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Vol. 43 No. 37
Managing Editor
HERSHEY (Dauphin Co.) —A
group of national agriculture len
ders were in town last weekend
into Monday to visit local farms
and agribusinesses and attend edu
cational seminars on the unique
aspects of agriculture.
The meeting agenda Monday
morning included subjects related
to working relationships between
lending institutions and agribusi
ness; legislative initiatives and
agriculture trade options. These
subjects were covered by Bruce
Limpert, director of corporate
planning and analysis, Wengers
Feed Mill, Inc., Rheems; The Hon
orable Noah Wenger, Pennsylvani
a state senator and majority caucus
chairman and acting chairman of
Milk Price
Makes Record
Jump Of $222
NEW YORK, N.Y.—The June
Basic Formula Price (BFP) for
milk was announced earlier this
month at $13.10 per hundreweight
at a 3.5% butterfat content This is
$2.22 higher than the May BFP of
$lO.BB and represents the largest
price increase for milk ever
recorded. The previous record of
$1.12 was set in 1997. The record
price decline for the BFP is $2.52.
A combination of factors are
credited for the strong milk prices.
Buttcr/powder returns are very
favorable given the record butter
prices. Also expectations of higher
prices have caused cheese invento
ries to be building. Seasonal
declines in milk production are
resulting in tight supply conditions
in some regions of the country.
Additional good news shows the
oudook for July to be very positive
as well with price expectations
expected near record levels.
At $14.49, the BFP hit an all
time high for the month of July in
1996. This year the July BFP con
tract at the trading exchange is
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At the Pennsylvania DHIA Summer Conference, Anne
Couch of Huntingdon County received the Herb Gilmore
Award from Dave Slusser, general manager. See story page
A 22.
Four Sections
National Agriculture Bankers Visit Pennsylvania
the Senate Agriculture and Rural
Affairs Committee, Harrisburg,
and The Honorable David Spears,
commissioner, commodities
futures trading commission,
Washington, D.C. The Honorable
Samuel Hayes. Jr., Pennsylvania’s
secretary of agriculture, was the
guest speaker.
The agricultural and rural bankers committee of the
American Bankers Association toured Lancaster County
last Saturday as part of the committee’s annual meeting In
Hershey. They visited farms and agribusinesses In the area
and took a photo break on the lawn of the Robert Rohrer and
State Sheep, Wool Growers Hold 50th Keystone
Lancaster Fanning Staff
Co.) The 50th annual Keystone
Stud Ram and Ewe Show and Sale
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 18, 1998
In the business meeting Sunday,
discussions were held on the Far
mer Mac AgVantage and how to
make the ABA Ag Bankers advis
ory work group work better. In the
evening the bankers and their
spouses and children visited the
governor’s mansion in Harrisburg.
The American Bankers Associa-
was held July 10-11 at the Pennsyl
vania Farm Show Complex in
Judge of the show was Bud Mar
tin of Ohio. The show was held
July 10 and the sale was held July
11, with 152 sheep sold for an
overall average of $238 per ani
mal, according to show manager
David Harpster of Boalsburg.
Gary Saylor of Bell Center,
Ohio, and DcWitt Evans of James
town, Ohio, were the auctioneers.
The show was sponsored by the
Dairy Of Distinction Winners Named
Co.) - Everyone traveling in Pen
nsylvania, .both consumers and far
mers, will have beautiful dairy
farms to observe as they drive
through our countryside. At this
time each year the new Dairy of
Distinction signs go up at the end
of winning farm lanes to show
everyone they have been judged to
be clean, well-kept farmsteads.
$29.50 Per Year
tion is headquartered in Washing
ton, D.C. and is the voice of the
American banking industry. Along
with participation in public rela
tions and legislative efforts for the
banking industry, ABA conducts
educational and training programs
for its members.
One such arm of the national
Sons family farm at Washington Boro. The Rohrer family
includes parents Robert and Lorraine, son Bob and his wife
Robin and children Tiffany and Tyler; son Mike and his wife
Lori and children Brittany, Andrea, and Mitchell, and sons
Bill and Tony.Phofo by Evaratt Nawawanger, managing adltor.
Pennsylvania Sheep and Wool
Growers Association, and run by a
committee of members.
Committee members include
David Harpster, Bruce Snyder,
Ron Miller, Dick Wise, Bob
Calvert, Tom Calvert, Ben Bow,
and George Hunter.
While most organizations make
a special note of half-century
milestones, not so with the Pa.
Sheep and Wool Growers with
respect to the Keystone Ram and
Ewe Show and Sale. Nevertheless,
This year 33 new farms have
been added to the 666 farms that
had been recognized up to this time
since the program began in Pen
nsylvania in 1987.
The Northeast Dairy Farm
Beautification program sponsors
these awards to recognize those
dairy farmers who pay particular
attention to die appearance of their
land and buildings. Most people
600 Per Copy
organization is the Agricultural
and Rural Bankers Committee that
is currently chaired by Darvin
Boyd, senior vice president and
director of the Agri-Finance
department. First Union/
Core States, Lancaster. It was
through Boyd’s efforts that the
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the show has been an important
one on the circuit and continues to
be an important event to exhibit
and offer top quality breeding and
showing stock.
Next year the show is to receive
national attention.
It was announced that the 1999
Keystone Ram and Ewe Show and
Sale will also serve as host event
for the 1999 national Coniedalc
youth division show, as well as an
open division show and sale.
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who drive bythe farm don’trealize
that, in addition to a lot of work to
produce the milk, it also takes a lot
of effort to keep the farmstead
looking nice, too. But whenever a
consumer sees a nice-looking
daify farm, the association with
good wholesome milk is easy. And
milk gets good publicity from this
visual association.
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