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    Jersey Named Supreme Champion a"^«— 25
Of Northeast Region 4-H/FFA Dairy Show
(Continued from Pago 20)
Six years and over 1. Willas Dollsader Janice, owned by JordyMcllwam.
Frances, owned by Michael Cole. Holstein Spnng Calf: 1. Braund Valley
Kool Whip, owned by Bradley Watkins. 2.
Vin-Deb Milan Anthmetic, owned by Doug
las Neville. 3. Ho-Craf Cousteu Denanne,
Fall Calf: 1. Leroydales Lords Tnsha,
Holstein winners are, from left, Philip Bachman, Betsy
Hennip, Heidi Alderfer, Alternate Dairy Princess Corissa
Coolbaugh, Chris Jackson, Dairy Princess Samantha Bar
rett, and judge Richard Keene.
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owned by Jordy Mcllwain.
Spring Yearling; 1. Maple Lane Larry
Honesdale, PA 18431
owned by Shelby Crawford.
Winter Calf: 1. Wellwyn Malachite Kate,
owned by Philip Bachman. 2. Du-Mar
Progress Omar, owned by Jeremy Alderfer.
3. Du-Mar Grandslam Heidi, owned by
Heidi Alderfer.
Fall Calf; 1. Braund Valley Shark Eliza,
owned by Bradley Watkins. 2. Jenn-Stone
IHBM Mint, owned by Mary Mosher. 3. For
d-Ridge Design Stacy, owned by Justin
Summer Yearling: 1. PA Gateway Wind
sor Daffodil, owned by Betsy Hennip. 2.
Du-Mar Legend Tabu, owned by Jeremy
Alderfer. 3. Pennvale Jed Clone, owned by
Jason Kenyon.
Spnng Yearling: 1. Ho-Crawf Counselor
Leena, owned by Jamie Crawford. 2.
Pennvale Windsor Geneva, owned by Enc
Kenyon. 3. Spnng Mountain Charles Jazz,
owned by Ben Worthington.
Winter Yearling: 1. Ho-Crawf Milan Dia
mond, owned by Jodi Crawford 2. Du-Mar
Leader Velma, owned by Heidi Alderfer. 3.
PA Gateway Endicott Rachel, owned by
Betsy Hennip.
Fall Yearling; 1. Du-Mar Formation
Aquata, owned by Gina Alderfer. 2. Braund
Valley Alvin Abby, owned by Andrew
Ensign. 3 Calkins Farm Pete Berachah.
Dry Cow 2 years and over 1. Du-Mar
Broker Larrah, owned by Heidi Alderfer. 2.
Du Mar Marko Zedak, owned by Jeremy
Less than one
minute cycle time
Loads go right to the
center of the truck box
Somerset, PA 15501
Samantha Barrett and Corissa Coolbaugh present
awards to champions In the Red and White show, from left,
Barrett, Jason Turton, Coolbaugh, Kristin Carlsen, Sierra
Slater, and Jordy Mcllwain.
With the Milking Shorthorn champions are, from left,
Samantha Barrett, Samuel Cole, Michael Cole, and
Corissa Coolbaugh.
Alderfer. 3. Gor-Wood-D Skybuck Giggles,
owned by Knstina Baker.
Junior 2-year-old: 1. Du-MarFred Pansy,
owned by Gina Alderfer. 2. Du-Mar Mandel
Wendy, owned by Heidi Alderfer. 3. Calkins
Farm Counselor Rya, owned by Randy Cal
Senior 2-year-old: 1. Braund Valley
Peanutbutter, owned by Craig Sheeley. 2.
Du-Mar Kemview Fifi, owned by Jeremy Al
derfer. 3. Calkins Farm IV Ann Rosetta,
owned by Chnsta Calkins.
Junior 3-year-old: 1. Du-Mar Chesa
peake Eveline, owned by Gma Alderfer, 2.
Gen Rich B Heather Red, owned by Re
becca Young 3. Calkins Farm Rich Pop,
owned by Chnsta Calkins.
Senior 3-year-old. 1 Pennvale Encore
Brenda, owned by Enc Kenyon.
Four-year-old: 1. Du-Mar Astre Evelyn,
owned by Gina Alderfer. 2. Pennvale
Encore Sheri, owned by Enc Kenyon.
Five-year-old: 1. Ridge-Nook Horace
Janet, owned by Christopher Jackson. 2
Du-Mar Mark Wayne Flora, owned by Heidi
Alderfer. 3. Braund Valley Peanut, owned
by Craig Sheeley
Six years and over 1 B-F-F Dodger Ellie
Echo, owned by Kristina Baker 2. B-F-F
Linda Hershey Kisses, owned by Kimberly
Spnng Calf; 1. Femlea of Welleyn,
owned by Hannah Bachman. 2. Eastmont
OJ Doodlebug, owned by Tnsha Mcllwam.
3. Nortnandell Rosecrans Hannah, owned
by Marie Norman.
Winter Calf: 1. Eastmont Faithanne,
owned by Tnsha Mcllwam. 2. Nobledale
Vmtz Carmen, owned by Shauna Tavares
3. By-Wynds Jay Justee, owned by Bryan
Fall Calf; 1. Rog-AI Choice Deanna-P,
owned by Aaron Hale. 2. Jer-Sweet Man
gold's Mona, owned by Kimberly Barker. 3.
Jordy Mcllwain accepts the grand champion Guernsey
trophy from Samantha Barrett, while Corissa Coolbaugh
presents the reserve grand champion award to Trisha
Topeco Indian Maize, owned by Brad Cole.
Summer Yearling: 1. Jer-Sweet
Lindsey's Lacie, owned by Daniel
Newcomb. 2. By-Wynds Topside Lucky,
owned by Bryan Fitch. 3. Wilbe Kim Man
golds Mowgli, owned by Kimberly Baker.
Spnng Yearling; 1. Eastmont Diana,
owned by Tnsha Mcllwam. 2. NEDF All’s
Hope, owned by Shauna Tavares. 3. Stans
Diamond of Twin Towers, owned by Lnr
inda Harkness.
Winter Yearling. 1. Cozy Valley Chief
Sena, owned by Scott Harkness 2. Breezy
Hollow Topside Beth, owned by James
Banks 3 EBT R Top Filler Roxy MB,
owned by Enk Traver.
Fall Yearling: 1. Ky Ken Nealy Sable,
owned by Kyle Howland 2 Jer-Sweet
Alana Prince Apple, owned by Kimberly
Barker 3 Elm Brook MBSB Odessa,
owned by Heather Yurkamn
Dry Cow 2 years and over 1 Jer-Sweet
Pride’s Eve, owned by Daniel Newcomb 2
Elm Brook Sooner Osha, owned by
Heather Yurkamn. 3. Rog-AI Barber Deann,
owned by Aaron Hale
Junior 2-year-old 1 Jer-Sweet Teddy’s
Care-Bear, owned by Kimberly Barker 2
Normandell Berretta Whim, owned by
Mark Norman 3. Jer-Sweet Independence,
owned by Daniel Newcomb.
Senior 2-year-old. 1 Jer-Sweet Maple’s
Mangold, owned by Kimberly Barker 2.
Topeco Hermitage Jellybean, owned by
Amanda Cole 3. Combo Gordon Tootsie,
owned by Samuel Cole
Junior 3-year-old 1 Jer-Sweet Ace Ka
tie-Bug, owned by Daniel Newcomb. 2
Windy Acres Alf Kimber, owned by Chns
tme Eick. 3 Melody Meadow Brandis D
Bunm, owned by Michael Cole
Senior 3-year-old: 1. Conssas Esther
Echo, owned by Conssa Coolbaugh 2.
Breezy Hollow Aerostar Blossom, owned
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