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publication, hui
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tniut be add
Fubllehed by KequesU
As Darby taw the letting ilia
He twang hit scythe and home he ran,
Drank off bit nog of beer and laid
My work it done, I'll go to bed."
Tow work U done !" quoth JBstrwi Joan,
Your work it done 't your constant tone,
B tt haplest woman ne'er can tay
lUr work tt done till break of day;
And if the goet to bed at all,
The touso'dri will amakt and wcit.
"First In the morulng though w feel
Like wretched drunkards when they reel.
Nay, feel tuch pains in limbs and head
At would connnt you men to bed
Tho cows we milch, the milk we strain,
Then hasten to the house again ;
Which, when displayed by mornlng't light
We find Is In a dismal plight.
"With aching head we now essay
To put It in a birttcr way i
We ply the brush and wield the broom
And make the beds and air the room,
We put the house to rights ; and then
We get the breakfast for the mtn j '
1-oag ere Hit done, with yelping cries
And bils'.llng hea ls the children rite,
They must bs dress'd and dosed with rue
And this the busy wife must do.
"Trembling with weakness, toll and pain
We now resume our work again,
But then there Is not wood enough,
And what there Is la hateful stuff,
All rotten, wet and smoky, too,
And so we know not what to do.
The bread's to bike, the meat s to fry,
And when we're tired enough to die,
The angry men rush in and say
Must we be slarved to deati to-day !' "
At this old Durby scratched his head
And fust retreated to bis bed.
Next morning ero bright Thocbus rose
Old Jonn began her tale of woes ;
Then Darby cried, to end tho strife
"Be yi the man, I'll be the wife I
Take yon the scythe and mow, while I
Will all your fancied needs supply."
"Agreed," says Joan, "give mo my stent"
80 Darby did, and ut she went.
Sole monarch now, he seized the broom
And whirled the dirt about the room
, The sweeping done, ho scarce knew bow,
He hied to milk the brlmlle cow ;
But btlndlo crossly switched hor tall
In master's eyes, and kicked Iho pail ;
And while they smarted with tho pain
lie vowed he'd never milk again.
Now looking round in tad amaze
He saw his cottage in a blaze ;
For as he careless brushed the room
In awkward haste he fired the broom ;
He quenched the flamo and sorely vexed,
Trcparcd to get the breakfast next ;
But, oh 1 he know not wlw,t to do,
The bread was spent, and hultcr too:
With hands bedaubed In paste and Dour
Old Darby labored full an hour,
But, hapless wight! he could not make
His dough take shape of loaf nor cake.
Just while tho dooi wide open stood,
In rushed the tow in quest of food,
And dashing forward with her snout
Oer-turned the churn the cream ran out ;
As Darby turned the swine to beat
The slippery cream betrayed his feet,
Ho caught the bread Ireugh In his fall
And down came baker, trough and all.
The children wakened with the clatter,
Start up And whin 'la, what's the matter!'
OM Jowlcr barked and 1 ahby mewed,
And luckiest Darby bawled aloud
"Return my Joan as heretofore1.
r 11 play tht hnum wift part no mar I"
frftY esiMYTt - fir " esrD fir fly
be Wcipednitg eili-
NO. 7.
'Well, boys, we must give it up,"
said Tom Ilynderj but I'll be banged
u 1 see how the u vitionnicsgji.uii;
They must be here somewhere nigh
by, too but they've given us the slip
as slick as grease.
"Sot much they Iiev'nt," snouted
Tllll r:. n Afnrvlnml Mlfllipr! "VOU
don't find this child leave tlus till he
collura them dog-goncd rehs. I tell
von they're inside ten rods ot here
anmVrs. nnd I tell vou I'm agwine to
get 'em dead or alive. I know their
tricks, by loiiv, and i ten j ou unjte
. .i . i'.'.i .... .... .it!,. I
in mat. House mar mime cict ui vim. .
Hillo. Look at that hole 1 How arc
wou, Johnnie ? I'm after you I
"Anil Willi lliniCiiura:ii-iKi";.Tj":i.-.ii
off he ran to the nearest house which
we had searched already from top to
bottom. The houses there have no
cellars. They are generally raised
about three or four feet alwve the
ground and sometimes rest on a stone
foundation that is built all round, and
sometimes again, they rest ou little
pieces of masonry at the corners on .y,
while tlie spaces net ween mem ui"
banked up with earth. In the bank
ing of this house there was an open
ing that no one ot us nan nouccu.
The Marylander made for it and
squatted on his knees and peeped in.
"Are they there?" we shouted.
"Ho looked up and said nothing.
He was evidently disappointed.
"No," he said at last, alter musing
,-hilc, "but they're here some'eres,
opening aud with a single jerk Bill
had torn'up a portion f the flooring.
What do you suppose we saw ?
There lay the three rebs, dressed in
dirty home-spun, huddled together at
the bottom of a wide hole they had
dug beneath the centre of the house.
Hill was a Doworful fellow. He
seized one of the rcliels by the nape of
the neck, and not only puncu nun
out. but pitched him to the other end
of the room. One of our boys instant j
lv mvpred him with his revolver. '
WllUnt n-nlfino tr mot Tl lit (UTVPll
liuuu, nuiiuiLj, ivi . -
the others in the same wav.
You ouirht to have seen him as lie
turned to the women.
"Well old sixnensp. you re Union,
mi ar? nnd the old man: and allers
its bin ? And you never seen a reb,
... . n X'
you never did, Miss isruss c rsor you
niither, on your word and honor, Miss
Secesh I
They hung down their heads, blush
edunto the eves and lei t the room
without a word.
"We disarmed the rebels and led
them to the General. But it was hard
work. I never saw men so exasperat
ed. Thev wanted to lynch these assas
sins. If our wounded man had died I
Gmphle Arrnnt f Ksmtlra-H
lvr a Hi of Hraelllntlaa la the
bta TrfU aud .Vesica Mer Crime.
The Enixn-ama of Queretaro, June
20, publishes the following account of
the execution oi Maximilian nnu ins
two generals, Don Tomas Mejia and
Miguel Miramon :
Bror tae Exrcniioa.
Tho ilolnv nf tliirtv-four davs which
kent our neople so long in dfoubt and
aroused so much excitement is thus ac
counted for. The first courier that
reached San Luis on tho morning of
May 19, bearing the news or the cap
ture, returned here only on the 22d,
and the Emperor was at once notified
that he must appear before court mar
tini. He protested in writing, de
manding to be tried by tho assembly
of notables who had called him to the
The trial was postponed, and a mes
sage sent to the President, with the
letter of protest, and the documents
that had been captured. Juarczs an
swer was received on May 30th. It
was a refusal of the demand, grounded
on this incontestable fact, that the
ascinhlv of notables had not been con-
heard approaching, and Captain Gon
rales entered tlie chapel witnthe band
ages in his hand to cover the prisoners'
eyes. Miramon quietly allowed him
to cover his eyes, but Mejia reiuseu,
and as the captain was about to take
measures to overcome his resistance,
the bislion uttered somethiug to the
Indian vhx-f, who at once became sub
missive. But the Emperor, advancing,
declared that he would not allow his
eves to be bandasred. After a few
moments of hesitation, Gonzales salu
ted Maximilian with a kind look and
placed himself at the head of tho es
The procession at once fell into line,
A squadron of lancers led the way,
followed by the band, which played a
, , i n l 1.1 L....n
(loii t neuevc uic uciirnu nn -- ... . . , ., iji.i:.
sailed in holding them back. W ' ZT Z k
Next day wo had .inters to return to - - - j :
Harpers rem-. The three rebels l'""""'' 16' i.;- 7 iv
1 1 . I i I ii , .i.n ... tn thn Emiieror on condition of the
were anateu to l ie uows oi simuics . v .1 4
and forced to L, up with us nil day S-S
l.-i.i.. r.w rl Iwtii d iiuia worn tfiU'pn " .v...v.... -v. , - -
inii" vii i'ww - ! nt n I nia i Bnwn i rttrn i
I ' . .. -i iT'll I I .1 lil 1... 1 - (( tr L I t' BtllllU unit; iiiouini uwmiiiik.
and I'm agwnio to iind them i uuo , mm o.n 'r 0F his own acord, Maximilian said in
bub, come iiere:co iie ai .gu.. ... , w x ..y , "y ; fl ......i voirctlmt he would accept with
A little lellow had itut . como out was a. u.e mm imiiik- r .,... . , , .,.,,;,:- if thc
from the house, lie hung back, out upon tne.n lor tno aucmpici - ... , ....j ..
Bill coaxed, him into the barn. I nation of our men ... w!th him were also set free. At this
WCnt Willi IHlU. lilil IUIU UIC uliuti c,,lfivv")
tliA woman of thc house the davs when we made war upon
-i; ., . ., ' . , , !t 1.1 ...i i..
inside, talking with them, so that iney peace principles, aim u wuiuu nut uvc
...i.rl.t m,t m him with the bov. done then to have hanged those
.... .1 ii-n . .1 1 i t Ti ...n..Ml ltn
"rSow, bub, said JJill to tne uoy, wrcicncs. it iingiii,
"do vou know that I'm going to burn South, vou know, bo, as 1 said borore,
,Wn vnnr Imnse ?" all we did to them was to torcc them
J. ... , I . i . i a i. i.
rrin iuv iinUni scnrei . ior one unv to Keep bu-p iu uioiuto
"O. please don t. sir, he cried; ot Union cavalry hools
"them fellars ain't thar; trues death,
sir, they's not thai'."
And I ni agwine to hang your t an, A mogt lulicrous scene transpired m T, t)irco prisoners were brought be
bul)." added Hill without tuning nonce ,,in, nnf iinl,s!,1Mi m ,,, rrom . x..:f. i r.:m:i;n ,.fi,a1
'. . . , , i-, . " ."v " - - ; . lore IHU 11 1IJUI1U1. limAiimJiwut""..
ot what the uoy saw; aim iikuihu Tjouisvillo, one nifrht recently, which, tn i1!lve nnv C0U11SC1 . Mdia and Miro-
though a little annoying to the parties . ilos0 ono for ti,om Doth. We
immediately concerned, was yet so have not jpr, nv,ie t0 get any details of
innocent ami ninny, inai we cannot that gPSSion) which lasted only about
refrain from giving the general out- Ln hnn. The nrisoners were found
dead march. A battalion of infantry
formed two lines, each fourteen deep,
between which Hues were tho prisoners.
When the procession reached tho main
door of the convent Mejia cried out,
Sire, for the last time show us again
the example of your noble courage ;
we follow in the footsteps of your
Majesty." Just at th
traneiseans were passing,
two bore the cross and the
tho remainder boro lighted tapers,
Each of the three coffins were borno
iv four Indians, and the three black
rosses, with tho prisoners' scats, were
lorno along at the rear, lapiuiii
Gonzales at this point made a sign to , , , . . f , . ... , . mM).,iementnrv thereto, passctf
was consumed. I was in hopes that on tho 23d day of March, 1807
A mimsi t.H virrinizr.w.
time ho was lirnorant ot Avnat nac
lieeomo of del Castillo nnd Avcllano,
F.ven this renuiremcnt was acceded to.
but it gave rise to conferences and
negotiations that could not fail to be
Meantime a council of war was heli
on the moraine of July 11th, presided
over by General Corona, nnd compos
ed ot Ucnerals Jcobedo, Martinez,
Ruiz and Negrete, with two Colonels,
I'll be ohliircd to civo volt ono ot
goldarnedest whnilings you ever heard
tell on in nil your born divysi
I l. ..1 .1....' V' nvtnA ill,
little fellow again he was thoroughly
trigntencii now "tiiewycia imn uni.
"How do vou know?" asked Bill.
i . . ..... i. , .i
"I know thev aiu t. replica tne
Bill seized
Two sprightly and beautiful uilty( nnd their condemnation, w
ladies were visiting their cousin, was sot forward to San Luis Pi
younsr li
a vounar ladv who. like her euests, was ti,t (i m, T,nt retnnied con
of that happy age which turns every- Rrn,e,l until the morninir of July 18
ii . 1 II ! I . . i
thing into merriment, ah tnrcc, v,iw Tt is known that tho Tresident was
a room on the ground floor.
On the night m question
nnr Minixtcr nt Washinirton. Senor
tne two i,.,rn mrncd the day and
went to a party and did not get home spllr(,.i ti. nl..ipr fr i,;8 execution.
till after twelve. Half an hour nfter nthougli full stress was laid upon the
thev had left, however, a young Meth- fM nP !. Bnl,,i ,n!nritv that had
odist minister calletl at the house and votej ;n f.,vor 0f me prisoner's guilt,
craved a night's lodging, which was Aa ROon General Corona cot pos-
Jf?rantcd, and ho was given the ladies gpssionof tho necessary document the
) f room, and Fannie, thc daughter, was to tlirce prjgoncr8 Wcre informed of their
s'i "P ir me .u i v-Kcrs. Bl" fhre. hnr thev manifested no surprise,
ftrrt gcadinrj.
A True Incldcai af the War.
1 .1 1, nnA n . , XI, IS II null, IIIW i iw.uu,.
by tne conar ami WPPn fnn,i nf m-iptical Sokes, occupied Lit i.... :..i:.,nJ n nlnmnnxv but.
. , - . .. - g U l A ail tlllMI iw v..v....... ,
"Now, boy, I'll hang and your dad
and bum down you house in ten mm
ntcs. if vou t on t tell me where them
fellers is hid!
"Oh. please sir. I m afraid," said
the boy.
"Don't 1 afecral," Bill told liim
they shan t harm you ; nobody
harm you but me ; ana iy iiokcj , j. u wt for tic pjirtv-goers,
mill vour gizzard out, and ""Byou tione.1 herself in the parlor, but thc In(lPel, by this time they had learned
double quick ifyou do.i t out and tell ni.t being sultry she s.30.1 fell asleep. ,vhat Imd befallen some of their com-
riL'iit on wnere mcv it; ui.i t At tn0 tm)e nicntKiiiocl thc other two ,i
1 . I llU O,
The lAHft Hlsht
under the house Thev s dug a lio e Lw rnllllic tliey supposed asleep. mi,fllt'i,c allowed to remain together
in i.n,6.Vt Anaiiif.y nuv iikuwihc a puirui iHwiai to the last. This was kindly gmnrcu.
of the parlor, ouaui t cc tt when T, w h ftll ( lt W1W ono af Fan. T- tmnrfcrred to the old con-
you look into that hole in tlie naiiKin ; - i int0tnlwl to scare them, so .aini, i10fi 0niVo1 nH n hnsnital
fhov uvmlfl turn tlllilfw Oil hor ! Si- i V V. xMAMin 4ln nrinni.
. . - .. -- - 1 ii- 1 it- i-i iiiniir.1, iinu
dark to notice tne t .miv hov lmrfi1xMl. mul nt n friven ,.i 1 n r...i,:u i.A nnml flimr
signal lwth jumped into bed, ono on WU spacious and comfortable. It
each side ot the unconscious person, was j this room that the hospital drug
exclaiming "Oh, what a man !" and si10I) ilmi i)Ccn c.)tt The room has
gave tlie bewildered minister such a two windows looking out on the court
promiscuous hugging and tousling as vnni n-nrdens. At one end of this
. 1 j 1-)
lew persons experiem.'C in a lilctime. Pnnm nn ,rns nrenared. Ihe sen
The noise awoke thc old lady, sleep- tinelsbad orders to fire on any one
ing in an adjoining room. She com- w)10 sl,oul,l attempt to enter without a
prehended the situation in a moment, ,.nfta rn, f'nf.,in Gonzales. At nil
and rushing to the room she opened the Pvrs tlo one was permitted at first to
door and exclaimed "My heavens! cnter but Father Fischer, secretary and
girls, it is a man sure enough!" There confessor of Maximilian. Later, the
was one prolonged scream; a hash ot n;silonof Oueretaro offered his servi-
1. .1 1 .i , ii 1 . . . .
inusiin tnrougn tne uoor, aim an wns u. whjc Wcrc accepted altera snort
Term of
ArjvKRTUKKruTS inserted illlHpf
(or three InwrtloM. and i
(Mh additional Insertion t (te Unjav or Iras
oountvdasquaro). All trnlent4erUmnt
to be paid tor ln advance. . , .
BcsiNEaa Notii mart under the htadrt Wai
newe will be charged InTartobly W aaa Un
or earn maernon; . . -
A liberal deduction1 made to pereons aiWertM
Ing by the quarter, half-year or f ear. Bfjclal
notices charged one-half more Uian regular ad
vertisement. .... . . . j.-
Job Pkijitiwo or every ainn in rmip ..
er colon; liaad-blll Bin
CO., 01 every va
.horteat notice.
:anks, Card Pamphleta,
..I alvlA nrlnted at the
The Repoblicah Orrira haa
liwt been re-fltted, and every thing In the Print
ing line can oe exeoniea in me uiua
niannerand at the lowest rate.
The following is a full list of the
acts and joint resolutions which becamtf
laws at the session of Congress just
closed : A bill to establish peace with
certain hostile Indian tribes. A bill
to carry into effect the convention
with tlie Ilepublio of Venezuela for
the adjustment of claims of citizens of
the United States on the Government
of that Republic A joint resolution
oilman -ti r1 fog-"'"
Here is a letter from a wife in Mas
sachusetts to her husband in California,
She don't Intend wring through the
world with the blues :
Mm Dear llxuband As it is now
some time since you left for California,
I suppose you would be glad to hear
how we are getting along in your ab
sence. I am happy to say we are en-
ioying very good health on the whole,
Just at present two ot the boys nave
got the small-po'x ; Amanda Jane has
got the typhus lever 5 txunucl got
hooked by a cow tho other day, and
and little Peter has just chopped off
three of his fingers with a hatchet. It
is a mercy he didn't chop them all off.
With these trifling exceptions, we are
all well and getting along nicely.
You needn't be at all anxious about
ns. I almost forgot to say that Sarah
Matilda eloped Inst week with a tin
tuwllnr Vnor crlrl ! Rhc's been wait
ing for a chance, and I'm glad she's MyTTowof" Jacob llurmou. An act
married nt lust. Kho needn't have fbr the relief of certain soldiers and
Joint reso-
Seerctary of tho'
examination Mau-
. 1 ! ; i aU-'
go oil near so rice iteee avails, lor acimmsion w mo
fust as they did. The way tho girl Naval Academy n September next.
could dip into pork and beans was a An act supplementary to an act entitl-
caution to the rest of the family. 1 he ed "An act to proviue ior tne more -cow
took it into her head to run away, ficient government of the rebel States,",
which was very fortunate, I am sure, passed on tho lid ot Aiarcn, 1001, niut
UnliPn thn. trouble to clone thou'di. for sailors therein designated.
is n'oment the T was e-lud enourh to have lution authorizing the
' 1 . 1, her go. She was a great eater, and I Navy to admit to
Maximilian to step out into the street.
He obeved. advancing very courageous
ly as ho said in his broken Spanish,
I io8 110s a la libeiiad. (Let us ad
vance to our freedom.)
The Execution.
The procession then wended its way
along the Calle del Ccmentcrio behind
the cluirch and along tho route by thc
aqueduct. In a short whilo it had the
whole plain 111 full view, nnd thc view
. .. - ' !. Tl...
the house would go, too, for it a incon- joint resolution of the House to carry
venient ; but the wind was the wrong into effect tho several acts providing.
way, so it did not receive much injury, for the more efficient government of
Some boys broke into the orchard the the rebel States.
other day and stripped all the fruit- The following bill did not become a'
trees. I am very glad of it, for if they law by tho refusal of the President to
hadn't I presume the children would sign it, tho adjournment of Congress
nave made themselves ill. preventing its veto. A bill to secttro
wjual rights 111 tho District ot Colum
Church Etiquette. Let the ladv
from below was imposing indeed. The advance one pueo beyond the door of
Emperor marched hrst, with the auuc the pew she wishes to enter, halt ahout "p,IE mn
Fischer on his right, and the bishop on face andsalute. The pew must then lie finji.p,! u
his kit. IJehind hun came M iramon, vacated by such gentlemen as arc in it, p.,,! thn
of John Brown, having1
march in America.- ha
Americans in Lon-
rcsting on the arms of two Francis- by flnnk movement. Tho sound should Li ' 0t,rill hv limi-im thn wo 1
cans, and Mejia supported W tno two rise simultaneously when the lady pre- h-nown Wmj9 8Ung nt reform meeting
priests ocioiigiiig 10 mu ihuwu i hcihh ncrscu, iinu nice vy mv rini nnj chanted by bands of workingmen
Cruz. AMien they had reached the flank, then deploy into the aisle, the ;n tj, ptrects. I lis soul went march-
top of the height do la Camjiana, KM mm facing tlie lady, and the h, into gt Jame8 Hall the other
11 : IivaiIIi, tnuin., a f kfl .... I I. ... n l.ia n.i.l .nn. .... .. 11 .n m
illllAllllllIilU lUUUUVl Jl.Av;viiJ ivnuuwiitv mfll ITUllVIll LU HID 1 11 1 b tllivi v;ui, l"V
then drawing lrom his direction ot his halt being changed by
rising sun
pocket bis watch, touched its spring a right countermarch, and forming
and produced a miniature likeness of again into line up and down the nislo,
the Empress Carlotta. lie brought still laced by the right flank, the
tho image to his lips, kissed it, and then lady, when the coast is clear, completes
handing it by the chain to l'ather her salute, and adv
Fischer, said : '"Carry this souvenir to in the pew. Tlie
Europe for my dear wile ; and siiotuu
she ever bo able to understand
tell her that my eyes were closed with course, by other parties, not to enter
her likeness, which I will bear with me the aisle when this evolution is in pro-
to heaven!" Ihe point which the gress until it is completed.
cortege had reaeiieu is near tne oig
night, and rcioiecd as it saw a liberty
cap stuck upon a Harper's Ferry pike
ami planted on the platform, from
which tho Tories fled in dismay." A
writer says : "Englishman sing that
.fi.lui T'.rmvti'a koiiI is mnrchine' (Sri in!
ance to her position Tn,i. ,n,l,,i;nra wnrhln it, in the
gentlemen break : off aK00118 J,f Venice, and sailors of all
ortiB in the
liould by files from the rear, and resume their nnm ,ollt the grlln,i ch
you, places. Great care should be taken, of watCrs of Calcutta."
It will be a good thing for flie' M6-
kers and bankers if Sharswood getar to
be Judge of thc Supremo Court. . Tho
wall of the cemetery. The bells ot jutob biiaiwood a unpo iuinrity first tl,in ,1C nn,l his Copperhead 66l
the churches wcre tolling, and the im- in Philadelphia is being developed in , m do w. bft 'hTcak Jvn
mctliato witnesses of the scene were the manner with which tne financiers
but few, as tlie crowd had been kept bankers, manufacturers, merchants and
back by the soldiery. uusiness men generally rcguru m.t 1mi
. . . i ii.. i.:.. .1....:..:.... :n
' ho t iron i ni' f crosses nnu tne course, uy ins uuviuuii ni it,-ii.-iuiiv.x
the National Hanks. anl put Gbvcrf.
mcnt bonds and notes nt a ruinous dis
count. This will afford fine , picking
for tho brokers, and wild cat banks On
the old system will start up in every
a man before your mother if you keen
your eye peeled. We won't hurt you. '
"Oh, please sir," cried the boy,
"don't burn our house: we's Union
t 1 f 1 7 i. I a I. n.n I tnmtnm n I f.ri si.r l n ! tcl I
prisoners Denciies were nxcu against iu iugu raura -'ivi "c -"
the wall, and the three tiring platoons more coiiiusum ,. ,ii,..v..u.. . . n , vin m)
composed of five men each, wi h among i.usii ess ...en nan ,iu v u.- .. - - n ..fet derive, will
two under olticers to each platoon in er jikucku omcer in mi; unucu ouura
iwinm'n fnr flip pnin th. arnc. ndvanc- bv ft decision from tlie bench. On this
nnccs nf the con- account the business metroolis aro k-
demncd. Thc Emperor, when lie heard solved to cut Sharswood at the ballot
thn ,.i;,.l-;no- of tho firelocks, thoucrht box. 1 hey aver, and justly po, that a
tl,r.v wore nboiit to fire, and approach- man who struck a blow at thc credit of
. J. : ' i I i... 4! : i. i - ..("it, .:i ;
iiif? h s two companions cmDraecii tncm iiiu iiuuoii in uunoiiii uuu jwin,
P. . -. f 4 4.. 1.. 4-....4...1 ;n nM,ui ...h.,.. ila
,n, i,xr imnp nnrnofiriipss. ni iramon inn 10 im u ibh.-u in ifvj.iv.vj iihui no
..amnffiH.l that, he nlmost fell over highest honors arc to bo distributed
on his seat, but the Franciscans stretch- Hence the Merchants, manufacturers
cd his arms out in the attitude ot a and bankers ot l hiiadcipnia, who arc pcri,aps the best pun recorded was
cross. Mejia returned . thc Emperor's practical men, and wno produce, tne t)a(. inrlle(i on a tea-chest, via:
embrace with great affection ancl utter- the wealth which maintains the Gov- ju These words are' the scc
cd some broken words that no one crnmcnt, will oppose Sharswood. 0nd words sin"iilar to thc verb doceo.
could distinguish, and crossing his
"Tho nnlv time." said the surtreon. "In what direction?" asked Bill
"that I ever saw prisoners roughly with a grin.
handled was at Winchester." "I don't know anything about any
Tho lmlir united in nskinc him to direction . said the bov. with a puzzl-
mlntii tho incident. ed look.
"We made regular trips, once or "Oh, you dont?" continued Jiill,
twice a week, from Harner s Ferry to "well, vou oughtcr. You oughter say
, . . 4 . . ... 1
Winchester. We did not mean to you r Union over the lett, you Know,
garrison it, but to prevent the rebels over the left."
V ill. .. 44 iL. i! T .1 4.1.1 ..,"
imm nouiinir ir. At me lime a was u i rusuiM oui mm iuui unv; . vuv
Rnoakinir of. we had orders to enter soldiers to stand with his revolver
Winchester, and to push as far as we cocked, at thc hole in the banking,and
could safely go beyond it, and find out to shoot down the first man that tried
whothor the enemy had any lorccs in to escane through lt.
tho noicThHnrhrwvi. We succeeded in Then he went into the house and
reaching the rebel town in thc evening, asked for an ax
The English lawyers have perhaps
had thc best talent fof not knowing
anything sutsidcof thctf Own dry arena.
As long ago as wncn Erasmus visiteu
A took her little boy to church
England, in the days of Henry VIII, for ?wt time. Upon hearing tho
ig vU u.i iu. f - f lorlhcl organ he was on his teet HWtantcr.
conference between the prisoners. They
passed most of the night in convcrsa
. . . 1 4..
tion nnd tirenaring themselves ior
death. Miramon suffered a great deal
A Centre Shot. Henry Ward
Bccchcr. in a sermon delivered in
Plymouth Church recently, produced i-rora j,;g wolln,l jn the eye, which he
tlie loiiowmg picture: k0pt constantly bathing with Iresh wa-
Men seem ashamed ot labor, and Afoi;nRVnt sound v.
often you will find men who have At nnotimr. Maximilian asked for
made themselves respected by lalior, somc Titing materials; these were got
i u..:u l :... n,JU,ul I ... !7, ,. !i : it...
"The General ordered us to rest for "What in the world do you want havc j,u;jt n a business and amassed a L-hh some diiTicultv. as it was' in the
rCd r.4llrin ,..l,rt 4Ml.n A 4t.n:r erind mill I rill. Li I T 4m.
Iivii vviuv , ...iv v miuuie 01 tne mgnu uc niw
sav : "You shall never do as I did ; ipft,, tho first in German to the
parties that that he had sent into the A me no questions, anu 1 11 ten you shall lead a different life; you Arciduchess Sophia, his mother; the
country. you no ne, saiu um, -urn, umv uu ghall 8pared all tnis Uh, these othcr to nig He gave both lct-
- We dismounted. Thc officers told want this house burned over your head, rich men's sons. They aim to lead a ters to thc bishop requesting him to sec
us to make ourselves at home. The bring me one in less than two-forty. Ufc 0f emasculated idleness. Like tlie tnat thcv be dehvercd. He gave him
boys searched all the stables and barns Ihe woman saw that iJUl was m no that floats icgg and nasty Li,,, . 11, f hair which the wife of
in town for forage, and others went mood to be trifled with, and wenti and upon the all jelly, all flabby, no one of j, guards requested perm is-
out in sqnaas 10 ine neignoonng got, me axe wimout any iuiuiv.4 UV.V,. muscle no bone it shuts ana opens, .: , ntv hprself. Ucfore giving
farms. Bill then turned to the three soldiers and opens and 8nuta m& -m an(i . , , f . . . it oicd it
. . . . . .1 1 I 1 . 1 . 1 .TV 1 1 1 l r l. minn I . . - .aa I - ----- - -- '
"As soon as tney got weir norses wno naa iouoweu mm mw tuc uiwi out ot M mn)
fed they entered any house they pleas- and told them to draw their revolvers jnfluenoe or use. Such are these poor
ed and took up free quarters in it and be ready to shoot lhey did so. fj jnejp parents toiled and grew
"As a squad of three or four men v itnout a worn nm seizea me ciupci gtron(t and built up their forms ot iron
were about to enter a house m the by the edges and tore it up. m j bone . but denying this to their
outskirts of the town, three rebel sol- The women screamed. sons, they turn them upon the world
diera inmned no from among the hay "lvord a messy 1 snoutca w "u Ucss. muscyess. sihid e cmatlejiiid
and let blaze at them, une ot our women, - wnar, on eann are ye Buwuug at
men was badly wounded, but no fa- my carpet torT the old man anaau on
arms on his breast stood up nobly.
The bishop, advancing to Maximilian,
said : "Sire, in my person, bestow upon
all Mexico the kiss of reconciliation.
Let your Majesty forgivo all at tins
supreme moment. Iho Emperor, " , sit d s.di tho mother i won't
!LtJs&t gaajaegtfsi?:
J M - .1 a 11 i .1 1 a Tit 1 in 1111HT Liiiit-H. iiit; liiiiiiiun i;iui
most profound silence, ah 01 a sun- , - .
. i. t .1 ...4 . Kcnvon had not only an ignorance 1
den raising nis voice m er cu , , , rnsmlla Do T0U uk, Dtt If not ion shall Uvs
lei Eoncz that 1 forgive him nis ..-.--..w-..- --------- . ,.,-
.-'.i T r I but a rmnina fnr (ihAwinrr it. in Till m if I . . - i..
treason. Tell all Mexico that 1 lor- k--- o .r--- po yon Mu por r a. not yon are no gi".
. , , 11.1L.. i..i. nlrrnn'thcr without a parallel. De- no like nork ? I tti4 not aalc your brother.
give lier enmc. nemen p . Chris- iVo you Ukeporkf ftay, without more
nam S Willi me luim i 151:111:1, nuu . o . , , i bother.
cnnlil not utter a word from emotion, t.ans to the mry one day ho capped
and who then fell at thc Emperor's ?hU85 .A. aU fn"c- mat did you use to do, mamma,
foot i.n.1 Khc.1 ennimis tears wh le he men 01 uic jury,, x j voa were narried r Asked a
. . . . 1 . - t U. ITmriArvvi .lulion an" polphmton tori .1 n , , mr.ii
u4upv.iv4 " ....... .hfiMihio f,ii r vpfint niii. "ireii 111
thn nirrht until he could get the re- with an ax ?" the old woman inqui
ports of spies, and one or two scouting with an anxious glance at his face,
parties that that he had sent into thc "Axe me no questions, and I'll tell
fallv TTia ton mmniln ran fnr hpln. ns is Union, and has allers bin 1"
They soon returned, I tell you, with "Fon my word and honor," added
as road a set of fellows, as you could one 01 tne aaugniers, mere m k umj
iiaw musierea in Virginia, wty reu um uuua vu
searched the barn high and low, every "We don't know anything about
book ana corner, up lott and down nary reD, saia anotner young women,
cellar, but not a trace of the rebels They all made a fuss and halloed,
could thev find. but Bill raid no more attention to
; "We knew they hadn't got out of them than if they had been t parcel of
our linen; nrr our jncKeta were mo nogs, xie tore away ova t ut ui i-
ETroTig jar uxai. ; 1 pet rrom ine noor.
- Tien were some ; houses bear lrr.1 "Be ready, boys 1" he said.
and we seardied them. ' Bat we had I The women were crying and seream-
the same tack-taat ft trace ' of the ine and talking Union all the time. -'
Tebek 5 '''?'' I"-two hlowi made quite an
ThePcblic Tislscbs. The re
ceipts and expenditures of the Gov-
. - . ... .
ernment for the nscal year which end
ed July 1. are now made up at the
Treasury, and will present an exhibit
a a 1 . i.J
more lavorabie than was anticipated
some time since. The public debt
statement for July will also show a
reduction of debt between two and
three millions of dollars.
. ,
Ths Greenville (S.CM Enterorue
comes to us with a $1,000 Confederate
Bond wrapped around it Houston
nn carefullv and then slipped it into
the envelope already sealed for his
After four o'clock Maximilian wish
ed mass to be said, which was done by
the bishop, after Meiia had been awak
ened. All then received communion
Alter mass the imperor remained a
Ion? time kneeling on the hard Btones
-for thev bad no orte dieu with his
.. 1 J 1 J
eyes towards the ground ana nis aeuu
resting on his band in a pensive alti
tude. It is not known for certain
whether he was praying or weeping,
Miramon wis pale and downcast.
MojiaMemedtabeauiteatease. We
must bear in mind, however, that he
was an Indian, and that he deemed it
a glory to die with his sovereign.
When seven o'clock had struck, the
J music ofthi Mlemn prooessioii jwas
in greater demand than ever aboirt tlioso
A crusty old doctor declined to' pay
his paver's bill, saying "his pavement
had been spoiled and then covered rrp
with earth to hide the bad work.
"Doctor," was the reply "mine' in ttot
the only bad work they put earth Over."
to teach, and when literally translated
become, "Thou Tea-chest."
i..j u..:ii:' 1.1.J r..Ko. the Emperor Julian so ceicDratea ior . . f,, voor, .1,1
.. ., .,, L.iir 4 the exercise of every Christmn virtue T u.j a
siilestneAODe weresneuuingteuiTituoo. -"--V n j t.i:- oear. uau a vcir
The Emperor gently withdrew his that he was called Julian the Apos- , he exclaimed, indign
hand, and moving forward said with a ue- m , Iy--"what, without me l
sad and anparcntiy ironio smile to the Ttr 1 nrmmtiv AVivr. There is no I "
officer in command of thc firing party wjnc ai to the blackberry wine Edmond About says : "Interpose a
v ...... t if i 414V vvjv.. v - - - j a .
A la diupmcimde V (Atyourdispos- whcn properly made, cither in flavor little-head in a tin cup between the
al.sir.) or for medical purposes, and all per- world and you ; you will witness a
hen the olhccr gave tho signal tor mBB wb0 can conveniently do so, should most beauuiui pnenomenon wnicn as
"aim," Maximilian uttered something manufacture enough for their own use tronoracra have not yet studied the
ort ot tne every ycar n it is invaluable in sick- total eclipse 01 tne worm.
mm, Mif.l . 4 ' . J iLl . 1 44. I .
Ax Irish gentleman, parting with a
I lazy servant woman, was asked, with
in German which the report
muskets drowned to the hearers. Mir- nS8 a toQC) ona nothing is a better
amon rolled over as if struck with a Tpmedv for bowel diseases. We there-
bolt Meiia, who was standing, beat Mre ve ue receipt for making it:
the air with his hands a few times I "Measare your berries and bruise them, I respect to her industry, whether she
before he fell, and a shot in the ear to every gallon adding one quart of was what was termed "afraid of work.
C..1.J tit wain In A KmnimP TP II I i. . 1 . T . 41, A ofnnrl I ..1 .i J n M J Iia KmaI at
UUIOUCVA IIW '""" iiv "--'1' - " - I DOllUlg WUbCTl AJvk UIC llllVvn v. qimiiva I "yll, UUb ML Oil, DalU 41V., iiuv uu cm.
over on the cross, which kept him up, twentv-four hours, stirring occasion- she'll freauentlr lie down and fall
. . ..if ,-.! - A I - . '.. .. . . I " . . ... .....
and trom wnicn ne was picKea up tuiw jiy . tnen gtrain off the liquor into a asleep by the side ot it"
naving neen aispaicnea. v ca&t, to every gallon adding ten pounas i
The interment took place in tne nr.ll(rft.. cork ticht and let it stand rr- a t.i. nv,ni nr, tam
cemetery, and the Bishop of Queretaro to following October, and you will on account 0f the abunctance of
jciiuiiucu uk OVA3V1V1V1V11. nave wme reuuy ior uoc, n uu I the peach crop in tnat region, 11 is nor.
ther straming or boiling, inis maKes itfy that peaches will bring more
W HICHEVEB way uie tiwiiuu ewi, a most exceiiem uiu tnuautuui than fitly cents a Dusnei.
. ii . i e a I - i
we snau nave an eiuer tor ouprcuc
judgeharswood, the Democratic can-
Tract distributing has its funny .
brancn or tne rresrjywnau vnura,, paui6 v w. v-. -deadwillnot feed the starving Coo
and Judge Williams, the Rpub im Uarisof
elder of the New near one leiiow laugn ar, nw. om .
stopped to reprove tne wreteneu pautan
'Why ma'am," say he, "you have
and Judge
nominee, u
Fatomte air of mammas having
rnamageable dsnehters millionaires.
Emerson finallv savs ! "The Poor
W' IT I1T lim BUli PUT jwi --' 1 1 ' 4 a
jrlverj me a tract on the sin of daneing are only they who feel , poor,and wrvtr
when I have got bouilegs shot oft' ty consists only In feeling poor.