Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, April 01, 2000, Image 55

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3 *B i were recognized for earning var
g| | 4 Y-- jous awards during the organ-
J% I BB member banquet the
f I ESS Mifflinburg Area High School.
MBI BH members
V the ban-
I vania FFA member to receive an
J» Agriscience Fair. She
the botany cate
gory. Daren
• for earn
, profi-
Kenamond and Douglas Wolfe
Charlie Gudeman, WPSX Cooks program host, and Bar- wer ® honored for being regional
bara Miller, Penn State Cooperative Extension family living proficiency award winners,
agent, are the guest cooks at the 2000 Homemaker Show Courtney Benner, Denae
to be held at the Central Christian High School In Dußois J °, n ’ J: es,,e Kenamond,
on April 8, starting at 12:30 p.m. Cooking demonstrations, Kuhs, and Valerie
displays, samples, door prizes, and lots of fun. Call for Spanger recognized for re
ticket information at (814) 371-4200. Sf v,n 8 *® PFA Keystone
Degree, while Sheena Moser re
hhmhm ceived the Union County Star
A’Sftftfr***,l Farmer Award and Lindsay
/WKfOl Spanger received the Kuhns
K Brothers Forestry Award.
For The Control Of fa... Daniel Kenamond received
•Ipalrows ’crowT 8 the Star Chapter Farm Award,
AwtWteA Pesticide For Morris received the Star
Control of Pest Birds Chapter Agribusiness Award,
*29s°° a °d Tristan Roup received the
+6.00 Shipping HBBBBiflinH Star Chapter Greenhand
• Restricted use pesticide
must have
applicators license ¥7/-vt T t» I
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between blood and body tissue. That's not all! FIR can □ I am frequently constipated
actually increase the body tissue's regenerative ability. It □ 1 have frequent pain in my shoulder and/or back
also reduces abnormalities in nervous system and helps 1 have we| ght problems
the autonomous system funct.on properly U
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hte usa, inc. V ' Dr shlzuo lnoue
Mark Kuhns received the Ser
viStar tools tor tomorrow
Award. Clinton Morris received
a regional award for his record
book, while Leslie Kenamond
received a county award. Za
chariah Sholley was selected to
receive a lamb given by Moun
tain View Farms.
58 chapter proficiency awards
were presented to members,
while Erin Bowman, Jessie
Camp, Denae Johnson, Leslie
Kenamond, Mark Kuhns, Clin
ton Morris, Sheena Moser, Lind
say Spangler, and Donald
Weller 111 were recognized for
receiving state project book gold
awards. Three members re
member banquet included from left Clinton Morris, who
received the Star Chapter Agribusiness Award; Daniel
Kenamond, who received the Star Chapter Farmer Award;
and Tristan Roupp, who received the Star Greenhand
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SSSSSSS*. Now Holland PA |H -- ~ 111
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, April 1, 2000-B7
ceived silver awards.
31 members received ribbons
for placing in the SUN Area
FFA record book contest. 13
members received scholarship
awards, and chapter awards
were presented to 26 members.
Other awards were also pre
sented during the banquet.
Elio Chiareili, Jr., president of
the Pennsylvania FFA Associa
tion, was the speaker at the ban
quet. Lindsay Spanger
presented an annual review of
chapter activities.
Installed as new officers were
Sarah Erdley, president; Jessie
Camp, vice president; Daphne
Catherman, secretary; Sheena
Moser, treasurer; Jeffrey Saud
ers, sentinel; Lindsay Spanger,
reporter; and Caleb Clark, chap
lain. Teachers Glenn Spangler
and Charles Kessler, FFA advi
sors, were recognized by retiring