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    National Dairy Shrine
(Continued from Pago 24)
dairy career began with 4-H dairy
project work. He then went on to
lowa State University for under
graduate and graduate degrees.
Between degrees he worked as
1 4-H agent in Massachusetts. Fol
lowing his schooling he stayed in
lowa to work as an extension
dairyman. He then went to the
University of New Hampshire as
an extension dairyman and com
pleted a doctorate degree at Rut
ger’s University.
Boynton’s extension experi
ences led him to being named pro
fessor in charge of the dairy sec
tion at the University of New
Hampshire. With Boynton’s guid
ance, the university Holstein herd
became nationally known for its
type and production. Holsteins
were not his only area of expertise
as he also judged Ayrshire, Brown
Swiss, and Jerseys. One nomina
tor described Boynton as “one of
the best judges of Jerseys.” Boyn
ton used the show ring as a teach-
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ing tool to help educate people
about breeding for sharp, clean
dairy character without getting the
cattle too frail. “Size, strength and
bone to go with dairyness,” was
how one nominator remembers
Boynton’s description of high
quality dairy cattle.
“Honest, gentleman and or
ganized,” are just a few of the
words used by one nominator to
describe Boynton. He served as a
role model for both young and old.
With organization and progressive
thinking, Boynton proposed the
organization of the New Hamp
shire Purebred Dairy Cattle Asso
ciation (NHPDCA) in 1953. This
then led to the initiation of the
Granite State Dairy Jubilee Show
in 1958.
The education process did not
stop with his retirement from
UNH. He continued to use his
leadership skills through the or
ganization of regional, national
and international conferences for
several breed organizations. His
wife, Alma Boynton, currently re-
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sides in Massachusetts, where
they raised their two children.
Harold Kaeser, of Columbus,
Ohio, is the only living pioneer to
be recognized in 1998. Kaeser is
honored for his tremendous ser
vice and contribution during his
39-year tenure at The Ohio State
University as an associate profes
sor of dairy science.
Kaeser received his under
graduate degree in agriculture
from lowa State University in
1941. He then continued his edu
cation and interest in dairy cattle
at The Ohio State University.
Upon receiving his master's de
gree in 1947, Kaeser began his
work at OSU.
While at Ohio State, Kaeser had
a strong impact on many students.
Over 500 students worked at the
OSU dairy bams under Kaeser’s
guidance. The dairy was one of
the premier dairy hereds consist
ing of five breeds at that time.
Kaeser also served as the advisor
of the OSU Dairy Science Club.
Harold Kaeser’s name is
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Ag Progress Section 2, Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 15, 1998—Page
synonymous with dairy cattle
evaluation and judging. He coach
ed a total of 34 OSU teams with
23 teams placing in the top ten, 14
teams placing in the top five and
four national championships. Stu
dents and dairymen alike learned
from Kaeser and respected his
cow knowledge.
Marshall McCullough, “Mac”
to his friends, was described by
his nominators as “the pioneer of
As the head of the Animal Sci
ence Department at the University
of Georgia, McCullough was re
cognized as an authority in the
area of silage fermentation and
preservation. His most significant
contributions were targeted to
ward the “Complete Diet Feeder”
which soon became known as
“Total Mixed Ration.”
McCullough’s expertise in
dairy nutrition was easily shared
through a unique, yet effective
communication style. McCul
lough had a way of taking his ex
pertise and expressing his
thoughts through practical experi-
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building dnor
ence. One nominator described
McCullough as “forever bridging
the gap between the farm and the
The international experiences
of McCullough were numerous,
with travels to the United King
dom, Japan, Canada, Israel and
beyond. “Mac” ... in host coun
tries never presumed to know
more about the business than the
farmer himself,” described one
nominator. This type of attitude
made him an asset to the dairy in
McCullough’s legacy is expect
ed to remain in all touched by his
words and through his contribu
tions to the improvement of pro
ductive and healthy dairy cattle
around the world.
McCullough will continue to
touch those he cared about most,
the youth, through scholarships
honoring his name.
McCullough was bom in Wick,
West Virinia, and is survived by
his sister-in-law, Mrs. Edith
Louise McCullough of Pennsylva
nia. (Turn to Pag* 26)
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