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    The Keystone International
Livestock Exposition is in its 42nd
year at Harrisburg. The Exposi
tion is recognized nationally as a
showcase for the nation's top beef
cattle, swine, sheep, and horses. It
will be held at the Farm Show
Complex in Harrisburg on Sep
tember 30 - October 5, 1998.
1998 has been designed as
“Year of the Horse”, so horse
exhibitors will receive special
attention as part of the effort to
increase public awareness of the
Increased interest and entries
have led the show management to
expand the horse program to
seven days, the Haflinger Show
will be on Tuesday evening. Once
again, part of the draft horse-hitch
show is a qualifying event in the
North American Six Horse Hitch
Classic Series, and many of the
county’s top rated hitches will
work to earn points for the nation
al event.
Other livestock will also gamer
international attention. The
Limousin Show has been desig
nated as a Limousin Medal of
Excellence Show, Level 11, one of
eight approved regional competi
tions that qualify exhibitors for
their national show.
Jim Watkins
of Fame Winner
Jim Watkins, State College, PA
will be honored on Thursday,
October Ist as the 1998 Hall of
Fame Winner for the
Pennsylvania Livestock Associa
tion. The ceremony will be held at
the Keystone International Lives
tock Exposition beginning at 4:00
in the Small Arena of the Farm
Show complex. His picture will be
hung with the 28 previous winners
of Uiis prestigious award. This
award is given by the Pennsylva
nia Livestock Association and is
chosen on the following three
criteria: contribution to the lives
tock industry, involvement with
the association and contribution to
the community.
Jim was bom and raised on a
farm in Bedford County, PA.
After graduation from high
school, he attended Pennsylvania
State University, majoring in Ani
mal Husbandry. His college career
was interrupted by Uncle Sam. He
spent some time in the U.S. Army
in Korea. He then returned to the
university and graduated in 19S8.
In 1959, he was appointed Assis
tant in Animal Husbandly, serving
The Keystone International Livestock
Exposition Set For 1998
For the first time ever, KILE
has been designated as an Ameri
can Hereford Association Region
al Show.
Two Regional Shows will be
featured in the junior division of
the sheep department a Region
al Montadale Junior show and a
Mid-Eastern Regional Junior
Tunis Show. Seven sheep breeds
will hold yearling Ewe and Lamb
sales during the week.
Starting on Thursday, at 3:00
p.m., will be the Stockmen’s
Trade Show. Everything from t
shirts and jewelry to saddles and
horse trailers will be available to
purchase from the 35 vendor
booths at the show.
Hundreds of collegiate, FFA
and 4-H students from several
states always enter tire junior
livestock judging and stockman
contests at KILE. These keen edu
cational competitions are excel
lent tests of knowledge and skill,
providing students with valuable
experience for their futures in
Over 4,400 entries are expected
for the 1998 show, which offers a
record $200,000 in premiums.
Along with a huge array of
livestock, the Exposition will
include a stockman’s trade show
Jim Watkins
first as Swine Herdsman and then
was named as Plant Manager at
the newly constructed Meats Lab.
In 1971, he was promoted to
Assistant Professor of Animal Sci
ence. Up until his retirement in
1987, Jim had always assisted
with the Meat Judging Teams and
served as team coach from 1977.
During those years, many honors
were awarded to the Penn State
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September 30 To October 5, 1998
The show is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Livestock Association,
the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,
and the Pennsylvania Farm Show Commission.
Published In Lancaster Farming September 26, 1998
with commercial exhibits, stroll
ing entertainment, a tantalizing
assortment of foods prepared by
various Pennsylvania commodity
groups and the Barnyard Baby
Exhibit where young and old alike
may touch and pet the animals.
TEMBER 29 Due to space lim
itations, one show will be held, the
Haflinger Hitch Show at 6:00 p.m.
30 The Exposition officially
begins at 8:00 a.m. with the Appa
loosa Horse show and the Haflin
gcr Halter Show.
The Shire and Belgian Halter
6 00 p m Haflinger Hitch Classes
8 00 a m Appaloosa Horse Show
8 00 a m Haflinger Halter Show
National Shire Halter Show
Belgian Halter Show
Draft Horse Hitch Show
Wool Judging
Opening Cermony & Awards Presentation
Small Arena
Stockman's Trade Show
Breeding Swine Chester White, Polland China
and Hampshire in order
Southdown Breeding Sheep
Draft Horse Hitch Show
800 am
800 am
2 00 pm.
300 pm
400 pm
4 00-7 00 p m
500 pm
600 pm
700 pm
Breeding Sheep Columbia, Merino, Rambouillet
& Monladale in order
800 a m
Breeding Sheep Dorset, Shropshire, Comedale &
Hampshire in order
800 am
Percheron Halter Show
Clydesdale Regional Haller Show
Simmental Capital Futurity
Breeding Swine Duroe, Yorkshire, Landrace,
Spotted Swine & Berkshire in order
Stockman's Trade Show
Spinning & Weaving Demonstrations-
Center Mam Floor
Hereford Breeding Cattle
Draft Horse Hitch Show
Feeder Calf Show
'Keystone Classic Swine Sale'
University of Pennsylvania School of Vetennary
Medicine 'Challenge of the Breeds’ plus
Draft Horse 4-Horse Hitch Classes
800 am
800 am
900 a.m
900 am
1000-7 00 p m
9 30-3 00 p m
12 00 noon
200 pm
4 30 pm
600 pm
7.00 pm
Draft Horse Youth Classes
Junior & Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest
Suffolk Breeding Show
Stockman's Trade Show
Spinning i Weaving Demonstrations
Center Mam Floor
800 am
800 am
800 am
1000-7 00 p m
1100-4 00pm
Shows will begin at 8:00 a.m.
Draft Horse Hitch Shows will be
featured at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00
p.m. The Opening Ceremony will
be held at 4:00 p.m. with the
Livestock Person of the year and
Outstanding FFA and 4-H Lives
tock Members being recognized.
Wool judging begins at 3:00 p.m.
and breeding sheep and swine
judging will begin at 5:00 p.m.
Draft Horse Halter Show, featur
ing Percherons & Clydesdales,
begins at 8:00 a.m. along with the
breeding sheep featuring various
breeds followed by Hereford
JJ. Haggles, Clown & Magic Show
Sadie Green Sales Jug Band
Animals of Distinction
cattle at noon. Simmcntal Cattle
Futurity is featured at 9:00 a.m.
Also, at 9:00 a.m. begins the judg
ing of breeding swine of various
breeds. Throughout the afternoon,
various classes will be conducted
including cattle and sheep. At 6:00
p.m. the Keystone Classic Sale
will take place, which will feature
eight breeds of swine. Sponsoring
the “Challenge of the Breeds
Show" at 7:00 p.m. is the Univer
sity of Pennsylavania, School of
Veterinary Medicine, New Bolton
Center. This is horsemanship at its
best as ten breeds; the Appaloosa,
the Arabian, the Paint, Half
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Lebanon Valley Faimer's/Fullon Bank -
’Agn-Kid Olympics’
Angus Breeding Cattle
Paso Pino Horse Show
Keystone Lead Line - following sheep judging
Yearling Ewe S Lamb Sale Hampshire, Southdown,
Dorset, Shropshire, Montadale, Suffolk & Cornedale
in order
12 00 noon
12 00 noon
12 00 noon
3 00pm
Evergreen Tractor ‘Pedal Power Pull"
Feeder Calf Sale ■ Feeder Calf Pens - Mam Floor
Draft Horse 6-Horse Hitch Show
Belgian, Clydesdale/Shrre and Percheron
Family Sunnse Service - Maclay Street Lobby
Junior Beef Breeding Cattle
Quarter Horse Show
'Junior Breeding Sheep Oxford, Tunis, Cheviot,
Cornedale, Dorset & Suffolk in order
Junior Breeding Sheep Montadale, Menno,
Ftambouillet, Shropshire, Southdown & Hampshire
in order
300 pm
630 pm
7 00pm
8 00am
800 am
8 00am
8 00am
8 00am
Duroc Barrows followed by Cross-bred Barrows
Stockman's Trade Show
Spinning & Weaving Demonstrations
Center Mam Floor
PA Sheep & Wool Growers Association
Queen Contest - Center Mam Floor
Junior (4-H & FFA) Steer Show
Live Hog Evaluation Contest
Junior Barrows followed by Truckload ol 6 Market
2 00 p m Limousin Medal of Excellence Show
900 am
1000700 pm
11 00-4 00 pm
12 00 noon
12 00 noon
12 30 pm
1 30 p rn
Arabian Horse Show
Keystone Arabian Horse Judging Contest for
Youth - Large Arena
8 00am
8 00am
Breeding Sheep Oxford, Turns & Cheviot m order
Shorthorn Breeding Cattle followed by Simmental
Breeding Cattle
8 00am
8 00am
Open Barrows On-Fool Berkshire, Chester
While, Hampshire. Landrace, Poland China,
Spotted Swine & Yorkshire in order
Keystone Stockman's Contest
Stockman's Trade Show
Keystone Stockman's Contest Awards
900 am
9 30am
10.00-3.00 p m.
2 30pm