Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 12, 1998, Image 114

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    ClB-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 12, 1998
vMHffSr Service - Sales - Parts
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The Rhino'* SEB and SEIO are economical
rotary mowers designed to help maintain
larger acreages of grass, weeds, stalks, or
material up to 1” in diameter.
The streamlined close coupled design allows economical opera
lion on tractors as small as 30 horsepower on the SEB and 45
horsepower on the SEIO The 85 HP center gearbox and 60 HP out
board gearboxes are protected from sudden shockloads by a slip
clutch on the mam driveline and torque dampeners on the side drive
shafts Pan blade earners help the unit glide over field obstacles and
updraft blades with a 4 blade overlap provide a clean cut The SEB is available as a 540
RPM unit with either a CAT II lift or clevis pull type hitch to fit a range of tractors The SEIO
is available with either a heavy duty CAT II 111 Q H or pull type hitch for 540 or 1000 RPM tractors The 10 gauge
deck is reinforced front to rear and side to side (or optimum strength The Cal 4 mam driveline and all gearbox
es are fully-shielded for greater operator safety Front and rear safety deflectors are standard equipment to help
reduce the risk of damage or injury due to thrown objects Front and rear chain guards are optional equipment
Compare and you will see why the Rhino SEB and SEIO are excellent choices (or economical wide cut mowers
" )
Extra Tough Cutter for Extra Tough Cutting Jobs'
72 Cut 540 or 1000 RPM CAT II Heavy Duty Tnree Point
Hitch 140 HP Rhino Built Gearbox (1000 RPM) Cat 4
Shielded Driveline Slip Clutch Protection Heavy Duty Pan
Blade Carrier 3/16 Deck 1/4 x 9 Side Skirts 1/2 x 4
Updraft or Flat Blades Rated tor 4 Diameter Material
Safety Deflectors Standard
(2WD, 255
Ideal For Grai
Silage Bunk I
The 2500 bl
widths of 10
massive CAT
quick-hitch T 1
PTO HP whet
the mainframi
is standard for easier operation The 2500 blade features a
maximum o( 46 of offset tor working hard-to reach areas
The boxed section reinforced 1/2 x2O moldboard 4-1/2
solid steel kingpin and massive hitch and mainframe
ensure years of dependable service Skid shoes quick-tach
end plates and dual gauge wheels are optional equipment
adding to the many possible uses of the 2500 blade
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A Heavy Duty Blade lor Heavy Duty Work!
8’ or 10 Moldboard Rated for 190 and 160 PTO HP Tractors,
Respectively Hydraulic or Manual Mainframe Swwmg Moldboard
Pivot and Moldboard Tilt 37 Maximum Offset, 4' Kingpin CAT 11,
111 Three-Point Hitch and Quick Coupler 1/2 x 18 Moldboard
1/2’x 6 Replaceable Cutting Edge 1447-1618 Lbs End Plates
Skid Shoes Gauge Wheel Optional
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Wheat Thrasher, Belt Dri
ven By Hit-&-Miss 1% HP
Engine. Built in Montgom
ery County, Pottstown, PA
In The Year 1876. In Oper
ating Condition, Original
Paint & Histone Information
Still Visable.
Wheat Thrasher, Belt Dri
ven By Hlt-&-Miss 154 HP
Engine. Built in Montgom
ery County, Pottstown, PA
In The Year 1876. In Oper
ating Condition, Original
Paint & Histone Information
Still Visable.
White 2-150 w/oab, good
condition, $6OOO. IH 12’
disc, $l2OO. JDl2' packer,
$1200.16' oual axle trailer
w/brakes, $l5OO. Lebanon.
15’ Batwing, field ready,
$3,500. 410-833-9091
Woods mowers; DBO 3pth
654 ’ cut $650; L 306 finish
3pth, 3-blades, $650; JD6’
scraper blade 18” H #BO
3pth, $350. 610/759-1307.
In Stock
3 Pt. 5 Foot Rake
In Stock
Less Gauge Wheels 'I
Only $489.00
Quality 3 Pt. Post
Hole Diggers
With Augers
j** Flighting
jr and Slip
f ♦ 12 Augers
Rhino Batwing Cutter
With 180 HP Gear Boxes
Heavy-Duty Features!
15 Cut 540 or 1000 RPM, Cat 5 Mam
Driveline Cat 4 or 5 Wing Drivelines
Pan Blade Carriers 6’ Blalde Overlap
Mechanical Level-Lift Axle 10-Gauge
Deck 1/4 ’xlo-1/2" Side Skirls Full
Swivel Clevis Hitch Replaceable Skid
Shoes Wing Operation 90” Up and 22"
Down Rated for 2" Diameter Material
Fully-Shielded Drivelines Safety
Deflectors Standard
15 Foot and 20 Foot Models In Stock
"•-ass- h m
BROS. INU. — ' Lititz, PA 17543-0395 Farm p|an
Pgjj 717-626-0996 (717) 626-4705 1-800-414-4705 CtJ
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6 Row, 8 Row, 12 Row Narrow Transport Swing Frame
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Klkt . 2000
Inlerplanet®' Pull Type Planters
Superior planting accuracy in narrow rows with KINZE®!
Place every seed with precise depth control and exact spac
ing in 15' 18’. or 19 Interptanf rows using KINZE’s patent
ed push units and Brush-type Seed Meters Add the front
mounted Double-Frame * option and choose solid or skip
Interplanf rows, plus liquid or dry fertilizer!
Also 4 Row Models
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Host of Replacement
Planter Parts and
Accessories for Many Older Planters, All
Types Of Openers & Closers, Box Toppers For
Increased Capacity.
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WTUITT rYsHllff CT 133 Rothsville Station Rd. OHBt
INC _/ PO. Box 0395 mm
w BllOS.lWt. —' Lititz, PA 17543-0395 _ _____ p|an .
Fax 717-626-0996 (717) 626-4705 1 -800-414-4705 fcd A Serve* ofFPC
ted Meiers: the most
accurage metering m the
, for corn, soybeans.
>/gram sorghum or cotton '
eeds are mechanically smgu
ited, using Finger Pickup (for
torn) and KINZE's patented
Brush-Type Meters to elimi
nate unncessary seed waste
as well as the pumps, adjust
ments and added headaches
' air and vacuum systems
The KtHZE® Row Unit
Positive seed-to-soil contact' The ideal envi
ronment for earliest possible seeding ,
emergence The options to handle a vari
ety of cropping practices' And, the
dependability you expect with
quality workmanship and
• Double row bearings in the
gauge wheels and closing
wheels 50% more load capaci
• Reinforced row unit shank
• Rugged, reliable, reinforced paral
lei linkage Standard, quick-adjustable down force
springs and closing wheels
We Sell Complete Replacement Row Units At Our Parts Dept
Easy-assess, end-mounted seed transmissions msks rats
changes simple Precision-cut plated sprockets Rates every ~~ _
3% or less Spring-loaded contact drive tiros smooth
engage/disengage of the drive and reduce residue rock and
mud problems
KINZE• 2500/2600 Twin-lint 9 Planters
For todays more sophisticated diversified producers KINZE s exclusive
rotating m line transport as narrow as 112 (134 on wide row models)
Choose Interplant* or hguid/dry fertilizer options
: 'll