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    .■master Fanning, Saturday, Auguat 8, 1998
Product Helps Solve
Hard Water Problems
water” has always been a concern
for homeowners, farmers, busi
ness owners, and industry. Al
though most of our nation’s water
supply is clean enough for drink
ing, much of it contains varying
amounts of dissolved minerals,
primarily calcium Gime), in the
form of calcium carbonate.
Calcium scale buildup is re
sponsible few clogging valves, fau
cet aerators, steam irons, coffee
makers, and irrigation sprinkler
heads. It reduces heat transfer in
home water heaters, increasing
energy costs and is accountable
for elevated operation and main
tenance costs in numerous indus
In its untreated state, hard water
forms a hard crystalline scale on
surfaces, such as water pipes, re
ducing the interior diameter of
pipes while reducing water flow
and pressure.
Traditional water softeners,
used to combat destructive scale,
replace calcium carbonate with
sodium chloride (salt) which is
considered unhealthy for drinking.
They also add salt to our ground
water, which endangers the en
Now there’s SoPhTec, an
amazing “Magnetic physical wa
ter conditioner” that controls and
eliminates scale buildup without
the use of chemicals or salt
The SoPhTec System, designed
for home use, consists of models
C-500 and C-250, are small com
pact units that easily clamp on to
most water source pipes. Other
models are available for farm and
New Tractor Available
first of the much-anticipated
Case IH MX 170 tractor recently
rolled off the assembly line in
Racine, Wis en route to its final
destination - Hoober, Inc. here
in Middletown
Hoober got the jump on the
competition, selling the first
ever MXI7O to Jonathan Quinn
of Warwick, Md According to
Chuck Hoober, Quinn’s Case IH
dealer and head of operations at
Hoober, Inc.’s Middletown loca
tion, the MX 170 is not a diffi
cult piece of equipment to sell.
“We’re thrilled to have sold
the first MX 170 s ever built,”
said Hoober. “And we anticipate
selling a bunch more, because it
is a tractor that delivers what
our customers want.”
Hoober cited the versatility of
the MX 170 as one of the key fac
tors in its popularity Quinn,
who manages 1000 acres on his
Warwick, Md. farm, plans on
using the MX 170 in all aspects
of his operation. Among the fea
tures that impressed Quinn the
most were the MX 170’s 145
industry use. SoPhTec utilizes
specially configured magnetic re
sonance equipment to control and
eliminate scale buildup. SoPhTec
is not a water softener as it does
not add or remove anything from
the water. SoPhTec technology
makes natural water, with all of its
important minerals intact, act like
“soft” water.
SoPhTec houses a powerful
configuration of magnetic fields
that eliminate calcium scale build
up by changing the physical char
acteristics of water. These magnet
ic fields fracture the molecule
clusters that encapsulize foreign
particles in the water, allowing the
calcium carbonates to float freely
in solution through water, instead
of clinging to the inside surfaces
of water pipes. In other words, this
amazing magnetic effect super
cleans the surface of pipes and
other containers, thereby reducing
the extensive damage to these sur
faces caused by the buildup of
lime scale.
SoPhTec is easy to install, has
no moving parts, and requires no
maintenance or service. It saves
energy in heating hot water tanks
and saves money on soap, sham
poo, detergents and swimming
pool chemicals. SoPhTec is safe to
use on lawns, shrubs, and fish
ponds. It protects expensive
plumbing, ceramic tiles and swim
ming pools from corrosion, algae,
lime scale damage and, most im
portantly, is environmentally safe,
using no harmful salt (as many
people are watching their salt in
Chuck Hoober, left, presents
the keys to the new MX 170
tractor to Jonathan Quinn.
PTO horsepower, outstanding
lugging performance, the turn
ing radius, and the design of the
cab, which provides greater visi
bility and ease of operation.
Both Quinn and Chuck
Hoober were present as Quinn’s
MX 170 was unveiled at the
Case IH facility in Racine, Wis.
Case IH provided both with a
tour of the Racine plant, where
Hoober and Quinn were able to
watch MX and Magnum series
tractors roll off the assembly
“John and I were both very
pleased with the Case IH plant
and the facilities,” said Hoober,
Company Introduces Finish Mowers
ROCKFORD, m. Woods
Equipment Company has intro
duced three new rear discharge
(RD) finish mowers specifically
designed for landscape and
grounds maintenance profession
als who need the flexibility of rear
discharge mowers.
The new RD series includes the
RDB4OO, RD7200 and RD6OOO,
which offer cutting widths of 84,
72, and 60 inches respectively.
“In the design of the new RD
series. Woods Equipment Com
pany asked grounds maintenance
professionals what they needed in
a rear discharge mower,” said Pete
Officer, marketing manager for
turf and grounds at Woods Equip
ment Company. “In direct re
sponse to this market research, our
new series features a rounded
front and tapered rear deck which
allows a closer cut next to build
ings and other obstacles.”
Hesston Introduces Windrower
ATLANTA, Ga. - With the
introduction of a new Model
8450 self-propelled windrower,
Hesston has taken hay harvest
ing to a new level in power,
capacity, and comfort.
Designed for customer opera
tors, commercial hay producers,
and large livestock operations,
the Model 8450 is built for fast,
high-volume cutting, thanks in
part to more than 65 changes
and improvements over the
Model 8400 it replaces.
“In simple terms, the Model
8450 is a no-nonsense business
machine that offers everything
in the way of horsepower,
dependability, and comfort that
large-acreage operators have
been looking for,” said Ken
Johnson, general marketing
manager for Hesston products.
It starts with a deep-channel
mainframe that provides the
strength and stability to carry
the machine through the rough
est terrain. And to make sure it
has enough power for any situa
tion, Hesston equipped the 8450
with a 110-horsepower, tur
bocharged Cummins diesel
engine and variable, two-speed
hydrostatic drive.
A rear-tilting engine hood
provides quick and easy access
for both service and mainte
nance. Meanwhile, a 60-gallon
AgChem Service To Offer Alfalfas
Chem, Inc. and AgChem Service,
serving customers in the
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, are
joining W-L Research, Inc. as
distributors of W-L Alfalfas.
“The addition of these two
strong agronomic companies
will increase the availability of
award-winning W-L Alfalfas to
livestock and dairy farmers
throughout the Northeast and
mid-Atlantic regions,” said Dick
Kauffman, research agronomist
for the Northeast at W-L
Research, Inc. “Ag-Chem, Inc.
and AgChem Service provide
exceptional service and products
to their customers and we expect
this addition of W-L brand alfal
fas to continue their customer
service traditions.”
Ag-Chem, Inc., provides a
complete line of agronomic ser
vices for customers focused on
agriculture, horticulture, and
turf in Delaware, Maryland,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Virginia, and West Virginia.
Woods Equipment Com
pany has Introduced three
new rear discharge (RD) fin
ish mowers specifically de
signed for landscape and
grounds maintenance pro
fessionals who need the
flexibility of rear discharge
Another feature developed
through market feedback was the
removable chain shielding.
Woods’ RD series offers a five
bolt chain shielding across the
Designed for customer oper
ators, commercial hay produc
ers, and large livestock opera
tions, the Model 8450 is built for
fast, high-volume cutting.
fuel tank ensures plenty of
diesel for all-day operation.
There’s even an access ladder
and platform for quicker and
easier refueling.
That’s because the 8450
stands a little taller than most
self-propelled windrowers,
allowing it to cross the tallest
and widest windrows without
disturbing the crop. The 37.5
inches of ground clearance is
due in part to the use of 19.5x24
high-flotation turf or bar tread
tires in the front and 14L x 16.1
tail wheels in the rear that
adjust out to 120 inches for
working in beds.
The most appealing ameni
ties on the Model 8450, however,
are found in the new Command-
Center cab, which features 73
Chemicals, custom application,
fertilizer, seed, seeding and soil
testing are some of the products
and services they’ve offered to
customers in their six-state ter
ritory since 1975.
“We feel W-L Alfalfas offer
the top performance and value
that farmers demand,” said Ag-
Chem, Inc. sales representative
Tom Mullineaux. “W-L is widely
known for its quality alfalfas
and we are pleased to make
these W-L Alfalfas available to
our customers.”
For more than 30 years
AgChem Service has sold and
serviced a full line of agricultur
al, turf, and ornamental prod
ucts for farms, golf courses, and
lawn-care companies in
Connecticut, New Hampshire,
New York, Maine,
Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,
Rhode Island, and Vermont
“AgChem Service wishes to
provide the best products and
services to our customers,” said
AgChem Product Manager
back to act as a guard against
thrown objects.
The quick-detach system al
lows for easy removal of the chain
shielding to avoid grass clumping,
yet still meets all applicable safety
standards. The RD series meets
applicable ISO and ASAE safety
standards with or without the
chain shielding.
The drive system includes se
veral enhancements for heavy
duty durability and longer life. A
cast-iron sheave with taper lock
bushings results in longer belt life.
Taper rolling bearings offer im
proved durability in high shock
The RD Series also includes in
terchangeable caster wheels that
can be adjusted to .the specific
tractor size and set-up. while still
remaining out of the tractor’s way.
A V-forward design keeps the
mower at an optimal distance
from the tractor.
square feet of tinted glass and a
panoramic, curved windshield.
The wide, air-suspension opera
tor’s seat adjusts for height,
fore/aft position, lumbar sup
port, and personal back comfort
for long days in the field. You
won’t have to reach for the con
trols, either. The entire console
is attached to the seat and
moves with the operator. Yet, it
can be moved fore and aft or ver
tically in relationship to the seat
for individual fit.
A single ergonomic control
handle regulates ground speed
and direction and includes
switches for header tilt, reel lift,
and speed and monitor selection.
Also attached to the console
is another feature unique to the
8450 an electric monitor that
provides a wide variety of infor
mation and warning functions.
In addition to visual and audible
warnings for all engine and
transmission functions, the
monitor includes visual warning
for intake air restriction and
turn signal indication.
Computerized functions addi
tionally include a lubrication
reminder and monitoring of
engine hours, engine speed,
header speed, auger clutch slip,
system voltage, header hours,
acres harvested per hour, sub
acres (resettable), and total
header acres.
Charlie Smith. “W-L Alfalfas
have long been recognized as an
outstanding line of alfalfas and
we are pleased to include them
in our product line.”
W-L Alfalfas have won four
straight grand-champion diary
hay division, World’s Forage
Superbowl awards. Each win
ning variety was developed and
produced by L-L Research, Inc
at locations such as their
Northeastern Research Facility,
near Mount Joy, Pa.
“W-L is committed to develop
better seed through research
and that focus includes a strong
commitment to the Northeast,”
said Kauffman.
Two W-L Alfalfas recom
mended for production in the
Northeast are WL 324, a high
yielding variety with outstand
ing-persistence and winterhaHi
ness and WL 325 HQ, a variety
with very high yield potential,
superior multiple pest resis
tance and outstanding forage