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Lindenwald Farm Complete Dispersal
MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2000 • 9:30 AM
Kinderhook (Columbia Co.) New York
Twenty Miles South of Albany
Tractors - Trucks - Irrigation - Specialized Field and Warehouse Equipment - General
Purpose Farm Machines - Warehouse Climate Control Units - Personal Automobiles
Sale to be held at the warehouse complex located along State Route 9 in the Village of Kinderhook directly across from the Fireball.
FROM THE EAST Use N.Y.S. Thruway “Exit B-l” then State Route 9H south
FROM THE WEST Use N.Y.S. Thruway Exit 24 Albany then 1-90 toward “Boston” to 1-90 Exit 12 (Valatie-Kinderhook) then Route
9 south.
Selling will be:
C-IH 9330 “Row Crop Special”, (JEE0036685) only 707 hrs., 4
hyd. remotes, 3 pt., p.t.0., 14.9Rx46 tires and duals on long axles
with Unverferth row spacers; C-IH 5250 MFWD Cab, “Maxum”
2 hyd. remotes, 3 pt., p.t.0., low hrs., 14.9Rx46 tires; IH 5288
Cab, 1814 hrs., 2 hyd. remotes, 3 pt., 1000 p.t.0., 20.8x38 tires;
IH 5088 Cab, 3175 hrs., 2 hyd. remotes, 3 pt., 540/1000 p.t.0.,
20.8x38 tires; IH 3588 (2+2), 1588 hrs., 3 hyd. remotes, 3 pt.,
540/1000 p.t.0., 18.4x38 tires; IH 186 Hydro, R.O.RS. enclosure,
6714 hrs., 2 hyd. remotes, 3 pt„ 540/1000 p.t.0., 18.4x38 tires; IH
4386, 2364 hrs., 3 hyd. remotes, no 3 pt.,no p.t.0., 18.4x34 tires
and duals all around; IH 1066, open station, 1 hyd. remote, 3 pt.,
540/1000 p.t.0., 15.5x38 tires on long axles; IH 826, open station,
6962 hrs., 2 hyd. remotes, 3 pt., $4O/1000 p.t.0., 15.5x38 tires; IH
856, open station, 3899 hrs., 2 hyd. remtoes, 3 pt., 540/1000 p.t.0.,
18.4x38 tires on long axles; Deutz D-6507, open station, 1
remote, 3 pt., 540 p.t.0., 14.9x30 tires; Leyland 804 MFWD, Cab,
749 hrs., 3 hyd. remtoes, 3 pt., 540 p.t.o. 13.6x28 front tires,
18.4x34 rear tires; Leyland 344 Tractor for parts; Thomas 233
Plus Skid Steer Loader, Kubota 6 cyl. diesel, indoor catalyst on
muffler, 72 in. custom produce scoop bucket, only 213 hrs.!!;
Uniloader with Wisconsin LP gas engine; Clark GCS-20
Forklift, LP gas, hard tires, 2925 lb. capacity, 180 degree rotator
head; T.M.C. FG2SNS Forklift, LP gas, pneumatic tires, 5000 lb.
capacity, side shift;
Hobbs RR3500 TVi-Axle Hard Hose TVaveler, crank turntable,
Honda motor, 5 in. hose, Nelson 200 gun; Hobbs 3500G5 Tri-
Axie Hard Hose TVaveler, crank turntable, Honda motor, 5 in.
hose. Nelson 200 gun; Amadas Hobbs PR34SO H-8 TVi-Axle
Hard Hose Traveler, crank turntable, Honda motor, 4 1/2 in.
hose. Nelson 200 gun; Portable Pumping Station with Cat V-8
(3208) power unit, 1793 hrs., Murphy safety switches, fuel tank,
Berkeley 6x6 pump (B4EYQBH) with electric primer; Portable
Pumping Station with Cat 6 cyl. inline engine, 2833 hrs , Murphy
safety switches, fuel tank, Berkeley 6x6 pump, hand primer;
Portable Pumping Station with Cat 6 cyl. inline engine, 3100
hrs., Murphy safety switches, Berkeley 6x6 pump, hand primer;
Berkeley p.t.o. pump on cart, 4 in. input, 3 in. output, 10 1/2 in
impeller, (pump model B3LRBLCCW); TVavis 8 in x 30 ft alu
minum irrigation pipe, 60 plus pcs.; Travis 6 in. x 30 ft aluminum
irrigation pipe, 34 plus pcs.;
1995 Harriston 6 row pull type planter, end pull transport,
walking beam axles, 14.9x24 tires, dry fert. hoppers, 6-90 lbs.
gandy boxes, hyd. fert. auger, front and rear platform, 8 row fold
ing marker arms, rear row ripper package, basically every bell and
whistle option"*, Better Built model 2300 (2300-6-27-88) high
capacity 2-3-4-6 cut potato seed cutter; Better Built CDT-10
auger type high capacity seed piece treater; Airtec “Air Boom”
pull type sprayer, 600 gal. Tank, 110 ft. chicken wing folding
booms, tandem axle; Grimme GBI7OO (1993) two row potato
harvester (Ser. #056) elec, over hyd., all belted chain, clod break
er, steerable axle, extra wide tires, Grimme GBI7OO (1992) two
row potato harvester (Ser. #005) elec, over hyd., all belted chain,
steerable axle, hugger belt on boom; Dahlman 420 W (1988) four
row potato windrower, right hand delivery, all belted chain, vibrat
ing bed; Double L 22 ft. belt unload bulk body; Logan 22 ft belt
unload bulk body; Haines 22 ft. belt unload bulk body with wide
rear door; Two (2) Spudnik 22 ft belt unload bulk bodies; Haines
20 ft. belt unload body with wide rear door; Four (4) McConnell
14 ft. bulk bodies on tandem axle wagon running gears with flota
tion tires; McConnell 14 ft. bulk body on wagon running gear
with flotation tires; 1985 Haines 18 ft. seed loader planter filler
with swivel, gas engine over hyd., hyd. bulk body unload motor;
Nice 1-row ground driven potato digger; FMC “Furadan” cus
tom delivery system applicator for planter mounting; 1995
Harriston 40 ft. 12 row 3 pt. double fold potato weeder with front
gauge wheels; 1995 Young’s (Alloway) 3 pt. 6 row flat fold pota
to hiller; Wood’s (Alloway) 3 pt. 6 row potato tops flail shredder
unit with end tow package;
Spudnic Bin Stacker (Model 55088, Ser. #216) with 53 ft. tele
scoping boom, power drive wheels, hyd. outriggers, variable
speed control to synchronize belt speed with unload speed, dirt
eliminator, belt boom with gooseneck, belted draper chain stinger,
deluxe unit; 1992 Deluxe Haines Portable Self-Contain Flume
(stone and clod eliminator unit), detachable tongue, trash and cir
culator pumps, 36 in. clean potato discharge, 12 in stone/clod dis
charge conveyor, trailer per hour capacity, all belted chain, expen
sive custom applied elec, control system with emergency kill
switches; Ag-Pak 9 lane auto. Bagger with Newtec weighing
system, “Kwik Lok” poly closures, all complete with corrugated
belt conveyor and 5 ft. round table; Ag-Pak 8 head paper hanger
unit; Weigh-O-Matic poly hangers; poly hangers; Walthambury
model 320 auto bagger for 50 lbs.; Fischbein 10 Thousand 300
series sewer on adjustable stand; Two (2) Union Special sewers
on adjustable stands; Weigh-O-Matic 14 head auto bagger; FMC
Count Pack Machine (1980’s vintage) used one year then parked
in shed, Kerrian M4O Speed Sizer currently set for #1 and chef
sizes, swinging gate, reversible belts; Haines 48 in washer;
Haines 36 in. chain sizer with draper chain stinger; Haines 30 in.
Auction Conducted By
James P. Pirrung and Associates
P.O. Box 607, Wayiand, New York 14572
"Vegetable Farm Equipment Auctioneers For Over 50 years!”
roller table; Haines 40 in. x 5 ft. flighted belt conveyor, Haines 12
in. x 6 ft. flat then 12 in. x 4 ft. flighted belt up conveyor, Haines
16 in. x 24 ft. flighted belt seed conveyor with seed duster box, on
adjustable scissor legs, single manual bagger, KW hand pallet jack
with charger; Various scales; Selection of wooden pallet boxes;
App. 11,000 Stone Container Corp. “iced sweet corn bags” 15x7
Shur Stor Systems “Fog Master” model S-93 warehouse humid
ifier system; Two (2) Krack 5 fan cooler units with compressor;
Deluxe IVI (Industrial Ventilation Inc.) fully computerized ven
tilation control system with two (2) intake ventilation doors, two
(2) 7 1/2 h.p. fans and all controls (installed by Arctic
Refrigeration Co. of Batavia 716-343-2678);
IH 145 5-b. 18 in. roll-over plow with coulters; Long 1838 5-b. 2-
way light soils plow; Brillion 3 pt. 5 shank V-npper with gauge
wheels; IH 496 22 ft. hyd. fold transport disc with rock flex gangs,
9 in. spacings; Brillion 24 ft. cultimulcher; Brillion “Land
Commander” (model LCS 5-1) soil conditioning tool with 14 ft.
disc units and 9 chisel teeth; Unverferth 15 ft. “Rolling Harrow
II”; Brillion 24 ft. hyd. fold field cultivator with Danish teeth and
rear spike teeth gang; IH 3 pt. 6 row folding wing rolling cultiva
tor; IH 3 pt. 6 row rolling cultivator; Unverferth 30 ft. hyd. fold
field cultivator with rear rolling harrow; IH Cyclone 800 6 row
corn planter with liquid fert., insecticide hoppers; Three (3) flat
rack wagons; Two (2) wagon running gears; Gehl 315 Scavenger
II slinger type tandam axle manure spreader; ST 1550-1100-1000
gal. poly tanks; Various portable transfer pumps; Army Surplus
10 KW portable generator unit with small diesel power plant.
Portable welder; Two (2) shop presses, Two (2) shop cranes;
Heaters; Fans; 3 pt quick attach; IH suitcase weights;
1998 IH 9100 Thick TVactor, (only 17,000 original owner
miles! l ), day cab, Cat. C-10 diesel power, Eaton 9 speed trans.,
jake-break, live tandem axle, sliding sth wheel. Bud wheels,
275/08R24.5 low profile tires, air ride suspension, dual an seats
with Lumbar, air fairing, like new 11 . Two (2) 1986 Utility model
2000 48 ft x 96 in insulated reefer trailers with plywood linings,
stainless rear doors, spring ride, sliding tandems, Bud wheels,
295-75R22.5 low profile tires, each with Thermoking SB-Z units,
nice inside and outside!; 1977 Great Dane 42 ft x 96 in. all stain
less trailer with Thermoking “Century” unit. 1973 Dorsey 40 ft x
96 in. insulated trailer with false floor and conveyor; Ten (10) van
trailers for storage. Four (4) 16-22 ft. van bodies for storage pur
poses; Four (4) 16-22 ft. van bodies for storage; “U.S. Truck
Body” 24 ft.van body with curbside door, 1983 Mack R6OOK 10-
wheel, twin screw, cab and chassis. Mack triplex trans., 11R-24 5
tires; 1973 Mack R6OO 10-wheel, twin screw, cab and chassis, 6
cyl. diesel, duplex trans. plus aux.; 1970 Mack R6OO 10-wheel,
cab and chassis, 6 cyl diesel, 10 sp. trans , plus aux., 1977 Mack
R6OO lOwheel, plus air tag tn axle, cab and chassis; 1980 Mack
F-model tandem axle tractor; Mack “Cruise-Liner” tandem axle
tractor; Ford 9000 Louisville ten wheel, tax axle, diesel
power,with rear nice Tyler app. 12-15 ton steel fert body with
auger and tarp; 1980 Magirus 160-A-II single truck, diesel, with
Webster wooden fert body with auger, 1980 Margirus 160-A-II
single axle truck, diesel, with 20 ft. Kidron van body; 1972 Ford
800 Louisville 10-wheel, twin screw with aux. trans gas engine,
complete with Haines 22 ft. chain unload body; 1974 Ford 800
Louisville 10-wheel, twin screw, gas power, aux. trans , complete
with Haines 22 ft. chain unload body, 1973 Ford Louisville, lO
wheel, twin screw, 3208 Cat diesel, cab and chassis, 1975 KW
Hustler 10-wheel, twin screw, Detroit 6 cyl, diesel, complete with
16 ft. Ziggy type body (Cartanza truck); 1971 IH Cargo Star
COE, 1950 A model, 10-wheel, twin screw, IH V-8 diesel, com
plete with Haines 22 ft. chain unload body, 1969 IH 2000
Fleetstar 10-wheel, twin screw, Detroit diesel, 10 sp trans., plus
aux.; (Note: See newer belt unload bodies listed under “Potato
Field” heading.)
1995 Lincoln Continental, white, 4-door, 87,000 miles; 1987
Mercedes 300 diesel, blue, 4-door, 126,000 miles,
NOTE: The late Ed Meyer died immediately from a tractor acci
dent on the farm August 1999. Ed was well known and highly
respected in the potato industry for his knowledge, enthusiasm,
dedication and progressiveness. Plan to be in attendance on
Monday June 26th. Sale head quarters will be the Blue Spruce
Motel at Kinderhook, Phone 518-758-1638. Lunch and comfort
facilities at sale site.
WIRE TRANSFER IN U.S. FUNDS! Honorable personal or
business checks will be accepted from those persons who have
established favorable relations with the Meyer Family or the
Auction Company' Those persons unknown shall present to
Pirrung Auctioneers, Inc , upon registering to bid, a current letter
from their bank stating the amount they may spend at the Meyer
Auction. The owner and the Auction Company reserve the right to
deny immediate removal of any item until check clearance
Acceptable ID required to register for a bid card'
Owned by Lindenwald Farm, Inc.,
Donald Meyer, President
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 3, 2000-E9
Sale Reports
Antiques, collecti
bles, glassware and
furniture were sold
Wednesday at a public
auction held for the
Anna Metzger estate
in the A 1 Starr Fire
men’s Building,
Willow Street.
There were 180 reg
istered bidders.
Highlights included
a ten-piece Tribond
dining room suite,
$650; a three-piece oak
bedroom suite, $570; a
four-piece Sumter
bedroom suite, $425; a
two-piece iron bed
frame, $300; an oak
sideboard top, $160; a
Singer oak treadle
sewing machine, $7O;
three Wattware mugs,
$270; a Wattware
SAT., JUNE 10, 2000
at 10:00 A.M.
LOCATION: 431 Hibernia Road, Chester
County, Coatesville, Pennsylvania. From
Rt, 30 Bypass Exit Rt. 82, North 3 miles left
onto Lafayette Road, right at stop sign on
Hibernia Road. Sale at the old stone house
w/log cabin addition on left. Watch for
PA House highboy/bedroom set and tea
table; ‘sos kit. set w/swivel chairs and outside
metal patio set; Oak hall rack w/beveled mir
ror; spinning wheels; wooden school desk;
half table; Blue Gothic Revival armchair;
match. Viet, gold chairs; Windsor comb back
chair; Viet, white sofa; victrola; Napanee
Hoosier style cab.; jelly cupboard w/panel
doors; Martha Wash sewing cab.; blanket
chest; empire chest w/glass knobs; Dep.
china cab.; fireplace screen/card table;
Maytag washer w/pump discharge; Art Deco
kit. cab, w/glass door; Singer sew. mach.
w/dovetail box; Oak telephone and Morse
Code signaler; outdoor patio furn.; 2 pc. bed
room set; office credenza; benches; fireplace
andirons, child's wooden horse glider w/actu
al horse hair; wooden stenciled push sled; 4
baby carriages inc. Viet wooden wheel wick
er carriage w/hood, green/black wicker,
white/black wicker and 1950’s style; antique
wooden doll bed; child’s rocking horse
Amber, Roseville tall lily vase w/match. can
dle stands: Weller Pottery; Milk and
Prohibition bottles plus others; crocks, oil and
hurricane lamps.
Battery operated robots
and toys; large tobacco tin w/mirror; old pic
ture frames; Nantucket basket and others;
WWII German War flag; chalkware;
Knucklehead Smith w/ong. clothing; Art Deco
signed statue; irons; Viet, hats w/boxes; furs;
musical jewelry box and others; bar signs;
clocks and serving trays; Silver and misc.
trays; newspaper memorabilia; books; small
Oak barrels: tins; cigar boxes; matches and
lighters; linens
COINS: Morgan Silver Dollars; Peace,
Walking Liberty, Franklin Silver; large paper
notes and currency; mint and proof sets,
quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.
TOOLS: Bow, table and band saws; many
other items too numerous to mention
TERMS: Cash or Approved Check. No Out of
State Checks
Sale By:
Phone; (610) 857-2149 or (610) 758-3187
John Stoltzfus, Auctioneer /»v|j betct
Lie. #AU-001728-L CT}
Ken Griest, Jr., Apprentice uTr '" —
Lie. #AA-002602-L
AUCTIONEER NOTE: Don’t miss this sale
- all items are in nice condition.
cookie jar, $110; two
covered blue glass re
frigerator bowls, $170;
a Hubley cat, $120;
and Old MacDonald
rooster creamer, $110;
an Old MacDonald
cinnamon spice jar,
$9O; a cranberry glass
hobnail cruet, $82.50;
a green Depression
glass shaker, $35; a
Japanese wind-up
baby doll, $32; a
turkey call, $3O; and
an early stuffed
animal pull toy,
The sale was con
ducted by Probst
Family Auction Ser
vice, Willow Street.