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    • Just how important are earth
worms? Consider some of the func
tions of earthworms in the soil. Earth
worm tunnels will help loosen soil,
1275 Forage Harvester
Above, left: The Crop Specifications and
Process ol features a pair benefits of new Gehl
oj high-speed grooved Model 1275
mils that crack kernels, • Largest capacity pull-type
l»eak up the c ob and forage harvester
'(audition ” the stalk • Exclusive Crop
material. The rolls can Processor™ cracks ker
he lemoved for chopping nels, breaks up the cob
Middle: A positive multi
hand V-belt drive turns
fet s power to the crop
Processor tolls
Right: A ctoss-auger
nidi double flighting
quuklv, efficient!v and
smoothly moves
ptocessed crop to the
high-speed blower
Benefits of processing
The benefits of processed corn silage can easily outweigh the
investment. Reports from dairy farmers who have already used a
prototype model report increased milk production of two to four
pounds per cow per day. Theses results are confirmed by a recent
Washington State University study that show average responses of
two to three pounds.
TTbHIIUCT 133 R °thBville Station Rd.
JliriW'fi A P.O. Box 0395, Lltitz, PA 17543-0395
■ BROS. INC. —' (717) 626-4705 1 -600-414-4705
Fax 717-626-0996 - S 3 AScnSoeo/fPCFimndii
❖ Grazing Bits ❖
make root pathways, redistribute or
ganic matter, drain soil, and aerate
soil. One of the biggest reasons earth
worms leave a field is when the or
See Binkley &
Hurst Bros., Inc.
and “conditions” the stalk
• Crop processing rolls
mounted in an assembly
directly behind cutting
• 4-cut processing rolls 8
1/2 inch diameter full
width - 26 5 inches Rolls
driven by four matched
double 'V” bolts
• Processing rolls with
auger swing away to
allow access to rolls and
cuffing cylinder
• Roll gap adjustable to
match crop conditions
• Rolls can be removed as
an assembly for hay
• Unique double flighted
auger (12 inches in diam
eter) operates at 1,000
rpm to feed blower uni
formly and efficiently
Auger is shear bolt pro
• Exclusive Auto-MAX™
system protects blower
from plugging
ganic matter is buried due to heavy
tillage. The most number of earth
worms will be found in no-till fields.
• How much forage do you lose
from deer damage? Some recent stu
dies from the Penn State farms suggest
that you can lose approximately 1,660
pounds of DM when deer graze pure
alfalfa stands. They also found that
deer will graze less when there is
some orchardgrass mixed with the al
falfa. If you are planting alfalfa strips
near wooded areas or heavy deer
areas, you may .-consider mixing some
The three main factors that contnbute to a forage blower's
capacity are tip speed, hopper capabilities and available As a guideline, we recommend the following
horsepower Generally speaking, for optimum capacity, the Silo size HP required Gehl Model
blower requires at least one horsepower for each foot the 20 < Wx6o'-70’hlah 70 ho FBI 540
material must be blown . y H ~ . .
_ . „, . . . . , 20 WxBo high 90 hp FBISBO (540 rpm) In stock
For instance, a blower on a 20-fool-diameter by 60-(ool-cen- , * nrw CD i can /i nnn
ter silo would require 70-plus horsepower On a 25-foot-diam- 25 Wx9o and higher 100+ hp FBISBO (1000 rpm) in stock
eter by 90-fool center fill silo you should have 100-plus
Htrupwrw can ka rrivtttf with unaothar imlaaiinf toraia boxai antf a wH*f |oMinKk at lha top of tha tllo
Adjustable left tire. Swing away blower outlet.
Setting up at the silo is They’re wore than tremen
faster and easier The dous blowing capacity
adjustable left axle lets you designed into these blowers
line up the blower without Gehl swing away outlet
loosening and adjusting the makes it easier than ever to
rim sheet Simply adjust the check fan paddle and nm
tire up or down until you get sheet clearances and for rim
the matching angle to your sheet liner replacement
pipe (Note this outlet should
See Binkley & Hurst Bros. Today!
Gshl's nsw BU9BO Salf-unloading foraga box haa baan
radaalgnad for Improved performance and durability.
Feature* Include:
□ True variable-speed drive for Infinite unloading speeds.
□ Single lever control.
□ Improved beater design.
Q Stronger drive chain and reinforced roof.
□ Standard highway light package.
□ optional folding 11-Inch conveyor extension.
Foraging Around, Lancaster Farming. Saturday, July 11, 199&-Page
never be opened until the
pto is disconnected from the
tractor and the blower disc
has stopped turning
Believe It Or Not, Gehl Blowers Have
Less Moving Parts Than Most
Competitive Models.
Binkley & Hurst Bros. Has A Quality
Gehl Blower In Stock For Less Cost.
Pick Up A Blower Soon and save ss.
orchardgrass into those sccdings. Deer
grazing preference, in order, was alfal
fa, alfalfa/timothy mix, alfalfa/or
chardgrass mix.
Choose The Gehl
Blower That’s Right For You
With three models it’s easy to match a high-capacity Gehl
blower to your operation In side by side tests at a 100' silo,
Gehl blowers out-performed the best the competition had to
offer, with the Model 1580 cleaning out an 18 self-unloading
box full of haylage 18% (aster than the closest competitive
blower and 25% faster than one of the so called ‘leaders
Gehl s secret is the twin spinner delivery system and the twin
sided fan Two 24-inch spinners rifle your crop into the blower
fan at nearly 35 mph There, the twin-sided fan, with paddles
on each side, blows the material up the pipe with ease it s
almost like getting the performance of two blowers in one
Gehl blowers are also loaded with on convenience features
you’re sure to appreciate
Greater rim sheet life.
These blowers feature split nm
sheets with a special inner,
replaceable liner This extra
hard liner is twice the thick
ness of ordinary nm sheet
steel In addition, when it final
ly does wear out, you only
replace the liner that fits in the
extreme wear area of the
blower, right below the outlet
You don't have to replace the
entire nm sheet l The result
reduced costs over the life of
your Gehl blower
Quality New Gehl Machines
Ask About Special Financing Plans
1) GehlFßlsBo Vortex 1000 RPM Rotary Blower
Designed For High Silo Reach 90 and 100 Ft Height
And Large HP Tractors for Tremendous Capacity
2) Gehl MSI 312 V Type Scavenger Spreader With
New Auger Design Round Core For Better
Performance, Approx. 150 Bushel or 1375 Gallon
3) Gehl BU9BO Forage Boxes With Roofs and 3
Beaters, Variable Speed Drive, Transport Highway
4) Gehl 5L3825 5X Skid Loader with 60" Bucket 33
HP Low Clearance
5) Gehl R 81475 Round Baler with Quick Wrap &
Crowder Wheels
6) Gehl MSI 309 V Spreader, New Model
7) New Model DC2345 9 Foot Disc Mower
8) Gehl Model M 51217 T Rod Box Spreader
9) FB 1540 540 RPM Blower
10) SL 5635 SX SKid Loader
Easier, faster fit to silo pipe.
Once you have the fit angle
between your blower outlet
and your pipe It's easy to
slide the telescope pipe into
position This new lip assures
proper alignment and fit
KV • -
«<>». 1 .
Tire Guard.
This tire guard protects the
nght blower tire when you’re
cleaning up around the blow
er with a silage fork It is stan
dard equipment on the 1580
and 1560, optional on the