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    Heart Health and Fake Fats
Heart disease is the number
one cause of death in the United
States and millions of dollars
have been spent on research
over the last half century result
ing in major improvements in all
aspects of heart care, from ear
lier detection of risk factors such
as blood cholesterol and homo
Dairy Of Distinction Seeks Nice Looking Farms
Co.) Do you take pride in
maintaining your dairy farm?
Does your farm project an at
tractive, wholesome image to
consumers? If so, the Dairy of
Distinction Program of Pennsyl
vania, New York, New Jersey,
and Vermont is looking for you.
The Northeast Dairy Farm
Beautification Program that
oversees the Distinction pro
gram was first started in 1983 in
Pennsylvania. The Dairy of Dis
tinction recognize the hard work
and dedication of the farmers
who maintain attractive farms.
The purpose of the program is
to instill a greater sense of confi
dence in the wholesomeness of
dairy products, thus increasing
Farms that apply are judged
on the roadside appearance of
building, grounds, and sur
roundings, since this is what our
dairy product consumers ob
serve as they drive by the farm.
The cleanliness of the barn
yard, feed areas, and manure
management are all areas taken
into consideration when a team
of judges takes a look at your
farm from the road. Your milk
cooperative or handler will be
contacted to approve your milk
Judging is conducted during
•the month of May. Award
winners are announced during
local June Dairy Month activi-
• Dairy of Distinction
2 2000 Pennsylvania Application
Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Program Inc. •
Awards will be based upon neatness, good maintenance, and other •
factors that can be controlled by the farmer. Attractive background seen- • PURPOSE OF PROGRAM
ery should not be weighted heavily in judging. All judging observations •
should be made from a vehicle at one or more points on an adjacent • Attractive dairy farms give the consumer greater confidence in the wholesomeness of milk and stimulate milk
public highway. If the farm is off the road, the judging will take place • sales which encourages public support for the dairy industry The award gives recognition to the dairy farmer for
from the nearest lane. Judging should give equal consideration to old • maintaining a well-kept farmstead
wood construction and new construction of metal or concrete block. •
The award program may be used for subsequent advertising or pro- • ELIGIBILITY
motion activities for dairy products or dairy farming. Farmers who •
apply for the award agree that if selected they will cooperate with these • All Northeast dairy farms producing milk for sale are invited to submit an application for the award Dames
promotion activities and make all reasonable efforts to maintain both * receiving the 10 highest scores in each of the 21 districts will receive an 18" x 24” Dairy of Distinction sign to
the exterior and interior of heir properties in an acceptable manner. • be displayed in front of their farm
The owner or operator of the dairy farm should sign the application • Your Name
and send it to the Dairy of Distinction state secretary by April 15. •
v Mailing Address.
Judging teams will visit farms during the month of May. Farms will be •
judged each year as the award is presented on an annual basis. Any • Cooperative or Handler (where you ship your milk, be specific),
dairy failing to maintain appearance standards will be asked to remove •
their signs. The Dairy of Distinction signs remain the property of the •
committee, not the property of the dairy farmer. All farms must achieve • (Youf Handlcr conned , 0 approve VO ur milk quality)
a compliance score of 90 percent on their Dairy of Distinction score card. •
Your cooperative or milk handler will be contacted to approve your mdk • Location (dnvmg directions forjudging team)
quality. •
1) The Dairy of Distinction sign remains property of the Northeast • •
Dairy Farm Beautification Committee. • •
2) The post and bracket shall be supplied by and maintained by the • County (where your farm is located) . #
dairy farmer. It is suggested that a wood post 4’ x4’ x 12’ or iron pipe • •
■>' x 12’ can be used. Posts or pipe should be installed and mam- • I hereby apply to the Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Committee to have my dairy scored in accordance J
mined in true vertical position with 8’ above ground. Top of the • with the rules of the program for the purpose of obtaining a Dairy of Distinction sign to be displayed on my •
bracket should be lower than six inches from the top of the post. • premises (No producer will be charged for sconng or sign expense) •
3) Signs shall be displayed in front of the dairy at roadside. An attractive • •
post or bracket, or other frame, shall be used to display the sign. No • ——— Dale •
more than three signs should be displayed from the sign frame or ••'f* **« * * •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••!
post, and all shall be of a style, general size, and quality comparable
to the Dairy of Distinction sign. Sign should be secured on all sides Retnm ymr app li catwn by April 15 to:
4) Signs shall not be moved to other premises. New owners of a Dairy ✓ PENNSYLVANIA Michael O’Conner, 324 Henning Building, Dept, of
of Distinction farm must apply to retain the sign Dairy and Animal Science, Penn State University, University Park, PA
5) Replacement of damaged signs is at the committee s discretion.
6) No producer shall be charged with scoring or sign expenses. IDSUZ
7) Judges’ decisions will be final. ✓ NEW YORK Carol Keenc-Ainsille, 3993 Jordonville Road,
8) Judging will take place between May Ist and May 31st. Inrdnnville NY 13361
9) Farms awarded a Dairy of Distinction sign in previous years will be joruunviuc,
judged between April Ist and April 30th. If they do not qualify, ✓ NEW JERSEY Joy Ricker, 91 Beemer Road, Sussex, NJ 07461
the'o' V ' ort u n u”^olfccp'the'si *° ‘ hCy haVC ✓ VERMONT Elisa Clancy, Vermont Department of Agriculture, 16
1 (I)'Fa°rnis°that do 'nolTequalify will return the sign to their regional State St., Drawer 20, Montpelier, VT 05620-2901
Dairy of Distinction committee.
cysteine levels to techniques that
repair clogged arteries without
Many studies have reinforced
the relationship between diet
and heart disease. Incidence of
strokes and heart attacks are
greater in countries where the
diets are high in foods contain
Del-Jame Farm near Hamburg in Berks County is a 1999 Dairy of Distinction
winner. Since the program began in 1987 in Pennsylvania, more than 700 farms
have been given this farm beautification award. Entries are now being received
for the year 2000 program. Take time to enter your farm now.
ties. To qualify for consideration,
you must be actively dairy farm
ing and shipping milk.
Applications are available for
Pennsylvania dairy farms from
Michael O’Conner, 324 Henning
Building, Dept, of Dairy and
Animal Science, Penn State Uni
versity, University Park, PA
16802. Phone: (814) 863-3913.
New York State applications
are available from Carol Keene-
Ainsille, 3993 Jordonville Road,
ing saturated fat such as meats
and cheeses. Diet recommenda
tions have evolved from re
search examining how various
fatty foods affect blood lipid
levels, specifically LDLs (the
bad cholesterol) and HDLs (the
good cholesterol). Foods high in
saturated fat and trans fatty
acids have been shown to raise
LDLs and lower HDLs. The fat
Jordonville, NY 13361. Phone:
For New Jersey applications,
contact Joy Ricker, 91 Beemer
Road, Sussex, NJ 07461. Phone;
For Vermont applications,
send to Elisa Clancy, Vermont
Department of Agriculture, 16
State Street, Drawer 20,
Montpelier, VT 05620-2901.
All applications must be com
pleted and returned to your re
Phone Number.
found in fish and olive oil has
been shown to raise HDLs while
lowering LDLs, a positive result.
Fat is an essential component
of our diet. While most of us get
more than we need, limiting fat
intake to less than 10% of total
calories may result in skin
lesions, increased illness and vi-
spective state secretary by April
15, 2000.
The Dairy of Distinction pro
gram is financed in Pennsylva
nia by dairy farmers through the
American Dairy Association &
Dairy Council Mid East and the
Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion
Program in cooperation with
many local agribusiness organ
izations. The program is con
ducted with advice and help
from the Penn State Coopera
tive Extension.
Farm Name
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 26, 2000-811
tamin deficiencies in fat soluble
vitamins, A, D, E, and K, some
of which are antioxidants that
keep our eyes healthy, reduce
certain cancer risks and delay
cell breakdown.
The Dietary Guidelines for
Americans recommend that fat
calories be less than 30% of our
total calories, about 600 calories
or 65 grams when consuming
about 2000 calories a day. Rec
ommendations for persons with
high cholesterol, diagnosed
heart disease or other risk fac
tors limit fat intake to 20-25% of
total calories.
Food producers have re
sponded to Americans desire to
reduce fat intake by offering low
fat versions of many of our
foods. Some, such as 1% milk or
leaner ground beef have become
staples whereas low fat cookies
have not fared as well. Fat en
hances flavor and adds texture
to foods, challenging manufac
turers to find substitute ingred
ients that maintain the
characteristics of the original
Recently foods traditionally
high in fat have begun to appear
on supermarket shelves contain
ing fake fats. Olestra or Olean™,
a product of Proctor and
Gamble, is probably the best
known because of the national
opposition mounted by the
center for Science in the Public
Interest several years ago.
Found in WOW potato chips
and other snack foods, olestra is
not absorbed by the body so it
adds no calories and is excreted
in much the same manner as
fiber. Too much olestra can
cause some abdominal distress
and loose stools as well as limit
ing fat soluble vitamin absorb
tion. It is not recommended for
persons with existing GI dis
eases. Most consumers eat chips
with other foods so the side ef
fects are not commonly found
and WOW snacks are found in
most grocery stores today.
Benecol", Taking Control™,
and Phytol™ are spreads (butter
substitutes) that have been
shown to reduce blood choles
terol levels in a yearlong study
when 2-3 servings a day were
eaten. Made from wood pulp or
soy, these plant sterols are ab
sorbed and contribute calories
but not fat to the diet. At
present, these spreads are more
expensive than butter or marga
rine. Benecol’" is packaged in 1
tablespoon servings rather than
the traditional soft spread tub.
No side effects have been re
• | ported.
Bene fat™ is the trademark for
salatrim, a lower calorie fat
found in chocolate chips and
other confections. Containing 5
calories per gram rather than
the 9 calories per gram of fats,
salatrim may reduce calorie and
fat intake when consuming
sweet treats. Cholesterol levels
and vitamin absorption are not
affected and no side effects have
been reported.
Are fake fats for you? The de
cision should be based on your
desire to limit fats in your
diet-whether to lose or control
weight, reduce cholesterol or
just maintain a low fat intake for
overall good health.
Fake fats will be tasted and
reviewed on March 1, 1:00-3:00
and repeated from 7:00-9:00 in
the “What’s New at the Super
market” class held at Delaware
County Cooperative Extension
in Smedley Park, Springfield.
Call (610) 690-2655 for more de