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    Bl6*Lmcasttr Fanning, Saturday, July 8, 2000
1C ask
This column is for readers who have ques
tions but don’t know who to ask for answers.
“You Ask—You Answer” is for non-cooking
questions. When a reader sends in a question,
it will be printed in the paper. Readers who
know the answer are asked to respond by mail
ing the answer, which will then be printed in
the paper.
Questions and Answers to this column
should be addressed to You Ask—You Answer,
Lancaster Farming, P.O. Box 609, Ephrata, PA
17522. Attention: Lou Ann Good.
Or, you may e-mail questions and answers to
Please clarify what question you are answer
ing when responding.
Do not send a self-addressed, stamped en
velope for a reply. If we receive the answer, we
will publish it as soon as possible. Please in
clude your phone number because we some
times need to contact the person to clarify de
tails. We will not publish your phone number
unless you request it.
QUESTION Mrs. Robert Lowe, Shermans
Dale, wants the music and words to the song:
“Eleven more months and 10 more days, I’ll be
out of this Calaboose.” She writes that this is a
very old song that an older gentleman used to
QUESTION Jonas Beiler Jr., New Holland,
would like information on raising nightcrawlers
for fishing bait.
QUESTION A Gordonville reader is looking
for a timecard clock that runs off a 12-volt bat
tery or electric. Send information to Elmer
Ebersol, Colonial Rd. Woodworks, 139-A Colo
nial Rd., Gordonville, PA 17529.
QUESTION Robert Fleckenstein, Woods
town, N.J., wold like to know where to buy a
Time magazine dated May IS, 1950.
QUESTION A reader wants to find a copy
of Larry Benoit’s book, “How To Bag The Big
gest Buck of Your Life.” He also would like to
find wooden molding planes made by E.W. Car
penter, Lancaster.
QUESTION -7 A Schuylkill County reader
would like reasonably priced, good, used, full
size bicycles, either boys or girls. Also, the
reader wants to know where to find a heavy
duty, air-tire tricycle.
QUESTION Mrs. John David Zimmerman,
East Earl, wants to know if someone has a
Model. 47 Royal sweeper or Tristar they wish to
QUESTION Elam Lapp, Brookside Book
store, wants to know if anyone has Valentine
cards from the early 1900 s.
QUESTION Sylvan Ressler, Bart, wants to
know where to find a small blue, softcover
men’s quartet book called “Vaughn’s Sons for
Men.” He also would like to find 78 LP records
by the Kings Herald Quartet, The Good News
Gospel Singers (a Brethren mixed chorus from
York County), and a record of a Brethren men’s
quartet also from York that included the song,
“Stilling the Tempest.”
QUESTION Tom Hill, Boyertown, wants to
know where to buy an air alarm, used at some
gas stations to signal the attendant when a car
pulls up to the pumps.
QUESTION Stan Szczepanek, Boyertown,
wants information about brooding chickens
using a coal-fired brooder. He wants to know
what time of the year to do this, how often the
fire needs to be fed, etc. He’s also looking for a
pamphlet describing the use of a Eureka Colo
ny Brooder.
QUESTION Merryleigh Berger wants to
propagate some roses from her mother’s rose
bush before the homestead is sold. She tried
grafting and the glass jar method over clip
pings in the fall, but has not been successful.
Any help someone could give her would be ap
QUESTION Linda Boyer is an organic pro
duce farmer in Lancaster County, and writes,
“sometimes I feel like we are all alone out
here.” She would like to hear from other organ
ic farmers from Lancaster and surrounding
counties. Send correspondence to 505 Lambert
Rd., Narvon, PA 17555.
QUESTION A man from Lititz wants to
know of a person who could knit a sweater for
him. Call (717) 768-7663.
QUESTION - Audrey Lohr, R.l, Box 153, Mt.
Pleasant, PA 15666-9706 has a calendar col
lection that she will give to the person who,
several months ago, had requested calendars
for school projects. Contact her to make ar
rangements for delivery.
QUESTION A Shippensburg reader wants
a pattern and instructions to sew a winter
hooded parka in either men’s small or ladies’
QUESTION Mary Stoltzfus, Kirkwood, is in
need of used greeting cards (all-occasion).
Send to her at 331 Bartville Rd., Kirkwood, PA
QUESTION Mrs. J. Burkholder is looking
for a reasonably priced Big Oskar (Sunbeam)
food processor in like-new condition. Call her
at (717) 694-3796.
QUESTION Michael Hopkins Jr. would like
to know where he could purchase styrofoam
egg cartons in jumbo and super jumbo sizes.
He prefers a Pennsylvania source.
QUESTION Charlotte Lippincott, Pile
sgrove, N.J., would like to know how to start
Royal Paulowina trees with purple flowers. She
picked up some seed pods last winter. Inside
are two large seeds and a lot of little seeds like
fuzzes in each pod. She would like to start
some trees. What should she do?
QUESTION Dale Burkhart is looking for a
lard can lid with the printing: Henry Burkhart
Packing Co. Pure Lard 50 lb. Dayton, Ohio.
Anyone have one they’d like to sell?
QUESTION Susan Lingeris wants informa
tion on hatching and raising all types of poul
try. She and her husband also want a used
brooder for sale that is in good shape. They
also would like to purchase some fertile eggs
in order to incubate eggs on a small scale.
Write to the Lingeris at 2 Fats Hollow Rd., Ga
leton, PA 16922.
QUESTION Susan High recalls reading an
article that appeared in this paper about a year
ago regarding the history of Hershey Farms and
Hershey chocolate. The article mentioned a
contact person for anyone who had information
concerning Hershey Farms or Hershey Choco
late. She wants the name and address. Dose
anyone know to which article she is referring?
If so, please send the information requested.
QUESTION - A Schuylkill County reader
wants to know if anyone knows the value of an
antique dress form from the early 1900 s. It is a
press-and-shape to the form you want to fit.
Any idea of a fair price?
QUESTION - Ezra Gottschalk, 849 Martin
Ave., Ephrata, PA 17522, is looking for some
one who makes fish that hang on nylon cord
from the ceiling. The fish are very attractive
and move constantly in the air. Ezra would like
to purchase five fish.
QUESTION I. Wenger wants to purchase
the following three books, but he sent no ad
dress. The books are “More All-Of-A-Kind Fam
ily” and “Ali-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown” by Syd
ney Taylor; and “The Four-Story Mistake” by
Elizabeth Enright.
QUESTION Stephen A. Lapp, 69 Long
Lane, Kirkwood, wants to know how to dehull
oats and spelts. He has a mill to crimp them for
oatmeal but doesn’t know how to get rid of the
QUESTION E. Sheetz, Fleetwood, wants to
know how to repair a burn mark on a leather
table top or the name of a professional service
that can fix it.
QUESTION Doris Stahl wants the words to
the song, “Don’t Go Out in the Woods Tonight.”
QUESTION Brenda Kensinger, Martins
burg, wants to know where purchase macad
amia nuts in the area of Martinsburg, Pa.
QUESTION Horst Schaper, Moosup, Ct.,
owns a horsedrawn machine gun cart model
1917, which needs some tender, loving care.
Does anyone know of some books or pictures
that would help him know how to repair the
QUESTION M. High wants to know if
there’s anything that will remove black spots
off an iron spatula, which accidentally burned
in a trash fire. The spatula was her mother’s
wedding present.
QUESTION Nancy Landes, R.l, Box 286,
Montrose, PA 18801 is looking for someone
who can make a braided rug using four strands
of material and a crochet hook.
QUESTION Robin Baummer needs some
one to repair a braided rug with a 10x10-inch
section missing. She prefers someone from the
York or Adams County area.
QUESTION A reader is looking for a store
that sells Hi-Yield products, hopefully in the
Lebanon County area. They need them for this
year’s growing season.
QUESTION G. Sweitzer wants to know
what chemicals to use for treating wood
damaged/infested by Eastern Subterranean
Termites. Also, what chemicals are used out
side the house and where can they be pur
QUESTION Alice Faust from Kutztown is
looking for an old bam beam loom. Does any
one know where to find one or have one to
buy? If so, please contact her at (610)
QUESTION A Pennsylvania reader wants
the words to the poem "When the Honeymoon
in the Bam is Over.”
QUESTION A reader would like to know if
Lawrence Organ Mfg. Co. from Easton is still in
business. Or, is anyone interested in a 1918
organ in working condition and original finish.
Anyone know what it is worth?
QUESTION A Schuylkill County reader
wants to know where to find instructions on
making baskets from birch bark.
ANSWER A Lititz reader is looking for a
1990 Rose Art puzzle number 72348 55555 by
Kodak. The picture is of 15 babies in sleepers
all lined up in a row. The reader would like to
frame the puzzle but has two pieces missing.
Thanks to a reader who wrote that they also
had one piece missing in a 3,ooo>piece puzzle.
They matched it up to the picture on the puzzle
box cover and traced the missing piece on the
cover box. She pasted it to a thick piece of car
board and peeled off the cardboard layers until
it was the same thickness as the puzzle pieces.
The picture looks great after the puzzle glue
was on. Note: Cut pattern of missing pieces a
little larger (Va-inch or 1/10-inch), so you have a
little extra to push into place.
ANSWER A faithful reader wanted to know
if someone knows about a polish for laminated
tables that produces a real good shine. Thanks
to a Manheim reader who writes that her
daughter works at a place that laminates wood.
The best way to clean laminated wood is to
wash it with warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry.
Use a no-wax polish because wax will just sit
on top and leave prints and marks. Laminating
is like a plastic film, which cannot absorb wax.
ANSWER Robert Finke, Seven Valleys,
wanted to know if anyone has a fig tree of the
bronze skin variety that is mature enough to
bear fruit this year. Thanks to Marcus Martin,
136 N. Muddy Creek Rd., Denver, PA
17517-9196, who writes that his family has a
mature tree.
ANSWER Janet Spangler, York Springs,
wanted a manual for a Jari sickle bar mower
with a Briggs and Stratton motor and decals.
She asks if the model may have been made by
Gravely, what year was it made, and where is
the company located? Thanks to a reader who
writes that he proudly lived in Schuykill County
for many years and owned a Jari mower to use
on his Christmas tree farm. The mower was
great. He found parts from Koch’s Farm Equip
ment, New Ringgold. Phone (570) 943-2367.
The parts are made by Year Round Cab Cor
poration of Mankato, Minn. He wrote there to
get an owner’s manual before he discovered
ANSWER Ada B. Zook, Quarryville, wanted
the book “Shoofly Girl,” by Lois Lensky. Thanks
to Harry Fox who writes that he has a copy for
$7. If interested, write to him at 756 Rt. 14 A
North, Penn Van, NY 14527.
ANSWER E. Rantonizy, Glassport, wanted
to know how to eliminate wild chrysanthemums
from gardens and lawns. Thanks to S. Abdullah
who writes that after a good soaking rain,
weed, weed, weed, but make sure to get as
much of the runners as possible. The runners
grow under the mulch and soil surface. It is te
dious work, but well rewarded.
ANSWER V. Miller, Honesdale, discovered
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