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    She 13aine&but$ cpubiican, 9geftltogbctgj fvtl .5, 1868,
Kotto to ATTOHKfevs. Attorneys will be
held responsible for Paper Book, Advertising
end Job Work, ordered by them nd not paid
(or In advance. Such bill to be collectable on
Haw AoriKTiicMiim. The attention of
oar renderi It specially directed to the follow
ing advertisement, whlcli appear for the first
time in our paper to day.
sjj-Ahovl Aloft I A. J. 8owen,
j-Have a Cigar t T. Brntlen,
saAnother Excitement Frank McGurgsn,
jyWanted Cameron, W. Va.
OV-Dry Goods Carr, McCanrlles & Co.
SB-Blow Up 1 N. Clark & Bon,
Si-Quarterly Report 1st. Nul l. Bank.
Wivmcao Collxo. Th next term
will open on Monday, April 20th. It will be
gratifying to the Irieods of the Institution to
know that its prospects are unuau tlly bright.
Am Bboke!!. WillUra, soa of David
Scolt, of Franklin township, on the 2nd Inst,
fell from the mow of his father's ham, break
ing his trm above the elbow and dislocating
the shoulder. Dr.T. W. Ross splinted the hurt,
and reports his patient doing well
Bats 20 percent by buying your clo lusnj
cashmears at Shirk's clie ip stora.
Knox's fresh Garden Seeds, Jut received
and for sale, at 0. Roberts' Drug Store.
A rRKSH supply of Sugar, Tea, Codec, To
bacco Ac. &a , at II. A. Rinehart's.
Mail CosTa vcts The route from' Wav-
.nosbunr to Rice's Ltndinif d illy, to VV ash
laiton dully, Cameron semi-weekly, have
been assigned t Timothy Duughor, as the
lowest bidder. James Kennan secured the
routes to R igonvvlls, and Greensboro, week
ly. W. G. W. Day Hie West Alexander
route weekly.
Fresh Oranges and Lemons at H. A. Rlne
hart's opposite Iho Cnnrt House.
TamuiKo In grunt v.irtcty,of the latest sljles
at Shirk's cheap store.
WilWs Cod Liver Oil, and Lime, sold at
O. W. Robert's Drug Store.
Bosiwss Ciusor. Win. BerryhiU has re
rnoved his Boot and Srno Store from Mo-
chanlc's Row to one door east of Brown's
8tore, Mila St Stopping In to see bi n we
Wore tivrisad to find such a largo aud well
selected stock arrang; 1 on his shelves, lie
fats every style to suit customers, sells cheap.
Work made up in the best flit3'i and on short
mtice. O.dors miybo lift at his Store on
Main St.
Srop in at Win. BerryiiiH's Boot & Shoe
Store, a few doors west of the A 'lams House,
Waynesburg, !'a. '
Pot.tok", Potatoes, Potatoes. Seed Pota
tuts at H. A. Rint lnrl's, opposite the C'.mrt
Tlcufe. -
Tim hrgest and cheapest stock of dry goods
in Wayncburg is at Shirk's die p store.
Nkw Post Rotths. Hon. Q. V. Lawrence
lies had the following new Pest Routes estab
lished at the request of our citizens : From
Waynetturg to Greensboro, via Mt. Morris,
Dunkard and Wiley, and return via Mspla
town, Willow Tree and Whitelny to Waynes
burp. From Cnrinlchscls, tit Ceylon and
Willow Treo, to Dnvlstuwn. Tl e Depart
tnont will advertise for proposals to curry on
these new routes as soon as the pot pic desire
Brows mur-lin, pant stuff, bleached muslin
tickings, tal'icoes and delaines, tit great va
riety, at remarkable low prices, at Shirk's
cheap store.
Window Glass of nil sizes, for sale, at G.
W. Roberts' Drug Store.
Hi'tuNO and Summer arrival of Clothing at
K Clark & Son's
Nsw Firm. It affirds us ireat pleasure to
announce to tho peopl.) of Urccno County the
coalition of Mr. L. K. Evans and Mr. II. Clay
Minor, in the Dry Goods business. Both are
well known ns men of good public standing,
capable, industrious, energetic, pleasing. We
congratulate both, and especially "01 ly,"
upou the change-. We hope it may prove a
new birth in prosperity, tlixt they may put
much change In their pockets and that it may
advance them to high places on 'Change. Per
haps in this connection, It would be just as
wrll to state that Evans A Minor have on
hand one of the finest and most complete
stocks ever offered to the people. "Clay"'
will still bo the gentlemanly salesman of yore
-and attend promptly to his old customers.
Don't fail to go to Shirk's cheap store and
bo convince! thit he has the largest cheap
stock of goods in Wayncsburg it pays to go
to Shirk's!
Vabnisu and brurhesof nil kinds, just re
ceived and for sale, at G. W. Roberts' Drug
Tn cheapest clothing In Wayn-.sburg will
toe found at N. C'.ark & Son's.
Tin Wholesale Dry Goods and Notion
Bouse of Messrs. Carr, M'Cundless & Co.
We would direct attention to tho announce
ment of the Dry Qoods Jobbing House of
Messrs. Carr, M'Candless & Co., No. 94
Wood street, Pittsburgh. This firm now of
fers to merchants and dealers one of the larg
est and most complete stocks of imported and
domestic goods ever brought to this market.
and which thoy are prepared to dispose of at
low figures. Their stock embraces all the
novelties and plain goods, foreign and do
mestic, and Included in the assortment are
many styles not to be found elsewhere. Mer
chants aid dealers, and all who buy to sell
again, should visit tho firm examine their
goods and prices.
Cnacst, Raisons, Figs, Crackers, Nuts,
Candies, Can'd Fruits you will find at H. A.
Rinehart's, opposite the Court Boose.
1 IimACH bik! Impeach him 1 Andy Johnson
ought to be Impeached, and so ought H. A.
Rinehart, for selling Groceries so cheap t
Pork Rod Lead and Litharge sold at Q. W.
Roberts' Drug Store.
W call the attention of the public to the
advertisement of Jno. M. Winget to be found
on this page His Shop will be tound near
Cotterell Tannery, containing a large Stock
of Home made Boots tc Shoes, manufactured
from the best material and at prices to suit
the wants of all. John b a good workman
and clever (ellow, and we would advise
those wanting a good article to give him a
eallfcefoTe purchasing eelsewbere.
J. M. Wimbt, hat now on band the - largest
tteiA Home-made Boota A Shots In town,
, and we advise all persons wishing a bargain
; to gtre hint a ea, ' ; -
Mk. dito: Through the medium of your
paper, I desire to give a brief notice of an Ex
amination and Exhibition held at the White
School House on Muddy Creek, familiarly
known is Scott's School House. The school
during the past Winter was taught by James
M. Scott. The Examination, held on Thurs
day, April 2nd, was honest, thorough and
practical; and the scholars exhibited marked
proficiency in the common school branches.
Throughout the Examination was interspersed
with literary performances, consisting of De
clamations and Essays The pupils presented
a neat and happy appearance, and both may
and their (etcher deserve especial credit for the
good work they have done this Winter.
Numerous questions were tiroposed to the
different classes by Mr. Teal and others, to all
of which the scholars gave prompt and satls-
farstory answers. The Alliens, by their pres
ence during the day, evinced a lively Interest
in their school.
On the Friday evening following, a Literary
Entertainment was given by the tchoul of
which we take pleasure in giving a shoit
notice, since it reflected great credit on Teacher
and ccholTi in regard both to the style of the
performances and execution. - The exercises
consisted of Belect Orations, Dialogues.
Tableaux, Toasts, a ''May Qiecn Curonv
tlon," Periodical, &3. The worthy Teacher,
anticipating tho diversity oftnstes and ilUosi-
tlons of the audience, which was s i dense that
they trod one upon another in their eagerness
to see an l hear, very wisely arranged the
programme- to pleise all ; the grave and the
gay, tho sentimental and the fivld. The
exercises were introduced with aSilutatory
by W. F. Waychoff which was very appro
priate and very well delivered. AfterwarJj
the port assigned to each was purfirmed la a
mauncr which not many ol our would-ba ora
lors can boast. It was astonishing to see how
fnailessly and gracefully the little rosy cheeks
of 9ix or eijjnt Summers appeared bsfore so
many big folks. Justice dictates that each
performance should be noticed In turn, but
spaco demands brevity. We venture, how
ever, to particularize a little. We were very
much impressed with a Tableau entitled "Tho
fiAir Seasons." In this, vernal Spring, smiling
Summer, mellow Autumn and chilling Winter
were so forcibly repressed that we almost
felt we had lived a year la a moment ol time.
The "Coronation" was finely executed as was
also ' The Graces " The Periodical, by Miss
M. E. Scott, was excellent, giving to all a
portion in due season. The l ist, "Scene In a
Birber shop," wo? a regular "shave ;" and
"there's where the laugh came in," and it was
a hearty one indeed. Tlia Muddy Creek
Hand w .s present with its ofLring of cholc st
music ad. ling lite nnd interest to the occasion.
At the close of the regular exercises, Prof. T.
J. Teal, who is always present when there's
any good to be done or enjoyed, was called
upon for an address and responded by a few
remarks on his favorite theme, E .Ideation, urg
ing Its hearty support. Hi spoke of the grand
results of tho Free School System, and pre
dieted a glorious future f ji the Keystone
State. lie closed by congratulating the per
formers on their success. It was traJy a few
words filly spoken, Mr. Teal wis followed
by Mr. S. S. J-hnson In a short but very inter-
estlng a'idres3' It is worihy of rem irk that
this Entertainment was gotten up without en
croaching upon school hours, nnd the majority
ofiho perf irmers were very young. As the
clock struck ten, tho crowd dispersed ; all
feeling well pleas! and wishing, no doubt,
that such treats "would como oftencr and
stay longer." Encco.
1000 Rswrd I M. C. & H. Bell will elve
the above reward for a foot that docs not look
well In one of their now styled, tipped, anklet
g liters I
Pent! Flaxseed Oil, soli at G. W. Roberts
Drug Store.
Puicks, down! down II down!!! at IS
Clark & Sou's.
"Throw physic to the dogs; 1 11 none of It.
To make assurance doubly sure
I'll take" Plantation BUtors,
They never fail.
This groat Stomachic Ilealcr Ujust what
the people need It is a remedy they can rely
on. For Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Hoadache,
Dizziness, Aguo, Liver Complaints, Pains iu
the Side and Back it has no equal ; not the
least among its virtues is Us extreme pleasant
ness to the taste and immrdiaf beneficial ef
fect. Try it, suffering Dyspeptics, and be
cured. Such arc the assertions of those situa
ted to know. From the vast amount of this
article sold, it must have great merit.
Magnolia Watbr. A delightful toilet arti
clessuperior to Cologne and at half the price
Gar nun Sunns, Garden Seeds, Knox's Garden
Seeds, new crop, at II. A. liineharl's.
Tint latest fashion in bonnets, hats and
ribbons is to be seen at Shirk's cheap store.
Tesiiidls The assassiaatlon of Hi. Trice,
by Frank McGurgan, an account of which
will bo found elsewhere, instead of terrorizing
the community will be hailed by the people
as the crowning act of his life. The deceased
was dominant in disposition and had over
awod most of our merchants. This last en
counter, however proved fatal. All honor
to Frank I
Wm. Berrtiull, two doors west of Adams
House has on hands a splendid assortment of
Ladies' and Misses' Shot of the latest styles.
Fisn, Fisn. Lake herring, and white fish,
for sale, at H. A Rinehart's, opposite tho
Court House.
Salt, Silt. Salt. If you want No. 1. Salt
go to Rinehart's.
Voi.crros Suprkma, the Latin phrase ex
pressive of the climax of voluptuous richness,
may be Justly applied to the fragrance of
Phalon'sncw perfume, "Fiordo Mayo," the
most luxurious and permanent of floral odors.
8old by all druggists,
JcstOpesid. A new and complete stock
or Boots and Shoes, at M. C. 4 H. Bell's
cheap store, Sayert' cornor, Waynesburg.
Among tbelr stock will be found all the Spring
Styles direct from the manufacturers, selected
by M. C. Bell expressly for this market.
BAmsrCoLLsoB. The building committee
and friends of the said College, will meet at
the Baptist Church, in Jefferson, on Tues
day, April 19, 186S at 10 o'clock a. m., to give
out the contract for erection of sold Col
lege. A. Pdshak, Chairuun.
i Esjomsat. There are various wan of
enjoyment for various kinds of people. To the
man looking out for a suit of clothes, the
place ot all others to go to is Bowers. Bee
New Advertisements. '
fsm very beat always) la 4m Clothing tins
at Ht Clark ion's. .Fresh Arrival.
Was mxa von Cocrtt. We gleaa the fol
lowing Items from the Washington, Pa., lit-
porttr, of the 8th lost i '
S vm Hare, of Hare's Hotel Pittsburgh, has
been awarded the contract for the mail route
between Washington and Pittsburgh, for the
sum of two hundred and seventy-five dollars
per year.
The fruit is consilerad safe si yet, and
arge crops are expected. The ra!n never
looked better tills time of tho year before.
From all parts of the country promises are
mads of heavy an l abundsnt crops.
A son of Jimes R inkla of ML Pleaiant
township, was shot through the head one day
last week aid instantly kil ed. He was hand -ling
loaded rid an 1 whila blowing Into the
muzzle put his foot upon the trigger and the
sun was discharged tin contents passing
through bis bead.
Col. Jaovs T. Ifirk, lato of the Mansion
House, has retired fr n th hotel business
The Col knew how to keep a hotel, had hosts
of friends, an l mvl e mnnr, by bis honorable
and gontloiu inly treatme it of all with whom
became In contact II) his bjou appoints I
a U. S. Inspector, and will also be laigely
eugv.'ed In the Buckeye Muwing Midline
Agency business. was tUnwi sensation on
Friday evening by t!is arrival at the Mansion
Houss.ofh'ts Elephant-highnuss, Tippo Salb.
Ho traveled from Conncrsvillo In J,, whore he
was waiter.: 1, II i Is 10 yjars old, travels
about S) miles p;r day, U rather viselous,
eats about seven bushels of oats per day, and
is a grc it blower. His keeper ox vjcU to ar
rive In Nuw York In about ten day travel.
Tli j elephant Is said to have wuhed out his
trunk. It was a Saratoga
OaFrUiy evening tho 20th ult.. as Mr.
Arthur Olocrt of Sim.'rsct township, this
county, was juit about flais'.iing some repairs
to a slate r of on the houu of Mr, Jos, Blaney
of West Alexmdor, tho derrick by which he
was supporting himself suddenly gave way
precipitating him over the end of the house to
the ground, a distance of about SO feet, frac
turing his right thigh about the middle and
his right arm noar the wrist.' At present
writing he is doing as well as could be expect
ed from the nature of the accident It was a
mirac'.a that ho was act instantly killed.
On Sin Jay evening, between the hours of 6
and 9 o'clock, as Mr. Thompson, Deputy
ShoiilT, was making his rounds preparatory to
closing up the jail for the night and securing
the fastenings, he was assaulted by four of
tho prisoner, named respectively, Wm
Smith, BerJ. Arthurs, Elmer Powelson and
Sut B'Hler, (the latter colored." It appears
that they had a pre nrr.ingel plan laid to
make an attempt to escape, as their operations
wero apparently conducted Willi some system.
While Smith attacked Mr, Thompson in front,
Uutler came up behind and clenched him by
the throat thJ othsr two, Arthurs and Powel
son engaging him as circumstances would
permit, but Mr. Thompson, being an active
man, succeeded after herculein erTorts In
throwing off his assailants, anl defeating
their murderous purposes. Tin presenca of
mind exhibited by the Djputy, in throwing
the koys. dur ng the struggle, into one of the
cells and out of the reach of the culprits,
thereby fiiHtratinf their sche ni for getting
away, Is certainly commendable.
Ccstom si a dm Boots, call back nnd front,
warranted in every particular, for $0.00, at M,
C. & M, Bell's! .
"Cox to Court" and go toN, Clark & Son's
for your Cheap Clothing.
Gextlkmkn's patent, quarter Oxford ties, at
M C. & II. Bell's, very cheap for casil 1
To thh Public Sewing Machines aro too
well and favorably known to require any de
tailed essay on the great advantages they nre
capable of renderiuK to all claim of people,
but It is important that buyers should under
stand the quiiliitcs of tho various machines of
fered for sale, and carefully judge the merits
of each, nnd thus become in tell gently prepar
ed to secure the one capable of producing the
most satisfactory results. The attention of
the public is now most earnestly invited to
the latest production ; which, from that fact
alone, myht to be "the best," and it is with the
most unaffjeted sincerity that the Weed
Sewing Machine Co. assert that their produc
lions are Mnexcelled by any machine evor
presented for popular favor If they were ht
all Incredulous, the approbations daily cman a
ting from an appreciative public would re
move their doubts. Tho merits attaching to
the Weed Machines are simplicity of inven
tion, thoroughness of construction, conveni
ence for u.;ing, superiority of execution, and
neatness of arrangements. Prices range
from $G5 to $175, according to stylo and
finish. For descriptive circular, address. II
B Patton& Bro. Agents, Greensboro, Greene
Barretts Hair Restorative, by single bottlo
or dozen, for sale, at G. W. Roberts' Drug
100 keg's, s.rictly pure White Lead, for
sale, at G. W. Roberts' Drug Store.
M EEKS CONKXIN At the resllenco of
the bnde's lather, by Rev, J. N. Edmiston.
April 2d. 1808. Mr. Cephas Meeks of Greene
County, Pa , to Miss Puebe Jane Conklin, of
nssniogion uo., t'a.
IIOLLMAN GREGG April 7, 18(18, by
Rev. A. B. Miller, Mr. Lewis Bllman, Esq.,
to Miss Dessie Gregg, both of Monongahela
uty, ra.
FORDYCE At Ancono, Livingston County
Ills., April 1st, l sire, ol Dropsy ol to liraln,
Joseph C. Ron of Ganard and Joanna Fordyce,
aged 1 year and '2 months. '
Wats BSBttRQAprll 14, IM.
Corrected Weekly for the RirvBLicAS.
Butter (fresh roll,) ).
Eggs do ........
Potatoes 9 buah
Lara VS .........
Tallow f. Ik
Country 8op
1 60ii M
Dried Applet
) .
Flours, bat...
. IS 00
wneaijt Duan.,
S so
n.. k.h
..1 I01 19
. so
VIIU 1 UWII ............
Corn steal f) bash.
fit ....-. -
Brown 8uer -...
Renned 8ur 9, .
Syrup t) gT..
tiolseees (K.OrleansJ.
ounnum m mmt ,
Saturday, April 11, 18S3.
ltarl&g the put week trade has Improved
eonalderablr, and may be said to be now good
In most branches ot basinet. Prices ot most
of the leading articles are firmer, and the etulng
op of the money market has earned a more
Cheerful feeling among merchant.
W quote as follows, which are the wholesale
P""! ,w.nn
Wheat. Penn a. and Ohio, Winter Red tl SOo2 SO
Rve bUHh...- - - 1 7S
Oats bush -... T878e
Corn bush . W3W0
omi, xhul Flour 1060dlI2S
Winter wneai w wu aw
Shodtders ..
Rugiir Cured Haras
Potatoes, buah
Apples $ bbl -
Ek- dos... .. ..
Clover Seed
Timothy teed....
Flu tteed
T 60
i 7a
tblcsje Market.
Chicago, April 11, 18M.
Flocb More active and firmer at W SO 10 SO
fur spring extras.
Wheat Klrmorj No. 5 higher; other
grades steady ; sales of No. 1 at i 04, and No. i at
tl 871; 1 00, dosing quiet at tl 8Vi$l S9 for
No. a
Corn Active and llKc higher; sales at 623
Ml$c for No. 1; 7980c for No. J; 77X780 for
new, and 7878'o for rejected In store, closing
nrm at 78; for new.
Oats In fair request at S7)?6? regular, and
59 jr.Olc for fresh receipts, closing at 57397Sc
for regular.
Rvs lachlglior; sales at (I 6331 82 for No. I
and 1 6591 57 for No. 2 In store.
Live Hoos Firm, active and 1015o higher ;
sales at 17 9038 85 for common to fair, and 99 75-
(99 50 for medium to good.
Beef Cattlk Active at J 8O7o0 for medium
to fair, and $7 87438 874 for good to choice.
New York Utj flood Market.
New York, April 11. Dry goods rather mod
erate yet cottons rule (irmly In view of the up
ward tendency of cotton. Heavy sheetings ot
best makes 18$19c. Cocheco prints UJ-jc;
Sprague's U15c ; Merlmack D llHc; Pa
cific Mills HJf3l5c; American, Richmond, Ori
ental liaise; Ginghams 18c, Brow drills 17c for
special gotittiJ.
t ROAD On and after Octobub 4, 1867, trains
arrive and depart from the Union Depot, corner
01 Wellington anu ijiDerty streets, ns iouow
Arrlvo. I Depart.
Mall Train 1:20 a m Day Express 3:00 am
Kant Line I:'y a in Wall's No. 1 6:30 am
Wall's No. 1 H::i) a m Mull Train SvJO a m
Brinton No. a 7:50a im Wall's No.2 9:50am
Wall's No. 2 ,5aa m Cincinnati Kx 11:15 am
Cincinnati Exp.9:10a m Wall's No. 3 11:30 a m
Jo'instnwn ac..l0:15 a m Johnstown ac...2:."i0 n m
Phll a. Exp.....:.l:30p miWall s No. 4 3:Wpm
Wall's No. :l l::IOp m1 Phll a. Exp -1:10 pm
Wall's No. 4 2:30 p nv Wall's No. 5 4:50 p m
Wall's No. 5 5:30 p ml Wall s No. 6 fcto p m
witim no. 0.. 7:'jup ni'rasi Lone rv-u p m
Altoona ne. and Wall s No. J.WJpm
umig'i train..w!w p m
Cincinnati Express leaves dally. All othor
trains dally Kxceptamnoay.
Philadelphia Express and the Altoona Ac
commodutlon nnd Emigrant Train arrive dally
Cincinnati Express arrives dallyexcept Mon
day. All other trains dally except Sunday.
For further information, apply to
W. II. Bfokwlth, Agent,
9Colgat A Ce's.
Is mtmufacitored from PURE
UlTI?Vliru nn.l m.a !,
t or sale uy all groceries. 0;5-ly.
To Consnmptlve. The Rnv. EDWARD
A. WILSON will send (free of charge) to all who
desire It, the prescription with thedlrectlons for
making nnd rising the simple remedy by which
he was cured of a lung alt'eetlon nnd that dread
disease Consumption. Ills only object Istoben
cflt the afflicted nnd he hopos every sufferer will
try this prescription, ns It will cost them noth
Ing, and may prove a blessing. Please address
No. lmSonth Recondst. Williamsburg NewYork.
o;3, o-iycnu-i3
evErrors of Youth. A ;entlcmnn who
suffered for years from Nervous Debility, Pre
mature Decay, nnd all the effects of youthful In
discretion, will, for the sake of suffering humnnh
ty, send free to nil who need It, nnd receipt nnd
directions for making the simple remedy by
which he was cured, stifforam wishlna to ororlt
by the advertiser's experience, can do so by ad
ureusing, la periect connuence,
;5-ly 42 Codnr St., New York
S7-The Ilcnllns; Pool, nnd House of Mer
er. Howard Awociation Reports for Young
Men, on the crime of solitudo, and the errors,
abuses and diseases which destroy the manly
powers, and create impediments to marriage,
with sure means of relief. Sent In sealed letter
envelopes rree or cnargn. Address UH. J. HKIL
LIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Phlla
dulphla, I'ft. 6;J-ly
The Largest, Cheapest and most Successful
Containing full Information, Outline of Coarse
01 siuuy, samples of cowley
View Of the Colleze rtnlldlnar. different An-
purtmenu, City of Pittshnren, Sc., &c., n'ldress
the Principals, SMITH A COWLEY,
up 1, J-ly -Pittsburgh, Pa.1
J AS. B. Lazzak,
Jobs Huohx.. Thomas Lucas.
fjl- LUCAS 4 CO.
raswAaorxo Asp cowiisnon misoiiarts.
Ad "fliers In Orocerle, ' nrdware, Leather,
., Alalia, naiu rasa, ore. Aiao,
SKOntS fOr AUbnV. HrAmlnw AAvm'a Wlniln
Saan. A supply kept consuntty on hand. Rice's
Landing, PSk, above thaaosr, ftfj-tt
V1 ftente of an Improved
Plow and Cultivator by which aiogleandSooblt
hovel and cultivator are readily adjusted for
a upon (ldehlUsor level ground. Th design
Is meretoriou, and cannot fall to pteaae our
termer. A modal will be on exhibition In
Wayneaburgat the asxt Urm of Court, where
" araraepeotfuU lavlted 10 go and xamln
IiirrBU. JnlermaUon gnrsnsd to
i?rSSral- "J0 rwlptrtnr
mowJ. of Pimply BliSoh, EruptioiM, ata.. on
th skin, Uavlni th auaa soft, ofear, aad beau
tlral, can ba obtaid without oharg by ad-
wuuij m tuauriAnt nawu or naip uaon & maia
li.'Myeh;ll Kt Broadway, Nw fork.
baughertr vs Teogsrden, No. Ill, March Term
Hou 11 worth vs Owynn, No. 144, March Term,
Hook v Kinney, No. M, Jane Term, IMS.
ursaaoest vineia et. u.,, jum icrm,
Branl va Boge, No. 86, June Term, 18SS.
Piper v Klncald, No. 95, Jan Term, 1850.
Morris v Lucas, No. 71, June term, I8W.
F. 4 D. Bank v Bell 4 Bayary, No. 133, Jane
term, 1WI4.
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i.irmiy va ni'-)livnv lid, i-ii, juuo wi iu. ioui.
M'Kee vs Hewit A Gray, No. 59, Bent, term, 1867.
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Llndsoy vs Bunion, No. 3l, December term, 1967.
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3-i3-to J. F. TEMPLE, 1'roty
nv virtue of a writ of PI. Fa. Issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Greene County, and
to mc directed, thero will be exposed to public
sale at the Court House, In Waynesburg, on
SATURDAY, the 11th day of April, 1868, al 1 o'
clock, p. M., the following property, viz :
All the right, title, Interest and claim of the
defefrdantof, In ami to e certain .truer, of Irmd
situated In Jefferson township, adjoining lands
ot n. i;. ii ours worm, wm. ivincaiu, wiuow v y
coir. OU Company, and others: containlnt
fifty-ono acres, mora or less; occupied by
Meeiter w. waters, aoout tntrty aorea oi wnien
are cleared, having erected thereon a log dwell-
with a variety of fruit trees. The land Is well
watered and timbered.
Taken in execution as the Brooertv of th
Clifton PetrotumCompany of Penn'., at the suit
oi jamea uaroer. it. a. oii.vr.un.
3;l3-to Sheriff.
Bv virtue of a writ of Yen. Rxn. leaned out of
tho Court of Common Pleas of Greene County,
and to ino directed, there will he exposed to
punllesaieat tbeCourt House In Waynesburg
on SATURDAY the 11th day of April 1883 at I
uui',.,iiEiuiiui,in, piupcj It. ,
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
naviu m. joanson, oi, in anu to a certain lot or
ground siiuateu in jacKSonviiie.KicnnillTown
sliip, Greene Co. Pa., bound on the North by an
alley, on the East by nn alley, on the South by
South (or back) Street and on the West by an
nuey, aujoiiung lots oi ltuko jonnaon anu otn
crs. Takon In execution ns the property of David
Al. jonuHon at ine suit oi AiorgAn lien,
3;l8-to Sheriff.
T It tit on the 27th of March 1909 ft warrant In
bankruptcy was Isnued agatiut the euUto of
ueo. urnnu oi nprinnuui luwiiMup, iu me
county of Greene nnd btate of FurtiisylvnnlA,
wno iiAsueen aajuugeu n nnnKrupi on nisown
petition; that the payment of any debts and
delivery of anv nronertv belolnn to such Hank
rupt, to him, or for hit use, and the transfer of
any property oy mm, are lorniuuen ny law;
that a meeting of the Creditors of the said Bank
rupt, to prove their Debts, and to choose one or
more Assignees of his estate, will be held ata
Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden at the Regis
ter's Office in wnynenburpr, Greene co, Pa,, be-
rure joHepn a. uomey, nug inter, on uio
12 DAY OF MAY. 1863, AT 1 O'CLOCK P. M
TilOMAS A. Rowi.icr, U. H. Marsna
per Tmos. Hill, Duty,
Ap Mt
At Cormichaels, Oreefie County. Pa., th Slth
aay oi mnrcn lows. 10 wnom it may concern;
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his
ol Carmlchaels. In the County of Ureene and
State of Pennsylvania, within said District, who
nas veen auiutiaea a uanKrupi on uis own peti
tion by the Distrlot Court of said District,
ap l-3t J. It. WOOD, Assignee.
Letters of almlnUtrntlon npon the estate of
Peter Memhen lato of Otlmore tp., rtee'd., hnv
1ns been sranted to the undersigned, notice I"
hereby given to all persons Indebted to Raid
estate to make Immediate payment, and those
having elftims against the same to present them
properly authen ticated for settlement.
of Wayn township, Administrator,
The partnership lveretofoi'e existing between
W. II. Mutton and Daniel shirk la thl day
(.March 8. Mm,) dissolved by mutual consent.
The booka and account of said firm remain In
the hands of Daniel Shirk, who will continue
the business at the old stand. All persons know
inn themselves Indebted to said nrm will plea
call and settle their accounts.
The Unnerslmen hefnff thA AulmiM nf A
Hedce 4 Son. hereby elves notice that th Books
and accounts of that firm are In her hand and
will remain there until the 90th of April, ISM,
wncn tney win oe leit wun Simon luncnart,
lsq., lor ciiiievfciuii,
ap 1 'eS-St MARY E. BEDOE.
All Demons Indebted to th firm of Havers A
Hoskinson. are requested to make Immediate
settlement, a the books of the firm must be
closed up. BAYERS 4 HOSKINSON.
Mofpat's Life Fills
The Most SnccessM Medicines
in the World.
Established In 1835 bj one oi
our Most Eminent Physicians, and
now Used throughout North and
South America, with more pleasing
results than any other Medicine in
cases of diseased Lirer, Blood or
Skin, Indigestion, CortiTeness,
Billons Complaints, Bhenmatlsm
and Ferer and Agne
Thousands of carttflcates are In
our possession, glring detailed
accounts of perfect CtJSES effected
by these invaluable ' Medicines.
They regulate the System, and put
all' .the funetiou of fli bedy
In healthy condition.
aU ayattTsniasiiSi m SMssat, rsatss.
tars, Him t Or. feka KoSU aad Or. B.
afasVt, Krv Tot. ,
Final account of A. A, Purman, Guardian off
. Hannan Al. noaa,aecewou, wuo wm wiuw
j,hn rf finn. Renlamln Roaa. daceased.
Account of Marl Sutton, Executor Of th last
Will or Joel Button, aeceaaeu.
Account ofSlmonCoen Executor of th Will of
Jackmyre Coon deceased. . .
Final account of Rea Dowlln A John IJowllh
Admintsiratora oi uiiuuimw jwuuiwuw
1 1 ti Udn ilnM.ANPd.
AocouiitofEli Knlfht and John Sharp, srtmln-
Islrators oi in esuti oi uiiuua wuuw,
Account of Jeremlh Rtewart, Guardian of
OlatUla 11101, miuor aon os oiioa uici, wo-
Account of George Hennen. administrator of th
estate of Sabcas Main, deceased. . . .
Account of Workman Hickman, administra
tor of the eitataof David L. Keener, dee'd.
Account of John N. Waters, and Ueorg Waters,
Account of Aaron Cos, guardian of Jsma B.
South, minor child of Justus South, dec's.
Account of Aaron Cox, guardian of Franklin I'.
Houtn, minor cnita oi jvjsiua un u.
Account of Francis Drake, administrator of th
tat of Daniel Barney, deceased.
Account of I. N, Cary, administrator of the estate
of Thomas Alfree. deo'd.
Account of Marlon Chalfan and Harvey Htg-
Sins, executors oi in w ill oi ciijuu cnaiuui,
Account of Jnme A,Blck.dmlnlstrtorof the
estate or William r, uanou, uec a.
Account ot James A. Black, administrator of the
state of C. A. Mestrezatt, deceased.
Account of William Moredock and George
MoredocK. aamiaisirutors oi mi csiaiv ui
Inhn C il H'HH
Final account of Mary 8. Huffman, nd O. P.
Jordon, executors oi in wiu o wnjiuim
Account of jecemlah Stewart, guardian of the
minnr cltililren of Hiram Itornof. deceased.
Account of Reuben Brown and W,.0. Morris,
Fxecutors or in will oi nsuoon mow a,
Account of A. J. Shrlver, Administrator of .th
estoteof AdamBhrlver, Jr.,d(ciod
Final account of Thomas W. Taylor, Andrew
Hughes ana jonn uiayron, lominnimiuri
of the estate of Hainuel Crayne, dee d.
Thomas M'Clelland Cumberland tp.
William LPoguo, Esq JeHerson
Carlton C Harry MorKan "
A. J Martin Jettenon "
James Hushes ..Rlehhlll "
John Smith Washington '
Oldeonlrfng Dunkard "
Michael Prleo ..Jeflenion "
Nelson Booth Morris '
Wm P Scolt .Jcirerson "
Alired Armstrong ....cumbrlnd
David Sliroyer Cumberland "
Wm MeKanna Hlchlilll "
Btnphenson Oarard Oreen "
Samuel MeAlllster Marlon "
David Garrison ..Dunkrd "
Pbenea Hcadley Perry
Fnoch Hennen..
Frnuklln "
Samuel 3 Acklln
Wm L Durge
P M Qrnham
James Flennlken
James A King
Ephralm M'Clellund..
Cumberland "
...w.bprinthill (
Jackson "
JetTerson "
.... Perry
F.RM, 1808.
. Franklin "
fireene 11
.....Washington "
UlenhlU "
Hlehhill "
L'rr?,,' !!
Franklin "
David Russ
Wm Hart
1 H Juhns
A J yooilwln
James Burns
lteubun Umwn....
Thomus Hook
Win Hlt.ilesMith..
Dunkard "
Thomas Adamson .Franklin
Geore Flouts Aleppo
Thomas Hill Franalln "
Miller Crayne Morgan
Samuel West Morgan
Nerl Hart. Cumberland ;
James Ely Si?n.tre,
Israel Stephenson Whltely
Thomas Crago Cumberland
Hfimuel Ravurd...
Wm K ltevnolds...
Jonah K Wood
Daniel Walton
Freeman Lucas
Jacob Klce
Solomnn R Wise..,
Wm Orovo
Benjamin Way....
Henry Jacobs
....Jefferson "
Hlehhill "
Dunkard "
Hprlnglnll "
Morgan '
Centra "
Morgan "
Fmnlclln '
Jetlerson '
Samuel Colvor...
.1 u VanrlAve Centre
Daniel Millar Dunkard
Norman Worley Morion
John Fordyce...
..Gllmor "
Alexander Patton..
Joseuh Hhlbler
AlorRn "
,u.;..Ctimberlnrt "
Perry "
jonn j Diiuu
John Louehrldee Riehhill
Samuel Luce Jefferson "
William llerryhlll Marlon "
John Church... , Centre "
Henry llowers.i...i Whltely "
Wm Mnpl....i Dunkard "
David lluehanan Maarlon "
James E HoVtly Cumberland "
Wllllnni II Lucas Dunkard
Charles Bums ; Perry "
John W Mltehel Aleppo "
Henrv Cummins .Oreene "
John McCoy Monongahela
Hudson D Brock Wayn "
Inalah Faddls ....Jcflerson "
John Rogers Jr I.'entre "
James MllUken Jackson "
Jacobs Moore Aleppo "
Vincent Lueas Morris "
Manaasa Wildmsn. Dunkard "
Zadock Batson Morris "
Solomon Hoge Wayne "
Wm Cummins ....Whltely '
EPSmalley Marlon '
Corbly Oarurd, Sr.... Cumberland "
John Muiinnl Marlon "
William Gordon (of 8ol.) Franklin "
Jacob snider Prtrry "
Robert Bristor Rlthhlll "
John Simpson Morris "
II C Houlsworth Morgan '
N II M'Clelland Marlon "
Joshua Ackley Hlehhill
James uuruine
Kills Stephenson
Benjamin F Denuy
John Jennings
J K Bailey
Jefferson Huffman ,
Timothy Phillips........
II 11 Llndsoy
RprltighlU "
Cumberland "
tentr "
Wyne "
Jeffiirson "
Jefferson 11
r r vernon..
Corbly Oarard, Jr Cumberland "a
Henry J. Jennings, Carmlcluals Borough,
Oilman Hickman, Newtown.
William Kelly, Jefferson,
Everly A Taylor, Hamilton Homo, Waynesburg,
Edward Ferrell, Freeuort.
Benjamin F. Morloy, Willow Trco.
Jesse Mitchell. Jairkson To.
Thomas Bradley, Sherman House, Waynesburg.
James 1 . uosgrav, tirevne nouse, uo
II. II. Llndscy, Eating House, Jefferson.
M. H. Oreime. Morrlsvlllo.
George Cowell, Davlstown.
Islfth Faddls, RIcm's Landing,
Jamea P. Alliims.Qraysvllle.
Marjsry Bryan, JacksonvlllA,
Phillip Riley, Jacksonville.
I.lppencott 4 Leonard, Morrlsvilio.
David R. Jones, Greensboro. '
Martin Monlger, Jackson villa,
Hiram Cirri, carmlchasl.
Mrs. R. J. Bnmsarner, Jefferson,
Susan Pettlt, Waynesburg.
Maria Sutton, do.
Wm. Phillips, Mt, Morris,
James Carter Jacksonville.
S. M. Sellers, Bridgeport, Franklin Tp.
J Irs. J, Harn. Greensboro,
ohn Nlswanger, Clarksvtllr.
Willi am Hennen. Jollevtown.
Applicant must file their petitions and bond
immoaiateiy. 4. r. iL.MfkjiL,
J;ll-to Proth'y.
The public are hereby notified that the Arm
heretofore existing under the style and title ol
T. Hraden 4 Co. la till day, (February 18, 1848,)
mutually unsolved. KUHtit 1 uu x v.
The books of th firm will be left with th an
derslgned, to whom all persons Indebted will
pay tholr accounts. Businca will be conduct
ed at th old stand, opposite th First National
Bank, Waynesburg, P., by
ajll-Jw TH03. BRADEN.
Nolle la hereby given to all th creditor of
Morgan Dell,i;f ltlchhlll township, that Justus
Bled hi account In the Court of Common Pleas
of Greene county.and will be presented on th
1st dav of Anrll Term. 1SW. for allowance and
oonflrmatlou J. F. TEMPLE,
I; IS-to Prothonotary.
Notle I hereby lvn to all th eredl'tor of
Jacob A. Pennington, of Carnstebjaisv Oreens
eonnty. Pa., that Fella H.Oago.a.lgnofaald
Jacob A, Pennington, ho filed hi account la
th Court of Cora oion PIof Graan oouaty,
and will bpratd ok th 11 day of April
1 arm, uoa, mr aaiowaoo ana oumirmniioo.
lilt-ta Protboaotary,
n th Cottrt of Cotnmaa rl. Ds ttttar
Tana, 1SS7 1 J th tnattsr M th aaaamat of
Etwalm a. Wtatd, CassualUaa of Uu ssaatt) f
ya ailtsaiill, a Innati.
And sm to wtji &aBbr1rl VUt. th Oaqrt
kaviaa ordarast Hat sawonat Had. Boilo U Wa.
by at sa all mtmsm IbsstcsmA tltat th am
will b (of eanfTratatloa at Uu aon term of aaM
toon. t.r. TEMTLB,
t-t rrothonotary.
WAYHMstmo. oEsasn oocwtt, iu.
Prtild'."Lnd "ofcior-of Moral &!.,,
at. K. GARRISON, A. M. ,
rrorertior 01 iua ums biw tm 1
W. QrSCOTT, A. M.,
Professor of Mathematlos,
3. MILLER, . , . 4- . ,
Teachar of penmanship and Book-Sea lag.
Mrs. M. K. B. MILLER, , . '
Principal of th Female DOpartmtBI. '
Teacher or instrumental nasi.
Teacner of Mocuuon.
xeacneroi ine rreuca unguaga. ..
The next Term will open on MONDAY, Aarll
oth, ica.
rnvthaananlalbenefltofthalar BnmUlftf
Teachers attending the Iiutltutlon, th Profta
son, assisted by the County BupeHntendtav
win couauct a normal uiuss. giviug a
course of Instruction In all the branches taught
In the schools, and at sueu hours will not IA'
terfire wilh the regular College recltailoaa.
Thos deslrlna- room for aslf-bmrdlng mar t
accommodated by applying aoun.
For further particulars address th rrssldsat.
U R N I T U 1C E I
j. y. v6ojowell a soxs,
V t' It N I T U ft t l n T
or every DBs'cKtrf ioa. ,
91 in Third St.,
4 Q E N T S W A H T E D.
One man In each eonntv nf the Stat of Pa tin.
syteanta warned to dispose of Oroeenr Bt
iruggiBta- rigni 10 innnuuwiur anu it turn
Which Is superior to all others, equalling, if not
excelling in whiteness of ham and brilliancy
th Drummnnd Light. I have secured a trad
mark under an Act or Congress, and would ea
tlon the publlo against pretending patent.
All Infringers on mv rights will be pursued by
Telegraph, by Marshals and Deputies on wagon
roads or rallroitds, steamboat, lafe and river,
and prosecuted to the full extent of th law.
This oil can be made for but stop, that M mad
known only to those who purchos Right to
manufacture and sell the oil. Fair further par.
tlculars, address a C. CHASE, M. D.
S-6S-3t , New Vienna, Ohio. ,
joiiN 11. liomtAN,
ra-Msioxs, Booxrus, irsiass or rar,
Having hod IT year experience In lroetln
sueh claims, I have become familiar with th
various Laws And the larg amount of record
evidence In my possession enables me too very
successful in prosecuting suspended claims, and
In many Instances bave proved successful whan
theclaimant hod long given them np In despair.
No matter how dlffloult th claim so it Is lust.
s'J8-r., '
As th firm of HUGHES 4 LUCAS Is dlaaolvest
by mutual consent, th Commission biulnaa
will still be curried on at the old stand, In good
order, and on tho most reasonable Urma, In th
name and style of L. HUGHES A CO (senior
partner.) They flatter themselves, bV havlnk
the House and the best location In th place foV
that business, that they will ucsivs a liberal
share of the public patronage.
Thoy will alio keep a good supply of OROCKR.
IESon hand to accommodate U who may favor
them with a call.
;10-tf. Rice's Landing, Pa. .
Or Leading Patriots of the Day. An elegant oe.
tnvo volume, richly Illustrated with 18 beauti
ful steel Engravings, aud a portrait of th au
thor, Mrs,
Agents say It Is the best, and sells the quickest
of any book thoy ever sold. Home ere taking
oot BOOorders per week. It will outsell "Unci
Tom s Cabin. " We employ no general agents,
but pay extra commission. Old agents will ap-
Firecluto this Item. Send for circulars giving
ull particulars. Address UAarrosui PcaLiaii
tsa Co., Hartford, Ct.
p 8-4t
Th firm of ODBRRT A JONES will furnuus th
of Qrcon county, wlthth
plastic 8 Late roofing j
Intrrxluerl last Bnmmer, and so highly
innoi ,,y vuunt, wnu iibvo ineq 1C. 1
S).A1I order left with L. W. Jonas, Waynes
burg, Pa., will receive prompt attention. '
S;ll-0m of Washington County, P.
To act as canvserfur a series of
Engraved OK htoki in Paris by the most emi
nent Ltthogrsphers in the world. The face,
which are most beautiful and poetic conceptions,
are designed to typify th Ileal Ideal types of
A merican womanhood, representing thslr char
ities, devotion, sympathies, attachment and he
roism. Th lithography Is In th highest style of th
art, and la such as ha rarely been squalled, anil
casnot be excelled.
These portraits have received unqualified
f raise from the most eminent orltle and prom
nent uowsoaner of th oountrv. anil thav
hould adorn every household In the lead. .
For particulars and descriptive elrcnlar. ad.
U Mam St., Sprlngflald, Mas.
Ann, t, last,
- r
To amount received on dupUcata of ISSA I ) S
To amount of tax levied In 1847 Hi tj
OR. ... lias la
Bv amount of exonoratlon ! ni
lowed collector I 11 U
By percent! foroolleotlng...i. tt W
By amount of vouclMr allowed. 1411 S4
Bv amount anld School Treoa'r. lit 1
Trenail reri per tlUKe..... TOR t.' .
uaianc m iraoaurer, nanoai... , - . Tfiaa
ap3,M-St . 1
-'."' " ." . . . '' 1 1 as
MES op ouii DAY.
Orth Lives and Daarf of General, SUteameh.
&Aiin l.i,l.. inM aw "' ."
Sumner. Stanton, Sheridan, .Yau, . Cartlai
Trumbull, Fenton.Bnoklngham, Wllaoa. Or.
lay.Waa, Morton, Phlllllps, rmJ cSZ.
Logan. Btjvsn. Beeoher, Snrart. Bootwll, T5u
Hamlin, Fsndn, Howard, and othan. mSl
ovar FortyUtVlIk Portrait of Ulia? inai
Sold only by asraU. Great inducrnaS: mSi
lor circulars. ZEIOLEB, McCURDT v i
1 Arab St., nilastolMila: V
A toot Agont wmatad Us twry taaasitlx
afttotr-d tMSrVUSZ
frorahl. rrnsmanis with early tuitrl?
Add MM
M rmn ., nttsbarghVfV