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    A2a-Unc««ler Farming, Saturday, January 22, 2000
Pennsylvania Department Of Agriculture Lists Action Plan
HARRISBURG (Dauphin Co.)
As the Pennsylvania Depart
ment of Agriculture looks to the
months ahead, the agency has its
program of work in place... Ac
tion Plan for Pennsylvania Agri
culture. This is the second edition
of PDA’s Action Plan. Most of the
first edition is complete.
“While there are many program
tasks beyond those listed in our
Action Plan for Pennsylvania
Agriculture, PDA believes it im
portant to have a pro-active agen
da in support of Pennsylvania’s
diverse society and agricultural
community,” Agriculture Secre
tary Sam Hayes said.
Here is a brief overview of the
action agenda.
—Develop 21st Century Mis
sion Statement for Department of
—Develop 21st Century Mis
sion Statements for all PDA
—Develop 21st Century Mis
ison Statement for PDA Regions.
—Nutrient Management, Best
Management Practices Manual
—Administration of Drought
Assistance: Hay Assistance; Crop
Loss Assistance, Crop Insurance.
—Enhance State Conservation
Commission’s programs through
PDA-sponsored projects to sup
port production agriculture
through the protection of farm
land, agriculture advocacy, nutri
ent management assistance, lead
ership development training, and
conservation technical services.
—Farmland Preservation, Ac
celerated Program.
—Website, Farmland Preserva
—Website, PA Hardwoods.
Hardwoods Development Coun
—Workshops, Next Generation
Farmer Loan Program.
—Website, Plant Industry.
—Chemsweep 11.
—IPM User’s Guide for Penn
sylvania Schools.
—Pesticide Container Recy
cling Program.
—Farm Safety Day Camps.
—Plum Pox Virus, Diagnostic
and Phyto-Security Initiatives.
—Strategic Plan, Bureau of
Market Development
—Export Website, Pennsylva
nia Agriculture.
—“Export for Learners,” Dairy
Our kernel processors effectively
increase milk production by making
more nutrients available to your cows
Replacement Crimper Rolls
for SP JD Series.
Special ‘til 1/31/00 - $l,OOO ea
In Stock Will Ship
Silage Roller Mill
Process chopped silage from your
silo to a feed cart.
Now Available: Processing Unit
Heifer Marketing Program for
College and High School Stu
—E-Commerce, Promotion of
PA Grown Food in Restaurants.
—Promote the Water Export of
Dairy Heifers.
—Power Point Outreach Pro
gram, “Pennsylvania Agriculture
Products for the Planet”
—Philadelphia. “Simply Deli
cious,” PA Fruits and Vegetables.
—AGRO 2000, International
—Food Safety. User’s Guide
for Non-Profit Organizations.
—Food Safety, Crisis Com
munication Protocol.
—School Cafeteria Food Safe
ty, “Good Learners Need Good
—Website, Food Safety.
—Strategic Plan. Animal
Health Commission.
—Website, Animal Health.
—Pseudorabies Free Status.
—TB Free Status.
—Johnes Disease Protocol.
—Emergency Animal Health
Preparedness and Response Pro
—PA Dairy Quality Assurance
—Strategic Plan, Weights and
—Website, Weights and Mea
surement Standards.
Limited Number
of Units
Available For
• John Deere 3950 &
3970 pull type
• John Deere 5000 series
self propelled
—Water Park Safety Seminars.
—Go-Kart Safety Seminars.
—Equine Center.
—PA Meat Animal Evaluation
—Database. Weights and Mea
—Bulk Milk Tank Calibration
Assistance for Dairy Industry.
—Consumer Brochure, Scan
ner Devices.
—Pilot Project, Octane Testing
—Ag Symposium on profit
ability, 2nd Annual.
—Emergency Response Plan
for PDA.
—Agricultural Research, Sup
pression of Agricultural Odors,
Conflict Resolution for Agricul
—lnternational User’s Guide
for Pennsylvania Agriculture,
Trade Barrios to Ag Export, PDA
Application of CIS, Animal
Health Salmonella in Poultry.
—PDA, Farm-City Day, “A
Story to be T01d... Lessons to be
Learned,” 4th Annual.
—PDA, Ag Research Sym
posium, 3rd Annual.
—Timer Expo 2001.
—Beef Promotion, ‘The New
Face of Beef in Pennsylvania.”
—“PA Select Apples,” Winter
Retail Promotion.
—Dairy Promotion, “The Dairy
Difference: Meeting the Needs of
Used/Rental Liquid Manure Equipment
(2) 1996 Knight 8030's, (1) with Lid and 21.5x16.1 Tires; (1) w/o Lid
and 22.5 Truck Tires, Both in Good Shape . __ _ _ _ , ■■
(2) Houle EL846000 Gal.2BLx26Tires, Excellent cond. Without T|||C UlPPlf C
Brakes, Both in Ex. Cond. I flld ¥WCCI% J JIJCVICII
(1) 1994
(1) 1997
1999 Houle 5,250 Gal. 28Lx26 Tires
1999 Houle 4800 Gal. 28Lx26, Brakes
Balzer 3350 Vacuum i
Houle 9.5’ 3 Pt. Agi-Pump, Rebuilt $3,350
Houle 12’Agi-Pump on 3 Pt. Sliding, 1000 PTO $6,900
(2) Houle Maxi Pumps, 28” CALL
Houle Irrigation Pumps, on trailers, hyd. primers CALL
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1998 Houle 8/12’ Super Pump, Rental Unit $6,950
Ag Bagger
Rubber Tire Scrapers, 3 pt. & Skid Steer; Also Push Blades
AgnMetal 5500, Full Hyd , Rd Bale Chopper
(2) CADMAN 2625 Hard Hose Reels
Ag Ram Hard Hose Reel, 2.5”x800’, Slurry Turbine.
1993 WIC, 13 hp, Bedding Chopper
Badger BN 184 26’ Lagoon Pump
Putz 3-Pt. Agitator .
Calumet 4500 Gal. Hydraulic
Drive w/Airplane Tires, Tank Is
1995 NH 155 Spreader,
Good Shape
Top Volume _ jal h. t r t s*
I ■ 1 1 11'11 *| 4oig Ashviile Rd.. BQtlSVSt&fflS
Quarryvilie, PA 17566 -** V
Dea,er 800-222-2948 • 717-529-278
Chromalloy "Super Tanker" 3,300
Gal. 19Lx16.1 Tires $3,000
1993 WIC 13 HP Bedding Chopper,
Runs Great $l,lOO
PA School Children.”
—PEQAP Television, Pennsyl
vania Egg Quality Assurance Pro
—Sustainable Forestry Initia
—Wood Products, Technical
Training Curriculum.
—Workforce Training
Wood Industry.
—PDA, In-Service Workshops,
Customer Relations.
—Website, Donated Food Pro
—Farmers Markets Established
for Senior Citizens.
—Aquaculture Development
... CALL
—Website, Dog Law Enforce
—Management Guide for Ken
nel Owners.
—Rabies and Dog Bite Preven
tion, (Outreach).
—Website, Farm Show Com
—Upgrade Feasibility Study
Farm Show Complex.
—PA Organic Directory.
—Market Promotion, “Uncovei
PA Wine Country.”
—Website, Ag Statistics.
—PDA Publication. Depart
ment Mission and Program Book
1989 Houle 32’
Lagoon Pump,
Just Rebuilt, Ready to Pump
1978 Mack R-Model w/3000 Gal.
Badger, Ready To Work $9,5(
Badger BN 184 Lagoon Pump,
Frame Sound, Bearing Assembly
Good $2.750