The Waynesburg Republican. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1867-18??, November 20, 1867, Image 2

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    Wet.neauljiy, IVov. ttO, 'Of.
ction of nbamloiiin" tlie
) I cnt'ink'S both North and
Sou ii rr v seems to engage the ntten
tlon of j"Tiiilo Hcjuiblicniistlirougliout
the 1 :r.'.1. It ia nrj'iiwl that tiwcs.nrily
tho i !' a of ;'.vii! him etjunl political
rights muht hu deferred or the party
that liberated him an-.l saved the Union
must perish. No elaborate reasoning
is required to confront siteh argument.
AVe have aborted and still maintain
that the cry of re-a( tion is not war
ranted because of the temporary suc
cess of our ndcersarii-s. There is
nothing to prove it. No amount of
tlgnrinpr will wipe out the f;i"t that the
vvnt elections were allowed to go by
. .'.iu'.t by our ftny-at-home voter.,
partly as a rebuke to our leaders, part
ly from a divi.-ion on local i'su's and
rriore especially to swum their own
-t mipinuj for the, Pivsideiiey in MS.
i lie. w:v:o is 'osratic stoek-in-l
f" I si ' mm t- ! years. Uinvil-li-.iTiy
i f , .) rc 1 into the contest
!Ui't, ::' i 'a r:i's It txkly truly remarks,
the l)eiiioi.ri"'y expends its force and
eloquence hi defaming him. That
iournal is equally true in its asser
tion, that Democracy's highest strain
is that this is a white man's govern
ment, vhich is true as a matter of fact,
since of thirty millions of people only
four are colored. But it is wholly un
true as an argument for the exclusion
of colored men from sullrage, for
there has never been a time in the
history of the country when they have
not voted in some of the States. I'y
incessant denunciations of "nigger
equality," as well as by the moit con
temptible falsehoods, the Democratic
party tries to inflame the hostility of
Taee. "While in the city of New York
and elsewhere in the North there is
no degree of bestiality into which a
while luv.vvi h"iti:r can sink so low
that 1:3 is ,ii!i a good enough
voter and an intelligent fellow-citizen,
yet the colored man everywhere is of
necessity of an inferior race, semi-civilized,
a barbarian, ignorant and de
graded. The staple of Democratic
speeches is ridicule of the negro, or a
B denm t lfort to prove his total inca
pacity for intelligent citizenship. Now
we a. ': f r n single evidence of that in
capacity as n class which is not equally
true of tli.i fjivign-bora voters of the
city of New York as a class. And we
rtk any ,:vt i who wi-hes the speedy
rrtam v. j :a j and prosperity to the
csaat.-v whether he trusts the states"
mnn'iip of a p irty which systematic
ally excites hoj;i!ity between the
Irish-horn and the colored population.
It is tin old ta -lies of theslavcholding
o!i;;:ir.!iy wliicli always iostercl the
mutual jealoay of the paor whites
nod t!ie slaves.
The D.-morratic parly claims to bo
peculiarly conservative. Conservative
of what ? Of the great principles of
liberty, of (quality before the laws, of;
of equal defenses of rights, of govern
ments e! all the people? liy no means.
It h ni'Ttly eori.'KTvative of the tradi
tions of caste and slavery, which the
country has outgrown ; of class su
premacy, of class legislation, of un
equal laws, of governments from which
!u!f of the pcnol.; are arbitrarily cx
e'.iuied. Of wlnt is tho Democratic
part poni-v-aliii'1'.' Is it of the Con
stitution ? On" of its chief candidates
for the Presidency, Mr. Horatio Sey
mour, attacks the Senate as unjustly
constituted. Is it of the national good
faith and fame ? The other of its
Presidential candidates, Mr. Pendle
ton, demands repudiation. It will
ot be denied that the most intelligent
khd highly civilized parts of the coun
try arc politically Republican ; and
the mostiguorant sections Democratic.
In the citv of New York it can not be
disputed that the parts which nrc the
least enlightened give tho heaviest
Democratic majorities. Now is igno
rance truly conservative? Docs any
body wh is competent to pronounce
suppose that the political majority in
the city of New York represents as
real a conservatism as tho majority in
the State of Iowa or Massachusetts ?
AA'e repeat that the policy of the
Democratic party In the present situa-
,. tion.of the country is founded upon
; bitter hostility to a part of tho popu
lation, and upon disregard of the priiv
j; ciples of the Constitution and of public
.; honor. It conservative in no other
- sense whatever than that of the old
' Tor' conservatism in England which
protested that to abolish the death
fi 'penalty for stealing a leg of mutton
as to sweep away the bulwarks' of
v"'11ib f institution. Its whole course is
' -' a B?nes of tactics for getting into
power."' " There is no evidence any
wlic. e ) f a serious desire to deal fairly
V " ? ui expressing questions., of- the
corvry. The 'only thing everywhere
.ovkieat is the t. it Liu changed uoopin-
ions, that it holds as ttrongly as ever
the spirit of ti A'lipnia and Keo
tucky resolution of '03 ; that it honors
and trusts most the men who were the
the most subservient to the domina
tion of slavery in the government ; nnd
and that it wholly and contemptuous
ly denies that government should rest
upon the expressed consent of the gov
erned. Should it return to power we
must expect every question settled by
the war to be reopened. AVe must
anticipate repudiation nnd a commer
cial convulsion such as no country ever
experienced. Wc must be prepared
for a policy toward the frecdmen upon
which the civilized world would cry
shame. The success of the Democrat
ic party would be the restoration of
the rebellion to power.
The Democratic- President makers
are scrionly looking about them for
some one who is willing to endure the
martyrdom of a nomination. MeClel
lan, Seymour, Pendleton, Yallandig
bam, Sherman, and yet others, are
spoken of, with the chances in f: or of
Pendleton. Thev will have a hard
time in making a decision. All with
the exception of Sherman are eligible
so far as record goes. lie, having
beeij engaged in the war on the Union
side, and having warred so effectually,
too, would be nauseating to the radi
cal and rebel wing of the party. They him nor any
man that hits a corresponding war re
cord. Pendleton is undoubtedly the
man. lie who in his political career
"never voted a manor a dollar to sus
tain the war." That is the idea exactly
and should be incorporated in their
next platform. Either of the others
would do for the Vice-Presidency, but
a thoroughly Democratic ticket cannot
bo made out without Ohio Val., the
prince of Copperheads, unless the
( liio Legislature appea-e him with the
Senatorship. Shape it as they may, it
is easy to tbrsee that defeat only awaits
them if they fight the battle on cardi
nal principles.
Republicans are you laboring for
the success of our manciples? AVith
the sting of defeat yet rankling in your
bosoms do you still consecrate your
selves to the demon Apathy? Pe-
member the tortoise wins the race if hi:
antagonist sleeps.
S rc than one half of the Pepubli
cans in our county are not subscribers
to their local organ, nnd but few of
the opposite parly have the advantages
of reading sound political doctrine.
Show them we are not afraid toVoulcst
our views in the light of truth and
reason, by placing the Ui:rrni-ii 'A.v or
.L.,.,u,u, r.u.,Bu.u ,w., . ...
other genuine reading in the hands ol
every voter. Do it now, let them
have time for thought. Republican
ism li!Iows Intelligence and Reflection
as certain as ell'cct follows cause.
in.'; i in.ic !i;ni'.
It appears that during October tho
Treasury Department has issued
3 111,000 of Five Per Cent. Roads,
called Ton-Pomes. Since tho publi
cation of thn Debt, Secretary MeCul-
! loch has announced that there will bo
no further sale of this class of securi
ties by the Ciovcrnmcnt tor the pres
The contraction of Legal Tenders
has been up to the full annum; allow
ed by law four millions of dollars
and fourteen million of Compound
Legal Tenders, also, have been can
Tho most important feature of the
report, however, is the amount of
Floating Debt which has been turned
into long obligations. Of all this class
of securities there nrc but two kinds
now afloat the last two series of
Seven-thirties. Of these issues, which
amounted to five hundred and thirty
millions of dollars, about two hundred
millions have been converted into
20s, and the remaining ones arc be
ing redeemed at the rate of one mil
lion per day.
Tho amount of debt bearing coin
interest was Nov. 1st, $1,778,110,091;
bearing currency interest, $ 12G,7G8,
640 ; bearing no interest, $103,918,
399 ; matured debt not presented for
payment, $18,237,538. Amount of
debt, less cash in treasury, $2,191,501,
450. Reduction since last statement,
Congress meets on the 21st of No
vember; This is only the continuation
of the bust session by an adjournment.
The first regular session, commences
on tho first Monday of December being
the 2d day. Tho President's Message
and the Department Reports will pro
bably not lie presented till tho regular
session commences. Attorney Gon'l,
Stanlerry has unoffically declared that
the session is unconstitutional. ,
It is csfimnted that one million
and' a half of souls have been sacrificed
ok tiiis continent to the demon of
Slavery. . For Slavery substitute its
synoiy. Democracy ahd.tlicn contem
plate the fearful peril that overshad-
ows the country iu the success of its
J adrooat.
thc IJSnjiiicsbicrg Hcpub(ieou, ISeiinestJoy, loocmbcr 20$ 186T.
The New York Citizen, edited by
Col. Halpine, ("Miles O'Keilley") a
staunch Democrat, discloses the follow
ing relative to the recent election :
"It is notorious that the organiza
tion, utterly unscrupulous, nnd with
uncontrolled access to the City treas
ury, must have spent an aggreqpto of
not less than 300,000 of private and
public money in tho recent contest.
Ml the pav-rolls ot the citv depart
ments for the past two months have
been lengthened and strengthened by
thousands upon thousands of sincere
'inspectors' and other place-holders-
assigned to nominal duty, but really
with no other charge than to elec
tioneer for the candidates.
"It is notorious, also, that with the
enormous money ower thus placed
nniler its control, there was un enor
mous illegal or 'repeating' vote organ
ized anil registered sav not less than
from 17,000 to 20,000 fraudulent
votes of which not less than from
10,000 to 12,000 reached the ballot
box ; the remainder being either sear
ed olf by the activity nnd early arrests
of the police, or being unable, from
shere lack of time between sunrise and
sunset, to vote in as many election dis
tricts us they were registered in one
case having been trustworthily report
ed to us of a man who was registered
in no less than 58 election districts !
Men elected by this means would ad
minister and make laws to suit them
selves. This accounts for tho sriimn-
lering of public funds in that State.
The principal Senators are of the
ring ; tho Assemblymen aro from tho
grog shops, and there are several prize
fighters among tho elect. Put they
ere all Democrats, and that covers the
whole as with a cloak.
An important practical question
bearing on the trial of Jell'erson Davis
will be whether the jurors shall be
drawn from the wliite population
only, or from the entire population of
the county, irrespective of color. In
tho former case, a jury of ex-rebels
may safely be expected In the latter
case, the jury would be likely to cn-
tain Union men. The trial of Jell'er
son Davis, for leading the rebellion in
behaif of Slavery, should bo before a
jury made up in part of frecdmen, if
only for the historic justice not to say
thn dramatic beauty and harmony, of
sueh a denouement. Horace Urechy.
There has been too much "dramatic
beauty and harmony'' depicted in this
travesty already. The "dramatic beau
ty" has been tho fire, smoke and carn
age tiiat lit our bundredsof battlefields.
"Harmony" to the tune of 2,500,000,
000 expended by the nation, mingled
with the waitings of the bereaved. It
is time the certains should Hill upon the
The Republican party has had no
- , ' , ,
j control over the executive department
of the Government since the murder
of Lincoln. It is the easiest matter
in the world for its enemies to attri
bute tho shortcomings of the Admin
istration to the party in power. It
is capital to magnify and dwell upon
the wrongs and burdens endured, and
all the more ngreablo because it can
be done over our shoulders. The
prudent man w ill at once detect the
purpose of these scheming plunderers
and whilst ho will hold Congress iu
sonic measure responsible, he will not
fail to charge the real greivances to
their proper authors the Democ
racy. '.H A II V I. A M it i : n i: K M I o !
Among the telegraphic dispatch
es ot tlie l luiail. JMiini a cirs ot
the 5th, (a Johnson paper) we find the
following :
"Baltimohe, Nov. 4. Mayor
Ranks is to be inaugurated at noon to
day, when Mayor Chapman retires,
handing over to him the books, great
seal etc. Large crowds will attend the
Captain William Robinson, of the
Confederate army, will be his private
secretary, and Hon. John L Thomas
having resigned the oltiice ol City Sol
icitor under Chapman, AVilliain II.
Harris, who was judge advocate of the
military courts under Jefferson Davis,
is to have the important position.
Sueh are the fruits of the "Demo
crat ic" victories, over which the papers
of that party in this State arc now
shouting so lustily.
Gnx. did not return
to this country in the Scotia. Private
business will detain him in Paris un
til spring. Public business will keep
him out of tho White House longer
than that.
The State Gcaup, is the. name of
a new pacr to bo started next month,
at Ilarrisburg. The eifitorial mana
gers are J. Robley Dunglison and
Wien Forney, publisher Levi Kauf
mmn, It is to be Republican iu politics.
"A. J." was serenaded last week
and responded with four pages of
fools-cap. The only extemporary re
mark lie made was, "Good night, God
bless you !" Like the old drone that
doles out blessings from tho Vatican
he is hated and pitied.
Bradley,. the rebel bully who play-
. . , , , . i j l r
tnal, has b;n finally cxchided from
theSupromo Court of the District of
Columbia, for contempt.
Thad. Stevens Im written a let
ter favoring the payment of govern
ment bonds in greenbacks nnd denun
ciatory of National Ranks This un
expected allianccof the "old Common
er" with his opponents will create
new apprehensions on the subject.
However, it is the opinion of but one
man, and displays a spirit of indepen
dence wo rather like.
Prentice says Prownlow may go
to the Upper House in this world, but
in the next he will go to the lower.
To which theFo4 Wuyne ( Ind.) Gaz
ette retorts : AVe presume so ; he has al
ways been found in the midst of Demo
crats, fighting them.
Twenty deaths have resulted from
the recent explosion in Pittsburgh.
More than $0,700 has been subscribed
for the sulferers. The Smoky City
sustains the good name gained her dur
ing the war.
The subject of converting the com
mon groundsof Allegheny into public
parks is being agitated again by the
citizens of the different corporations
with some show of success.
The reports from AVisconsin, says
the Missouri Jfrmoerm, indicate a ive
publican majority of about six thous
and, against about ten thousand at the
last trubernutoriaf election. In Mm
ne-ota, again, the Republican majroity
is larger than it was at the last Slate
election ; it was then about three thous
and, nnd reports now claim live thous
and perhaps more. In Chicago, the
election on Tuesday n suited in a Re
publican majority of 3,979, against
3,933 at the city election, the Repub
licans gaining also in the council. In
St. Louis, the election of Radical coun
ty indues shows a I 'adieal gain since
the vote of last fall, and in the Third
district the meagre returns received
give hope of the election nfa Radical
in the district carried last fall by a
large majority by the conservatives.
Kansas also elects Republicans, though
by a reduced majority, while Iowa,
Nebraska and Colorado, it will bo re
membered, show Republican gains.
On the whole, then, the reaction
docs not prevail to any extent in the
Northwest. Solid voles, steady ranks
majorities undiminished or increased,
are the rale with the sturdy Repub
licans in tliissv't tio'.i, and if, ia any lo
cality, losses have, they are
due to exceptional causes, or to that
over confidence w hich frequently loses
elections of minor Cin;e'uei!e;'. i he
reaction is mi r.a ta'n plant: it docs
not thrive in the Northwest.
A MNr; spectacle, remarks the
liar. 'Jli'frni!i, will shortly ho before
the world. Je'V. Davis, a traitor to
free government, who warred for five
' vears to perpetuate t
j y, ,',. ',,, ;
:. slavery, will be ui)
in the new world.
(iaribaldi, a friend of freedom and
equality, who bad just opened his lirsl
battle to secure the natioiialil y of his
couiilry.and who was arrested lucre,
bid world. Davis shed oceans of
t ill ui; lit I l I Hi I 11 H ' (' 'II 111 tllL
blood in a cause whoso success would
have been death to freedom. (Iari
baldi was just beginning tho fight for
the right. The tyrants of the world
hope for Davis' release while they will
plot for Garibaldi's death. Another
dispatch from Europe says that Gari
baldi will not be tried, but that he and
his two sons will be exiled to the
United States. If this be true, the
heroes will receive the grandest wel
come any people ever accorded to pa
triotic men.
fYY.3 the llarrisburj; Tdcjraph
funding of tho national debt, and the
extension of the time for ifs general
liquidation is now being thoroughly
discussed in financial circles It is
proposed to consolidate the debt, bring
it nil under a uniform rate of interest,
and then provide, by a judicious and
equal system of taxation, for its future
payment. Any measure to secure this
dedt will of course be popular with the
people. The idea of immediate liqui
dation was never feasible. The present
generation made the sacrifice of limb
and life tosecurc the Union nnd Fov
crnment, so that it is as little as future
generations can do to pay the debts in
curred to save the. nation.
I x form atiox W a xted. Of a boy
ubout twelve years of age, rather slen
der of his years, with black eyes, tlark
hair, and had on a suit ol very dark
trrav. homo made flannel. a low crown
ed Mack hut, stiff brim, and calf-skin
high shoes. He kit the home of his
parents in Salem township, Westmore
land county on the 21st ofOetober.and
is supposed to have made his way to
ward Pittsburgh. He is a smart loy
a pretty good scholar for his vears.
1 1 is distressed parents will thankfully
receive any information of himaddrcss
cd to A. M. "Woj.f, Salem X Roads, Pa.
Ox the 7th a terrible hurricane de
vastated the southern' portion of the
island of Porto Rico, one of the West
Indies. Two hundred lives were lost
and four thousand families ' rendered
destitute. Provisions were to be land
ed free of dutv for two months. Tor-
tola a small island containing forty
eight square miles was submerged
by the flood, which followed tho wind
storm, and ten thousand lives are re
ported to have liecn lost. The loss to
the steam ship company at St. Thomas
also occasioned by tho hurricane
will reach twelve millions ot uol
The cost of tho original Capitol at
Uv..,.m " g ln(
jhe additions ; now nearly completed,
The Southerners arc delighted with!
what they call the reaction. Progress
and reform nredeadduckstothein now
and their jubilees are long and deep.
Une rvnitliern paper is so impressed
with the belief not only that progress has
stopped, but retrogression has begun,
that it openly changes its grammar and
spelling and now spells music, nmsick,
bom r, honour, ami says, the editor, his
leader, instead of the editor's leader.
AVould it not bo well to call ths self-
styled DemocraLsr etrogressors. 1'itii.
Is is projioseil to hold a nutiomd
convention of manufacturers (of all
kinds) at Cleveland, Ohio, on AVednes
day December 18, to plan for joint ac
tion for the early repeal by Congress
of internal taxes on manufactures and
productions, except luxuries. This step
is taken to meet a wide desire ibr the
relief of our productive industry from
heavy burthens which arc deemed whol
ly unnecessary.
Mr, Edward M. M'Cook, Consul
at Honolulu, writes to the Secretary of
State, afliriuiiig that all that has been
said in favor of the climate and re
sources of Sitka is true ; that the tem
perature is mild, the soil good, the fish
eries abundant and remunerative, and
the lumber good and inexhaustible.
Sailing vessels have gone from Hon
olulu and from San Francisco to Sitka
iu ten days, and returned in equal time.
It is nuthoritively announced, that
at the termination of llie present brief
tour ct tho J oin J litimb troupe, the
renowned Commodore Nutt (ol twenty
five pounds) will lead to the altar the
sweet little Minnie AVnrren ( of twenty
pounds.) Iheir united iortuncs, accu
mulated by their public exhibitions
within .six years, are said to amount to
a quarter of a million of dollars.
The Philadelphia North American
well remarks that "li"ueral Grant has
set an example that Congress would do
well to imitate. He applied the prun
ing knife boldly, and lo'ci-d off ex-
eresences and done a i;r o de-d of good
work. Every millio'i II. us saved isso
much surplus to bo applied to the con
traction of tho principle of th? interest-
bearing debt,
Tun Coppcrhcada began to crow
over the late elections iu West Vir
ginia: "but that was before they were
out of the woods." The Republicans
have ino'caml their strength in the
Slate Senate, and hold their last year's
vote of four to one m the House
We like sv.rh Republican defeats.
Wasimwion', November Kb A
formal petition ibr the pardon of Dr.
Samuel A Mudd, now confined at the
Dry TortugaSjiis one of the conspira
tors in tlie miuikr ot Mr. .Lincoln,
will shortl be lire-enled to the
President. It is believed that a num
ber of prominent citizens of the North
will sign it.
J Qm
Tkxas is fast filling upwith Herman
emigrants whoseek that S'ate to engage
in giviiig large herds of cattle, tf
tho iinc pontant traitors do not molest
this industrious German population,
Texas will soon become one of the most
lllus!)f .sections of the country
IlfiiWE meat is decidedly becoming
the fashion. Two new horse butcheries
have been opened in Paris one in the
Rue Xavarin and another iu tho Rue
de Commerce. They have now
eighteen shops enfircly devoted (o the
sale of this now food, Chronicle.
Tun Ttib'ine predicts that George
II. Pendleton must inevitably be the
next Democratic candidate for the
Presidency. The party, elated by its
success this year, iccls strong enoiiL'li to
take up a man after its own heart, in
stead of n cold-blooded, undecided
leader like M Chilian.
Thk IMiMnjiliis 7V ,:iys tiiat nl)nnl
tin.1 doors of every corner grocery in
tlio country tov. i)3 in that region inny
he fouiiilii Imll'ii score if niiii, smok
ing cob pipe, find (IcmaiKlino; vehe
mently, "Where the la.-li shall ive get
iiior to raise our cotton r
Threk thoiKiivl biuiWnnfs arrived
at Xcw York last week. Total, tin;e
January kst, two hundred thou.sand.
Special ilfliUM.
To iniin.,llvr. I li,. I!i;v. KHWARI)
A. VIIso will s.'inl . fn o of elmrii") to nil who
difdro It, the pnnnriptloii with thodlrectlona for
tuuklnsnnd n.sliur tho nlinpln remedy by which
he n mire I of a lima nnectlon nnd that dre.vl
disease Consuniitlon. IIln only olijett lstob,'n
nit thn mulcted and ho hope every sufferer will
try llila prinnrlptlon, an It will coat lliein noth
ing, and umy prove n hleslui(. l'leiuan addrcaa
llEV. ntlWAIIII A. WILSON,,ontli.s..eondRI.VllllnmsburiNow;York.
C;-,,'U7-lyeliO-H '
IiifiiriJlttlion. Inform dir. n Rtlarnnteed to
prodiiee ii bixiirinnt iowiii ol liiur upon a bald
lien 1 or iMMnlU'.! fat-e, niou reeip,' for the re
moval of I'lmple. Hlot-'h-", Krujitionn, ele., nil
the skin, leuvui:. tile fume sofl, elear, nnd lienti
lifut, enn be obtutnetl wifhou' ehrirne bv ad
drelna; TlluS. ..CIIAI'.'IAN', ClIXSttHT.
b;."i.'ii7-lyeli:i;i?i nil ilrnndway, New York.
).'olK"e A Co'a.
i mannfaotnrt j from rt'HE
MAl'KKIAI. and m.v 1
eonm ii're.1 nm -1 uu ur t,.i;tIjI.KM;E,
For anle by all (irocenea, l;.Vly.
C VThp Ilcnllnic Panl, nnd llouae of Mer
cy. Howard Aasoctntliw Report for Young
Men, on the crime of e-.llltt.le, and the errora,
abuwa and dlarnaea which (lcalroy the irmnly
powers, anil erente Ispedlmenta to mnrrlaiie.
with auro mciiDK of relief. Rent In arnled letter
envelope free of elmnre. Addrean DR. J. HKIL
I.rxifurflliroN, Howurd Asaoclatlon, Hhlla-
.leliiliiii tin ii.-- ,..
. J.
-F.prora of Von III. A centleman who
noVr.-il for ynnra from Nervona Debility, Pre.
mature I)eeny, nnd all the effeeta of youthful In.
diserettnn, will, for theaalteofsu ringhmannl-
ty, end fiwto all who need it, rfhd receipt and
dlr-ciiont for making tho aiuiple remedy by
wh'oli Ue was enrrd. RunV-rera winning to profit
by the advertiser' experience, run do ao by ad-
ue-'wiiK, u uciw uwuiuenep,
tfi-lV t2 Cedar New Xork.-
W. Hi.xoium, J., 617(4 Stmt, nut
Imriih, it the autliorizid ajtnt Jar th lUri BUC4S,
is that city.
Xotlec Is hereby given to nil ereilltors, lega
tee, vnrtW nii.l other person Interested, that
the mid'-rslmicd Executors, Administrators and
llunrdianv huve tiled tlii'lr accounts in t I, l-..
bier's oiriee, nnd Unit the snm will be pre
sented to the l)rhan' Cimrt to le h!i within
umirorthe I'ouuty of llri':te, on Wednus.tav,
auee. J'KT K It 11 lti V X,
invemui'r i!, ie. , lor connruiAtien anil ulluw
IIchiiUt oud lltcordcr.
Account of .Icwttj Orndnrfl", gimriltfin of
1' minor chilit of Solomon Fordyce,
Account nf J. H. Hrlflnr, Administrator upon
tlit entute of Koli.Tt Mrlmrr, thir d.
Flnul account of T. W. Tuvlor uitU Siirniiel Biiy.
unl, Adiulnltttrutortt upon the estate of A.
Muriiu. Jr.. do'it.
Account of John MfOlumphy, Administrator
upon iu eiute 01 Mtintuiivi Lumpion, de-
Fltml Hccuunt of A. A. rurmnn, Fan., (iunrtllun
of Juuu-s Hup.', u minor rhllil ot buimtfl
H'.iDf. dc'd. s
Final ticroimt of Panic! Fuller, survlring cnar-
aiun it iiunnun
John He, deo'tt.
dluu of sivunimli Hvhs, tt minor child of
jonu jicsh, uru ti.
Account of Aiihm Wnlton. (limr.liau of S. A.
Walton, u minor child of Jounthuu Wulton,
Account of Amos Wnlton. nnnrrllpn of .1. n
Wulton, minor child of Joimthan Wulton.
lire u.
Accoiit of rhlllp Mursh, Guardian of Mary
Account of James Cull, A'lnilhlMtrntnriipon th
t'simo 01 nrnjniuin i.riututi'. ot'c u.
Account of William (Iwvn nnd MiirnhnH Owvn
AdiululMtrutora upon tho vntntu of Jumt-s
Cv n, dec a.
Account of l-;ii4 Weaver, Admlnlttmlrlx nnd
wcorutt' v euver, AUiuiniMrulor upon mo un
lute of Isaac Wearer, dee'd.
Account of Kll Jneotp, Kxeeiitor of tho liwt
will nnd ttluinvnl of Cuvtlirr Poland, dee'd.
Account of Joseph l Keener, Aduiitildtrutor of
Oeorxo Keener, doe'd.
Final ueeount of ,foi..pli U. Tonley, Kxecutor
of the laut wfti iilul teatuiueut of Lur
net lletiuer, dee'd.
Partial account of Joseph Reeves, nni I. T..
rruft, Kxecutors of the l;u.t will und tcMtu
mentof John 11. ltecve-, dee'd.
Account of David It. Jones, Administrator up
on the est ale of Avorulu Jouen, dee'd.
Account of il'-o. il. iluyman unit r. J. Kinder,
Administrator of Ihonc 11, Klmtcr.dcu d.
18G8 WW8PECrra" 1868
Tho lurfxi'Ht dully pn)r In thf fctnt of Ponn
K'lv:uii:v, enlcrs tl- Mini year of lti I'xlftt-n.'o
with mcri'ascvl fii-'llltiti fur inut
eurrvut new or (h duv. ttrnl f ir rcitiL-rini;
liO't p'i:(tlt:il wrvift In liie nnjvtrliiiit Trt'si
(k'litlul riinvnv of lfn, 'he !rthrMnln hi'm
kIi ill of ('oniirt'MM pnmiiMi's to pmv one (tf tfio
most Irtiprtridhl lieM nIm- t!n f'trnintion of tlio
(iovfrntiiiMit, find the proct't 'lii..i will huunx
1'itisly w.'tctifl liy Pin intflli-r-Mit tniy.-rs. In
view (if the defp lnterist ctMiti-Pi il in tlifpro
t''tinu'', tin proprit't.iT.K,f flu "(ia'Kit" huvo
iiitith- nrnniii'HiriitN tor dully dipfit'hM mul
It-f (cis ihiriiiif do-c ton, fn in it iiijMly tntel
ItircTit i,orrt'sp ui't(Mit, who enjoy h the comMence
atnl trh-iulflup of tlm lending iihihImts of tho
Si'iutteati'l Koihp, the hc-ad of the various do
part infills, and tlx; lending polltleiann who fre
quent Washington, Kothat renders can depend
on i vcelvlfiii the ttitt, fnlh'st and inftst rtflmhlo
intellifi''iK'ii fruin the si ut of (lovtiumont,
Tho WFKKXY flAZHTTF. hns liwn pnlnrncd
to the N.'lllte ti7A of (tie luiily, Htld tH Jiov tho
l:uL'ent.. ehP'iri'Mi mitt be! wcokl family news-
pa per in the stut t . It should h In the Iiouho of
every farmer. ineehuTilc and iMislru-Ms tnnii. It
j'ivtH e;tch wcelc, forty .soUd eolninnH of currrnt
nt'Wi oy teip'rapt! nn-i imii, tne leaoiiitc eino
ri;tln ot I he daily, nnd n chniee select Ion of lller
nry nnd n'.-lentlfle iremw, oe;.-ther with every
Ih'imj Import-nit pertaining to the world of pol
itics. ItH ti'rrie-.iiiuntl eolininif will he edited In
sueh a m-mrier i-a la find tuvnr with (lie fanner
atnl gardener. "1 hrt market n purtH of the
wm-;ki,y u..p;i ik( nre, oy cniiiiiiiiii mnsem,
nelilHi'.vledied to h'' Ihe Ntatidard ll"thor!tv for
hotli hnvers und seller, and in fomnieretitl clr
ideM In Western reniisyltianiit, hu-dern t ihlo
and Wester Vln:in;iiare without ennal. The.
files of ! ' ' l'.KlTK are tned evehlvely hy
theCK I' .t.-ts or Allegheny rrmnty, as rei'er
enee In ' - ;ortatit if-su -n, to det'Tinine the ritl
Iiik prieei lii the matl'.ets at the time of Iho
hiiNinc'sn tre.iHa -lion in dlptite.
iinra'enis will tavor in hy cf t tin up their
elnhM iti dikv, and t')t ullowinn thei." prrstMit
ones tfie'plre, ns wtt nrc nnxfoiH th:d ii'tneof
our readers nhotitd de deprived of a weeks nt ws.
Addittotis to cluo- eft?) he made nt itliv time, lit
yearly rateH. PotmasteiH and ini rchaatH ure
ruqiH'sted to act un uhciiIh.
TKit.M or thk wi:i:ki.y (iazettk.
Sinrr stih'.erihftr 81 .V
C!nh or live 1 'Jjy
fillip of ten 1 15
and one to the L'Mter imi of I he e uli.
jHtf-For Mieehnen rnpiei of eitlier Dally or
I'eKiy, iui'ire-t im" pv..pneior-(
1 1 1 ;n N I M A X , 1 1 K I-; I ) A CO. ,
lArrri IliriMdNO,
ll:20-tf. Xos.siandsO Fifth Street, I'ltti.
2 0 0 FA R SI E R S !
To mm'." In n .ind honornbli binlnpns for
ImMvlnti-r inoi ihi. ni Hip vlftnllv wIith thi'V
n-sidp, whlrli y ill nrt thi'in riini to $1 61 pur
Kor nnrtlfllnrs npiily to. or nddrrvs l'AH-
ii'.i.i.i: i;.':us., is: Kausoiu Hircct, t'liiiuaci
11 Pi-iin.
Have Just arrived frnra the Ernt with a large
ni-sonuicni oi foreign anuuoinuniio
which th? propo.f to wll nt tlir lowest CASH
jjriccK r much ns iu,i,i unntiH, i iiwun rrim
mlnif, JtrcH jtult'.tm, Liulios
HatMinuM 'itjm ; also, h
gnvvt vi'rlrty of
iiti'cnrtJclcN, at
very Inw
Wnr nf ntl klnrtnnft urnrnplMt vnrlrty nf th
lu st OKOCKHITA AMnf wiii- h tlicy prnptm to
nt Hip vry lowest ftj.uirn, rU-pciiitintc on the
rii ility and chciipnrsH of Uicir goodn to gain
llll'ril fOMKUM,
(Mvf! them n i:n heforo nnrchnlnff rlrvwhorft.
nml they will prove thnt tho hIiovp la oorrort.
llitnu In Alllnon n hiillrlliiu, nearly op)KMito thp
In thi Orplinn Crmrt of said county, of Hptcrri'
iKT'lVnn. iwiT. No. '2;
In t.ic tnattiT of ti. Rrttlornt-nt of tlio norount
of ihivitl It, Jom, A'lmlnliiLmLor upon the
e! i ii it i luiin .tnwx, riff o.
liulance duo accountant m..84,7l!8 11.
Anrl now, to wit : Roptcir hor h7, prew ntM
for i',nflnnatlon mwl f'iiptlonti tlh'd ty ftlltn
Mtf?hf nwn. in rluht of hin wlff : tiio same In r-
ft'icl to John ('. l-'lfiinlkcu. KHf Au)ltort to
hearthPfVri'.'n,f on exwptloim and make re-
port. ity iiiecanrr.
Attest, J. K, TEMPLE, Clerk of Court.
I will attrnd to tho nlHiVf nppolntmrnt nt the
roiirt tioiiM in wnvnrNnorn, many, iovem
btT 1'ith, Imo". nt I o'cliM-lt, p. m.
10;lfJ-w . JSO. C. FLKNItlFf KJT, Andltor.
llvvlrlne nt nn onler iRHned out of the Or-
piniiiV Court of (ireenn Co., and to me dlreetud.
1 will expoae to aale on tlie preiniaeis on 1110
next, all thnt eertaln trnetof land, late the prop
Art.. ..r .ii til s' l.lii.'AM. deeeaned: aitunte In Je f-
fnrKon towniliip. about one and s half mllea
Irom Klee'a Ijiinlliifraiid Clarkvllle: ndjolnlag
landa of (ieorite Mordoek, lvl lllwltlmliio,
Alirnhniii Iliiraiin and other", enntnlnlnu OXK
or lew liuvinv thereon ereeted a gord Htone
UWHlliiiK lUuae, log Kara, Krame Htabletuid
other out-bulldliiRa; also, a good
and all klndaof fruit trrea, being one nf the beat
Improved farina In the eounty und autoag the
niont dwlroble propertlea.
I tlOWilad, known on day of aale.
ll:.ta. ElMltrll,
Bought jiiM In Un"Pf!pkofTIm(.,"nd wtu b
old only a fractluu higher thati la IU dyt of
Wi) can ofTur InJucflmpuu tluit fio other Mtb
Having mxla oar porvhM In Philadelphia In
Hi luoet
V Invite particular attnntlon to our brsinesa
um Alia
In the
Beaver Overeoata, we cannot be larpawjcd tor
A larae selection of UKXT'Hand inrmMi,.
wo iiava nam ana en pi for Men andBoyaof
In our Oonlleraen'ii Furnlnhlnt Hepartment
To kn.'n a better elana of pmyU than can be
fciuiiii In any ulinllar itabliiihmM, navlna
Hlwiiyn on hand nil thn iieutmt and muni
novel aiyim or
Sic, &c, Ac ,
In PArnil rOM.ARM tra have no in i.l
Imvoonly told:
Oh font loan mnrlfilH. wlicro ever yon bo,
Uphold tiii'Mo JlticH find awe your remedy;
Yd ivcnry innii Willi Cuft liml t'ollnm wrirn,
llh H tix-ic i n 1 1 1 1 1 of holm and badly trn,
Whosu iil ivi-M arc I hu niM.'Hs nnd tlea uilit,
tvnif mid rt plai'v lliim ill little i,Nt.
ivviiiii you oui in Htyi from bond lofret.
joii ll look o wnll wheuoVr you wnlk I
o wnll wheue er you walk tho-
Tlio IVw'.dont haa not yet been Imaoaehed, bnl
A . J . 8 0 W E R S
Has purchased nn Immenae atoek of
of the latent atyle and heat workmanahtp. A
choice stock of
Neck Tlea,
Suspenders, etc.,
also on hand, wulrh will be fold at astonish
Call and see hfm liefore you buy elsewhere. He
InvarlnblyHtlxfles all
Room In Allison's building, Waynasbiirjira.
l;!)-.1m ' ' '
The Lady'b Frieko annonaeea foM6a), the.
followinii noveltlea: Thb IirHAKur Koktuwh.
byAmandaM. Doutrlaa, author of "In Trust,'1
"Htvpben liuiie," A I)raj Maw's Hum, by
Kllntbeth Hrescott, author of "How a Woman,
Hail Her Way," e. ; KiltiMO. KnoM Kara, by
lAuise ('handler Moulton, autherof "JunoCllK
ford," "This, That and ttia Other," Ae.
It will give a splemlld louni.a Paoe FiitkLT,
CoT.onKD KAsnio.t J'i.ATB4nKraved on steel
In every number.
Hwiltklve a beautifully executed FANCY
Stkki. Knukavikq in every nnmber.
It will give a targe uasortment of woon Ctrm,
llluatratlng the t'aslilona, 'aney Work, Ac., In
every nunioer.
It will live a'popnlar pleea of Mrrato. worth.
toe coetoi tne jutgiwii
aine In. ibtelf-ia every'
it will give a oogy of th aew and splendid
Premium Hteel h.ngmvlng "WaMHINOTON
AT MUL'irr VKBMON" thirty rnelies long by
twenty-one wide to every full (M M) aubaerfi.
ty metiei
11 (MM
a vulety
Der, ano to every person aenning a ;iu.
of Books,
hi. Hllvar'
ii oners aapraiuiumaa large vi
i variety of
llaon'a Hewing Maehines, HI Ivor
Plated Tea Heta, Hpoona, PI
Pltehara, Uold and
Wrlngura. Croquet.
Hllver Watehea. i lollies
Appleton'a Cyelopodlaa, Ae.
-A Rplkndtd Orraa, New rahaerlben who.
aulverlbe for law by Ihe rfrst of November, shall
of thla year In aildltlork making fourteen
receive inenovemnar and IMeemoar nnmnera
months livnll f
tint of Ieeeniher shall reoelve the December,
nnmber, thirteen months In all I-
Tnoae wno aunaerlb by the
t enpr (large FrarUQro. Engravlnf,)...t Mi
4 couiea. ..,,... .,.r.r.i i
' - .ianl one gratlaC.... ft ,
i " - .(and one gratia) M
One copy each of LADY't Fbuuu and poatl Mi
The letter np of the elnb alwayi receive a,
eopy of Uie Paimu K Ehobaviho. MeanJrers ol
a tub wishing the Premium Engraving, moai
remit os bom.a. tiTa. '
AeThoae deairona of gutting up Cluba or Pre
mium Llata, should eneloae fifteen oenta tat
sample Magaaln. containing the sanionUn.
WO-e. tl Walnoat 9troe, niladerbl,