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    Guests Continue To Use Lincoln Hig
Bedford Co. Correspondent
Co.) During the 19405, Route
30, the Lincoln Highway, gave
birth to tourist cabins. They of
fered security, hot showers, and
radios. One of these establish
ments was the insulbrick covered
cabins of the Lincoln Motor
Court built in 1944.
Prior to the days of tourist cab
ins, travelers were forced to ei
ther do day trips, stay in expen
sive hotels located only in cities,
or camp. The cabin was the per
fect in-between solution and was
the forerunner of today’s Holiday
Inn’s and Howard Johnson’s mo
Thanks to Bob and Debbie Al
tizer, owners of the Lincoln High
way cabins, you can still have the
experience of staying in one of
these early 1940’s accommoda
Debbie and Bob have owned
the cabins for 20 years.
“We wanted to own our own
business,” says Debbie. Living in
Washington D.C., the young cou
ple was anxious to get out of the
city. So, taking a map, they drew
a circle in a three-hour radius.
One of these locations was Bed
ford County.
“We looked at motels and
campgrounds and somehow these
cabins had the magic draw,”
Debbie remembers. “And,” she
laughs, “I thought making beds
would be easy.”
Remodeling was the first prior
ity upon taking ownership. “But,
we were careful to keep them as
original as possible,” Debbie says.
“Even in my youth, I realized the
value of authenticity.”
The knotty pine walls are orig
inal, as are the lampshades and
doorknobs. “We have also kept
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as much of the furniture as possi
ble,” she adds.
Carpeting drapes, beds, and
the heating systems all had to be
replaced, “And then replaced
The rooms are utilitarian. The
bathroom still has the pink com
modes and washbowls, and plas
tic tile typical of the era.
Gas heaters keep the cottages
snuggly warm in the winter and
the cool mountain breezes of
Bedford County keep them cool
in the summer.
“We have window fans,” Deb
bie said, “and no one ever com
plains about being too warm.”
While the Altizers are steadily
busy throughout the year, Fall
Foliage is the highlight.
“We start getting reservations
about six months ahead,” Debbie
says. “And, we are always
boioked solid.”
All of October is busy with leaf
peekers enjoying the quaintness
of the cabins. Deer hunters also
seek the comfort of the Lincoln
Highway Motor Court as do trout
fishermen in the spring.
“We get a lot of families who
like to do reunions renting sever
al cabins,” Debbie says.
Our most frequent guests are
Lincoln Highway enthusiasts.
The first organizational meeting
of the association met at the cab
ins for dessert. There were 40
people in the group who enor
mously enjoyed the tour.
“We have all kinds of guests
who come to celebrate their wed
ding anniversary, many of them
had stayed here on their original
honeymoon,” Debbie said.
For occasions such as this, the
Altizers offer a sweetheart room
for $52 a night. The other rooms
are $42 nightly.
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National Honey Committee Appointments
appointments of 14 members to
the National Honev Nominations
Gommittee were announced this
week by the USD A. The commit
tee nominates individuals for ap
pointment to the National Honey
Newly appointed committee
members are: Virginia Stephens
Webb of Clarksville, Ga.; Becky
Tipton of Meriden, Kan.; Mary
E. Klein of St. Charles, Mich.;
James Daniel Rodenberg of Wolf
Point, Mont.; Christine Thacker
Alley of Lebanon, Ohio; Harvey
The Lincoln Highway group
plans to place a cutout of a cou
ple dressed in 1940’s garb outside
the cabins for picture taking.
This is a natural for the Altiz
ers. Both Bob and Debbie do
wedding and portrait photogra
phy and have an outdoor setting
at the cabins. Wedding couples
sometimes use the cabins for
their wedding parties.
Among the many guests who
have checked in and out have
been the helpers with the last
Johnstown flood and an assort
ment of travel writers.
Lincoln Motor Court has been
written up in USA Today, Amer
ican Heritage, Travel Magazine,
Budget Travel, local newspapers
and the Altoona Mirror.
“The USA Today” article
brought us visitors from every
where,” Debbie remembers. “We
even had someone call from Ha
During their 20 years at the
cabins, the Altizers have raised
two children.
And despite the good years
they have had, they are now
thinking of selling.
“I found cabins require a lot
more work than making beds,
and we think it would be nice to
have more free time,” Debbie
said. “We also want more time to
pursue our photography.”
The cabins are located at 5104
Lincoln Highway, Manns Choice,
Pa. 15554.
But, if you go looking for
them, stay on Route 30 and you
will find them neatly tucked on a
hilltop between Bedford and
The telephone number is (814)
Staying at the cabins will defi
nitely provide a virtual reality
step into the past.
lected as “America’s Best” is the
sampling from The Bounty of
Chester County: Heritage Edi
tion. The cookbook is one of 133
from across the nation to be so
The Bounty of Chester Coun
ty: Heritage Edition is available
in local bookstores, gift shops,
and at the office for the CCADC
in the Chester County Govern
ment Services Center on West
town Road. Call (610) 344-6285
for more information.
Price of Wetumka, Okla.; Willie
(W.C.) McCall of Seneca, S.C.;
Barry Richards of Cross Plains,
Tenn.; and Ann Harman of Flint
Hill, Va.
Reappointed committee mem
bers are: Wayne Vandre of An
chorage, Alaska. John S. lulloch
of Odessa, Del.; Don Moore of St.
James, Mo.; George K. Hansen of
Colton, Ore.; and Alan (A.J.)
Howery of Darlington, Wis.
All members’ terms start im
mediately and end on June 30,
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, December 27, 2003-B7
way 1940’s Landmar
Debbie Altizer checks on one of the insulbrick covered
cottages, which retains its original 1940’s appearance.
The lawn furniture is also typical of that era. Staying at
the cabins provide a virtual reality step into the past, es
pecially for Lincoln Highway enthusiasts who remember
that the cabins were forerunners of motels and affordable
overnight lodging for travelers.
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