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PERIODIC LB 103100 1 1 Q: •'
V 01.46 No. 2
Farm-City Banquet
Highlights Exchangees,
Agricultural Honorees
Lancaster Farming Staff
READING (Berks Co,)
About 400 friends of Berks
County agriculture attended the
17th annual Berks County
Farm-City Banquet late last
week here at the Riveredge Res
At the banquet, members of
this year’s Farm-City exchange
spoke about their experiences.
In addition, several individu
als were honored by the Berks
County Farm-City Council for
their work in promoting agricul
ture in the county.
To Hilda Fisher, looking back
on the way things used to be
allows her to marvel about the
As this year’s Berks County
Farm-City Day exchangee,
Fisher spoke about the wonders
of modernized pork processing,
saw splitting, stuffing, -and
Pennsylvania Extension 4-H Agents Receive Communitatio/i Awards
PARADISE (Lancaster Co.)
Members of the Pennsylvania
Association Extension 4-H
Agents won 22 awards, in the
state association Communica
tors contest. The awards were
presented as part of the associa
tion annual awards and recogni
Pennsylvania has been awarded both Bovine Tuberculosis-Free status and Pseudora
bies-Free status in the year 2000. The TB award came earlier this year and the pseudor
abies was announced this week by Pennsylvania Ag Secretary Samuel Hayes Jr. in the
photo from left, Dr. Amy Nestleroth, Dr. John Enck, Sec. Hayes, Dr. Lynne Siegfried, and
Dr. Philip Deßok.
Pa. Earns ‘ Pseudorabies-Free ’ Status
Co.) On Tuesday, Pennsylva
nia Agriculture Secretary
Samuel E. Hayes Jr. announced
that Pennsylvania has received
“Pseudorabies-Free State” certi
fication from the USDA.
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Four Sections
today’s stainleas-steel smoke
Fisher said the mft technolo
gies at work at llaaMHI Quality
Meats in Hatfield were a
difference from our smoke
house. (Hatfield’s were) all
stainless steel and oOmputer
And how delicious the prod
ucts are. Fisher wonders at how
her own parents would have de
lighted at their taste, she said.
Hilda, with husband Frank,
changed places for a day with
Steve Clemens, from Hatfield’s
leadership, education, assess
ment, and development pro
Clemens visited the Fisher
family, known for their work on
agriculture and historical issues
in the community.
Fisher remembers the scrap
ple processing in the Hatfield
plant. The vats of boiling scrap
ple brought back memories of
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tion luncheon held at the Revere
Tavern Best Western Hotel in
Paradise, Lancaster County.
The winners and placing in
each category are as follows:
Educational package: 1.
Katina Showman, Lancaster
County. 2. Phyllis Wright,
Accepting the certificate,
Hayes said, “This has been a
great year for animal health in
Pennsylvania. We have been
awarded both ‘Bovine Tubercu
losis-Free Status’ in our dairy
industry and ‘Pseudorabies-Free
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, November 11, 2000
Mark and Mary Bailey, Kempton, left, were honored as a Pennsylvania Century Farm
last week at the Berks Farm-City Banquet. Frank Sterns, Pennsylvania Department of
Agriculture regional director, right, presented the honor, Andrews
Warren County. 3. Pamela
Paletta, Washington County.
Educational piece: 1. Jan
Scholl, University Park. 2.
Amanda Lehman, Cumberland
County. 3. Pamela Paletta,
Washington County.
Feature story: 1. Martha Gre-
Status’ in our swine industry.
These are two very important
achievements for Pennsylvania
Hayes commended the state
Department of Agriculture, the
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gory, Cumberland County. 2.
Helaine Brown, Montgomery
County. 3. Phyllis Wright,
Warren County.
News story; 1. Helaine Brown,
Montgomery County. 2. Martha
Gregory, Lebanon County. 3.
Carol Schurman, Indiana
Newsletter: 1. Patreese
Ingram, University Park. 2.
Cynthia Searight, Beaver
County. 3. Pamela Paletta,
Washington County.
Newsletter/team: 1. Fred
Rudy, Dauphin County.
Promotional package: 1.
Pamela Paletta, Washingtoi#
Promotional piece; I. Melanie
Barkley, Bedford County. 2,
Katina Showman, Lancaster
County. 3. Martha Gregory,
Pennsylvania county agents receive awards at lunch
eon. From left, Jan Scholl, University Park, 25-year service
award; Cindy Arblaster, Westmoreland County, outstand
ing new worker award; and Melissa Whetzel, Greene
County, blue ribbon award.
$32.00 Per Year
Lebanon County.
Promotional piece/team: 1.
Katina Showman, Lancaster
Published photo; 1. Nancy
Kadwill, Montgomery County.
2. Carol Schurman, Indiana
Educational radio program: 1.
Carol Schurman, Indiana
Promotional radio program:
1. Carol Schurman, Indiana
State Association newsletter:
1. Pamela Paletta, Washington
Ther Outstanding New
Worker Award was presented to
Cindy Arblaster, 4-H Agent,
Westmoreland County. Arblas
ter’s work to involve non tradi
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600 Per Copy