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    Page 30—Ag Progress Section 2, Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 15, 1998
* National Dairy Shrine
(Continued from Pag* 28)
a member of the National Honor
This fall Julie is to be a fresh
man at Cornell University in ani
mal science. A letter of support for
Julie stated, “Not only is Julie an
outstanding Junior Holstein mem
ber and dairy enthusiast, but she is
also an honor student in high
school, an accomplished musi
cian, and a talented ballet dancer."
Milk Marketing Scholarship
The purpose of the Milk Mar
keting Scholarship is to encourage
qualified undergraduate students
to pursue careers in marketing of
dairy products.
Of the seven finalists, Mindy S.
Andino, Middlesex, N.J. was
chosen as the $l,OOO winner.
Receiving $5OO are Keneko
Claybon, Mason, Tenn.; Jamie
Kern, Des Moines, Wash.; Brian
Voortman, Granger, Wash.; Doro
thy Malsack, Brooklyn, Mich.;
Heather Hennes, Santa Rose,
Calif.; and Mark Ulness, Valders,
Mindy Andino
As a student at Cook College at
Rutgers University, Mindy Andi
no has consistently distinguished
herself through her personal quali
ties and leadership skills.
Mindy is majoring in environ
mental business economics and
communications and is expected
to graduate in May 1999.
On campus Mindy is involved
in several extracurricular activi
ties including the Cook College
Residence Life organization
where Mindy has been a resident
assistant since 1996 and the Cook
College Leadership Committee
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where she was appointed to the
Dean’s Steering Committee,
Community Service Committee,
Technology Committee and
helped in organizing the LBI
Leadership retreat
Mindy has completed an intern
ship with Land O’Lakes where
she was the New Jersey state sales
coordinator. Through this intern
ship Mindy had the opportunity to
be involved in the cheeses of the
world program, develop her own
marketing and sales plans, and tra
vel across the state giving dairy
food presentations, handing out
samples and contacting numerous
Mindy said that, through her in
ternship with Land O’Lakes and
practical experiences, she has
formed a deep and sincere interest
in the international promotion of
the dairy foods industry and hopes
to explore this field more in depth
as an exchange student this sum
mer in Spain.
Keneko Claybon
A food science and technology
major at the University of Tennes
see, Keneko Claybon plans to con
tinue her studies in the field after
her May 1999 graduation.
Keneko is a member of the
Dairy Products Evaluation Team
and is very involved in the Univer
sity of Tennessee Food Tech Club
where she did extensive work in
marketing promotion and helped
design a brochure that marketed
the University of Tennessee and
the Department of Food Science
and Technology to prospective
Keneko has received many out
standing honors and after gradua
tion plans to continue her studies
focusing on the milk in many
commercial foods and increasing
the amount of milk solids.
Jamie Kern
As a business and marketing
major at Washington State Uni
versity, Jamie Kem has traveled to
Australia and Japan to gain inter
national marketing experience.
While on campus, Jamie has
been involved in the Golden Key
National Honor Society, WSU
Honors Program, and Coug Mar
keting Network. Jamie is also in
volved in the American Red Cross
as a volunteer. She continued this
commitment while studying
abroad in Australia.
After graduating, Jamie plans to
attend graduate school with the ul
timate goal of a career in market
ing. Jamie fmds the possibility of
being able to reach people through
developing and mastering an ad
vertising campaign extremely in
spiring and would like to imple
ment that in her career goals.
Brian Voortman
Brian Voortman is an animal
science major at Washington State
University where he plans to
graduate in December and pursue
a career as a veterinarian after at
tending graduate school.
On campus Brian has been in
volved in Sigma Chi Fraternity
where he served as secretary and
vice president Brian is also in
volved in ASWSU Greek Week,
WSU Dairy Club, ASWSU
Homecoming Committee, and
ASWSU Alcohol Task Force.
Brian said that many people see
the role of the veterinarian as only
maintaining herd health and solv
ing problems, but Brian said the
role of the veterinarian is also to
Power Blower
■ Terra Rake
Stump Cutter
Authorized Dealers
provide preventive planning and
consultation to the producer to
avoid future problems because ul
timately, it is the producer’s re
sponsibility to guarantee milk
quality and that involves utilizing
the veterinarian’s knowledge and
skills to complete this task.
Dorothy Malsack
Dorothy Malsack is attending
Eastern Michigan University
where she is majoring in dietetics.
Dorothy is involved in many
campus activities, including being
a student speaker. Walk Group
Leader, LEAP, and is a member of
Ann Arbor Dietetic Association
and the American Dietetic Asso
ciation and numerous other cam
pus and community organizations.
Her concern for the health of in
dividuals (especially women and
children) and passion for milk as a
nutrient-packed refreshment are
what is encouraging Dorothy to
further her endeavors in the mar
keting of the milk and dairy food
As a dairy science and agribusi
ness major at Cal Poly, Heather is
involved in numerous activities.
She was very involved in several
aspects of the Cal Poly Los
M/MSiL *
‘ m[r^ 0 Sweeper
Heather Hennes
2*4 _
... turn' nG
Model 220 w/Real Mower
Rotary Sweeper Snow B|ower
Lccheros Dairy Club. Cal Poly
Product Enhancement Team, Cal
Poly Agribusiness Management
Club and served as Cal Poly agri
culture ambassador.
After graduation Heather plans
to possibly continue her education
before entering the workforce.
Heather would like to enter into
the public relations field or fin
ance in the dairy industry where
she would like to continue to her
involvement in promoting the
dairy industry and its numerous
Mark Ulness
“Dairy product marketing is es
sential in the career of dairy farm
ing,” said Mark Ulness, dairy sci
ence major at the University of
Wisconsin Madison. “The vast
majority of farm income is from
milk sales and as a dairy producer,
it is obvious to me that dairy prod
uct marketing will have a major
effect on my future as a producer.”
At college, Mark is involved in
Alpha Gamma Rho, Headstart,
and the Badger Dairy Club. He
was also a member of the UW
Dairy Cattle Judging Team and
the UW marching band. After
graduation Mark plans to return to
the family dairy farm.