Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 11, 1998, Image 177

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Grazing and pasture meeting, Dave
and Ruth Ann Hallow, Jersey
Grazing Walk In Berks County, Gil
Richard Papa Farm, managed by
Brian and Karen Mohn, Bethel,
Kvemeland excellence
in a whole new field
See our extensive family of hay tools which
includes disc mowers, rakes and tedders
- The Number One selling round bale wrapper in The
United States an( j the World!
- Keverneland pioneered the wrap system in 1986.
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three trailed models, two mounted self-loading,
three mounted conventional, and now an ultra high
capacity wrapper made expressly for large square
bales up to 4'x4'x6' in size
Glenn Beidler
Freeburg, PA
717- 539-8993
Wednesday ,|ul\ 22
Pickering Farm
Thompson, PA
- 717-756-2641
Farm, Orangeville (John Hopkins
Rovendale Ag & MM Weaver & Son Stankey Farms
Barn Equipment Leola, PA Equipment
Watsontown, PA 717-656-2321 Kennedyville, MD
717-538-9564 410-348-2470
Foraging Around, Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 11, 1998—Page
Thursday, August 20
Berks County Grazing Walk, Nevin
and Audrey Mast, Oley, 10
G Farm, Barb and Kevin Gorski,
Kvemeland Kidd KD 825 Silage Chopper
- PTO driven discharge conveyor decelerates the
chopped material ensuring an even and positive
flow of feed without an excess of dust or loss.
- Four other models are available for dry hay and
straw applications.
- Hydraulic bale lifter and slip clutch protected PTO
together provide safe, smooth, low torque starts.
p where farming means business
Robert and Helene Driesbach,
Minneapolis, thru November 12.
Contact Jerry Johnson, (530)
tact Tom Mui
Regional Agronom-
Dekalb Genetics
Remember the
leafliopper explosion
of last summer? Liter
ally overnight, high
populations of adult
potato leafhoppers
descended on alfalfa
fields all over the
Northeast. Even areas
of northern Pennsyl
vania and New York
were hit hard, where
potato leafhopper
(PLH) is considered
an “occasional pest."
Again, leafhopper
pressure is severe, es
pecially in southern
Pennsylvania and
Maryland. Many
spring seedlings and
second-cutting re
growth which were
not sprayed have been
seriously yellowed
and stunted.
Do you personally
sweep for leafboppers
or do you hire some
one for insect scout
ing? Regardless of
who does the scout
ing, it will pay to keep
a sweepnet handy and
team how to identify
leafhopper adults and
numphs. They can be
easily confused with
other small insects
such as aphids, almost
always caught at the
same time.
Leafhopper scout
ing is easy to do and is
the best way to decide
if an insecticide appli
cation is needed.
Don’t .wait to see
your fields turn a sick
ly yellow. Real dam
age to forage quality,
especially protein,
ahd yields occurs
quickly and before
you see the signs. The
yellowing results
from a buildup of car
bohydrate in the
leaves which can not
be translocated to the