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    A32-L«nc«ster Farming, Saturday, August 15, 1998
Finally A Kutztown First Place, Grand Champion For Sattazahn
Lancaster Farming Staff
KUTZTOWN (Berks Co.)
An improved udder and more
expression of maturity on the cow
allowed first-time Kutztown
champion (not to mention first
time Kutztown Fair first-place
winner) David Sattazahn,
Womelsdorf, take home the grand
champion Holstein trophy here
David, 13, is the son of Dennis
and Betsy Sattazahn and is in the
Bth grade at Conrad Weiser Junior
High School. David won open and
junior grand champion of the Hols
tein show.
David has shown at the fair four
other times, coming only as close
as second place with Zahncroft
Astre Lollipop (S: Astra, D: Zahn
croft Inspiration Linda) as a
2-year-old last year. This year,
Zahncroft Astre won champion
overall as a junior 3-year-old, GP
with a lactation of 19,656, 591 f,
more than 600 p, projected at more
than 20,000 pounds, according to
David. The cow was homebred.
“Her udder was better than last
time,” said David. David said the
judge “liked her udder and size
she’s pretty big and her hocks.
She was the tallest in the class.”
David has shown at the Schuy
lkill County Fair and has shown in
the past at Reading.
Reserve champion of the open
show went to Mike Davis, Lees
port, for his junior 2-year-old,
JMJ-Springpond Donaro Jody (S:
C Latoma Donaro, D: JMJ-
Springpond Astre Jo), owned by
Ray Davis. According to Mike, the
judged liked the homebred cow’s
“udder, feet and legs.” Mike has
shown previous champions at
Penn State Establishes Center for Plasticulture
Co.) Scientists from Penn
State's colleges of Agricultural
Sciences and Earth and Mineral
Sciences are collaborating with
researchers from three other
major universities to establish
the Center For Plasticulture,
which will fund and initiate
research on the use of plastic
films and other plastic products
in agriculture
“The use of plastic materials
has increased dramatically,”
said Michael Orzolek, professor
of vegetable crops and director
of the center “Plastic products
have allowed Pennsylvania
farmers and producers to reduce
pesticide use, extend the grow
ing season for certain crops,
increase crop yields and harvest
more efficiently.”
Orzolek said the Center for
Plasticulture will focus on three
areas developing technology for
the use of plastics in agriculture,
developing production guides
and information related to spe
cific crop applications, and
research on recovering plastics
Junior reserve champion went to
Trisha L. Geist, Mertztown, for G-
Reu-Hel Ocean Riddles (S: Reu-
Hel Mandel Ocean, D: G-Reu-Hel
Jed Ridges), a senior calf.
In the junior show, champion
was shown by Lynette Heffner,
daughter of Martha and David
Pool, Robesonia. Lynette, 17, is a
recent graduate of Conrad Weiser.
She showed a senior calf and has
shown champions in the past at the
fair. Lynette will be exhibiting at
the All American next month and
was scheduled to show beef cattle
at Kutztown.
Judge for the show was Douglas
Seidel, Massachusetts. Following
are the show placings.
Junior Calf 1. Jason S Troulman 2
Michael S Davis. 3 Jason S Troulman
Intermediate Calf 1 Elizabeth J. Kramer
2 Jeffrey T Davis 3 Alicia K Gross
Senior Calf: 1 LynetteJ. Heffner 2 Tnsha
L Geist 3 Jennifer L. Davis
Summer Yearling: 1. Megan E. Schantz
Junior Yearling. 1. Gregory T Davis. 2.
Jacob D Rice 3. Stacey L Dietrich.
Intermediate Yearling. 1 Jennifer Rassler.
2 Jason Troutman 3 Elizabeth Kramer
Senior Yearling' 1 Brent Schuler 2 Erica
Davis 3 Stacey L. Dietrich
Jumoi Champion' Lynette Heffner
Reserve. Tnsha Geist.
Junior Calf 1. JasonS. Troutman. 2 Jason
S Troutman 3. Aaron R Davis.
Intermediate Calf. 1 Elizabeth J. Kramer
2 Alicia K Gross. 3. Pamela S. Werley.
Senior Calf. 1. Lynette J Heffner. 2. Trisha
L Geist 3. Tnsha L. Geist.
Summer Yearling: 1. Megan E. Schantz
Junior Yearling: 1. Gregory T. Davis. 2.
Jacob D Rice. 3. Stacey L. Dietrich
Intermediate Yearling. 1 Jennifer Rassler
2 Jason Troutman. 3 Elizabeth Kramer
Senior Yearling 1. Brent Schuler 2 Erica
Davis 3 Stacey L Dietrich
Junior Champion Lynette Heffner
Reserve Tnsha Geist
for use as energy sources or
recycled products. In addition to
scientists from the College of
Agricultural Sciences, the center
will include researchers from
the Penn State Combustion
Laboratory in the college of
Earth and Mineral Sciences, the
University of New Hampshire,
McGill University and Rutgers
Orzolek said the center will
generate research and educa
tional outreach programs cen
tering on all types of plastics
used in agriculture -Plastic agri
cultural materials include silage
covers, hay bale wraps green
house covers, plastic mulch, drip
irrigation tape and tubing, row
covers, nursery house coverings,
plastic pots, and plastic contain
ers and trays.
“The center also will work
with food processors to study
plastic packaging of agricultural
products.” Orzolek said.
Orzolek said, the plastics
research program is crucial to
the development of
Pennsylvania’s agricultural
economy as the state faces com-
Junior Best 3 Females; 1. Erica Davis 2.
Mike Davis 3. Angela Werley.
Dry Cow- 1. Doug Sattazahn. 2 Doyle
Stump 3. Kristen J Gross.
Junior 2-Year-Old: 1. Ray and Frances
Davis 2 Tnsha L. Geist. 3. Jason S.
Senior 2-Year-Old: 1. Bradley R. Younker.
2 Trevor Cammauf. 3. Crystal L. Miller
Junior 3-Year-Old; 1. David Sattazahn. 2.
Brennan K. Johns. 3. Jennifer Rassler.
Senior 3-Year-Old: 1. John and Rita
Stump 2. Ray and Frances Davis. 3. Denise
F Stump.
4- Year-Old; 1. Elizabeth J. Kramer. 2.
Natalie Buch 3. Janice Youse.
5- Year-Old. 1 Trisha L Geist. 2. Trisha L.
Geist. 3 Doyle E. Stump.
6-Year-Old: 1. Enoa R Davis. 2. Paul
Youse 3. Doyle E. Stump.
Senior Champion. David Sattazahn.
Reserve: Ray and Fran Davis
David Sattazahn
Ray and Francis Davis
Cows In Milk. 1. David Sattazahn. 2 Ray
and Francis Davis.
Get of Sire; 1 Ray Davis. 2. Daview Farm.
3 John and Rita Stump.
Best 3 Females' 1. Ray Davis 2 John and
Rita Stump 3 Crystal Miller
Dairy Herd 1 Ray Davis 2 Tnsha Geist
3 John and Rita Stump
Produce of Dam 1 John and Rita Stump
2 Crystal Miller. 3 Jesse Bitler.
Dam and Daughter. 1. Elizabeth Kramer
2 John and Rita Stump. 3. Enca Davis.
School or Club Herd; 1. Western Berks. 2
Northern Berks. 3 Nortf|ern Berks
Dry Cow; 1. Doug Sattazahn. 2. Kristen J
Gross 3. Lynette J. Heffner.
Junior 2-Year-Old; 1. Trisha L. Geist 2.
Jason Troutman. 3. Lynae Johns.
Senior 2-Year-Old. 1. Bradley R. Younker.
2 Crystal Miller 3. Aaron Davis
Junior 3-Year-Old: 1. David Sattazahn. 2.
Brennan K. Johns. 3. Jennifer Rassler.
Senior 3-Year-Old: 1. Stacey L. Dietnch.
4-Year-Old: 1. Elizabeth J Kramer. 2.
Natalie Buch 3 Janice Youse
5-Year-Old-1. Trisha L. Geist 2 Trisha L
6-Year-Old- 1 Enca R. Davis 2. Paul
Senior Champion; David Sattazahn.
Reserve Tnsha Geist.
David Sattazahn
Tnsha Geist
petition from major production
areas where weather conditions
are more favorable.
“Pennsylvania has a short
growing season that includes
substantial periods of tempera
ture and moisture extremes,”
Orzolek said. “These factors
limit crop productivity and
encourage insect and disease
“Plastic use m agriculture
offers several advantages to
growers,” Orzolek said “It
reduces temperature and mois
ture fluctuations, acts as a man
agement tool for control of insets
and disease, and allows more
precise irrigation and nutrient
Members of the Center of
Plasticulture on the College of
Agricultural Sciences faculty
include Orzolek; William
Lament, associate professor of
vegetable crops; David Beattie,
associate professor of ornamen
tal horticulture; Dennis
Decoteau, professor and head of
the horticulture department;
and James Garthe, instructor in
agricultural and biological engi
Other members of the center
include Sarma Pisupati, assis
tant professor of fuel science m
Penn State’s College of Earth
and Mineral Sciences; Brent
Loy, professor of vegetable crops
at the University of New
Hampshire: Katrine Steward,
professor and head of the horti
culture department at McGill
University; and Gene
Giacomelh, professor of biore
source engineering at Rutgers
David Sattazahn won champion of the Holstein show
Monday at Kutztown.
Mike Davis showed this junior 2-year-old to reserve
champion of the open Holstein show at Kutztown Monday.
Lynette Heffner showed the junior champion of both
open and junior shows at Kutztown Monday.
Chester Livestock Sale
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Ram Lamb: 1. Katie Bate*.
Ewe Lamb. 1. Katie Bate*. 2. Katie Bates
Pair of Ewe Lambs: 1. Katie Bates.
Aged Ewe: 1. Kane Bates. 2. Kane Bates.
Progeny: 1. Kane Bates.
Champion Ewe' Kane Bates. Reserve:
Kane Bates.
Ram Lamb' 1. Scott Duncan.
Ewe Lamb: 1-Taryn McCaffery, 2. Thomas
McCaffery. 3. Christopher Swartzentruber
Pair of Ewe Lambs; 1. Christopher Swart
zentruber. 2. Taryn McCaffery.
Vearling Ewe: 1. Christopher Swartzen
truber. 2. Thomas McCaffery 3. Taryn
Aged Ewe: 1. Brad Wiggins.
Champion Ewe: Taryn McCaffery
Reserve. Thomas McCaffery.
Ewe Lamb: 1. Inez Stoltzfus
Yearling Ewe. 1 Inez Stoltzfus.
Champion Ewe: Inez Stoltzfus. Reserve
Inez Stoltzfus.
Ewe Lamb; 1. Katie Bates 2 Kane Bales
3 Jennifer Batchelder.
Pair of Ewe Lambs: 1. Kane Bates.
Yearling Ewe: 1. Taryn McCaffery. 2. Katie
Bates. 3. Katie Bates.
Aged Ewe: 1. Katie Bates. 2. Katie Bates
3. Jennifer Batchelder.
Progeny: 1. Katie Bate*. 2. Jennifer
Champion Ewe: Katie Bates. Reserve
Katie Bates.
Ewe Lamb; 1. Maria Stoltzfus. 2. Kasey
McAllister. 3. Kasey McAllister.
Pair of Ewe Lambs: 1. Kasey McAllister
Yearling Ewe; 1. Ruth Smoker. 2. Rachel
Aged Ewe: 1. Maria Stoltzfus. 2. Rachel
Champion Ewe: Maria Stoltzfus. Reserve
Rachel Smoker.
Seniors (14 Years and Over); 1. Jennifer
Batchelder. 2. Katie Bates. 3. Ashley Little
Junior* (13 Years and Linder); 1. Ruth
Smoker. 2. Rhoda Smoker. 3. Chris
Champion: Jennifer Batchelder. Reserve
Katie Bates.
Class 1 Seniors (14-18); 1. Sara Howe 2
Katie Bates. 3. Kasey McAllister.
Class 2 Juniors (13 And Under): 1. Christo
pher Swartzentruber. 2. Julia Howe. 3 Ruth
Class 3 First Year (Under 14); 1. Caleb
Smoker. 2. Ryan Healy. 3. Hannah Stratton
Sara Howe
Katie Bates