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    A22-Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, June 3, 2000
New Dairy Housing And Equipment Systems Proceedings Available
ITHACA, N.Y. A new pub
lication from the Natural Re
source, Agriculture, and
Engineering Service (NRAES)
presents and documents guide
lines for managing existing
housing systems and planning
new systems to improve profita
bility, reduce labor require
ments, and improve cow
comfort. This collection of 36
papers ($30.00 plus S&H/sales
tax, 456 pages, February 2000) is
the proceedings from the confer
ence “Dairy Housing and
Equipment Systems; Managing
and Planning for Profitability,”
held February 1-3, 2000; in
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.
Dairy Housing and Equip
ment Systems: Managing and
DFA And NZBD Announce
DairiConcepts Joint Venture
Dairy Farmers of America
(DFA) and the New Zealand
Dairy Board (NZDB) have an
nounced the formation of a new
joint venture, DairiConcepts,
L.P. (DairiConcepts), which will
manufacture and market cheese
and dairy ingredients for sophis
ticated applications in the food
processing industry.
Named to reflect the compa
ny’s emphasis on innovation,
DairiConcepts is a limited part
nership with equal DFA and
NZDB ownership and manage
ment. The new company will
combine the resources of
NZDB’s cheese technology and
ingredients company, NZMP
Key Ingredients, and the manu-
["looking to expand your dairy operation?^
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350 Cow Freestall Barn w/Sand
Bedding and Flush System
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Planning for Profitability,
NRAES-129, includes 36 papers
divided into eight categories.
The first section on cow comfort,
decisions, and management pre
sents papers pp facilities; capital
investments; cpw comfort, fear,
and productivity; and producer
satisfaction with expansion deci
The next group of five papers
reviews planning new facilities:
site evaluation and selection,
farmstead layout, freestall barn
layouts, responsibilities in con
structing new facilities, and
growing a staff. Five presenta
tions on system management
discuss evaluating and improv
ing existing dairy systems,
biosecurity, lighting, photoper
iod management, and putting
factoring and marketing
sources of DFA.
DFA President and Chief Ex
ecutive Officer Gary Hanman
spoke of the new venture as a
“key strategic move” that
allows both organizations to ad
vance more quickly and share in
the growth opportunities of this
expanding market segment.
“This relationship is a good
fit. DFA has the manufacturing
power. NZDB and Key Ingred
ients have an established, world
wide reputation for superior
technology in the development
of intense-flavored cheese
ingredients, seasoning blends,
enzyme modified cheeses and
other dairy-based ingredients,”
said Hanman.
CaidFarmer Boa Ap Systems Fir 7 oar
Meco Construction andFonipment Meeds/
For more information Contact Willie Weiler at 800-845-3374 Ext. 323
money where it matters.
The next four papers on envi
ronmental control for cow com
fort explain natural ventilation
systems, systems controls, heat
stress relief and supplemental
cooling, and tunnel ventilation.
The topics of freestall troub
leshooting, design, and manage
ment encompass the next five
papers, including a paper on
sand for bedding. The section on
facilities management and
health includes three papers on
bedding’s contribution to mas
titis, environmental risk factors
contributing to lameness, and
flooring. The next three presen
tations discuss the design of the
feed area and water space, feed
bunk management, and the
impact of head gates and over-
DairiConcepts will initially
market established product
lines, but will soon offer new
types of ingredients coming
from its expanded research and
development operations. NZDB
Chief Executive, Warren
Larsen, said that the arrange
ment enhances both organiza
tions’ global market
opportunities. “There are clear
benefits for farmer shareholders
both in the United States and
New Zealand,” he said.
John Weidner, former vice
president of operations for
DFA’s formulated business, will
serve as president and chief op
erating office of the new limited
partnership Headquarters for
DairiConcepts will be in Spring
field, Missouri with additional
sales and service offices in Hum
melstown, Pennsylvania and
production facilities located at
Hummelstown and at sites
Knepper Farms
3 Springs PA, Fulton County
200 Head Deep Pit Freestall Barn
crowding on production.
The final section of this publi
cation includes papers on defin
ing and managing special cows,
facility design and case studies
for the transition cow, plastic
and fabric covered arch-frame
buildings, restraint and treat
ment facilities and equipment,
and sort gates.
Dairy Housing and Equip
ment Systems: Managing and
Planning for Profitability,
NRAES-129, is available for
$30.00 per copy, plus shipping
and handling and sales tax, from
NRAES, Cooperative Exten
sion, 152 Riley-Robb Hall,
Ithaca, NY 14853-5701. The
shipping and handling charge is
$5.50 for a single copy within
the continental United States.
Free Trade With China
Will Mean Bright Future
following statement was issued
by National Corn Growers Asso
ciation (NCGA) President Lynn
Jensen of Lake Preston, S.D. fol
lowing the recent 237-197 House
vote in favor of permanent
normal trade relations for
“From Wal-Mart to Pottery
Barn, Americans can already
buy ‘Made in China’ products.
Now, 1.28 billion Chinese people
throughout the Midwestern
United States.
The NZDB is the marketing
arm of the New Zealand dairy
industry. The Board’s main
business is separated into con
sumer, foodservice and ingred
ients sales.
Solid Gold Holstein Emlenton, PA,
Clarion County
100 Cow Free Stall Barn
New York residents, add 8%
sales tax (calculated on both the
cost of publications and the
shipping and handling charges).
If ordering more than one
copy of if ordering from outside
the United States, contact
NRAES for shipping rates.
Orders from outside the United
States must be prepaid in U.S.
funds. All major credit cards are
accepted, and checks should be
made payable to NRAES. For
more information or a free pub
lications catalog, contact
NRAES by phone at (607) 255-
7654, by fax at (607) 254-8770,
or by e-mail at NRAES@COR
NELL.EDU. Or visit the
NRAES web site at
will get a chance to taste Ameri
can agriculture, from corn and
corn products to soybeans,
wheat, meat, poultry and dairy.
“Today’s House vote was a
vote in favor of opportunity
for U.S. farmers and for the
people of China. The nation’s
com growers are gratified that a
majority of House members
heeded agriculture’s message
and voted to give us open access
to the world’s largest market,
rather than pandering to the
protectionists who refuse to rec
ognize that we operate in a
global economy.
“As corn growers said in the
fortune cookies we distributed
on Capitol Hill this week: ‘free
trade with China will mean a
bright future for U.S. farmers.”