut letters of atiiuiil
i.-trtttion have been g mated to tbe eubsoriber OH
the estate of John Bridges, lat£ of Southampton
town-hip, Bedford county, dee d, ail persons in
debted to ?Hid estate are notified to make payment,
and those having claims thereon will present them
duly autheuti'-ated for settlement
a i r 27 BENTON BRIDGES* Adin r
MO WHY would respectfully inform herold friends
and custoniers. as well as the ladies generally,
that she has removed her -tore to the fine rooms,
immediately opposite tbe Bedford Hotel, formerly
occupied bv .). Cessna, where she h<s ju-t received
a large and carefully selected assortment of
NOTIONS, consisting, in part, of
CA LICOES. trr .
auri SUA W LS,
SILK a>< ■/ THIi EAI) Gloves.
CORSETS , dr., \e.
Also, a fine assortment of LADIES', MISSES' and
CHILDREN'S SHOES, made specially to order.
These goods will be sold at the lowest prices, but
for CASH only Mrs. Mowry returns ber thanks
f .r past f ivors. and respectfu'lv solicits a continu
ance of the patronage of the ladies of Bedford -md
vicinity. [apr.27, 66.
IX) 11 SALE— VERY Low—a second
band PIANO. Inquire of
apr.13,.-tf. C. N HICKOK.
| \EFIBAUGH & FISHER will pos
| f ilively sell, for the next 30 days. Calicoes.
Muslins. Ginghams. French Merinos, Delaines and
heavy boots AT COST, and some articles below cost.
April 6. '66-4t
1) Ol' N TV, HOE N'TV.— Soldier- !
Jt'ongress is about to pass a law granting addi
tional bounty' Those of you, therefore, who have
not received bounty, and those who have received
but SIOO. or less, will find it to their advantage to
call on me THREE MONTHS', SIX MOUTHS', and
April. | IBm JOHN I'ALMER.
I)ERS()XS knowing themselves in
debted to us for advertising Administrators',
Executors'. Auditors' Notices. Orphans' Court sales
and other sales of Real Estate, and for printing
bills. Ac . Ac., will please call and settle for the
same, as all such advertising and printing should
Feb 16. '66-tf.
OFF AT COST, Cloaks, Balmoral and Hoop
skiris. Shawls. Hats. Bonnets, Ac.. Ac.
call and settle. {Dee 8, 66.
I Tannery, in good order, containing one pool,
three limes, three baits, five leaches, thirty-four
lay-a-way vats, with the necessary number of han
dlers. in as good a location as can he found in Bed
ford county, for rent. For farther information call
at this office Nov. 17. '6h-tf
I The largest slock- of well-made Tin Ware in
the State, constantly kept on hand. .Merchants
and Dealers are invited to give us a call before
purchasing elsewhere.
72.1 Market St., between 7th and Bth,
March 3D. '66-1 m Philadelphia.
Persons who subscribed to this company, by a
resolution of the Board of Managers, are required
to pay the first and last instalment, of the amount
subscribed, on or before the Ist of May. The parties
employed to sink the well are on the ground ready
to operate and the money must be forthcoming.
By order of the Company.
March 9-1 m GEO. W Gl-MP, Prest.
MENT.—The executive committees of the
several Boroughs and Townships, for the collec
ting of funds and statistics, for the monument in
memory of the deceased soldiers ot Bedford coun
ty. are hereby respeclfully urged to take immedi
ate action in tbe matter, so as to be able to make
a full report on Monday ol next Court week (April
.10). S> me of the townships arc working energet
ically. aud have already secured large subscrip
tions. Tbe enterpiise needs only to be presented
to the people, to secure a like action on the part
of all our citizens. C. N . HICKOK,
April 6, 66-4t Ch'u of Uon'l Coin.
f rgal ilotires.
_j ts> amentary to the estate of Nathan H. Wolf, !
late of St. Clair township, deceased, having been
granted to the undersigned, by the Register of
Bedford county, all persons indebted to said estate
are hereby notified to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against the same will pre
sent theui properly authenticated lor settlement.
Tlßirv M-COY,* JOHN WOLF, Bx'rs.
tc-tament'y on the estateof Artemas Bennett,
late of Southampton township, dec d, having been
granted by the Register of Bedford county, to tbe
undersigned, notice is hereby given to all having
claims against said estate to present them properly
authenticated for settlement, and all persons in
debted will please make immediate payment.
apr.2o—fit. Ex'rs.
I IS'P OF CAUSES put down fori
j trial at April Term. (30th day). 1866.
Theodore Kinton vs Joseph Mortiiuore et
Michael Thomas " Johu Skelly et al
William Fahner " William Overocker
Mary Hollar '' James Gonden et a
Daniel Armel John C. Riffle
Jno. W. Beeler's adm'r' l'r B E. Harry
John Black et al " Catharine Trieker
Mary E.Smith ' George W. Figard
Certified April 2nd. A D.. 1866.
April |, r,6-tt (I. E SHANNON. Proth'y.
I ist or RETAILERS.—A ust >f
j venders of Foreign and Domestic Merchan
dise. in tbe county of Bedford, for the year 1866.
as appraised and classified by the appraiser of
Mere ■ utile Taxes.
Class. Bedford Borough. Tax.
14 Mrs V B Tate Store $7 00
14 MAG lieimund " 7 00
13 GR A W Oster " 10 00
13 ABCrtnerACo " WOO
14 TUA N J Lyons " 7 00
14 Peter A Reeu " 7 00
14 Miss M Fetlerly '* 7 00
14 SAW Shuck " 7 00
14 do do •• 7 00
14 Robert Fyan " 7 00
14 J M Shoemaker " 7 00
14 Win Hartley Hardware 700
14 Geo Blyrayer A Son •' 7 00
14 B McC Blyrnyer ACo Stoves, Ac. 700
14 Dr B F Harry Drugs 7 00
14 J L Lewis '* 7 00
14 Defibaugh A Fisher Dry Goods 7 00
14 J H Hufton Boots A Sboc= 7 00
14 Isaac Leppel Clothing 7 00
14 Mrs Cam ACo Store 7 00
14 Airs Shafer A Deal " 7 00
14 Hammond A Riffle Confectionery 7 00
14 George M.irdotff Grocery 7 00
14 Mrs E V Mowry Fancy Store 7 00
14 Miss Urella Smith " 7 00
14 Jacob Bollinger Confectionery 700
14 Henry Irvine Boots. Shoes. Ac 700
14 H C Reamer Grocery 7 00
John G Minnich Eating House 10 00
David Brode " " 10 00
McMullen A Co " •• 1" 00!
John Harris - " 10 00 j
Rupp. Shannon A Co Bankers 10 00" >
Reed A Schell " 10 00 j
14 Berkstresser A Smith Clothing. Ac 700 j
Btdford Township.
John Yont Distillery 15 00 j
Bedford Mineral Springs Ten Pins 7 00
•' •' Billiards 7 00
15 William Wolff Confectionery 500 I
14 Peter A Reed Store 700
Broad Top Township.
14 Eichelberger A Lowry Store 7 00
14 Langdon A Glazier •• 7 0 •
Alfred Evans Confectionery 5 fit)
14 KB Wigton Store 7 00
14 Richard Langdon " 7 Oft
14 MrCbilcntt " "7 00
14 Frazer A Bro 7 00
14 D Roland 7 00
Megahan Eating House 10 00
W D Reese " to 00
Cumberland Valley Township
14 D R Anderson Store 7 00
14 William L incy " 7 00
Xolinghaiu A Co Distillery 15 00
Colerain Township
14 A C James Store 7 00
14 Hetzell •• 7 00
14 Adam Diehl •• 700
Hopewell Township.
14 Wm Seypher Store 7 00
Win Grove Eating House 10 00
Harrison Township.
14 Valentine B Wertz Store 7 00
14 James M Shoemaker 7 00
14 John Alarkle " 7 00
Juniata Township.
14 Mowry A Zeigler Store 7 00
14 Geo Gardill " 7 00
14 Lewis N Fyan 7 00
do Distillery . 15 00
John Hughes 15 00
14 Win Keyser Store 7 00
14 Joseph iloi er •• 7 00
Napier Town<h'p.
14 Samuel Hefner Store 7 00
14 G W Blackburn " 7 00
Alpddle Wondhern/ Township.
14 Andrew Biker Store 7 00
14 A L Beckhoefifer " 7 00
14 J W Kn'ket on " 7 00
14 Jacob Brenneman " 7 00
14 D F Keagy " 7 00
14 Holsinger A Stouffer " 7 00
Cnrist Stouffer Confee'ionery 5 00
South Woodberry Township.
11 Win Aaron Store 7 00
14 Samuel Oster " 7 00
15 Geo K iuffman " 7 00
14 C L Buck '• 7 00
14 Robert Ralston Confectionery 700
East Providence Township.
14 DAT Black Store 7 00
14 John Nycum A Son •• 7 00
14 John Louderbaugh " 7 00
Bloody Kun Borough.
Jacob Stevens Eating House 10 00
Charles Blac-k " " 10 00
14 do Store 7 00
14 Gump. Baughman ACo Hardware 700
14 James Barudollar A Sou Store 7 00
Andrew Shroyer Eating House 10 00
13 Jacob B Williams Store 10 00
John 1> Lucius Eating House 10 00
I 14 Thus Kiichey Store 7 00
Harriet Scbooley Eating House 10 00
,14 Samuel Jaffa Clothing Store 700
I 14 William States ACo Store 7 00
I 14 Mrs.l A Mann '• 7 00
j Mrs John Shuck Eating House *lO 00
Wear Providenet Township.
14 John Gitbaugh Store 7 00
14 Henry Allen Grocery 7 00
14 John M Barndollar Store 7 00
Southampton Township.
| 14 Hugh Wilson Store
j 14 Jarcd Hanks " 7 00
' 14 J M Percell. " 7 00
j 14 Laban Johnston 7 fa)
j 14 Henry C Lashley " 7 00
SuiJie Spring Township.
Wm Lysinger Confectionery 500
Liberty Township.
14 Mrs Fockler A Son Store 7 00
14 Lewis Putt " 7 00
14 Jacob Echelberger •' 7 00
Londonderry Township
14 James C Devore Store 7 00
j 14 Jacob Evans " 7 00
! 14 Thos J Porter ' 7 00
Alonroe Township.
14 James R O'Neal Store 7 00
j 14 Daniel Fletcher " 7 00
i 14 Asa M Williams •' 7 00
Stktllsburg Borough.
14 Connelly A Mullen Store 7 00
14 John S Schell *' 7 00
14 Black A Border " 7 00
14 Miller A Robinson • '• 7 00
i 14 Duncan MeVicker " 7 00
, 14 John A Colvin " 7 00
! 14 G Berkstresser A Son " 7 00
| 14 A J Snively " 7 00
St Clair Township.
14 G D Trout . Store 7 00
14 Simon llershman ACo " 7 00
14 K Oppenbeimer " 7 00
14 S Greenabaum " 7 00
14 Miss A C Smith " 7 00
14 Nathan Wright 11 7 00
14 Geo B Amick " 7 00
14 Isaiah Blackburn " 7 00
14 Hum A Brother " 7 00
Aldstadt ACo Distillery 15 00
Union Township.
14 John M Walters Store 7 00
NOTICE is hereby given, that an appeal will
be held at the Commissioners' office, at the Court
House, in Bedford, on the 12th day of May, A D.,
1866 A. J.SANSOM.
Mercantile Appraiser.
N. B—Persons whose names are not contained
in the above list, who have commenced business
since April 1, 1866, will please i&form the under
signed of the same. |apr.2o.J A. J. S ANSOM
L undersigned. Commissionersof Bedford coun
ty, will let. on Friday. May 18, 1J66, to the lowest
and best bidder, a roofed bridge to be built across
the Juniata, near George Ruades'Mill, in Liberty
township. Plan and specificatitrs can be seen at
our office, in Bedford, or on the premises, on the
day of letting GEO. ROADEB,
Attest: M.S. KttCHEY,
Jso. G. Fishbb, Clerk. Com'rg.
£fpt dHotiffS.
the Coroner, the Justices of the Peace, and
Constables in the different Townships in the
County of Bedford, Greeting : Ksow VE, that
In pursuance of a precept to me directed, under
the hand and seal of the Hon. ALEXANDER
KING. President of the several Courts of Common
Pleas, in tbe IHth District, consisting of the conn
tics of Franklin. Fulton. Bedford and Somerset,
and by virtue of his office of the Court of Oyer and
Terminer and Geueral Jail Delivery for the trial of
capital and oiher offenders therein, and the Gen
eral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace; and
James Bcrss and Wii.liamU. Eicholtz. Judges of
the same Court iu the same County of Bedford,
You and each of you, are hereby required to be
and appear in your proper persons with your Re
cords, Recognizances, Examinations, and other
Remembrances, before tbe Judges aforesaid, at
Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and
General Jail Delivery and General Quarter Ses
sions of the peace therein to be holden f'r the eoun
ty of Bedford, aforesaid, on the sth Monday of
April, {being the 30 th day.) 1866, at 10 o'cfjrl
in the forenoon of that day , there and then to d*
those things to whieb your several offices appertain
Given under my hand, at Bedford, on the 6;h
of April, in the vear of our Lord. 1866.
Bedford. April 6. 1866. |
| J for April Term, (sth Monday), 30th day. A
D . lhgg : —Peter F. Lehman. Foreman. Samue
W. Sutler, John C Black, Jo-iuh M. Gephart
John Shafer. Solomon Barley. Simon State-. Jesst
Griffith.lsaiah Conley, James M Sleek, Henry
Clapper, Wm. Cbenowetb. Samuel F Shoup, Hez
ekiah May, John Johnston, Uriah Mellott, Georgt
Powell. I>. A. T. Black, D. IV. Mullin. Daniel P
Beegle, C. W. Asheoin, Bernard O'Neal, Thoma:
J. Croyle, J. H. Wright.
Drawn and certified at Bedford, this 14th day o
February. A. D., 1866. ISA AC KENSINGER,
Attest—' WM. KIRK,
Jso. G. FISHER, Jury Commissioners
Clerk., ApEil (j. 'c6-4t
j for April Term. (sth Monday), 30th day, 1866
George Baughman. H. P. Diehl, John Dullard
Henry r. Smith. Uriah Gorden, John Feaster
David Lewis, Samuel Burket. George W Horn
John Luuderbaugh. George S. Miller. Wm. B
Ream, William J. Householder, Samuel Steel
James Bowser. Rudolph Hoover. William Oster
I. X. Bowser, Henry Koons, .JohnS Brumbaugh
Francis Grove. G. D. Trout. John Ott, John Tay
lor. Jeremiah Mtiiser, Jacob Fink. John McCleary
Josiuh Miller. Jacob C Devore. William M Pear
son, Reuben Stone. John 11. Miller, John Wilhe! ■
Casper St roup, Abraham Ritchey. Charles Buck
Zachariah Koons, W. H. Beegle. Drawn and cer
titled at Bedford. thisl4th day of February. Isgfi
Attest— WM. KIRK.
Jno. G. FISHER. Jury Commissioner?
Clerk. " April g. '66~4t
\ sons interested, are herebv notified that the
following accountant? have filed their account? in
the Register's Office of Bedford county, and that
the same will be presented to the Orphans' Cour'.
in and for said county, on Tuesday, the Ist day ot
May next, at the Court House, in Bedford, for
The account of Michael IlnlderbauiD Esq.. Ex
ecutor of thelast Will and Testatnentof J no. Bow
ser. late of Colerain township, dee d.
The account of Jacob Beckley. administrator of
the estate of Levi McGregor, late of St. Clair
township, dee d.
The account of John Mortimore. adtn'r of the
estate of George Kaughman. late of West Provi
dence township, dec d.
The account of Levi Hardingor. adm'r of Jon
athan C D cken, late of Cumberland Valley town
ship. dee d, who was Executor of the last will and
testament of David Dieken, late of said township,
The account of John K. Taylor, adm'r of the es
tate of Ambrose K Taylor, late of Middle Wood
berry township, deed
Tin account of J R Durborrow. adm'r of the es
tate of Margaret Bulger, late of Middle Wood ber
ry township, dee'd
The account of Joseph Clatrr. guardian of Re
becca Claar. who was a daughter of cimon Claar,
late of Union township, dee'd.
The account of J R Durborrow. adm'r of the
estate of Wilson Spidel, late of Bedford borough,
The account of Labtn Hanks, one of the Exec
utors of the last will testament of Philip E
vano late of Monroe township, dee d.
The account of Geo W Points, adia rof the es
tate of Catharine Points, lite of Union township,
The account of Jacob Carper and Christopher
Carper, adm'rs of the estate of Samuel Carper,
late of Middle Woodberry township, dee'd
The account of Jacob Oarper nod Christopher
Carper, adm'rs theesmteof Cbristenu Carper,
late ot Middle Woodberry township, dee'd
The account of Joseph [tiller, adm'r of tbe es
to eof Abraham Imler. late of Union 'p., dec' .
The account of Josiah Imler. adm'rof the esratc
of Isaac M luiler, late of I niun township, dee d.
The accouut of Thomas Burley, executor of the
last will, Ac, of John Barley, late of Londonderry
township, dee d.
Tbc account of Eliakim P. Blackburn, adm'rof
the estate of Isaiah IJlaekburn, late of St. Clair
township, dee d.
The account of John Weisel, adm'r of the es
rate of Susan Koon'Z. late of Bedford tp . dee d
The account of John Mower, adm'r of the estate
of Emanuel Kegg. late of Colerain tp . dee'd.
The account ot Thomas Donahoe. adm'r of the
estate ot llenry Johnson, late of Southampton
township, dee'd.
The account of David Whetstone, adm'r of the
estate of Rebecca Diehl. late of Colerain tp.. de d.
The account of David L. Rice, adm'r of the es
tate of Leonard Ciilz. late of Southampton town
ship. dee'd.
The account of John S. A Israel Morris, adnrn
istrators of the estate Israel Morris, late of Mon
roe township, dee'd.
The account of J P. Smith and S. L H "maker,
adm'rs of the estate of John Smith, who Was
guardian of the minor children of Abraham
Crouse, dee d. 0. E. SHANNON,
April fi 66~*1 Register.
SHERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of a
writ of fi. fa., to me directed, there will bo
sold at the Court House, in the borough of Bedford,
on Saturday, the 28th day of April, Ht 111
o'clock. A M . the following Real Estate; viz:
one tract of laud containing sixteen acres, more or
less, adjoining lands of the Hopewell Company,
on the West, and the Juniata river on the South,
situate in Hopewell township, Bedford county, and
taken in execution a? the property of George
ALSO —By writ of Levari Facias to me directed,
I will sell all the certain fixtures and machinery
which were erected at the Coal Mines, belonging
to Wilson & Petriken. ou Six Mile Run. in Broad
Top township, in the coauty of Bedford, leased and
operated by Dr. William Brewster, on a tract of
land adjoining lands of the Huntingdon A Broad
Top Mountain Rail lioad and Coal Company, and
being the same tract of land which Wilson A Pe -
riken purchased from Thomas J ilortou ; the said
fixtures and tnacbiuery being the trestle work, or
dump, or chute, erected by Nathan Horton. for
the purpose of conveying coal from the mine to
the Railroad cars JOHN ALDSTADT.
Bedford. April g. 'fi6-it Sheriff.
rPAYFRN LICFXS FS.—The ft >1 low-
J ingnnmed persons have taken out petitions for
tavern license, and will present the same to the
next court of quarter sessionsof Bedford county, to
be held at Bedford, on the 30th day of April. !Bfifi.
for allowance : Joseph Fuller. Buena Vista; Ber
nard O'Neil. Cheneysville; J J Shoemaker. Bed
ford; Win II Cornell. C'learville: Daniel Ritchey,
Hamilton Station: J B Stoner. Bloody Run; Val
entine Besserer, Catharine Tricker. Stonerstown:
J C Black, Bloody Run: Val Stockman, Bedford;
Aaron Reed. South Woodberry twp: Peter Amiek.
St Clairsville; A J Snively. Schellsburg; John L
Grove, Bloody Run; Isaac F Grove. Bedtord; John
Uufer. Bedford twp: t'harles Bush. Londonderry;
Jonathan Feightner, Palo Alto; Henry Weaver,
St Clairsville; John Cessna, Centerville; J A
Raum. Sexton; Sam"! M Sleek. PteasantviHe.
Joseph Cessna. Harrison township; A. J. Pennell.
Rainsbury; John P W'eaverling. W.Providence;
Thomas Price, North Point; A G Allen. Bedford
township; George W Figard. Fair Play; Abel Dull.
Buena Vista: Jos ph Mortimore. Snake Spring
township; Thomas Reighartl. Union town hip;
Geo M Culvin, Schellsburg; Satn'l Miller, Coaldale.
Apr.g.—tc. D E. SHANNON, cl k.
\T an Orphans' Court held at Bed
ford, in and for tbe county of Bedford, on
the 12th day of February. A. D. IStifi. before the
Judgesof tbe said Court. On motion of E F. Kerr.
Esq., the Court grant a Rule on the heirs and
legal representatives of George Miller, late of the
township of Cumberland \ alley, dec d, to wit :
Louisa, intermarried with Levi Valentine; Caro
line, intermarried with Edward Rice, both living
in C. Valley twp., Be Iford county. Pa.; and Barba
ra. intermarried with William lames, living in
Madison co'y. lowa, Margaret intermarried with
Alfred Rice, living Allegheny co.. Md.. to be and
appear at an Orphans' Court to beheld at Bedford,
in and for the county of Bedford, on the stb
Monday, 30th day of April, next, to accept or
refuse to take the real estate of said deceased at
the valuation which has been valued and apprais
ed in pursuancwof a Wri' of Partition or valua
tion issued out of our said Court and to the Sher
iff of said county directed, or ghow cause why the
same should not be sold.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set
J i.s. [ my hand and the seal of said Court at
—Bedford, the 15th day of February. A D.
18i>ti§ 0. E SHANNON, Clerk.
April 6, '6(s—4t
> business men, is the secret of success. Re
' member Stephen Girard.
rpIIEASUBER'S SALE of Unseated
£ Lands and Town Lota in Bedford county
Agreeably to tbc provision? of an Art of Assembly
directing the mode of selling unseated landsfor taxes j
and for other purposes, passed the 13 h of March, j
lb 15. and the supplements thereto passed the 13th
of March, 1817, affe the 25th ot March, 1831, th?
Treasurerof tbccountyof Bedford hereby g'VT
notiee to all persons concerned therein, that
unless the county, state, school, bounty and
road taxes due on the following tracts of unseated
lands, situate in Bedford county, are not paid be
fore the day of sale, the vihole, or such parts of
each tract as will pay the taxes, and the costs
chargeable thereon, will be sold at the Court House,
in the borough of Bedford, on the second Monday
of June, next, (11th day;) for the arrearages ot
taxes due. and the cost accrued thereon; and said
sale will be continued from day today until all are
disposed of. (Apr 6.-8t) G. MARDORFF, Treas.
300 acres. Solomon Diehl $2 44 !
420 do Daniel Barley 1 58 !
BROAD 10P. '
: 150 do James Entricken 5 84 ,
i 75 do William Gray 492 j
i2l do William P. Schell 90
103 do MJ M <rtin 390 j
! 440 do 33 perches, James Patton 14 90 ;
' 440 do 13 do Jauies Patton 21 0
175 do 131 do James Patton 8 82!
58 do 44 do James Patton 311
j 380 do Francis Mowing 62 86
422 do 30 do B'rnet Mowing 6 9a;
i 466 do John Stone 8 69 j
' 465 i do Isaac Kerr 15 00 j
440 do John Kaior 72 !
1376 do F Mowing 78 j
:51 do WmTDiugherty 11 19 ;
i >9B do John Bells 17 75 ,
j63 do Jacob Myers 949 j
: 75 do John Devereaux 56 86 j
| 342 do Daniel Kerr 32 39 ;
403 do J hn Bollinan 47 96
j 402 do 14 do Wm Bunn 16 54
i3O do Lewis T Watson 17 9l) ;
; 372 do Samnel L Tobias 14 76'
' 427 do Mary Montgomery 318
| 205 do Newlin A Marshall 44 00 ;
■ 4.(3 do Marg't Montgomery 3 24 i
j 421 do John Moiirgoinery 322
125 do John Lizard sft
289 do Eph. Foster AWm Schell 8 66
114 do J allies Figard 192
' 405 do Ulrieb Banner 4 44
30 do Anders (owned by R Wilson 840
5 do Aaron Evans 48
60 do Wi.liaui Figard 10 stt !
168 do William Lane 188 08 ;
244 do C A Reamer 20 32
28 do Lor A Patton 840
100 do Dunlap A Evans 20 00
-- do Christian Birnett 13 7." j
3 do A Lewis A Evans 67
32 do Josiah Bacon 55 04;
209 do 156 do James Patton 13 95
12 do 108 do James Patton 10 41
7 do 70 do Jatnes Patton 11 13
110 do 150 do James Patton 10 99 ;
393 do 197 do James Patton II 09 ,
21 do 210 do Patton A Foster 501
77 do M' Anderson's heirs 19 63 !
25 do J'.bn King's heirs 30 60
15 do Entricken A Wilson 563
13 do Entricken A Patterson 159 i
49 do James Eu ricken i! 67 j
15 do James Entricken 12 47 I
49 do Fluek A Dunlap 16 47 ;
110 do Hopewell Iron A Coal Co 6 60 j
438 do do do < 50
168 do do do 5 04 i
8 do do do 61!
100 do do do 3 00
30 do Hunting'n AB.R.R. Co 46'
|75 do do do 112:
i 250 do do do 22 64 f
36 do John Hinish 32 j
16 do Kessler A WbitDey 2 40;
19 do Peter Kessler 4 12;
27 do A King A J Osborn 40 67
176 do A King A Co 194 21
135 do John N Lane's heirs A Wm Foster 182 74
338 do do do Chiviugton 834 07
200 do do do J Kerr 59 13
404 do John N Lane ACo 12 12
440 do do do 157 St'
400 do do do 47 On
125 do do do 8 7ft
400 do do do 17 Io
408 do do do 59 32
) 210 do do do 630 !
135 do John MeCanles 16 20 j
50 do Rev P E Phelps 426 ;
: 120 do Phelps A Russell 4o 7
; 119 do James Patton 6 09
j 165 do do 9 46:
112 do Wm Rogers 180
' 8 do do 1 2o
, 267 do J Richardson A Sheares 31 On
•63 do do do HI 67 i
I 175 do I' A Wilson A MeCanles 38 50 :
' 289 do P A Wi sin 3s 6ft
11 do Warring A Evans 36
100 do Naomi F'isher 34 00
110 do Castner Cartman A Cuuimings36 37
9(1 do John M Canadr 38 15
70 do Wm M liall A Figard 20
135 do John W Whitney 45 16
50 do do 21 2;
30 do do 975
3033 do Jacob Wyland 1 00
90 do Jos AEm Diehl 8!
427 do Art! ur Brown 1 28
50 do * J ones Heydon 56
106 do 117 perches William M Hall 3.
400 do James Smith 11 85
412 do Daniel Ilurkle 1 36
349 do John Tinman 90
42 do 56 perches Barelay A Lyon 2ls
75 do Andrew P Miller 192
200 do John C >rby 2 4':
413 do John Kerr 7 12
150 do Jaines II ward 88
i 101 i do Michael Sipe 17 4'
404 do Richard Moan 1 76
420 do John Cheney 1 32
404 do Joseph Moan 1 5c
409j do Samuel Moan 2 37
424 do 35 perches Alexander Moan 3 4ft
2064 do John Mcllnay 1 oft<
192 do Timothy Moan 1 3ft
200 do 54 do Israel Moan 130
196 do Z ich riah Moan i 10
222 do Elizabeth Piper I 3? ;
212 do 20 do John Boyd 63 •
116 do 60 do Isabella Davis 7u
2204 do William Piper 64
238 do John Hardin 76
221 do Ignatius H trdin 64
4:14 do 125 do James Wilson
187 do 40 do David Piper 41
425 do George F Abbott 84
213 do Joseph Lancaster tin
99 Jo Richard Clark 2ft
402 do 57 do . Stephen Moar 15c
■ 212 do Robert >haw 1 22
I 200 d" William Nicholas 7t>
. i 400 do Isaac C.avan 2 27
I 41)0 do Margaret C.avan 240
|25 do Milligen A Benedict 21
, 9 do PudeibaugbN heirs Ift
5 do Aa. Rinard (Hopewell Coal A Iron Co) 22
402 do Francis Johnston 1 72
446 do William Lane 51
335 do Daniel Montgomery 1 26
324 do Alexander Johnston 1 Oft
368 do George Hinish I 32
286 do M iiliani Foster 96
75 do Robert Montgomery 2-
9.0 do C >rr 3 36
8o do Swartz 30
395 Daniel Green 1 20
220 James Shaw 1 22;
404 Sarah Wright 6u j
149 George vt olford 8 61 !
200 do Mary Gordon 13 19
2no do James Gordon 10 76
400 do Thomas Jones 17 70
1504 do Stephen Kerr 3 99
i if,.) do Edward Langly 15 85
200 do Jacob Miller 7 Bft ;
200 do Elizabeth Miller 7 53
200 do Mary Piper 5 99
200 do Amelia Piper S oft
400 do Edward Stone 20 68
132 do John Tomm 22 561
86 do George Thompson 60 j
479 do James Laughcad 1 50
50 do Jauies Entricken 246 '
403 do Alex Montgomery 717 :
200 do .*'hn Kerr 7 65 j
2oi) do Samuel Kerr 744 S
100 do George B Kay 268 |
j 200 do Francis Moans 10 97 i
i 200 do Milligen A Benedict 4 11
! 4(| do Peter Bowser 68 |
I 5 do George Thompson 22 j
| j lot Luke Feenry 56 I
| 8 lots Gen Wm H Irvine 172 j
| 1 lot G D Trout 47 j
; 200 do John Stone 45S
i 200 do Bernard Moans 8 31
! 102 do John MeElney 78
i 132 do David Piper 3 99
J 200 do Maria Albert! 3 38
; JO7 do Bartlebaugh 236
j32 do Thus A John King 130
70 do William P. Schell 539
il4 do William P. Schell 202
40 do A B Cruett 5 2-4;
1 Lot Henry Stonerook 97 ;
do Daniel Stoner 1 43 j
do Daniel Bear 3 36 '
do Samuel Yingling 143 j
do Jaeob Biddle 47 i
do Epbtaiiu Smeltzer 100
do M Stone t 18
do J Tiuuiman 36
do J tnes Dunn 1 24
do Tery Kinney 84
4 do Geffrey's heirs 1 24
do Samuel McCuimack 24
do Daniel Bare 1 12
do Mrs Lawrei.ce 61
do Anu Scott 2 4a
do jj J Africa _ 277
£egat 3totif?3.
1213 acres t-amuel Tate's heirs $ 41
900 do same
800 do sau" 3 **
2244 do s ime ?•)
105 do 95 perches Mahlon Barton 32
95 do 55 do Joshua Hixon 30
402 do 40 do Keziah Logan 120
400 do 75 do John C 'van ]2O ,
401 do 40 do James C a van 120
460 acres Isaac Cavan 1 20
394 do 38 perches Thomas Logan 120
2fo do George Dewees 90
50 do p Clingerraan for S Williams) 40
2t)a do Jacob Ri'cbey 36
67 do Joseph Sparks' heirs or F'rancis Gibbs Id
40 do David Roller 28
211 do 104 perches Thomas M Ritehey 72
300 do Isaac Kitchey 1 20
411 do William Snively 240
62 do Henry K"Outz 100
435 do Henry Whetstone 132
177 do 31 do James Reed 240
362 do 19 do Colin Lover AG II Spqng 142
400 do John Swaggart 6 80
400 do Leonard Swaggart gBO
2gg do Alexander Gardner 4 4g
lig do William 8u iib 1 93
43 do Samuel Burket 81
116 do John Shee 1 19
50 do F're lerick Snyder 81
274 do Jeremiah Jackson 572
130 do Jaco- Swaggar 2 78
440 do William Pearson g4l
i 380 do Ebenezrr Brunbmn g -14
120 do Conr id linter I 93
' 200 do Chiistley Bowser 314
100 do George L .ih 1 6*
100 do Jacob Burket
150 do Peter snoenberger 182
i 123 do John S ill 6 SO
200 do Michael Sbriner 2 9.)
!gO do Brumbaugh &cn , now M Shntfer 158
.>0 do Couples. Brush Mt 82
| 433 do Hugh Poner 2 fg
339 do Gtiffi h Evans 7 28
i 403J do Philip Stltie 6 82
439 do John Martin lu MT
433 do John Taylor 2 f'g
330 do William Hunt 7 39
3g')4 do Alex inder Scott 7 35
127 do Dr P Shoenberger 427
124 do same 5 15
20 do same 32
90 do same Warrior Ridge 240
80 do Bowser, Brush Alt 239
135 do Peter fthoenherger. Ridge 4 83 .
222 do Elizabeth Piper 62
54 do 100 perches John S Iletrick 23
SO do Jno F Loy. now Jacob Liugei.felter 30
2g3 do Peter Shoenberger 320
180 do Daniel Montgomery 3 04
40 do Adam Burgert Igg
77 do same 1 00
41 do same 43
5 do same 48
10 do Henry Burgert 249
g do Isaac Burgert 1 g'2
15 do s ime 223
22 do Keusinger's heirs 150
27 do Jacob Hoover 223
;g2 do John McFadden 6
jg do G> orge N'icodemus 2g!
5u do John Nicodemus 4 2
50 do John 8 onework gII
;IS do Samuel Shriver 149
15 do Jacob Zouk 225
15 do same 2 2">
40 do Stonerook (part of Watt tract 1 93
154 do Rober Montgomery 4 80
;13 do Jacob Furry 94
;20 do Rinehart R-plogle 492
I 13 do John Teeter 180
tl2 do J tcolPSmiih ' 2lg
:15 do Jacob Z Smith 243
19 do Samuel Teeter Ig4
17 do George Smi;h 223
20 do Archibald M'Fadden 248
,14 do Henry Stonerook 248
gO do Johu Tre.a.-'h 1 14
ag do Benner's heirs 228
* hotels.
OEDFOED JIoTEL.— Tl.p tin -
J ) ler.-igned having taken charge of the Bed
; lord Hotel, formerly kept by Col. John Ilafer. an
: nounces to the public that he will be able to af
ford the best accommodations, both to the travel
ing public and home custom. The house will be
improved and re-fitted, and the Bar will always ho
well supplied with choice liquors. His table will
be supplied with the choicest edibles of the season,
and he will spare no paios o make it suitable for
j all (lis stable is one of the best in Bedford, and
a good hostler will always be in attendance.
L#"Boarders taken by the week, mouth or year.
Ttnus reasonable. The public are respectfully in
-1 viled to give him a call
Jan. 15, '6l
r a 1 H E MEX GET H OI'SE,
1 Juliana Street. Bedford, Pa.
Tbc subscriber respectfully begs leave to inform
the travelling public tht l.e has recemly enlarged,
improved and refitted his house, b >th for the ac
commodation of travelers and boarders, a< well as
country cus outers. Persons coming to this place
f r the purpose of visiting the Bedford Springs,
will find this house pleASamly b>ca ed.
Ample and convenient Stabling is attached to
this Il .tel, which will a'ways be attended by a
c .reful hostler. Also a safe and convenient ear
-1 riage house.
AH are invited to give him a ea'l
ISAAC MLN'GEL. Proprietor.
April 15. '64.
RR x I ~o~x 11 O T E L|
V. STECKMAX, Proprietor.
This excellent hotel is now prep 1 red to accom
modate the ) üblic in the best manner and on the
m"St libetal tetnis.
May 9, '62.
pt'iijis, &r.
}L. LEWIS having purchaspd ilie
# Drug Store, lately owned by Mr. II C. Rca
mei takes pleasure in announcing to the ci izens
ot Bedford and vicinity, that he has just returned
from 'he cities with a well selected stuck ol
AXt'Cllr l.\L\S.
The stock 01 Drugs and Medicines consist of the
purest quality, and selected with great care.
Genera! assortment of popular Patent Medicines.
The attention of the Ladies is par'icular v invi
ted to the Sock of PBRFt'MBRV, TOILET and FA • CV
ARTICLES, consisting <f the best perfumes of :he
day. Colognes, Soaps. Preparations for the Hair.
Complexion and Teeth : Camphor ice for chapped
hands: Teeth ami Hair Brushes. Port M mates. Ac.
Of Stationery, there ts a fine assortment:
Billet. Note. Loter, Lent and Mourning P.-per,
Envelops, Pens Pencils, Ink. Blank Deeds, Power
j of Attorneys, Drafting Paper, M Triage C'eitifi
cates. Ac., Ac. AHo, a large quantity of Books,
which will be sold very cheap.
Coal Oil Lamp Ilingt Bttnier, can he lighted
: without removing the chimney—all patterns aid
prices. Glass Lanterns, very neat, for burning
CualOil. Lamp chimneys of an improved pattern.
1 Lamp .Shades nt beautiful patterns.
Howe's Faintly Dye Colors, the shades being light
Fawn. Drab, ftnuff and Dark Brown, Ligi.t and
Dark Blue. Light and Dark Green, Yellow, Pink,
Grange, Royal Purple, Scarlet, Maroon. Magenta,
Cherry and Black
Humphrey's Homeopathic Remedies.
Cigars of Ust brands, smokers can rely on a
good -agar.
| Rose Smoling Tolrcro,
I Michigan and So/are Fine Cut,
Aat nral Jjeaf, Twist and Big Plug,
Finest and purest FrenrJt Confections,
i Consisting of Grnpe. Btuciherry and Elderberry
Es- The attention of physicians is invited to GlO
Stock of Drugs and Medicines, which they can
1 purchase at reasonable prices
Country Merchants' orders promptly filled. Goods
put up with neatness and Care, and at reasonable
; prices.
J. L. LEWIS designs keeping a first class Drug
Store, and having on hand at all times a general
assortment of goods. Being a Druggist of several
years experience, physicians can rely on having
their prescriptions carefully and accurately com
pounded. | Feb 9, '66— U
TION.—Teeter and Dickinson's Improved
Patent Hand Spinner, is the best machine of tho
kind ever invented. Twice as much can be spun
iu the same length of time, with half the labor.
] as upon o her "spumeis." 'lhe machine is run with
' a treadle, the spinner being in a sitting (osiuie.
The undersigned having purchased the patent righ
of this machine for Bedf-rd and Somerset couuues,
w ill sell township and individua, rights, to all who
desire them. Addicts iIAKTIN B. MILLER.
New Enterprise, Bedford eu., Pa!
Feb 23. "66-3ui*
[Somerset Democrat copy 3 months and send bill
to >bis office ]
O ROSTERS, and all kinds of PLAIN ANu
t'.vNCY JOB PRINTING, done with neatness
and daatiaioh. niazi.uTit.ia..