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    Mel and Sandy Hoffer milk 40 cows and farm 110
acres in Elizabethtown. “The low milk price can make
you feel negative about a lot of things,” said Mel. “It
doesn’t seem like it matters what we do because we
can’t control it. It gets somewhat frustrating thinking
about the milk price going down when the bills just keep.
going up.” The Hoffers plan to tighten their belts to get
through the next couple of months. “We’re not going to
make any purchases that aren’t necessary, and hope
fully things will change.”
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Farmers Speak Out About Milk Prices
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Lancaster Farming Staff
MOUNT JOY (Lancaster
Co.) During last week’s
Mount Joy Dairy Cooperative
meeting in Mount Joy, four
farmers volunteered to talk
about the recent drop in the milk
price. Here are their comments.
Gilbert and Darlene
Adams of New Bloomfield
milk 125 cows and farm
2,000 acres with their four
sons. “The milk prices
could be worse, but they
could be a lot better,” said
Gilbert. “We just have to
watch what we buy and not
overspend.” The Adams
consider themselves for
tunate because they didn’t
get hit as badly with the
drought as other areas did.
“The 2,000 acres give us
something to fall back on
when milk prices fall.”
Joe and Jeanne Wivell
milk 80 cows and farm 250
acres in Columbia. “It’s just
too low,” said Joe. ‘‘There
is too much manipulation in
milk pricing.” Joe doesn’t
see expanding as an
answer to the problem, ‘in
essence, we’re our own
worst enemy, if dairying
were more profitable, farm
ers wouldn’t have to
expand and drive milk
supply up.” He admits that
the average milk price for
the last two years has been
excellent, ‘if we could still
average $l4 per hun
dredweight for this year’s
milk, even with this low,
farmers could stay profita
Mike and his wife Lisa Brubaker farm in Mount Joy,
where Mike milks 400 cows with his father Luke and
brother Tony, ‘i don’t like that milk prices are falling,”
said Mike. “But we have had two years of good prices,
so they were bound to fall sometime.” Still Mike admits
that the prices dropped farther than he expected. “It
will make margins really tight for the next several
months. But at least the feed costs are low so that will
help weather the situation.”
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 5, 2000-A37