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    D4-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 3, 2000
Company Offers Backhoe Attachment
GREAT BEND, Kan. The new 951 backhoe attachment
from Great Bend Mfg. mounts on skid steers from 40 to
100 hp and 55 to 100 hp tractors with Cat. I and II 3 point
The 951 offers nine foot seven inches digging depth with
4,575 pounds digging force. A tapered console and walk
through deck provide comfort and great visibility to the op
Two double-action hydraulic cylinders replace chain
links to ensure long-life and smooth swing operation.
Also available from GB are the Model 651 backhoe at
tachment with six foot six inch depth, the Model 751 with
seven foot six inch depth, and the Model 851 with eight
foot eight inch digging depth.
White Oak To Hold
Pinola Open House
caster Co.) Having recently
constructed a new bag ware
house at its Pinola branch,
White Oak Mills will be con
ducting an open house Thurs
day, June 15 at its Pinola Feed
Store location, Shippensburg
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. rain or
Open house events will in
clude “Summer heat stress” dis
cussions throughout the day by
Dr. Jim Aldrich, dairy nutrition
manager at Akey Inc., Ohio; a
cow station featuring body con-
Million-Unit Milestone
PLAIN CITY, Ohio—March
14 was a historic day for Select
Sires as 7H03707 Paradise-R
Cleitus Mathie*TL produced
his one millionth unit of semen.
At 12 years of age, Mathie is
the second bull in the federa
tion’s 35-year history to achieve
this milestone, the first being
Fisher-Place Mandingo-Twin.
Mathie, now scored Excellent
(94), first came into the Select
Sires active lineup in July 1993
as a graduate of the Program for
Genetic Advancement (PGA)
sire -sampling and proving
system. In just his first six
months on the lineup, Select
sold nearly 50,000 units of
Mathie semen.
In 1994, Mathie ranked
second at Select for number of
units sold. By 1995, Mathie was
the number one selling bull for
Select, a feat he went on to ac
complish again in 1997 and
1999. In fact, Mathie has ranked
either first or second in unit
sales for Select since 1994. His
heavy use is well documented by
dition scoring demonstrations;
TMR particle size display and
testing; silage inoculant applica
tor demonstrations; PQA certifi
cation (by Dr. Ken Kephart at 1
p.m. only); and calf care video.
In addition, there will be
product specials, industry repre
sentatives, doorprizes, and
more. A pig roast and ice cream
will be served all day (10 a.m.-3
To register, call White Oak
Mills’ customer service depart
ment toll-free (800) 468-5524, by
Friday, June 9.
Mathie Hits
the 21,000 plus daughters in his
U.S. sire summary.
“When you see the Mathie
daughters, it’s obvious why he is
our top selling bull,” said Bill
Thompson, vice president of
marketing and development.
“The Mathies have outstanding
udders and feet and legs and
they are wet. Once dairy produc
ers see how they perform, they
continue to use Mathie over and
over. Mathie is Select’s ultimate
customer satisfaction sire.”
Sire Analyst Charlie Will,
who acquired the bull for PGA
sampling, is in total agreement
with Thompson. “The Mathie
daughters just get better with
age. He is the kind of bull who
will sire a Good Plus 2-year-old
that will go on to score Very
Good as a 3-year-old and then
Excellent as 4-year-old. The
Mathie daughters are the type of
cows that stay in the herd for a
long time. All dairymen want
high-producing, long-lasting
It’s this longevity that con
tributes greatly to Mathie’s +3.0
Announce Retail Relationship
Inc. and Southern States Coop
eratives, Inc. announced the
signing of a letter of intent to
pursue discussions toward the
creation of a relationship to
serve Agway consumer dealers
in northeastern U.S.
The letter of intent provides
for the two cooperatives to work
together to develop a product
distribution and marketing
system that will serve dealers
with a full line of branded and
non-branded products, as well
as marketing and advertising
support to develop the coopera
tives’ brands and trademarks
over a larger geographic area.
Optimizer Creates Firm,
Texturized Seedbed Surface
BRILLION, Wis. A firm
and texturized seedbed surface
is a key element for improved
seed germination. The new Op
timizer Pulverizer from Briliion
promises to achieve both of
these conditions.
By itself, or pulled behind a
tillage tool, the Optimizer Pul
verizer creates the optimum
seedbed surface firm and tex
turized without air pockets.
“A good, firmed seedbed
maximizes moisture retention,
increases the capillary action of
water to the seed and root zone,
and provides for the best possi
ble seed-to-soil contact,” said
Tim Geary, marketing manager
for Briliion Iron Works, Inc.
“This results in more uniform
germination and higher yields.
“With an average operating
weight of 200 pounds per foot of
width, and an open-wheel
design, the Optimizer Pulverizer
has enough weight to break
Crop King Offers Grower
Training Workshops
SEVILLE, Ohio Through a
combination of classroom ses
sions and hands-on, in-the
greenhouse training, Crop-
King’s intensive two-day work
shops are designed to help
growers succeed.
Workshops include an op
tional half-day session on the
preceding Thursday afternoon.
For additional information or to
register for any of the following
workshops, contact Crop-
for Productive Life. At 99% reli
ability, Mathie is one of the
highest bulls in the breed for this
measure of longevity.
“We’re milking 25 Mathie
daughters and we are still using
him heavily,” said Bill Ramsey
of Paradise Valley Farms where
Mathie was bred. “He is our pre
mier sire because we know what
we are going to get and we like
it. We have some daughters
Agway, Southern States
Southern States would
assume all dealer marketing, de
velopment, operations, distribu
tion, and logistics associated
with the consumer wholesale
business operated by Agway and
would provide Agway-branded
Agway would continue to
manufacture, promote, distrib
ute and sell the Agway and Leg
ends bagged feed products
through the dealer channel in
the Northeast. Agway would
also provide Agway Feathered
Friend bird food, Agway seed
and Seedway’s commercial veg
etable seed and turf seed prod
ucts in this market.
The new product distribution
The Optimizer Pulverizer
from Briliion creates the
optimum seedbed firm
and level without air pock
ets, breaking clods and
firming the seedbed with- 1
out over packing the soil.
clods and texturize the seedbed
without over-packing the soil,”
Geary said. By leaving a textur
ized surface, the Optimizer Pul
verizer finished the soil in a way
that helps reduce wind erosion,
water erosion and surface crust
ing. This leaves the soil in excel
lent condition and ready to, Inc., 5050 Greenwich
Rd., Seville, OH 44273,330-769-
e-mail: workshop@crop
New Mushroom Growei
Training Workshop is July 13-
15 in Seville, Ohio.
Hydroponic Grower Training
Workshop for hydroponic
growers and prospective
growers will be conducted in
Seville, Ohio, June 22-24, July
27-29, Aug, 10-12, Sept. 14-16,
scored as high as 91 points.”
Mathie is the result of Ram
sey’s mating of the now world
renowned Paradise-R Bell Sears
to Cleitus.
Ramsey said, “When we
make our breeding decisions, we
want the resulting bulls to sire
daughters that look and perform
like their maternal line and
Mathie does that. His good
daughters look just like Bell
Sears did.”
and marketing system is ex
pected to be in place by July
2000. Terms were not disclosed.
“We are very excited about
this new opportunity with
Agway,” said Wayne Boutwell,
president and CEO of Southern
States. “We can achieve the size
and scope of business that is
needed to deliver optimum
value to new customers and our
existing farmer-owners and
dealer network.”
Currently, Agway and South
ern States co-own a bagged feed
manufacturing plant in Gettys
burg, Pa., and are co-owners of a
pet food joint venture with four
other farmer-owned coopera
plant. A better seedbed helps get
crops off to the best possible
start and sets the plant up to
The unique interlocking
wheel design allows the Optim
izer Pulverizer to be used in
wetter, trashier conditions with
out build-up on the wheels.
“We designed the Optimizer
Pulverizer so that each section
drives as one gang. That means
less trash and dirt buildup be
tween the wheels,” Geary said.
The Optimizer Pulverizer is
available in three-point hitch
models in working widths from
10 feet to 20 feet, and pull-type
models in working widths from
10 feet to 46 feet. All are built
with interlocking 20-inch ductile
iron wheels that carry a 5-year
limited warranty against break
age. Drawbar length telescopes
from 13 feet, 11 inches to 19 feet,
1 inch on 28- and 46-foot
Oct. 5-7, and Nov. 30-Dec. 2,
Hydroponic lettuce and herb
grower training workshop is
scheduled Sept. 21-23 in Seville,
Crop King will host its 17th
Annual Hydroponic Grower’s
Conference at the Clarion Plaza
Hotel in Orlando, Fla. Nov. 10-
Learn about the bright future
of controlled environment agri
culture through a wide range of
topics presented by research
people and experienced growers
from around the world.
On Friday, the grower’s ses
sion will feature topics that best
serve the continued success of
experienced growers, including
strategies and techniques to im
prove growing skills, enhancing
yields and quality, maximizing
profits, etc.
Friday’s prospective grower
session will present an overview
of the hydroponics industry, in
cluding such topics as crop
choices, greenhouse selection
and equipment, growing media,
harvesting and packaging, cost
vs-return, preparing a business
plan, labor requirements, etc.
On Saturday, the conference
features a combined grower and
prospective grower session,
which focuses on profitability
and marketing updates on a
variety of potential crops, har
vesting, packing, grading and
more complemented by a spe
cial marketing forum to answer