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A while woman, who understands taking
fliar<*p of a Dairy, will hear of a good situation
and high wages by making immediate appßca
-I,ont° A.G.ALLEN
at lifdford Spring*.
June K>, IS.H.
p. f. ix i'NI ii
u K A \ I> t O L O S S 1 Ij
The luges! Travelling EXHIBITION in the World,
being a combination of all The mo-t popular and un
exceptional amusements of the age—enlarged unit im
proved lor the Season of 1851.
A Team of eight Elephants
will draw the greut Car of Juggernaut,
A Baby Elephant,
Only one year old , and but 3 1-2 feet high, will car
iv upon bis back around the interior of the immense
pavilion, the Lilliputian (IKNKKAL Tor; THUMB.—
The Magnificent Collage comprises 140 Horses and
100 men. The Pavilion has been enlarged until it
i-, capable of accommodating 1.1,000 spectators at
once. The collection of living Wild Animals inclu
des the most splendid specimens ever exhibited in
America. Amouig many others will be found
Eight Beautiful Lions,
fresh from their native Forests.
A Moneler If lute or l'olar lira) —of prodigious
size and ferocity. .1 Alasrnijireut lloyol Tiger —the
lagest one ever captured alive. .1 Voir of Young
i;,,,,* —only sit* months old. BRAZILIAN THIERS,
The drove of' rl/tjditiHf were raptured in the Jun
gles of Central Ceyin, by Messrs. S. B. JUNK and
i.'ro Nt iTi.n, assisted by 200 Natives,after a pursuit j
of three mouths and four days in the Jungles. They j
weie uiiallv entrapped and secure in an Indian Karal
or Tiap nl enormous dimensions and prodigious j
strength, where they were subdued.
Proprietor of the American Museum, New-York, has ;
the honor to announce, that encouraged by the bid- \
hunt .uccess which ha- attended all his various el- '
toils tor the amusement of tlo* public, he has been
ted to form the project of organizing a vast travel- \
i tig
Which comprises a greater variety of Attraction*,
mn! more extraordinary Novelties, than anv Travel
ling Exhibition in the world. Every leature of this
Mammoth Establishment is ot a peculiar and inter
i-stiug nature, and the whole is produced upon a gi
gantic -cale of rnanitmle. The travelling parapher
nalia of the American Museum, as it euters each
town, is preceded by the gorgeous
drawn by Eight Elephant-, superbly caparisoned, be
ing an arr urate moil el of that terrible engine of idola
troti -iicri lice, finished and decorated in all the ex
travagaure of the Hindoo style. Following this ve
hicle, I- a long prores-ion of cages and Carriages,
the whole forming a spectacle of more than Oriental
splendor. The Exhibition will take place within a
magnificent variegated Pavilion, compo-ed of Ameri
can Flags,of water-proof fabric. The real, genuine,
(•enertil Tom Thiunh,
i> attached to this Exhibtion, and will appear in all
Ins performances as given before the principal crown
ed head-ol Eniope, including Songs. Dance-, (irecian
Statues, and his admired personations of Napoleon
and Frederick the Great. The little General is
t ir.-iity-t it-o year- ot age, weighs only fifteen pounds,
and is but twenty-eight inches high. Also engaged
Mr. Xilli*,
the man without arms, who will execute his extraor
dinary feat- of loading ami firing a pistol with his
toes; cuting profile likenesses, shooting at a mark
with a how and arrow, ptaying upon the Accordeon
and Violmcello, etc. Mr. Nellis, in the-e perfor
mances, exhibits a wonderful example of what 111-
iloimiahie energy and industry can accomplish, even
when laboring under disadvantages apparently the
most insurmountable.
A Complete Menagerie of
is also included in the American Museum, and at a
convenient period during the Exhibition
l!r. Hie Lion
will enter the liens of Wild Beasts, and gjve his clas
sical illustrations of Hercules struggling with the
N rmean I.iofi; Daniel in the Lions' Den; Samson des
troying the Lion,
One of the tuot interesting portions of the Exhi
bition is formed by The di-play of a great cotllection
of WAX STATUARY, including figures of the size
of life, of all the Presidents ot the United States, also
of a great number of noted characters, American and
Foreign, all of which are accurate likenesses, and
appropriately co.turned. In fact, the whole Esta
blishment is a vast repository ot
Wonderful Objects of Nature and Art,
the full particulars of which it would be impossible
to give within the limits ef a newspaper advertise
ment, and which has been brought together at an
enormous expenditure of means, tormtng the largest
and most novel travelling Exhibition in this or any
other country.
A fine .Military Band will perform the most popu
lar airs of the day, as the procession enters town, and
also during the hours of Exhibition.
will exhibit at Bedford, Pa., on Wednesday July sth.
C7" Doors open from 1 to 4 and 7 to 9 P. M.
Price of admission 20 cents. Children tinder 9
of age 15 cents, —to the whole of this immense Es
tablishment, including Gen. Thom Thumb, the en
entire collection of Wild Animals, Wax Statuary,
Mr. Lengel's performances in the Dens, the Baby
Elephant, Mr. Nell is* performances, }cr.. no extra
charge under any pretence whatever, let the reports
be what they may.
June 23, 1854.
Fresh Arrival.
.MRS. POTTS would respectftjlly announce
to the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity, that she
has just received from the eastern cities a beau
tiful assortment of Visetts and Scarf Yisetts,
Bonnets trimmed in the latest style, childrens'
and Misses Flats, an elegant assortibent of
French worked collars and Under Sleeves, and
a great variety of embroidered Ribbon for Sash
es, together with ladies dress goods of every
Bedford, June IG, 1854.
By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Bedford County, the undersigned will sell,at
public sale, on the premises, in Union Town
ship, County alor -.aid, on SATURDAY, the
sth day of August next, al! that, the following
described tract of land, containing 196 acres
and 133 perches, adjoining tends ot Jacob Corle,
Jr., Jacob Beard, and Jacob Claar, about 80
acres chared and under fence, and tlfe balance
well-timbered, having thereon erected a story
and-a-half frame house, two iog houses, a dou
ble log burn, a stable, and other outbuildings—
also, a good spring of water close by the houses,
and a good orchard of choice fruits thereon.
The above is a very desirable property—title
patented and indisputable.
Terms: —One-third of the purchase money
to remain in the hands of the purchaser during
the life-time of the widow of Jacob Corle, de
ceased, the interest to be paid her annually, and
the principal at her death, to the heirs ol the
deceased: the remaining purchase money to
he paid one-third in hand, at the confirmation
of the sale, and the balance in two equal annual
payments thereafter, without interest, to he se
cured hv judgment bonds, or bonds and inort
ga? p
[Cf Attention will he paid by the subscri
ber, residing in Union Township, to all enqui
ries of purchasers. Post Office address, St.
Clairsville, Bedford Co.
Administrut or of Jacob Corle, deceased.
June lb', 1854*.
Talk about Lore Pries.' Cheap Side is the
place alter all where you get the worth of your
SUGAR.—Nice refined White Sugar at 9
cts., crushed do. tor 10 cts. a jxhiiul, for sale by
COUPEE.—Good Rio Cofiee at ] 2'j cents—
Prime Rio do at 15 cents.
A MCE CUP OF TEA.—Very superior
Imperial, Young Hyson and Black Teas lor sale
by ' RUPP & OSTER.
SYRUP.—More Golden Syrup ot a very su
perior quality jnst received and lor sale at the
FISH. Fresh Shad, Mackerel, and Herring,
lor sale at RUPP & OSTER'S.
BACON—A nice lot of Country cured lor
sale at the CHEAP SIDE.
Transparent Windbw Shades received and
for sale by RUPP &, OSTER.
BONNETS. A new supply of very cheap
Bonnets just received irul fir sale bv
A new Falling Top Buggy and Brass Mount
ed Harness, of very superior eastern work, made
to order, fir sale by RI PP 8. OSTER.
June lb, 1 S;>4.
Wit.t. attend to all business entrusted to his care.
Having secured the services of a competent Agent
in Wa-hington, D. €., he will give especial attention
to Soldiers' Pensions, Claims, and Bounty Lands.
rry Office on .tulianna Street,,one door Noith of
the residence ot Samuel 11. Tate, and immediately
opposite Capt. Beckwith's Hotel.
He has for sale one Farm situate in Monroe
Township, containing 180 acres of land, 70
acres cleared and under fence, with house and
barn thereon erected. There is an orchard of
excellent fruit on the premises.
Also, 300 Acres of Limestone land, situate in
Woodcock Valley, one and-a-half miles north of
the town of Bloody Run.
Also, 500 Acres of first rate timber land, sit
uate in Hopewell Township, lying south of the
contemplated Chambersburg and Bedford Rail
Also, 1800 acres of unimproved land in Bed
ford and Fulton counties which will be sold low
to actual settlers.
The above lands will be sold in large or small
quantities to suit purchasers.
April 21, 1554-.
SUMMER HATS—a great variety for sale
at the store of A. B. CRAMER CO.
A two-Horse Wagon, and one Top Buggy,
new, and work warranted, for sale cheap on a
liberal credit, or for Countrv Produce.
Mens, Boys, and Youths, city-made calt-skin
Boots, for sale by
Patent Leather, Enamel do., Saddler's Mo
roccos, and new style Enamel Cloth lor Car
riage Trimming, lor sale bv
want a Grindstone, warranted good, call at the
store of
Misses Flats—a large supply just received and
for sale, at reduced prices, bv
Junt 9, 1351.
Truth is Mighty!
Important news for the Invalids of .Albany!
.1 .Yew, A'orel, and strictly Scientific .Mode
of applying Elect ro-.Magn ft ism for the
Instant Relief and Permanent Cure
Is for the iirst time introduced to the people of Al
bany and vicinity. We know that there is too much
good sense among the inhabitants of this place to de
sire a long, unmeaning, extravagant advertisement;
hence we shall simply give you a history of the
Chains, and the success thev have had in curing with
in the last year. IXERVOUS DISEASES.
I'ulvermacher's Klectric Chains were first used in
France, three years since, where the success that
attended their use, soon attracted the attention of the
j FIRST MKDii AI. men in Paris, who took pains to give
them a still further trial, and recommended their
adoption in the different .Medical Colleges oil that
Kingdom. Within the last two years they have
btien introduced in Germany, Au-tria, Prussia, Bel
gium and F.ngiand, where they soon became the mo-t
popular article for the INSTASV KCS.IKF AXD naiiu-
NK.vr ci ut ol'tfiat class of diseases called Nervous.
One year since they were introducer into the
• United States, and can now he tonnd in all the prin
; cipal cities in the Onion. It is necessary to speak
at length of their great success ami unparalleled sale,
wherever they have been introduced. It is sufficient
to state that they are highly recommended by Pro
lessor .Mott. Van Buren,Po-t andOarnochow, of New
York, and also in daily use in every Hospital in that
city. SI,OOO dollars will be given to any person who j
will produce so many well authenticated certificates ;
ol cure, from intelligent patients and scientific phy
sicians. of the following diseases, as may be found in
a pamphlet of ."Hi pages, to be lyad (gratis) of the on
ly agents in Albany, DF.XTF.R & NELLAGF.R.
Painful and Swelled Joints Palpitation of the Heart
Rheumatism Neuralgia ol the Face
Pains in the Back Nervous Headache
Deafness, Blindness Dyspepsia, Indigestion
j Paiusofthe Liver General Debility
Nervous Cough Female Diseases
Tooth Ache Prolapsus Uteri.
It is not strange that the application of F.leetro- j
Magnetism will instantly relieve pain, wherever lo
cated, moie quickly than opium or any of its com
pounds—for it is based upon the true theorv of the
origin of pain—a lack of the nervous fluid, which the
Chains supply, by being applied over the parts af-
I fected—alter first being moistened with common vin
egar, which is the only preparation necessary.
The common sense of the people all over the conn
try is awakening, and they have concluded that they ,
: will no longer make drug shops of their stomachs, or
be guilty of swallowing the miserable, disgusting
lio-! rums that are thrust before the public.
RHEUMATISM, that common disease of this
climate, can be almost INSTAMI.Y relieved of its pain
—and a permanent cure produced by simply applying
a chain of 18 links for u few days, a few hours each
More one hundretl rase- of this disease have
, been cured within the last year, that hail battled ev
ery other mode of treatment, by wearing a ifO link
| chain lor u few weeks, by attaching one end upon
the spine and the other on the abdomen. After a
simple application the worst symtoms disappear, and
the patient soon gains flesh and strength. 1 do not
know of one single instance that has not been great
ly benefitted, if not permanently cured.
who are E.NCIKNTK, are requested to wear thern only
for a few moments at each application, for by long
and frequent use MISCARIIIAUK is often produced.
lirmiAnvty, A Trie J oi l.
*lgenf: Dr. F. C. REAMER, Bedford, Fa.
June 9, 1851 fy.
lv OTIC E.
The Stockholders of the liollidaysburg and
Bedford Turnpike Road Company are informed
that an Election will be held on Monday, the
3d day of July next, at the house of Peter A
inich, in the village of St. Clairsville, Bedford
County, tor the purpose of electing officers for
said Company for the ensuing vear.
JOHN AKE, 7>r7.
June 9, 1854.
Came to the premises of rtie subscriber in Red
ford Township, on the 26th inst., a Brindie
Cow, with a white stripe on the hack, a piece
out of the under pait of the right ear, and two
pieces out of the left ear. No other mark.
The owner is desired to come forward, prove
properly, pav charges, and take her awav.
June 9, 1854.*
The Partnership heretofore existing between
Thomas and John King, is this dav dissolved hv
mutual consent. All persons having unsettled
accounts with them, ate requested to attend to
their liquidation without delay.
June 1, 1854. JOHN KING.
Having this day associated Henry S. King, of
the City of Pittsburg, with us in the business of
manufacturing Iron, the business will be con
ducted undei the name and firm of John King
& Co.
June 9, 1554. JOHN KING.
Wholesale Druggists,
Stulis Spires, Patent Medicines, &c,
Cumberland, ill d.
CT7* Ortlrrt from Phy steinits niti/ Merchant* filled
srtth pure ami a tttt/l nlltralctl artielex, at IjullttHore
June 9, ISsl—ly.
All persons are cautioned against hunting,
fishing, or otherwise trespassing upon my Farm,
known as the "Funk Property," near Bedford,
as I will most certainly enforce the law against
all who do so, without respect to persons. So
look out and save trouble and costs.
June 9, 1854.
All persons are cautioned against trespassing
upon my Farm either by fishing, hunting, or
otherwise, as I have suffered greatly in this
way, and cannot submit to it any longer. Those
who do not pay attention to this notice, will
find themselves proceeded against according to
law, without respect to persons.
June 9, 1854.*
A Journeyman Shoemaker Wanted.
A Journeyman Shoemaker, competent to make
Ladies' Shoes, will find constant employment
and a good situation by applying to the subscri
ber in Bedford.
May 5, 1854.
The subscriber has on hand a large assortment
ol City-made Boots and Shoes, which he will
sell at first cost to close out his stock>ol this de
May 5, 1854.
The subscriber would announce to his old
friends and customers, and the public in gener
i al, that he has permanently located himself in
| Juliana Street, next door to Dr. REAMER'S Drug
j & Book Store, w here he is prepared to execute
I all orders in his line in a superior manner, on
j reasonable terms. From long experience in the
i business, hp feels confident he can render xatis
| faction to all who honor hiifi with a call.
He constantly keeps on hand readv-made
' clothing, of every description, for Men and
Boys—also, a superior assortment of CLOTHS,
j 1 IN, and other \ ESTIN(JS,and Summer Wear,
which he will sell as low as they can be bought
i elsew here, and make them up to the taste of the
| purchaser.
He also keeps a general assortment of Cravats,
Stocks, Collars, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, Ac.
Hi* hopes to merit and receive a liberal share
of public patronage.
June 9, 1854.
Mary Ann Koons, Daniel Koons, Rebecca
Kooris, Henry Koons, John S. Biddle and Bar
bara his wile, in right of said Barbara, Eliza
Koons: and Susannah Koons, David Koons,
Eve Koons and Sophia Koons, by their guardian
ad litem, S. li. 'Fate, Esq.
in tiie Court of Common Pleas in aud for the
County of Bedford, May Term, 1854.
Breve, de partitions facienda.
Notice is hereby given to the above named
| parties, that by virtue of the above mentioned
writ of partition, an inquest will he held and
taken upon the premises therein described, be
ing all that messuage, tenement, or part of a
tract of land patented to John Blackburn by pa
tent dated 19th November, 1835, situate in Na
pier Tow nship, in the County of Bedford, con
taining IGI acres and 70 perches and allowance,
adjoining lands of Elizabeth Blackburn, John
Blackburn, Jesse Blackburn, Nathan 11. Wolf,
and John Gephart, having thereon erected a
log house and log barn, also a good apple or
chard thereon, about acres cleared and un
der fence, on the 22d day of July next, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, lor the purpose of mak
ing partition or valuation and appraisement of
said Real Estate, as in the said writ required,
at which time and place said parties can attend
if they think proper.
June 2, 1854. Sheriff.
hereasJohn Stoler, late of the Township
of Liberty, in the County of Bedford, died
seized of the following described real estate,
viz :
A tract of land situate in Liberty Township
aforesaid, containing one hundred acres, more
or less, about sixty acres cleared and under
fence, having thereon erected a two storv log
house with a Kitchen attached, Spring house,
Blacksmithshop, a double bank Barn ami otiier
out buildings, a good orchard of choice fruit and
Spring of water thereon, adjoining lands of I
saac Kensinger on ttie South, Samuel Shonp on
the East, David Stoleron the North, and John
Savage's heirs on the west.
And leaving a widow, Magdalena Stoler and
issue seven children, to wit : Abraham and
Philip residing in the county of Whitney, in
the State of Tndianna: John Stoler and Susan
intermarried with John Clapper residing in
Ashland County, Ohio, Catharine, intermarried
with Isaac Kensinger, Marv, intermarried with
David Barks{ lesser, and David Stoler, residing
in the township of Liberty aforesaid.
Notice is hereby given to the abovp named
heirs, and all persons interested, that proceed
ings in partition have been instituted it) the Or
phan's Court lor the County of Bedford, and
that, in pursuance of a writ of partition or val
uation to me directed, I wijl proceed to hold
an inquisition or valuation on said premises on
Thursday the 3d day of August A. 1). 1854-,
when and where they may attend if they think
June 2, 1854. Sheriff.
In the Orphans' Court in and for the Coun
ty of Bed ford, at . May Term, 1854.
I pon the petition of NICHOLAS KEGO,
ESQ., setting forth—That there was due Josh
ua Kegg, son and heir of John Kegg, late of
Napier Township, deceased, the one-eighth part
of the distributive share of the personal estateof
said decedent—that there was also due the said
Joshua the one-eighth part of the real estate of
said decedent, a portion of which petitioner took
at the valuation after proceedings in partition—
that petitioner entered into recognizance to the
said Joshua and the other heirs of said decedent
for their shares in the same—that although peti
tioner has paid the distributive share of the said
Joshua in the personal Estate as well as his in
terest in the real Estate, yet, be has never re
ceived an acquittance for the same, and the lien
of said recognizance still remains to his injury—
tfiat the said Joshua has been absent from the
County aforesaid over seventeen years and his
residence is not known.
Whereupon, on motion of JOHN P. REED,
ESQ., the Court grant a rule upon the said
Joshua Kegg, and the other heirs and legal re
presentatives of John Kegg, deceased, to appear
at 1 he next Term of said Court, commencing on
the Ist Monday of September next (1854.) So
answer said petition, and to show cause why the
said Court shall not decree and direct that said
Recognizance and the record thereof be marked
satisfied. Sheriff ordered and directed to serve
said rule upon the parties interested, personal
notice upon tftose residing in the County, and
bv publication for four weeks in one paper pub
lished in Bedford upon those residing out of the
Clerk of Orphans' Court.
June 2, 1854.
Notes and Book accounts will be placed in
the hands of a justice for collection if not paid
bv the Ist July.
May 26, 1554.
SHINGLES.—IO,OOO White Pine Lap Shin
gles for sale by
FlSH.—Another supply ot Mackeial, Shad,
and Herring,just received and for sale bv
More Yoh Ciood*
& Osier
Kos fretfully inform I heir numprotrc patrons
that they are now receiving direct from Haiti
more and Philadelphia, in addition to their
Spring supply, a large and handsome assortment
of new style
Comprising a great variety of
Lmlk's' Drew
Of the newest and most fashionable styles, to
gether with evety other article adapted to the
every day wants of the people : all of which
they will sell at the shortest possible advance
for CASH, or upon a short credit to good and
rt NCTCAL customers. Having purchased our
goods cunt- FOI: CASH, and having adopted for
our motto, " Quick sales and small profits,"' we
feel assured we can make it to the advantage
of purchasers, in search of cheap bargains, to
call before purchasing elsewhere.
We therefore respectfully invite all, and the
Ladies especially , to call and see, learn our
prices, and judge lor themselves. We will
show our goods with pleasure, whether you
wish to buy or not, and hope by fair deal
ing and a desire to please, to continue to merit
and receive a libera! share of the public patron
[CP" All kinds of produce taken for goods.
June 9, 1854.
To the People of Bedford County.
The undersigned offers himself as a candidate
for the office of Sheriff, subject to the decision
of the Democratic County Convention.
May 12, 1854.* a
THE subscribers respectfully beg leave to an
nounce to the citizens of Bedford ami vicinity
that thev have just received and opened a splen
did assortment of
which they are determined to sell at low prices
either for cash or country produce. Their a>-
sortnient is very large, and has been selected
with great care: consisting, in part, of Cloths,
Cassimers, Tweeds, Jeans, Satinets and Linens,
for men and boys wear; Ladies fine dress goods
in great, variety, among which will be found
Silks, Alpacas, Bombazines, Mous De Laines,
Tissue, Baredges, Chintz's, Lawns., &.C. &.C., —
also Calicoes of every description: Brown and
Bleached Muslins, Shilling, Sheetings, Ticking,
Table Diapers, Crash, Cotton Baggings, Csna
burgs, Hosiery for men, women, and children:
Hat and English Crapes: Bonnet Silks and Rib
bons of all descriptions: Linen and Silk Handker
chiefs; Linen Edgings and Laces: Silk Lacesand
Fringes. Our stock of mourning goods will
be found very superior, to which we invite
especial attention.
Shoes and liools. Mens, Youths, and Chil
drens BOOTS —Ladies fine Shoes and Bootees:
best silk lasting Gaiters, assorted colors—Misses
Gaiters and Jenny Lind Ties—also fine sboes
for men and boys.
Ladies and Misses Bonnets, latest styles, con
sisting of Gossamer, Belgrade, Florence Braid,
French lace, together with every other style to
be found in the eastern cities—also Tampico
and Palm Hats for Men and Boys, and a very
superior article of Silk Siouch Hats.
An elegant assortment of Groceries, such as
crushed, pulverized and Brown Sugars, best
Coffee, Hmnmell's Extract of Coffee. Baker's
Broma, Corn Starch, Golden Syrup, and N. O.
Molasses, together w ilh a great variety of other
articles which would occupy too mi: h space to
enumerate. Purchasers will find it greatiy to
their advantage to give us a call.
GCP" All kinds of Country Produce taken in
exchange for Goods at the highest prices.
Bedford, April 14, 1854.
The undersigned respectfully announce to
their friends and customers that they have just
, received a large and general assortment of
which, for cheapness, quality, and style, sur
passes any Stock they have heretofore offered.
We name in part:
Blue, Black, Brown, and Olive French Cloths,
Black, Mixed, and Fancy Cassimers, Coatings,
Cantonets, Summer Cloths and Cassimers, Cassi
netts, Kentucky Janes, Velveteens and Cords,
Russia Duck, Linen Drillings, Table Damask,
Jacquer'd Diapers, ike.
Rag, Listing, Hemp, and Wollen Carpeting,
! Mattings of various widths, Floor Oil Cloths,
j Kc.
! 980 pieces Summer Calicoes, all colors and prices ;
.')■') pieces Blue Drills and Summer Pant Stalls;
20 pieces Bed Ticking and Furniture Checks;
■lO pieces Bleached .Muslins, from 6 to 18 cents;
i 25 pieces Plain and Figured Barage l)e Laines;
20 pieces Blk. Gro de Rhine, watered & chang. Silks;
j Alpaccas, Irish Linens, Cambrics, Plain, Swiss,
Dotted Muslins, Jaconets, Colored Crapes,
Shallies, Silk Tissues, Broka Barage, Wash'd
Blond, Tarletons, Hollands, French Embroider
ed Sleeves, Collars & Hdkfs., Ribhonds, Gloves,
Hosierv, Laces, Edgings, Trimming Braids, Blk.
Silk Fancy Cravats, Lustre Lisle Thread
Ginghams, Domestic Ginghams, ts.c., &. c.
Mens', Boys', &. Childrens' Summer Hats,
Misses' Flats, Bonnets, &c.: Mens' N. Boys'
City-made Calf-skin Boots & Shoes : Ladies' iN
Misses' Morocco Bootees, Gaiters, Slippers &.
Ties, of the very best quality : Hardware, Bar
Tron, Anvils, Vices, Springs, Nails, Scythes,
Traces, Cords, &.c.: Wooden Ware, Tubs, Buck
ets, Churns, Brooms, Queensware, Stoneware.
Groceries of every kind. Best Rio Coffee,
Java Coffee, Rice, Teas, Spices, Tobacco, Ex
tract Coffee, Linseed, Whale, Patent Oils:
New Orleans ix Porta Rica Sugars, and Crushed,
Clarified, and Pulverized Loaf Sugats.
We respectfully invite every one in search
of bargains to give us a call before purchasing.
Returning our thanks to all who have so kindly
patronized us, we respectfully solicit their re
newed lavors.
OtyAll kinds of Country Produce received
for Goods at Cash prices.
April 14, 1854.
Iron, Nails, Spikes, and Grain and Grass
Scvthes for sale by
"A. B. CRAMER &. CO.
By virtue of sundry writs of Fi. Fa. to rae
directed, there will he sold, at the Court House,
in the Borough of Bedford, on Saturday,the29lh
day of July, A. D. lSui, at 2 o'clock, P. M.,
the following Real Estate, viz:
All defendant's interest in a tract ot land,
contairming 130 acres, more or less, partly
cleared and under fence, with a double log
House, log Barn, Tanycrd, and other buildings
thereon erected—also, an apple orchard there
on, adjoining lands of S. J\l. Barclay's heirs,
Abraham Miller, and others : situate irv Harri
son Township. Bedford County, aud taken in
execution as the property of Solomon Miller.
Also, one Lot of ground, in the Town of Che
neysville, with a frame dwelling house and
other buildings thereon erected, adjoining lands
of Joseph O'Neal, Bernard O'Neal, and others:
situate in Southampton Township, Bedford Co.,
and taken in execution as the property of Geo.
Also, one tract of Land, containing l."> acres,
more or less, about 4 acres cleared and under
fence, with a one story log houoe and log stable
thereon erected—also, a small apple orchard
thereon ; adjoining lands of .ion. nan Hoover,
Stonernok, and others: situate in Middle Wood
hern - Township, Bedford Count v.-and taken in
execution as the property of Samuel Kensinger.
Sheriff's Office, ) S/ieriJj'.
June 9, 1S")4. }
The subscriber will sell, at public vendue or
outcry, on the premises, in Harman's Bottom,
Allegheny Township, Somerset County, Penn
sylvania, on
Saturday, the 2 Kit day of Juue iust.,
a first rate Farm, containing 218 acres and al-
lowancv, of patented Land, on which are erected
three BARNS, Spring House, and ail other ne
cessary and convenient outbuildings. On the
premises, is an excellent Orchard of choice
fruit, consisting of Apples, Pears, Peaches,
Pi limbs, Apricots, Cherries, ixc., N.r. About
7f> acres of this Land is cleared and under good
fence, and the balance well timbered. There
are two good meadows, and facilities for making
much more. This property is certainly one ot
the most desirable to be found in the vicinity
in which it is located, and purchasers would do
well to give it their attention.
He will also offer, at the same time, a Lot ot
ground containing about 10 acres, having there
on a handsome and comfortable FRAME
DWELLING HOUSE. This Lot is near the
Catholic Church, and is every way desirable.
Both these properties are supplied with, the
: very best of water, and the Springs have never
been known to fail.
The Lot and House w ill be rented, if nut sold.
He w ill also oiler, at the same time, a large
i and treneral assortment of Household and Kit
| cben Furniture.
On this property there is an excellent water
power for propelling any kind ot machinery.
aim" An indisputable title will be given.
[LP* Terms will be reasonable, to suit pur
j chasers.
HF" Sale to commence at 10 o'clock of said
i dav.
June 9, 1854.
The subscriber offers, at Private Sale, the val
! uable Farm on which he at present resides, sit
| uale 44 miles west of Scheilsburg, in Juniata
Township, Bedford County, on the Turnpike
Road leading from Bedford to Pittsburg, con
taining 24-6 acres of good land, 125 acres clear
! Ed, 1 5 acres of meadow and iar.d sufficient for
; making as much more. The buildings are j
! good dwelling house, log and part stone,
| (the stone part rough-cast,) Bank Barn, Wagon
Shed, Granary. Dry-house, fxc.—a Well of ex
cellent water near the door, and -n running
i pump a short distance off. Also, a fine or
chard of choice fruit, say 200 trees, consist
ing of Apples, Cherries. Plums, Pears, £vc.
About fifty acres ofthe land is well set in Clover.
| [CF* Any person wishing to purchase a fine
Farm with a small sum of money can do so by
calling on the subscriber.
June 2, 1554.
tDo vou want to leave your measure for a
warranted to give satisfaction in STYLE, QUALI
TY, FIT and MAKE ? Do you want to see a
large and splendid Slock of
Cloths, Cassimeresj Vestings,
and other seasonable goods for IV. IRK'
Do you want to see a fine assortment of COATS,
PAXTS and VESTS, gotten up in a style not in
ferior to the best ordered work ' Do you want
Under Garments of the "r/g/W stripe " or Fi rr-
Msiirxu ARTICLES that "can 7 / he heal" or
for your Sons ? In slrnrf, if you want all or any
of these things so essential to the adornment and
comfort of the "outer man," call on
STEPHEN'S, Merchant Tailor,
McKaig's Row, Baltimore Street (next door
to Campbell's Drug Store,) Cumberland, Md.
!TF* If you want an OUTFIT of
I would advise yon to call at the RAILROAD
CLOTHING STORE, near the Depot.
May 19, 1854.—1y.
Hoarding House
MRS. FLETCHER would respectfully an
nounce that she has fiited up her house for the
accommodation of visitors to the Bedford Min
eral Springs, and feels confident she can render
satisfation to all who give her a call.
Bedford, June 9, 185-J-.
THE undersigned have associated themselves in the
Practice ofthe Law, and will attend promptly to all
business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad
joining counties.
Office on Juliannc Street, three doors south of
"Mengel House," opposite the residence ol Maj. Tute.
June 2, 18.51. G. H. SPANG.
All persons are cautioned against trespassing upon
my farm, by hunting or otherwise. 1 have submit
ted to repeated injuries in this way, until forbearance
has ceased to be a virtue, and 1 am now determined
to enforce the law against all who do not pay atten
tion to this notice without respect to persons—so look
June 16, 1851.* TOwf ProvUrHet Township.