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    A34-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 8, 1998
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animals goes directly to the 4-H
scholatship fund
Kendra Moore's 120- pound
grand champion lamb was pur
chased by Citizens and Northern
Bank tor $2. The 108-pound re
serve grand champion lamb topped
the sale, however, as it com
manded $3 per pound Eileen El
liott sold the lamb to the First
National Bank of Canton
As the lamb sale drew to a
close, those 13 lambs drew an
averagr price of $2 20 per pound
The lambs that were donated back
to be resold generated over $ 1500
tor the 4-H scholarship fund
Market hog prices ranged from
a low of $1 20 to a high of $3 30
per pound with the average price
ringing in at $1 81
Annie O'Connor's 216-pound
grand champion hog was sold to
County Recovery Service for
S 2 75 per pound She was fol
lowed by the reserve graand cham
pion market hog which sold to
Gaidenei Trucking tor $2 05 per
pound Joshua Ford raised the
194-pound reserve grand cham
William's Oil closed the bid
ding lor Amanda Vanßlarcom's
248 pound hog at S 2 20 per
pound, making that the highest
selling hog of the sale
Impaired Egg Shell Quality
During Hot Weather
Carol V. (Jay
Professor of Poultry
Science and Cell Biology
I ggshells o( laying hens be-
Lome noticeably moie fragile dur
ing hot weather The mam reason
lor this problem is that a main
component ot the eggshell, car
bonate. is lost during the increased
rate ot breathing ol hens stressed
bv heat The problem is even
worse when both heat and high
humidity occut simultaneously
From a chemical point ot view
eggshells are quite simple They
are about 98*4 calcium carbonate,
the same material from which
limestone and most seashells tire
made Calcium carbonate is sim
ply positively charged calcium
Extension Director
TOWANDA (Bradford Co.)
Jacob Guffey, Bradford County
extension director, has retired
from Penn State Cooperative Ex
tension after 40 years of service.
A native of Elizabeth, Alle
gheny County, Guffey is an expert
on dairy fanning and operations.
He has been deeply involved in
such areas as udder health, somat
ic cell testing, dairy nutrition,
stray voltage, and milking man
He developed countywide pro
grams in mastitis control and nu
trition and initiated the pilot proj-
ect for a statewide somatic cell
testing program. In 1984, he was
named extension director for
Double Aught Lumber broke all rec
ords when they purchased milk from the
Supreme Champion at the Troy Fair
Milk Auction. Posing for the picture
are Bradford County Dairy Princess
Talitha Coolbaugh, Ron Cope of Double
Aught Lumber and Heather Yurkanin
th h
The reserve grand champion steer was
shown by Jade Wood.
ions and negatively charged car
bonate ions, which readily com
bine when mixed together In
hen' this mixing occurs at the
surface ot the egg when the egg is
m the portion ot the oviduct called
the shell gland Calcium is de
rived from food and bone whereas
carbonate comes directly from the
breakdown of sugars to their natu
ral endproducl, carbon dioxide
(CO2) Mos,t CO2 reaches the
shell gland by the blood stream
and is readily converted to carbon
Birds lack sweat glands and
when they become too hot, their
only means ot cooling down is to
pant This excessive breathing re-
Bradford County, where he super
vised all cooperative extension
Guffey has extensive interna
tional experience. He worked in
Swaziland as a consultant to that
country’s extension service in
1990. In 1994, he traveled to
Szepietowo, Poland to teach and
adapt Penn State programs for
Polish extension specialists. He
also worked with the Citizens Net
work for Foreign Affairs to estab
lish a viable dairy industry in the
Hincesti region of Moldova in
Guffey earned a bachelor’s de
gree in dairy science in 1955 and a
master’s degree in dairy manage-
suits in a more rapid loss ol CO2
than usual Because more CO2 is
bieathed out. there is less in the
blood stream and consequently
less CO2 is delivered to the shell
gland The effects on eggshell
quality arc immediate
Highly productive hens tend to
lay early in the day That means
that most ot the eggshell forms
during the night, over approxi
matel> an 8-hour period Based
on what is known about hen
physiology, reducing heat stress
specifically during the shell form
ing hours is likely to result in the
gieatest improvement in shell
quality, provided that there is ade
quate calcium intake
Good ventilation in chicken
houses will help carry away ex
cess body heat ot the hens. Re
cently, I learned from Penn State
Agricultural Engineer, Eileen
Wheeler, that she has measured a
7-10% improvement in ventila
tion of poultry houses by simply
knocking the dust oft the shutters
m the ventilation system Mak
ing shutter surfaces clean and
smooth would further enhance the
ment in 1957, both from Penn
State. He also has continued post
graduate studies and taken courses
at Penn State, Cornell University,
and Mansfield University of Penn
Guffey joined Penn State Co
operative Extension as an assistant
county agricultural agent in 1958.
He was promoted to associate ex
tension agent in 1963, reached the
rank of extension agent in 1975,
and became senior extension
agent in 1982.
Guffey lives in Towanda with
his wife, Marilyn. The couple as
two sons, Kenneth and David, and
a daughter, Leah. They also have
five grandchildren.
Stephen Laudermilch holds his grand
champion steer as the auction begins.
Columbia Cross Roads Equipment pur
chased the 1296-pound champion for
$.70 per pound.
Tt "
Eileen Elliott showed the reserve
champion lamb.
Annie O'Connor exhibited the grand
champion market hog at the Troy Fair.
The reserve champion hog was shown
by Joshua Ford.
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