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    A2B-L>noBter Farming, Saturday, February 5, 2000
Knapers Named York Family Of The Year
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“Cleanliness and freshness
are our two major focuses,”
Schiano noted, with local fresh
food perishables handled through
the corporation’s 362,000-square
foot warehouse in Carlisle.
Trends that Schiano predicts
will continue to heavily influ
ence the retail food business
include low inflation and unem
ployment rates, with food costs
only rising two percent last year.
Retailers will continue to strive
to meet needs of the changing
population as families spend
less time together, the consumer
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base ages, and people spend
more time working than in the
past. Already an estimated half
of the food dollar is spent eating
outside the home.
With its emphasis on fresh
produce, Schiano reviewed the
Giant Stores’ “Walter” campaign
promoting fresh fruits and veg
etables and emphasized that
perishables is the cornerstone of
the market place. Giant also
participates in the “Simple De
licious” program in Pennsyl
vania, which utilizes the prod
ucts of some 325 local growers
across the state to supply retail
ers with locally-grown produce.
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Growth of technology will
continue to demand inconve
nience and service. Internet pur
chases are expected to swell
with an estimated seven people
per second logging on for the
first time.
Nutrition interest continues
to grow, while at the same time
consumption of fat is up 11 per
cent and sugar is up 20 percent.
Schiano further predicted the
food safety will continue to im
Larry Hicks, York area newspaper columnist, left, traded
days at work with grain farmer Bill Buser as part of the
York Chamber of Commerce’s annual Ag Exchange.