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    A22-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 8, 1998
PDA Announces Psuedorabies
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and all of those were expected to
be released from quarantine by the
end of the year.
According to information pre
sented to the commission, there
were five breeder herds and five
feeder herds in Lancaster County
under quarantine. There was one
feeder herd in Dauphin County.
That puts Pennsylvania at Stage
111 in the program.
In order to achieve the next
stage, or Stage IV, the
pseudorabies-free status of the
state has to be maintained for 12
months with no new infections
After officially reaching Stage
IV, another disease-free 12 months
is to be required in order to achieve
the pseudorabies-free status of
Stage V.
According to a PDA press
release, there are 27 states, Puerto
Rico and the Virgin Islands which
already have achieved Stage V in
the national testing program.
There arc five states in Stage IV.
Since taking the job as agricul
ture secretary, Hayes has been
actively involved in promoting
Pennsylvania agricultural com
modities. He has assisted estab
lished industries and businesses
with expanding into global mark
ets, as well as worked with groups
of startup entreprenuerial ventures
of promise.
He also has worked with Gov.
Tom Ridge and the Legislature to
expand their knowledge of the
state’s agricultural resources and
how it figures in the state’s eco
nomic foundation.
This eradication program is seen
as a way to enhance the value of
the state’s swine herd by increas
ing the ease of marketing the
swine, and ultimately decreasing
the cost and risk of doing business
During the meeting,
Hayes praised the wis
dom of Gov. Ridge and
the members of the Gen
eral Assembly for mak
ing the funding avail
able to pursue animal
disease control and
eradication programs.
“Heretofore, (the
state has) not been very
robust with the dollars
for eradication of ani
mal diseases,” he said.
But that is changing. He
said the General
Assembly allocated
money to fight avian
influenza (which seems
to be under control for
the time being), and in
the last budget increased
the state indemnity
funding from $50,000 to
$250,000, specifically
in anticipation of the
pscudorabies eradica
tion program project.
Hayes said that
means that the mandate
from the Legislature is
clear, and so is the sup
port of Gov. Ridge.
Hayes said that,
around the world, the
presence of pseudora
bies in a herd or an area
is one of the first pieces
of information potential
buyers of swine want to
Eradication Program
He said that, when he has the
opportunity to promote Pennsyl
vania's swine industry around the
nation or abroad, instead of just
saying, “Yes, this or that herd is
pseudorabies free,” he would like
to say, “The whole state is pseudo
rabies free.”
Dr. John Enck Jr., director of the
state Bureau of Animal Health and
Diagnostic Services since early
June, is project officer for the
The rest of the project team
includes Dr. Phillip Debok, Dr.
Zoann Parker, Dr. Bruce
Schmucker, Dr. Graham Purchase,
Dr. John Roberts, Dr. David Henz
ler and USDA’s Dr. Amy
The project plan for Pennsylva
nia’s eradication program was
developed by the project team. The
plan is a spiral bound document
that includes state pseudorabies
regulations and the national prog
ram regulations, as well as the out
line of specific objectives in order
to achieve goals.
According to the plan’s impact
statement, “Pseudorabies has been
a serious clinical disease of swine
in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in
the United States. The economic
viability of the swine industry is
harmed by the affliction.
“Pennsylvania is surrounded by
states, which are in an advanced
stage of pseudorabies control. Tire
lack of an aggressive control prog
ram has hampered the export of
pigs, especially feeder pigs, from
“Additionally, certain testing
requirements for movement within
Pennsylvania will be eased with
elimination of pseudorabies.
Eradication of the disease may
eventually clminate the need to
vaccinate for pseudorabies, a pro
cedure which has been necessary
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The plan, considered a working
guideline for the program
implementation, subject to future
revision as the project accomp
lishes goals, also outlines eight
goals and objectives:
• Release all currently quaranted
herds within nine months of the
program implementation.
• Attain Stage IV (surveillance)
Status in the State-Federal-
Industry Pseudorabies Program
within 12 months of program
implementation. (If additional
herds are discovered, this may be
delayed until approximately 12
months after discovery of the last
infected herd.)
•Attain Stage V (free) Status ...
within 12 months of attaining
Stage IV Status.
• Maintain current surveillance
program until Pennsylvania
receives “free” status.
• Conduct area testing for all
high-risk herds (continuous flow
feed lots and herds within a 2-mile
radius of previously infected
•Eliminate infection from new
ly identiGcd infected herds within
6 months. Consideration will be
given to condemnation and depo
pulation within IS days if neces
sary to advance to Stage IV.
• Establish additional surveil
lance measures as described in the
National Program Standards.
• Maintain Stage V Status by
documenting continued com
pliance with National Program
After the announcement, some
concerns were expressed by pro
ducer representatives that the con
demnation and indemnity aspect
still remains an unanswered ques
tion. Of concern is the difference
in value between breeding stock
and market stock. •
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