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    A22-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Februaiy 12, 2000
The first annual Richard Hoppes Memorial award
went to Lamar Fidler, who is 86-years-old and has spent
a lifetime of membership in the local, state, and national
Young Farmer associations. From left, Terry Martin,
Fidler, and Grace Hoopes.
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for 30,000 people. Farmers have
17 percent of the tax base. This
is significant.”
Identifying with the farmer, Schwank
quoted Sinclair Lewis in closing. Lewis said
“Winter is not so much a season as it is an oc
“You as farmers understand this more
than anybody with the effort to get the milk
truck in the lane and all the other extra work
around the farm in the snow,” Schwank said.
In the awards ceremony, Dr. Ferman
Moody, retired director of vocational
techincal education for the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, was named the 2000 Honor
ary Young Farmer. Dr. Moody has a lifetime
in agriculture education. He is the vocational
agriculture teacher of the year for Virginia
and has held numerous positions at North
Carolina Central University, Ohio State,
Penn State and the Pennsylvania Department
of Education from where he retired in 1999.
He was born and raised on a farm in Virginia,
and received a bachelors degree in education
from Virginia State University, a master’s
degree from the University of Virginia and
his doctorate from Penn State.
A new annual award was presented this
year. The Richard Hoopes Memorial award
was presented to Lamar Fidler. Fidler is 86-
years-old young farmer who has spent his life
supporting agriculture, especially the Young
Farmer programs, locally, at the state level,
and nationally.He spoke on his experience as
a Young Farmer. Richard Hoopes was the
late husband of Grace Hoopes, the new state
Gerald Reichard, coordinator of the Ship
pensburg Young Adult Farmers Association
was named the outstanding young farmer ad
visor. His tireless efforts on behalf of young
farmers is appreciated.
The state Community Service award winners are
Steve and Bonnie Wenger, from Lebanon County in
Region 7. Making the presentation is Paul Kemerer.
Steve and Bonnie Wenger,
from Lebanon County in region
7, own Wen-Crest farms, and
were the recipients of the out
standing community service
award. They have three sons,
Brad 10, Brandon 7, and Nicho
las 2.
Outstanding community ser-
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Pa. Young Farmers
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vice award winners from region
4, were Tim & Marcia Brown
from Littiestown in Adams
Ammon and Brenda Peiffer
from the Cedar Crest Chapter in
region 7, received the state out
standing young farmer under 30
award. They own a dairy farm
Hold Annual M
Grace Hoopes is the new pre
son finished his term as presidei
called “Boxed In Acres”.
Mike and Josie Riser, New
Oxford, are the outstanding
young farmers under 30 from
region 4. They have two daugh
ters Hannah and Jocelyn.