Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 10, 2000, Image 49

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Ida Risser
June is the month for roses.
Ours are doing fine as my hus
band ordered six new bushes. He
planted two in the old bed to re
place some that died and ex
tended another bed for the other
There are flowers and more
flowers around here just now.
Many are inside on tables. The
three colors of peonies are mixed
with baby breath in one vase. A
potted Gerbera daisy sits on a
windowsill and a florist’s bou
quet of pink and white carna
tions is on the coffee table.
This last item was the center- -
piece at my birthday party. Rel
atives and friends got together
on a rainy day to wish me well.
To top off the flower theme, I
was given a gift by my children
of a special potted plant to be
delivered each month for a year.
My husband had to cancel a
»*■>/'{ ca
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On Rte. 553
Penn Run, Pa.
EQUIP., INC. Annville, Pa.
Elizabethtown, Pa. 717-867-2211
planned trip to” Visit his brother
in a Veteran’s Home last week.
Instead, we took his boat to Blue
Marsh in Berks County. Some
times he has trouble getting me
out of bed early enough to suit
him. So, this time I was ready at
4 a.m., but he said that was too
early as it was quite foggy.
We were the first boat at the
dock and we transferred our
poles, bait, life preserves, net,
food, tackle boxes, etc. from the
car to the boat. Our electric
motor did a good job despite the
choppy water due to a stiff
breeze. In fact we hunted a cove
to fish in and to eat the lunch
that I packed the night before.
The banks of the lake are
overgrown with trees and brush.
Wild grape vines, poison ivy,
and honeysuckle climb over
willow and mulberry trees. One
time I stupidly managed to snag
Build Your Future
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Waynesboro, Pa.
If Neufchatel cheese was in
vented today, we’d probably
know it simply as “low-fat
cream cheese.” But it was devel
oped before the low-fat craze
and before regulators changed
the rules for how manufacturers
could name certain foods. (Re
member when low-fat ice cream
was called “ice milk*?)
Since this cream-cheese sub
stitute contained less than 33
percent milkfat and more than
55 percent moisture two of
the markers for the “standard of
identity” for cream cheese
manufacturers couldn’t put
“cream cheese” on its label. The
product was, however, similar to
a French product developed in
the town of Neufchatel (the “f ’
is silent and the “ch” is soft,
pronounced “sh‘), in northern
Normandy. The French version
varies widely in fat content, but
still, American companies
adopted that name for their
lower-fat rendition of the prod-
some brush with my line and
twice I ask Allen to get the net as
I caught two nice-sized fish. He
was not lucky enough to get any
this time. But, there is always
next time.
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Quarryville, Pa.
PARt. 516,
Glen Rock, Pa.
What Is Neufchatel Cheese?
Roxbury, Pa.
Quakertown, Pa.
New Tripoli, Pa.
Oley, Pa.
Neufchatel cheese contains
about 23 percent milk fat and 62
percent moisture. Thanks to the
lower fat content, one ounce
about two tablespoons con
tains about 75 calories, com
pared with nearly 100 calories in
regular cream cheese.
Today, you can find fat-free
varieties of cream cheese, too,
made from skim milk. Although
Neufchatel substitutes easily for
regular cream cheese in most
recipes, manufacturers don’t
recommend the fat-free cream
cheese for baking.
Whipped cream cheese also is
West Snyder FFA
Derek Fetterolf, son of Ken
and Joan Fetterolf of Beaver
town was recently awarded a
$5OO scholarship to the Penn
State Conservation Leadership
School by the Snyder County
Conservation District. Derek, a
West Snyder FFA member, was
the only FFA member in Snyder
County to receive this scholar
ship this year.
The Penn State Conservation
Leadership School is held at the
University’s Stone Valley Recre
ation Area near State College.
Students between the ages of 15
■and 18 learn about the environ
ment and conservation during a
two-week program that em
phasizes field-based, hands-on
learning, group problem solving,
and leadership.
The Stone Valley Recreation
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 10, 2000-B9
available. Teaspoon for tea
spoon, it contains fewer calories,
because air has been whipped
into the cheese to make it spread
more easily. Because of that, it
doesn’t work as a good recipe
substitute for regular brick
cream cheese, either.
Still another kind of cream
cheese, “soft” cream cheese, is
made by replacing some of the
cream cheese curd with regular
cream. Again, because its con
sistency is markedly different
than regular cream cheese and
Neufchatel cream cheese, it
doesn’t make a good substitute
for those products in recipes.
Area is more than 7,000 acres of
forest, fields, wetlands, and
streams where learning about
the environment goes hand-in
hand with having fun and meet
ing new friends.
The summer curriculum is
packed with lessons in ecology,
watershed and forest manage
ment, soil analysis, the study of
caves, citizen action, land-use
planning, alternative energy
supplies, environmental risk as
sessment, and much more.
During their stay at Stone
Valley, students will work in
teams of ten with a resident in
Derek has selected to attend
the second session of the Con
servation Leadership School,
which will be held from July 9 to
July 22,2000.