Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, February 26, 2000, Image 53

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    Cumberland County 4-H Horse Club held its 4-H Achievement Banquet at the
West Pennsboro Fireball, Plainfield. From left, Heidi Evelhock, daughter of Betty
and David Evelhock, Shippensburg, is selected Outstanding 4-H Horse Member;
Sandy Long, Carlise, is recognized for completing 35 years as a volunteer leader;
Phylis Martin, Shippensburg, completed 10 years as a 4-H leader; and Mary
Strasbaugh, daughter of Glenda and Tim Strasbaugh, Mechanicsburg, receives
the Mrs. Merle Dubs Memorial Award for achieving the highest record score.
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Uncarter Farming, Saturday, February 26, 2000-69
Ida Risser
The past century has seen
many changes. Not the least
among these are how we buy
In the early 1900 s the sellers
went to the customers. Peddlers
walked from house to house sell
ing shoe strings, pins, handker
chiefs, and other necessities. The
McNess salesman and the Wat
kins salesman often stopped at
farms to supply the housewife
with vanilla, cleaners, and Must
erole to rub on the chests of sick
Even in the 1950 s we had a
“ragman” who stopped regu
larly at our farm. He also bought
metal that had accumulated
around the farm. Twice a week a
delivery man brought bread to
our kitchen door. Then the price
was a small fraction of what we
now pay when we run to the
store for bread. One day unbe
knownst to me, my 12-year-old
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daughtei ordered a lot of buns
for a birthday surprise for me.
Then a younger child became
sick and the party was almost
In villages milk was delivered
early each morning. And,
icemen lugged blocks of ice to be
put in the icebox-before refri
gerators. My mother often told
me about the fish peddler who
came every Saturday night
blowing a horn to alert the
housewives of his arrival. Her
family usually bought oysters
for the evening meal.
Nowadays we go to the
seller-wherever his store is lo
cated. It might be nearby or
miles away in a mall. We still
expect service but it is not the
kind that we got at our doorstep.
Now I’ll get back to work on
my 18th braided rug. This one
will be blue, grey and red if I can
find enough material to finish it.
People Usim