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    eggs, and feed) and people contact (service crews, visitors,
and farm workers) make this industry very vulnerable to the
spread of poultry diseases from farm to farm and area to
Biosecurity (a system aimed at protecting poultry flocks
from all types of infectious agents), along with coordination
and communication between various poultry-producing
areas became the main driving force behind the formation
of the Mid-Atlantic Cooperative Extension (MACE) Poultry
Health and Management Unit.
In response to the 1983 AI outbreak, poultry extension
veterinarian and specialists at the land grant universities in
five states (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
and Virginia) joined hands to form MACE. The group be
lieved that if each segment of the poultry industry (commer
cial egg and poultry operations, small flock owners, feed
and egg haulers, service crews, live poultry dealers, truck
ers, auction markets, and many others) recognizes its poten
tial role in the spread of poultry diseases, preventive
measures can be readily taken.
What is biosecurity?
The term “biosecurity” may not be a common household
word, but for millions of poultry and livestock producers, it
may spell the difference between health and disease. Pre
venting disease-causing germs or microbes from entering
your premises is the key to flock health and the success of
your business. It is not as complicated as you think.
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Biosecurity, in simple terms, is informed common sense.
Do not bring germs to poultry, and do not bring poultry to
germs. Bear in mind that you are dealing with persistent, in
visible killers that readily survive in dust particles, dropp
ings and debris, waiting to hitch a free ride to a lush living
on your poultry farm.
Effective disease prevention reduces emergency diseases
like Avian Influenza and exotic Newcastle disease. These
diseases cause epidemics on poultry farms, loss of export
markets, public alarm, cancellation of poultry shows, and
long expensive quarantines, resulting in severe financial
Common diseases like Fowl Cholera, Infectious Laryngo
tracheitis, Mycoplasmosis, and paratyphoid infection can
cause reduced growth and feed conversion, decreased egg
production, reduced product quality, and lower customer
How do microbes travel?
Microbes travel from place to place via chicken crates,
egg filler flats, trucks, equipment, and people. They can be
found on people’s hands, in their hair, on clothing, and on
shoes. They are found on the skin and in the digestive and
respiratory organs of dogs, cats, rats, mice, and wild, free
flying birds. Flies, beetles, and other insects are also notori
ous spreaders of disease-causing organisms.
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