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Fay Strickler
Penn State Extension Home
Economist For Berks Co.
The wholesome nutrition of
wheat has long been recognized
in the wheat flour products we
enjoy each day. That same good
ness remains complete and intact
when the wheat kernel is cooked
as a grain and served as cereal,
or in side dishes, main dishes,
salads, soups and desserts.
Wheat kernels or berries are ex
ceptionally easy to prepare since
they do not become sticky or
gummy. Their flavor is rich and
nut-like and with a high fiber
content, they are very satisfying.
When comparisons are made
between different grains, wheat
maintains a high status. Wheat is
low in fat, rich in siow-buming
carbohydrates, vegetable protein,
essential B-vitamins, and trace
minerals. All play a vital role in
digestion, an even energy supply,
and utilization of fats, carbohy
drates and other nutrients in the
body’s system.
. Let’s take a look at some of
the types of wheat products.
Wheat berry is the whole ker
nel of wheat, unpolished and not
heat treated. The berries or ker
nels can be cooked whole for side
or main dishes, cracked for cere
als and breads, sprouted, or
ground for whole wheat flour.
Bulgur wheat is a pre-cooked
wheat product made from whole
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kernel wheat commercially.
Cracked wheat is coarsely
ground unpolished wheat ker
nels. it can be made in a blender
or home mill.
Cooking Whole Kernel Wheat:
Note Use only commercially
sold wheat berries or untreated
wheat, clean from the combine.
Soaking wheat overnight in
the water it is to be cooked in,
cuts cooking time in half in all
the following methods.
Salt may be used if desired, 'A
to Vi teaspoon salt per cup of
Stove Top
Whole berries: 1 cup wheat to
3 cups water. Simmer covered 1
hour to 30 minutes if pre-soaked.
Yields: 2 Vi cups wheat.
Cracked wheat: 1 cup cracked
wheat to 2 '/> cups boiling water.
Cover and simmer 15 to 20 min
utes. Let stand S minutes. Yields:
2 2 /i cups
Crock Pot
2 cups wheat berries
4 cups water
Place wheat and water in
crock pot. Cover and cook on
low about 8 hours. Stir once dur
ing the first hour of cooking. Re
frigerate and reheat just before
serving or use in bread and cas
serole recipes. Yields: S cups
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T June 19 7:00 PMr-
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In observance of June Dairy Month, Warren County Dairy Promotion will sponsor a
dairy pageant at the 4-H Center, Warren Fairgrounds, Pittsfield, June 17, 8 p.m. Con
testants for the dairy princess title are Tiffany Giikinson and Sarah Lindell. Tiffany is a
1999 graduate of Eisenhower High School. She lives on a 62-herd dairy farm, daughter
of Rich and Vickie Giikinson, Lander. Sarah is the daughter of Trudy Lindell and the late
Dennis Lindell, Lander. Sarah, who lives on a dairy farm, will graduate this month from
Eisenhower High School. Those who attend the free pageant will be served milk punch
and brownie sundaes.
1 cup wheat berries
2 cups water
Preheat oven to 300°F. Boil in
heavy saucepan five minutes. Re
move from heat, cover and place
in oven. Turn off oven heat.
Leave undisturbed approxi
mately six hours. Yields: 3 cups
Cooking a large amount of
wheat at one time and freezing
the cooked berries in small por
tions is a real time and energy
saver. After cooking, just drain
the cooked berries well and place
'h cup to 1 cup portions in
freezer containers. Keep up to
three months. Quickly thaw ker
nels by running hot tap
water over them in a co
The Chi Machine
The Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser
Does your body get the oxygen it needs?
(Adopted from a quiz b> Dr Eigi Noguchi)
Check all the boxes u Inch apply to you -
D I wake up tired, even after eight hours of sleep
O 1 sleep restlessly, waking up frequently
O I suffer from chronic fatigue
O I have poor physical endurance
O I tend to be moody and irritable
□ I am susceptible to colds and flu
□ I suffer from allergies
O I frequently feel tense and on edge
O I am frequently constipated
O 1 have frequent pain in my shoulder and/or back
O I have weight problems
Cl 1 crave sweets, alcohol or soda
If you checked more than three boxes, your body
might not be assimilating sufficient oxygen.
Please consult your physician You may wish to
have your blood oxygen levels tested - before and
after you begin to use the Chi Machine
"My teseaich has
convinced me that lack
of oxygen is the root ot
most or perhaps even all
disease ”
- Dr Shtzuo Inoue
Warren County Plans Pageant
Uses for the cooked wheat ber
ries are as varied as your imagi
nation allows. They can easily be
substituted, once pre-soaked, for
bulgur in most recipes or used in
place of cooked rice in other reci
pes. When combined with other
proteins such as meats, milk,
nuts, eggs or cheese, the combi
nation is a high protein dish or
meal. Try this tasty side dish
using wheat berries.
Wheat-Nut Pilaf
Excellent with chicken or beef!
1 cup pre-soaked wheat berries
2 medium carrots, shredded
John Deere
the first time since 1997, the No.
97 John Deere Winston Cup
race car had a new look on May
28. The car featured the FFA
emblem on its hood while racing
in the Coca Cola 600 at Lowe’s
Motor Speedway.
“We are developing a synergy
between FFA members, John
Deere dealers, and NASCAR
fans as we place the FFA
emblem on the hood of the No.
97 John Deere NASCAR,” said
R.W. “Bud” Porter, 2000 Na
tional FFA Foundation Spon
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Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, June 10, 2000-B7
2 cups beef or chicken broth or
'/’ teaspoon salt
'h cup chopped walnuts, pe
cans or almonds
In large ovenproof skillet or
flameproof casserole, saute ber
ries in butter about five minutes
to brown lightly, stirring occa
sionally. Stir in broth, carrots,
and salt; bring to boil. Cover and
bake in 350°F oven for 25 min
utes or until broth is absorbed,
stirring occasionally. Stir in
choice of nuts. Yields; 4 servings.
Car To Display
sors’ Board chairman and
retired senior vice president,
North American Agricultural
Marketing, Deere & Company.
John Deere is the longest
standing corporate sponsor of
the National FFA Foundation,
supporting FFA initiatives for
57 years of the organization’s
72-year history. Placement of
the FFA emblem on the hood of
the No. 97 John Deere Winston
cup race car is included in Phase
I of an enhanced partnership be
tween John Deere and FFA.
Your Independent Distributor Is:
& Margie Jone_s
75 Goodyear Rd.
Carlisle. PA 17013
Toll Free-888-788-5572
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3 tablespoons butter or marga
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