Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 15, 1998, Image 30

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Frosty Valey Luke 800 boo,
owned bv Daniel Darkness; 31
Noblcdale Aerostar Carmel,
owned by Nobledale Farm.
Winter Yearling: I) No
bledale Aerostar kargo, owned
by Nobledale Farm; 2) Conssas
Esther Echo, oyyned by Conssa
Coolhaugh; 3) Mat S&J Carton
Polly, oyvned by Michael Cole.
kali Yearling: I| Butter
Ridge Juno Jade, oyyned by
Marty Watson, of Troy; 2)
Bree/y Hollow Aerostar Blos
som, owned by James Banks, of
Troy: 3) Elm Brook Aerostar
Oasis, owned by Heather
V urkanin.
Junior Best Three Females; 1)
Daniel Harkness; 2) Nobledale
Farm 3) William Kick.
Dry Cow Four Years and Un
der; 1) Nobledale Duncan Vi
cious, owned by Nobledale
Farm; 2) Topeco Berretta Liz,
owned by Bradley Cole, of Co
lumbia Cross Roads; 3) Sunset
Ridge Glenwood Hope, owned by
Sunset Ridge Farm, Milan.
Dry Cow Five Years and Over:
1) Cozy Valley Sooner Sue,
owned by Samantha Hilyard, of
Ulster; 2) GR Elmbrook T But
tercup, owned by James Banks;
3) Sunset Ridge Hutchs Dot,
owned by Janie Cole, of Milan.
Junior Two Year Old: 1) Elm
Brook Aerostar Velvet, owned
by Blair and Cammy Yurkanin;
2) Nobledale Dunker Veryll,
owned by Nobledale Farm; 3)
Winds Acres Mister T Kit Kal
owned bv Christine Flick
1h» '\ear Old: 1)
Fopeeo Brook Peanut Butter,
owned by \manda Cole; 2)
Windy Acies Mister I Carol,
owned by William hick; 3)
Dairy-MAP Has New
Agri Business Program
Co ) - Dairy-MAP is now team
ing up with Cooperative
Extension Agents and Agn
Business Industry Representatives
to hold "Focus on the Future"
workshops across Pennsylvania
A new Industry brochure
describing the program is avail
able at this year's Ag Progress
Days Dairy producers should
contact their Agn Business
Representatives and ask that
they hold a special "Focus on the
Future" workshop Dairy-MAP
is also including Agn Business
Representatives in facilitating
these workshops for dairy pro
If you would like additional
information on the Agn
Business sponsored workshops,
please contact Bob Turner,
Dairy-MAP State Coordinator,
at (717) 677-9301 or by e-mail at
turneer@mail cvn net
Where possible, Cooperative
Extension will assist us in this
new exciting workshop format
Your county's Extension Agent
has strongly supported these
workshops for several years and
continues their support by offer
ing you the opportunity to learn
ROCKVILLE, Md. - In the
June 17, 1998, Federal Register,
FDA published a final rule on
the labeling of drugs for use in
milk-producing animals
This rule removes the exist
ing 96-hour withdrawal time
limitation, eliminates the
requirement to calculate and
label on the basis of the number
of 12-hour milking periods that
have elapsed since treatment
Troy Fair Features Open Colored Breed Shows
Windy Acres Glen Cassidy,
owned by Christine Eick.
Junior Three Year Old: 1) No
bledale Dunker Blossom, owned
by Nobledale Farm; 2) No
bledale Dunker Whopper, owned
by Nobledale Farm; 3) Windy
Acres Bcrrctta Angel, owned by
William Fick.
Senior Three Year Old: 1 )
Topeco Sooner Jenny, owned by
Tom and Phoebe Cole; 2) Elm
Brook Sooner Osh. owned by
Heather Yurkanin; 3) Nobledale
Fxcaliber Clue, owned by No
bledale Farm.
Four Year Old: 1) Topeco
Glenwood Dancer. owned by
Topeco Farm; 2) Nobledale Fid
dle Corrine. owned by Nobledale
Farm; 3) JM Corline CC Carrot,
owned by Kyle Howland, of
Five Year Old: I) Nobledale
Hermitage Vertuc, owned by No
bledale Farm; 2) Windy Acres
Brook Catherine, owned by
Christine Eick; 3) Windy Acres
Brook Buttons, owned by Wil
liam Eick.
Six Years and Over: I) No
bledale Ranger Claudia, owned
by Nobledale Farm; 2) Topeco
Sooner Ella, owned by Tom and
Phoebe Cole; 3) Roxana Lesters
Delight, owned by Janie Cole.
Lifetime Production: 1) No
bledale Juno Vermont, owned by
Nobledale Farm; 2) Windy Acres
Sooner Helen, owned by Wil
liam Eick; 3) Wee Three Ashley
Raindrop, owned by Janie Cole.
Milking Shorthorn
Spring Yearling: 1) Summit
Vista Admiral Monied. owned bj
Samuel Cole.
Four Year Old: 1) Summit
Vista Cheri Dumphn. owned bv
Samuel Cole.
dairy farm management and
profitability skills.
Since 1993, over 15000 indi
viduals and 1000 farms have
participated in Dairy-MAP pro
grams. Don't you thing it's your
time to participate in a Dairy-
MAP workshop 7 Call today for
more information 1 Tomorrow
might be too late'
A note to Agri Business
We would like the opportuni
ty to include your company in
the list of supporting Agri
Business You can play an
important role with your clients
by bringing them into a Dairy-
MAP workshop If your compa
ny has an interest in becoming a
part of the Dairy-MAP Team,
please call Bob Turtier for more
information at (717) 677-9301 or
e-mail Bob at
turnerr@mail.cvn net. We can
send you a new Agri Business
Information Packet to your
home or office.
Reminder: Stop by at Ag
Progress Days on Wednesday,
August 19, 1998 at 3pm for our
Annual Alumni Ice Cream Social
located in the Special Events
FDA Publishes Labeling Rules For Animal Drugs
and permits a milk-discard or
withdrawal time to be calculat
ed by elapsed hours since treat
FDA is taking these actions
to allow greater flexibility in the
labeling of these drugs which
will make it easier and more
economical for sponsors to com
ply with the regulations.
The previous 96-hour limita
tion was based on FDA's percep-
Champion Ayrshires from the Troy Fair pose for a picture. Shown, from left are
David Castrogiovanni, judge, Amberleigh Yurkanin with the grand champion, Pam
Stewart with the reserve grand champion, Jamie Neiley with the junior champion,
John Yurkanin with the reserve junior champion and PA Jersey Queen Emily Norman
presenting the awards.
Locust Lane Farm captured both the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor ban
ners at the 1998 Troy Fair open Ayrshire Show. Shown, from left are judge David
Castrogiovanni, PA Ayrshire Maid Amberleigh Yurkanin, Debbie Neville, DJ Neville,
Karen Neville, Pam Stewart, Brent Harkness, Kim Stewart, Chris Neville, Donna
Stewart holding Macy Harkness; PA Jersey Queen Emily Norman and Doug Stewart.
Winners from the Brown Swiss show smile as judge David Castrogiovanni and
Pennsylvania Jersey Queen Emily Norman congratulate John Yurkanin with the grand
champion, Michael Cole with the reserve grand champion, Amberleigh Yurkanin with
the junior champion and Derek Parks who is holding the reserve junior champion.
tion that 96 hours constituted a
maximum practical withdrawal
time for the dairy industry.
However, FDA now recog
nizes that a withdrawal time
longer than 96 hours may be
desirable and practical in cer
tain circumstances. Removal of
the 96-hour limitation will allow
the possibility of a longer with
drawal time to be considered for
milk-producing animals on a
case-by-case basis depending on
the use and safety of the drug.
Similarly, the 12-hour milk
ing schedule was established to
calculate the number of milk
ings that occur during the with
drawal period. The 12-hour
milking interval was considered
to be generally reflective of dairy
practice when this regulation
was published; however, alter
native milking schedules, such
as three times a day milking,
are in common use in the dairy
industry today.
The new rules revise the reg
ulation so that the length of the
milk cycle is not specified, elimi
nating the reference to the milk
ing interval as long as milk is
discarded the assigned number
of hours after the Jatest drug