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    Cumberland County is the winning team in the first 4-H Farm Safety and Health
Quiz Bowl at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Champions seated, from left, are Amy
Kaucher and Mary Strasbaugh, Mechanicsburg. Standing, from left, are Aaron
Cornman, Boiling Springs; Mark Fulton, Shippensburg; Jason Nailor, Mechan
icsburg; and Abby Zarichansky, Newville. Betsy Walton, Carlisle,is the coach.
Teams from across the state competed in the quiz show format that required
members to know farm safety and health hazards and recommended best prac
tices. The quiz bowl is a fun and educational program that encourages agricul
ture safety. The teach is preparing Farm Safety programs for use in schools and
4-H clubs.
0 4-H
On January 26th the Cum
berland County Light Horse and
Pony Club held their monthly
meeting. The meeting was at the
Cumberland County Extension
Office at 7 p.m. in the lower lev
Newly installed President,
Grooming Chute
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Nikki McCaffrey, called the meet
ing to order. Janine Guido lead
the club in the American pledge,
and Phyllis Martin, Novice Lead
er, took roll call. Levi Smith gave
the treasurers report. After a
brief report on the banquet held
earlier this month, Carrie Mc-
Laughlin and Michelle Thomas
gave a brief description of an
article they are putting together
for the Kids World Magazine on
the club. This article will talk
about our club members 13 and
under and promote our horse
The 4-H members in the Nov
ice and Tenderfoot books went
upstairs for the portion of the
program by Laura Watts from
the Extension Office. Handouts
were given on “Horses and the
Internet” to each of the 4-H
members and Ms. Watts explain
ed how to use the Internet.
The older 4-H members re
mained downstairs for the other
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 26, 2000-815
Family Living
Marlene O. Nash
Nutrition/Health Agent
Seven Steps to Healthful Eating
Just like you take your car
into the shop for a regular oil
change, it’s time to recheck and
refine your eating habits.
March is National Nutrition
Month, a month set aside by the
American Dietetic Association
for Americans to pause and
assess their daily eating habits
and physical activity levels.
The theme of this year’s Na
tional Nutrition Month is “Food
and Fitness: Health for a Life
time.” This theme helps Ameri
cans to focus on the important
role that healthful eating and
regular physical activity plays in
their overall wellness.
Just like a car needs a certain
grade of oil and certain type of
fuel, our bodies run best on
healthy, high quality, foods. We
part of the evenings program on
Parliamentary Procedures by
County Extension Agent, Duane
Heidi Evelhoch, our Record
ing Secretary, also did part of
the program on how to get a
head start on your project books.
Heidi gave us several helpful
suggestions m making our re
cord keeping simple. At 7:30
p.m. the 4-H members switched
places with the older ones going
upstairs for te computer pro
gram and the younger staying
downstairs for the procedure
' and record keeping program.
also function best when we ex
ercise our bodies, more often
than just a “Sunday drive.” The
benefits of good eating and ex
ercise habits are many, includ
ing that you will look and feel
your best and be able to do the
things you want to do.
Healthful eating is easy. You
don’t need to follow a lot of
rules. Here’s how you can start
making healthier food choices.
1. Start strong. Start your day
with breakfast. Breakfast eaters
do better at work and school.
Fuel your body right with break
fast for energy and good nutri
2. Pick a few. Whenever you
get the chance: breakfast, lunch
buffets, or snacktime, grab fruits
and vegetables. They are packed
with nutrients. Most are low in
fat and calories. And they taste
great, too! Always include fruits
and vegetables on your shopping
3. Mix it up. Enjoy lots of dif
ferent foods from all the food
groups. No one food has all the
nutrients you need to be healthy.
Be brave. Explore new tastes
and try new foods. Or, prepare a
favorite food using a new, inter
esting recipe. Make it fun! Have
vour kids help you prepare the
food and then everyone gets to
rate it as “thumbs up” or
“thumbs down.”
5. Snack smart. Choose
snacks from different food
groups. Smart snack choices will
count as some of your servings
from the food guide pyramid.
6. Get moving. Dance around
the room with your child or dog.
Take a walk with your child or
dog. Sweep the floor; weed the
garden; jump for joy! You get
the idea. Do whatever gets you
moving. You will feel good and
have more energy, too.
7. Count it. Use the Food
Guide Pyramid as your map to
healthful eating. Include all the
food groups every day. Each
group provides important nu
trients your body needs to stay
running at its best.
To obtain more information
on fueling and exercising your
body, you can call your local co
operative extension office or you
can visit the American Dietetic
Association on the World Wide
Web: or call
Let us give you a price!
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Ronks, PA 17572
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