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    810-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 17, 1998
iKids &
Lancaster Fanning Staff
LEBANON (Lebanon Co.)
“Would you like a sticker? How
about an eraser?” asks Royell
Bashore as she presses a cow eras
er and a “I love milk” sticker into
the visitor’s hand.
The five-year-old chatters on
about her duties as Lebanon Coun
ty’s Li’l Miss, about Rocky her
dog. and her new baby brother Ry
Lynn, who is only six weeks old.
Royell is the daughter of Sherry
and Bob Bashore, who live on a
Jonestown farm.
At one time the Bashores owned
their own farm, but now both mom
and dad work on different farm.
Six-week-old brother Ry Lynn Is accustomed to Royell’s
constant chatter and jostling. She’s already teaching him all
about cows.
Although she it Lebanon County LTI Dairy Mias, Roysll
likas to do the typical childhood things such as play with the
puppies bom on the farm.
At Home With
“Same stuff, just less heada
che,” Bob said cheerily. “We’re
happier now that we’re woiking
for someone else.”
Bob had been renting his own
farm since he was 18 years old.
Now he works on his brother’s
dairy farm where he keeps some of
his own cows. Sherry milks cows
for neighboring Dave Williams’
“And I like to help,” said Royell
who accompanies her mother to
the bam. Royell helps put away the
paper towels after the cows are.
propped for milking.
Royell was selected as the coun
ty’s Li’l Miss in June during the
dairy princess pageant. She
Lebanon County Li’l Miss
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Lebanon County LTI Dairy Miss Royell Bashore with parents Bob and Sherry
Bashore and brother Ry Lynn.
appeared on stage and read a story
to the audience. The story was
from a book that she and her mom
composed by cutting pictures from
magazines and compiling into the
story, “How Milk Gets To You.”
Royell also sang her “Milk
At the dairy promotions where
she accompanies County Dairy
Princess Heidi Finnicle and Coun
ty Dairy Maid Laura Blauch, Roy
ell passes out stickers and erasers.
“But my favorite thing is mak
ing pudding,” Royell said of the
school promotions where children
are taught to make pudding.
“Being a LiT Miss is good
experience for Royell,” her mom
Sherry said, “Royell has a ball. I
think kids pay more attention to the
miUc message of someone her
At one promotion her mother
was helping out when she felt
some birth pangs. Dad took his
wife to the hospital, and 30
minutes later—before Royell got
finished with the promotion—Ry
Lynn was bom.
Now Royell likes to sing and
entertain her brother.
At home, Royell likes to play
with Barbie dolls, farm with toy
tractors, and play with the dog.
Her dad collects farm toys. He
said, “I like them all —but I have a
soft spot in my heart for M’s by far
more than the others.”
Already baby Ry Lynn has two
IH toy tractors.
Sherry collects salt and pepper
shakers and Indian dolls. She mis
ses showing cows, but has pictures
of champion cows framed on the
kitchen wall.
Royell is an unusual name. She
said she was named after her Aus
tralian grandparents Roy and Elva.
The Australian grandparents are
the family Sherry stayed with
when she participated in the FFA
Work Experience Abroad while in
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Royell likes when her daddy plays tractors with her. Her
dad has a collection of antique farm toys and sometimes
allows Royell to play with some of them.
high school Since then, the fami- grazed and only a house and a
lies keep in close touch. milking parlor ate built on the
“Farming is quite different in land. There are no bams or free
Australia,” Sherry said. “Cows are (Turn to Pag* Bit)
Royell feeds her calf Love.
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