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    Magician Brings Joyful Response From Westmoreland
David Hiebert
Westmoreland Co.
LATROBE (Westmoreland
Co.)- Using storytelling and
magic, Jep Hostetler, Columbus,
Ohio, brought smiles and laughter
to participants at the recent
Westmoreland County 4-H kick
off dinner. The dinner, held at the
Krystal McCracken, Mt. Pleasant, a 4-H Travel-All
Club member presented certificates to adult 4-H leaders
honored at the 4-H kick-Off dinner. Photo by David Heibert.
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Blue Angel Restaurant was
organized to honor the 274 adult
volunteers that lead more than
3000 youth in county 4-H
programs last year.
Hostetler, a retired college
professor, introduced six
principles of life he calls “the Joy
Factor” as essential for
overcoming life’s obstacles.
“Joyful people,” he said.
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“understand that life is a gift; that
life is scared;” and that we have
to help each other.”
To show how ordinary things
can be funny, he demonstrated
how to turn a terrycloth towel into
a cow. And that cow into a
Drawing on family stories
from his youth on an Ohio farm,
Hostetler recognized that, at
times, life can be difficult.
Hostetler is an associate professor
emeritus. Dept, of Preventive
Medicine, Ohio State University
College of Medicine. He spent
nearly thirty years teaching
medical students in the fields of
anatomy, substance abuse
medicine, and medical
He has authored several books
including “Ten things parents
should know about drug and
alcohol abuse.”
Dr. Jep, as his students called
him, is a internationally known
speaker on humor and health and
a world-class magician. In
addition, Hostetler’s work in
alcohol and drug abuse dovetails
nicely with a current emphasis on
drug abuse prevention in the
Westmoreland 4-H program.
Some business reports given
during the evening
John Vincze, chair of the
Westmoreland County 4-H board
of directors highlighted the
following county emphases in
The Only One Of Its Kind
80 ax.
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The food and nutrition
program has expanded to eight
clubs. Completion of the
$lBO,OOO William C. Kelly
building at the Westmoreland
County fairgrounds. It is now
available for year-round
Jep (Dr. Jep) Hostetler
The 4-H scholarship program
had it’s biggest year, providing a
total of $23,500 in educational
support in its 5 years of existence.
Joann Logan, youth extension
agent, noted that people in
Westmoreland County still don’t
know about the extensive 4-H
program. As part of an effort to
raise awareness, the extension
service has produced a brochure
highlighting the program. In
addition to describing the
program for youth, the brochure
says about adults:
“We care about volunteers.
Before becoming a screened
leader, adult volunteers receive an
in-depth training by the
Westmoreland County 4-H staff.
Afterwards many opportunities
are offered to keep leaders up-to
date on trends including
workshops on youth development,
non woven
Get out of the mud l
4-H Leaders
club programming ideas, and
leadership skillss. The
Westmoreland County 4- program
is proud of its leaders’
commitment to youth, and is
committed to supporting and
recognizing the volunteers in their
The brochure also notes that a
major purpose for 4-H is to teach
responsibility and promote
character development. Joann also
stated that Westmoreland has the
second highest rate in the US for
students who return to their home
county after education
In other business, three people
were elected to the 4-H boaid
including Westmoreland County
Commissioner Thomas Balya
Commissioner Balya has been a
strong supporter ot the 4-H youth
development program, going so
far as to publicly milk goats and
judge demonstrations . He was
instrumental in obtaining funding
for the new 4-H urban youth
Glenn Ganassi, Mosshaven
Way, Ligonier, is a leader of the
Chestnut Ridge 4-H Community
Club for 8 years. He serves as
shooting sports, computer, and
rabbit leader for the club He
served previously on the 4-H
board of directors and is co-chair
of the cooperative extension
executive committee.
Betty Han, Latrobe, is the third
elected director. Betty has been a
4-H leader for 26 years with the
4-H Travel-All Exchange
Program and is organizational
leader of the Blue Ribbon Ag 4-H
Fanner Boy Ag Systems
Club. Betty is
superintendent of the
barnyard zoo at the
Westmoreland Fair
Betty and her husband
Merle run a small farm
operation and she is the
mother of three
children and
grandmother of five.
Adult volunteer
leaders at significant
recognized for years of
service, including 35
who are concluding
their Ist year and
Nancy Schaller,
Bolivar, a leader who
has served for 35 years
Westmoreland County
Commissioner Scott
Conners got
sympathetic groans
from the crowd when
he mentioned “9 long,
long days at the fair,”
And he proved his
political sensitivity
when he said, “I wish I
had grown up on a farm
and had been mentored
by fine people like
Conners and Krystal
McCracken, Mt
Pleasant, a 4-H Travel-
All Club member
presented certificates to
each person at the
anniversaries as a