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    A3B-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 11 1998
MiIkPEP, DMI Continue Milk
Marketing Plan Integration
CHICAGO. HI. The Fluid
Milk Processor Education Pro
gram (MilkPEP™) and Dairy
Management Inc.™ (DMI) an
nounced recently that the two or
ganizations will begin integrating
their marketing efforts and will
continue to use both award-win
ning advertising campaigns
“Milk Mustache” and “got milk?”
As a first step in the integration
of milk marketing efforts, “Milk
Mustache” print advertisements in
magazines will bear the “got
milk?” tag line as early as August
Later in the year the tag line will
appear on “Milk Mustache” ads
running in newspapers, national
magazines and outdoor venues.
National television advertising
will continue with the current “got
milk?” creative approach. Both
DMI and MiIkPEP license “got
milk?” from California Milk Pro
cessor Board (CMPB).
The announcement is part of
steps under way to launch the in
dustry’s first-ever unified milk
marketing initiative that is jointly
funded by milk processors and
milk producers.
The integrated program is being
planned and implemented by
MiIkPEP, DMI and the state and
regional promotional organiza
tions. Full details of the joint ef
fort, which is expected to be about
1998 Grazing/Forage
Conference Proceedings
PARK (Centre Co.)
Pastures and forages are
a central component of
annual production sys
tems in the Northeast.
Proceedings of the
1998 Grazing/Forage
Conference held in
March are available for
purchase. The proceed
ings has 22 papers that
were presented at the
conference by produc
ers, extension educa
tors, researchers, indus
try personnel, and inter
national speakers.
Ten different pro
ducers participated in
the program. Two of the
featured articles were by
Dr. Sinclair Mayne,
from Northern Ireland,
entitled, “Forage Pro
ductivity and Utilization
by Ruminants to Opti
mize Profit” and “Are
We Selecting the Cor
rect Dairy Cows for
The proceedings
should be a valuable re
source for producers,
agricultural and indus
try professionals, uni
versity and extension
educators, agronomists,
animal scientists, nutri
tionists, and many
The proceedings are
available for $lO per
copy (including ship
ping and handling) from
the Grazing Research
and Education Center,
116 Agriculture Sci
ences and Industries
Bldg., Penn State Uni
versity, University Park,
PA 16802. Make checks
$l9O million dollars, is currently
on the drawing boards and will be
unveiled in August
The integrated marketing plan,
to be implemented in 1999, is ex
pected to include advertising, pub
lic relations and promotion.
“We are lucky to have two in
credibly strong campaigns to work
with, each with a tremendous
amount of equity among consum
ers,” said Tom Gallagher, DMI
chief executive officer. “By com
bining forces behind the two suc
cessful campaigns, we are creat
ing a powerful marketing plan to
help increase milk consumption.”
“The ‘got milk?’ theme is very
memorable and has strong recog
nition with consumers, while the
‘Milk Mustache’ campaign has
extraordinary visual impact and
recognition with the cache of the
country’s most popular celebri
ties. So, it’s natural to many the
two themes in the ‘Milk Mus
tache’ ads as a first step in integra
tion,” said Kurt Gjraetzer, execu
tive director of MiIkPEP.
DMI and MiIkPEP have a li
censing agreement with CMPB to
nationally use the “got milk?” tag
Commenting on the announce
ment, Jeff Manning, executive dir
ector of CMPB said, “We are all
in the business of trying to sell
more milk to consumers.”
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House Agriculture Panel Sets
Meeting At Ag Progress Days
HARRISBURG (Dauphin Co.)
Rep. Ray Bunt Jr. (R-147) said
the House Agriculture and Rural
Affairs Committee will again, for
the second year in a row, hold a
“town meeting” style public hear
ing during Ag Progress Days
scheduled for mid-August in Cen
tre County.
Bunt, chairman of the panel,
said the committee will met on
Aug. 20 at Rocksprings during
Penn State University’s Ag Prog
ress Days. The meeting will be
AJCA Offers Promotional Video
Leant about Jersey cattle from a
15-minute video produced by the
American Jersey Cattle Associa
tion (AJCA).
This informative video focuses
on the profitability of today’s Jer
sey. It gives an overview of the
Jersey breed, the dairy industry,
and describes what the American
Jersey Cattle Association can do
for Jersey owners.
Viewers are introduced to re
cent statistics on reproduction,
longevity, and the production effi
ciency of Jerseys. Top dairy pro
ducers comment on the advantage
of owning Jersey cattle, stressing
their ease erf handling and their
ability to create a profit in United
States markets.
The video also provides an in
sight into the world dairy market
and the Jersey advantage. High
lights include a growing export
marked for Jersey genetics, evi-
held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the
Red Bam building. There will be a
one-hour lunch break from noon
to 1 p.m.
“We are again interested to hear
the concerns of farmers and others
whose business and livelihood is
made in agriculture-related busi
nesses,” Bunt said. “We are con
tinuing to seek ideas on how state
government can assist farmers and
agricultural businesses to remain
stable and be profitable.”
Bunt said the town meeting
style format of the meeting will
denced by a 766-percent increase
in international sales of United
States Jersey semen since 1985.
Finally, viewers learn where to
find information when Calvin
Covington, the CEO and execu
tive secretary for AJCA reviews
services and programs provided
by the association. He emphasizes
the availability of high-quality
bulk through A.I. organizations
and reports on current production
genetic information.
This $l5 video is ideal for in
formation, education, and sales
promotion for many audiences,
such as 4-H and FFA groups, agri
culture education programs, loan
officers, breeders, or anyone inter
ested in owning Jerseys.
To order, contact the Com
munication Department of the
American Jersey Cattle Associa
tion at 6486 E. Main St, Rey
noldsburg, OH 43068, or phone
614/861-3636. Orders may also
be placed via the worldwide
web at
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help create an informal atmo
sphere leading to a free exchange
of ideas and potential solutions.
“It will not be necessary for par
ticipants to have prepared or writ
ten remarks,” Bunt said. “After ar
riving at the meeting people can
just sign up for a five-minute slot
to speak. Each committee member
will have several minutes to re
spond and ask questions of the
“We don’t intend to limit the
number of topics a speaker may
discuss, but the issues should be
pertinent to the role of state
government in agriculture and
how it can better serve the agricul
tural community.” he said.
“We want to opoen the discus
sion to local concerns on state
wide topics like farmland pre
servation, ‘right-to-farm’, and
other land use issues, or barriers to
the profitable operation of agricul
tural businesses.” Bunt said. “Our
desire is to hear about possible
solutions. We don’t have all the
answers in Harrisburg and we
know people around the state have
lots of interesting and novel ideas.
The committee members need to
hear these ideas and discuss po
tential solutions to agriculture
business problems. The result
could lead to legislation in the
General Assembly that would
benefit agriculture across the com
Bor more information about the
Centre County meeting, contact
Rep. Raymond Bund Jr., House of
Representatives, House Box
202020, Harrisburg, PA 17120-
2020, (717) 787-6937. Fax
number is (717) 772-6952.
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