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'01.45 No. 39
Retail Marketing Stretches Ag Horizons
Lancaster Farming Staff
Co.) To keep educators
abreast of the changing face of
agriculture, an Ag Horizon con
ference annually examines
facets connected with agricul
On Tuesday at Grantville, the
Ag Horizons 2000 Conference
examined e-commerce, enter
tainment farming, niche and
direct marketing, and business
plan development.
Terry Kile, who specializes in
multimedia and web Solutions
for business marketing, ex
plained how the web is becom
ing a powerful tool in
Lancaster Fanning’s annual salute to the Dairy of Distinction program appears in a
special section this week. Look, read the family farm profiles, and enjoy.
Rvt Sacttom
agriculture. From offering busi
ness research to marketing op
portunities, the web is changing
Web usage continues to grow,
causing a fundamental shift in
Stress, Sweat, Sweet Success At Shippensburg
Lancaster Farming Staff
land Co.) With the advent of
sweet corn and tomatoes comes
another season... fair season.
This past week the college town
of Shippensburg held its fair, a
tradition since in 1958.
Besides concerts and crafts,
the fair features a stockmans
contest, tractor pull, fitting and
showing, 4-H and FFA judging,
and barnyard Olympics con
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 29, 2000
economic power. This enables
the lone farmer to compete with
large corporations and offers a
worldwide perspective. The
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Market and breeding steer,
lamb, swine, and goat judging
was also a part of the fair. In the
dairy division, colored breeds
and Holsteins had their time in
the ring, along with the Jersey
cattle as the fair hosted the dis
trict Jersey show.
A horse show and horse pull
contest added an equine element
to the activities. For a report,
turn to the photo essay on pages
A 24-25.
$32.00 Per Year
Richard Rominger, U.S. deputy secretary of agriculture,
right, spoke Wednesday afternoon at Steve Groff’s 7th
annual farm field day hosted by the Lancaster Chamber of
Commerce and Industry, Lancaster Conservation District,
and the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agricul
ture at Groff’s Cedar Meadow Farm near Hoitwood. At left
is Groff.
Groff Field Day Emphasizes
Environmentally Friendly Farming
Lancaster Farming Staff
HOLTWOOD (Lancaster
Co.) What started as a simple
trip to speak at a conservation
meeting last March in California
ended as an exchange trip, of
sorts, for two farmers deeply in
volved in environmentally
sound farming practices.
The farmer making the trip?
Steve Groff, of Cedar Meadow
Farm in Hoitwood. The farm
visited? The one operated by
Richard Rominger, U.S. deputy
secretary of agriculture.
Both spoke Wednesday after
noon at Groff’s 7th Annual
Farm Field Day hosted by the
Lancaster Chamber of Com
merce and Industry, Lancaster
Conservation District, and the
Pennsylvania Association for
Sustainable Agriculture at
Groff’s Cedar Meadow Farm
York 4-H Dairy Roundup
Announces Results
YORK (York Co.) Last
week, York County conducted
its annual 4-H Dairy Roundup
here at the York Expo Center.
Grand champion went to the
6-year-old Holstein, Beshore
Adan Juniper, owned by Angie
Beshore, New Cumberland.
Reserve grand champion was
Ridge ,HiR JSkyW<^.ty.9VX>*.9*
600 Per Copy
near Hoitwood,
Rominger’s family, including
sons Rick, Charlie, and Bruce,
farms about 3,000 acres in the
Sacramento Valley. They grow
process tomatoes, wheat, corn,
and other crops.
In March, Steve Groff visited
Rominger’s farm to see environ
mentally farming practices on
Rominger’s 3,000 acres near
Winters, Calif. Rominger con
siders 3,000 acres “average”
size,, he said, for a farm in the
Rominger, who headed the
California Department of Food
and Agriculture from 1977-
1982, spoke about some initia
tives outlined in the proposed
2002 Farm Bill some that
could directly benefit the wallet
of farmers practicing conserva
tion practices.
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senior 2-year-old Holstein
owned by Stevie Greek, Delta.
There were a total of 96 ani
mals exhibited by 47 4-H dairy
club members.
Judges were Scott Cooper,
colored breeds, from Delta and
Gary Derr, New Windsor, Md.,
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