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    Conservation Districts
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Further, the EPA is also propos
ing that the permits be required for
any farm with more than a certain
number pf animals, regardless of
the land available for manure
Although there are many ques
tions still left unanswered about
what effect the federal initiatives
will have upon Pennsylvania’s
Nutrient Management Act tegula-
Shoemaker’s Simmental Captures Grand
Champion Heifer Honor At Bedford Fair
Shoemaker’s Miss Pride, owned by Bill Shoemaker, cap
tured supreme champion heifer at the 125th Great Bedford
County Fair. Nathan Claycomb stands at halter.
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turns, it doesn’t mean that the state
will allow forgiveness for missing
the Oct. 1 mandatory deadline for
its own Nutrient Managment Act
In essense, in Pennsylvania
mandatory plans are required for
farm operations with more than
2,000 pounds (2 AEUs; one AEU
equals 1,000 pounds) of livestock
per acre of owned or rented farm
land that can receive manure as a
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Blam, PA \
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Finn operators with questions
as to whether their farm operation
exceeds that 2,000-pound
threshold should call their conser
vation district.
For consideration in determin
ing whether a nutrient manage
ment plan is required or not, it is
important to remember that the
land receiving manure from a
livestock operation must be under
the control of the livestock farm
Co.) Shoemaker’s Miss Pride,
owned by Bill Shoemaker, cap
tured supreme champion heifer at
the 12Sth Great Bedford County
Bom January 3, 1996, this red
non-dilutor heifer was described
by Judge Pete LeVan, herdsman at
Penn State University, as the type
of beef cow the industry needs
now and in the future. She showed
tremendous thickness and volume
for a nursing heifer.
Miss Pride is the mother of the
fair’s reserve champion Simment
al bull, Shoemaker’s Top Gun.
MCB Airbus, co-owned by Bill
Showmaker and Matthew Miller,
was named the grand champion
Simmental bull. Airbus is sired by
Black Mick and his dam is Shoe
maker’s Black Dream, who was
the 1995 Pennsylvania State Farm
Show grand champion heifer.
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It can not merely be a neighbor’s
farmland who has agreed to accept
However, it can be a neighbor's
farmland if, in fact, the livestock
producer has direct control over
the crops being planted and
harvested and the timing and
amount of manure applications to
that land.
Those without sufficient land
under their control can create their
own plan, if authorized by the state
to do so; or file a plan professional
ly written that indicates that a
neighbor is accepting the manure.
That neighbor, if he raises only
crops, or doesn’t raise enough
livestock to be required to file his
own plan, is not requited to file a
nutrient management plan.
Only those farms that raise
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receptions for exhibitors at the
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Lancaster Farming. Saturday, Saptember 5,1998-A35
livestock are of concern.
It was previously reported that
very early and tough state esti
mates of the number of potential
CAOs in the state was about 2,500.
According to a published report
and several opinions from those
working closely with the issue, it
appears that a number of farmers
with operations close to the thresh
hold for being required to file an
official plan have altered their
operations so as to no longer be
considered a candidate for a man
datory plan.
In the meantime, the state is still
finishing a new estimate of the
number of operations that are
required to file plans, and it is
expected that the number should
better reflect current livestock
Burr at 508/881-5669.
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Dairy Shrine includes member
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