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    818-Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, October 17, 1988
Blair County Submits Roundup Show, Sale Results
—ln August, about 60 Blair Coun
ty youth paraded more than 100
animals in the show ring in front of
judge Matt Sellers during the
annual roundup.
Grand champion swine was
shown by Megan Bert, daughter of
Ernest and Ann Bert, Martinsburg.
Reserve was shown by Valerie
Smith, daughter of Gerald and Li
nda Smith, Martinsburg. The
champion shown by Megan Bert
was sold to First Union National
Bank of Lancaster for $5.25 per
pound. The reserve shown by Val
erie Smith was sold for $3.50 a
pound to Bedford Ford-Lincoln
Lamb grand champion of the
roundup went to Elizabeth Biddle,
with her heavyweight lamb. Eli
zabeth is the daughter of Michael
and Tammy Biddle, Williams
burg. Amy Brumbaugh, daughter
of Dennis and Caroline Brum
baugh, Williamsburg, showed the
reserve champion. At the sale,
Biddle’s lamb was purchased by
Bedford Chrysler for $4.75 a
pound. The reserve shown by
Brumbaugh was purchased for $3
a pound by the Blair-Bedford Auto
Grand champion swine
was shown by Megan Bert,
daughter of Ernest and Ann
Bert, Martlnsburg. The
champion was sold to First
Union National Bank of Lan
caster for $5.25 per pound.
Lamb grand champion of the roundup went to Elizabeth
Biddle, with her heavyweight lamb. Elizabeth Is the daught
er of Michael and Tammy Biddle, Williamsburg. Biddle's
lamb was purchased by Bedford Chrysler for $4.75 a pound.
Grand champion steer was
shown by Andrew Hilcman, son of
Scot and Kathy Hileman. Holli
daysburg. Reserve steer was
shown by Elizabeth Biddle. The
grand champion shown by Hile
man was sold for $3.75 a pound to
Hoss’s Steak and Sea House. The
reserve shown by Biddle went for
$1.15 per pound to Giant Eagle.
Grand champion carcass hog
was shown by Angela Mingle,
daughter of Tina Mingle, Wil
liamsburg. Reserve was shown by
Scott Bowers, son of Randy Bow
ers, Martinsburg. Grand champion
was sold for $1.90 a pound to
DelGrosso Foods, Upton. Reserve
was sold for $1.40 a pound to Bil
ger’s Breeding Service.
Auctioneer was Mark Glide,
Reedsville. Altogether 119 ani
mals sold for a grant total of
Following is a list of show
Claae 1:1. Ellen Bert. 2. Megan Byler.
Grand champion steer was
shown by Andrew Hlleman,
right, son of Scott and Kathy
Hlleman, Hollidaysburg. The
steer was sold for $3.75 a
pound to Hoss's Steak and
Sea House.
Blair County Livestock Roundup showmanship and fitting winners. Front row, from
left, Scott Harclerode, beef senior showmanship; Andrew Eastep, swine first year fit
ter; Chris Biddle, lamb Junior showmanship, beef Junior fitter; Josh Biddle, lamb
senior showmanship; and Elizabeth Biddle, beef Junior showmanship. Back row, from
left, Matt Biddle, lamb senior fitter; Christy Nau, swine senior fitter; Barb Hileman, beef
senior fitter; Rebecca Nau, swine Junior fitter; Lee Bailey, swine senior showmanship;
and Sarah Deli, lamb Junior fitter. Not pictured: Matt Forshey, swine first year show
man and Josh Briggs, swine junior showman.
Ciau 2; 1. Matt Brumbaugh. 2. Laura
Clou 3:1. Josh Briggs. 2. Megan Byler.
Class 4:1. Valerie Smith. 2. Scott Bowers.
Gass 5; 1. Tracey Stock. 2. Andrew
Class 6: 1. Angela Mingle. 2. Ernest Bert.
Class 7: 1. Megan Bert 2. Chris Biddle.
Class 8: 1. Megan Bert. 2. Chris
Class B: 1. Jason Bechtel. 2. Matthew
Class 10; 1. Roger Stock.
Megan Bert
Valerie Smith
Pint Year; 1. Man Forshey. 2. Georgia
Junior*: 1. Joth Briggs. 2. Magan Byler. 3.
Ambar Moya.
Sanior*: 1. La* Bailay. 2. Elian Bart. 3.
Roger Slock.
Flr»t-Yaar; 1. Andraw Eattep. 2. Malt
Junior*; 1. Rebecca Nau. 2. Chris Biddla.
3. Angela Mingla.
Senior*: 1. Christy Nau. 2. Lee Bailey. 3.
Melissa Gearhart
Scott Bowers
Valeria Smith
Lightweight; 1. Bath Gearhart 2. Harry
Smith. 3. Elian Bart
Medium Lightweight 1. Tracy Bigelow. 2.
Diana Bigalow. 3. Tracey Stock.
Medium Weight 1. Andrew Hilaman. 2.
Chris Biddla. 3. Scott Hardaroda.
Warning To Gas Refrigerator Owners
your propane or natural gas
refrigerator is a Servel brand
manufactured between 1933
and 1957, it may be endangering
your life.
The U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC) says
that these old model Servel
refrigerators have caused at
least 14 deaths as the result ot
carbon monoxide poisoning.
These refrigerators continue to
be used in hunting cabins, vaca
tion cottages, and remote areas
of the nation where there is no
electricity, or where gas is a pre
ferred energy source.
To protect yourself and your
family from potential hazard,
stop using your old Servel gas
refrigerator immediately.
Over a period of time, espe
cially if the refrigerator has not
been used recently, the gas
burner can be fouled by dust,
dirt, rust, spider webs, or other
obstructions. This can cause
improper combustion of the fuel,
Medium Heavyweight: 1. Tracy Bigelow, z.
Carrie Shatzer. 3. Adam Shatzer.
Heavyweight: 1. Barb Hileman. 2. David
Bigelow. 3. Adam Longenecker.
Andy Hileman
Elizabeth Biddle
Junior*: 1. Elizabeth Biddle. 2. Chrii
Biddle. 3. David Bigelow.
Senior*; 1. Soon Herdetade. 2. Carrie
Shatzer. 3. Diana Bigelow.
Junior*: 1. Chrii Biddle. 2. Andrew Hile
man. 3. Tracy Bigelow.
Seniors; 1. Barb Hileman. 2. Soon Herder
ode. 3. Dianb Bigelow.
Lightweight 1. Sanya Hinish. 2. Valeria
Smith. 3. Ambar Moya.
Medium Lightweight 1. Elizabeth Biddla.
2. Sarah Dell. 3. Sonya Hinish.
Medium Weight 1. Sarah Dell. 2. Amy
Brumbaugh. 3. Josh Biddla.
Medium Heavyweight 1. Amy Brum
baugh. 2. Josh Biddle. 3. Sarah Biddle.
Heavyweight 1. Elizabeth Biddla. 2. Ange
la Greaser. 3. Chris Biddla.
Elizabeth Biddl*
Amy Brumbaugh
Pair of Lamb*: 1. Sarah Dell. 2. Chris
Biddle. 3. Elizabeth Biddla.
Juniors: 1. Chris Biddle. 2. Elizabeth
Biddla. 3. Amy Brumbaugh.
Seniors; 1. Josh Biddle. 2. Sarah Biddle. 3.
Matt Biddla.
leading to the production of car
bon monoxide, a colorless, odor
less and deadly gas.
Any gas refrigerator with an
improperly adjusted or partially
plugged burner can produce
enough carbon monoxide to kill
the occupants of a cottage or
house in just one night.
Symptoms of carbon monox
ide poisoning include nausea,
headaches and dizziness.
Receive Cash For Serval
The CPSC has arranged for
your to receive $lOO in exchange
for your old Servel refrigerator.
To qualify for the rebate, you
must arrange to have your
refrigerator disposed of and
destroyed to ensure that the
refrigerator will never be used
again and place others at risk.
In addition to the $lOO rebate,
you will be fully reimbursed for
all of your costs of disposal.
Representatives Are
Standing By
If you have a Servel gas-
Grand champion carcass
hog was shown by Angela
Mingle, daughter of Tina
Mingle, Williamsburg. The
hog sold for $1.90 a pound to
DelGrosso Foods, Tipton.
Junior*: 1. Sarah Del. 2. Chri* Biddle. 3.
Angolft Gramr.
Senior*: 1. Matt Biddle. 2. Jo«h Biddle. 3.
Valeri* Smith.
fueled refrigerator, call the
Servel Hotline toll-free at 1-800-
782-7431. Operators are stand
ing by 24 hours a day. Or write;
Servel Rebate, P.O. Box 14874,
Cleveland, OH 44114.
Play It Safe
For year round safety:
• Any gas refrigerator should
be cleaned and adjusted by a
certified technician. Your nearby
propane supplier may have fully
trained personnel on staff to ser
vice your refrigerator, or can
direct you to a certified appli
ance technician.
• Never start your gas refrig
erator at the beginning of a sea
son without first having it ser
•Always adequately venti
late any enclosed area where the
refrigerator is in use. For opti
mal safety, keep the refrigerator
permanently located outdoors in
a shed or garage not connected
to your home or cottage.